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  1. Hahaha Thing is that I hate the facebook thing because most of the time you don't know them, its a friend of a friend of a friend that you've never met, or a friend of a distant relative, boss ect. People on facebook collect them like a collector does coins or stamps.
    The those that I have on the friends list are ones that I talk and joke with here ... though there are a few that's been missing for awhile, like Nia (miss her). I usually don't send out a friend request until I've talked with the people some ... which I why I'm trying to figure out why you weren't on before now. Though if someone sends me a request I accept them lol
  2. You're the only one I think I've sent an outwards friend request to, but you have a lot!
    I watched a kid on facebook with the "suggested friend" thing clicking to add them all... "I'm gonna get ALL the friends!"
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