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  1. eeee eeeee eeee!!!!

    Thank you!
  2. Trapped, if you're there, blink twice and make dolphin sounds.

    Happy birthday btw :D
  3. Thanks Meta!!! :D
  4. I feel like I haven't seen you in years lol

    Happy birthday~
  5. Finally, I can stop mixing you two up. XD
  6. Oh yeah....back when I first joined the forum, I never had a niche or theme, or to speak. Now it's Shuhan's double (and vice-versa)
  7. Adjustment is good~ I'm sure you'll do fine, look how seamlessly you transformed into Shushu (and he into you) :D
  8. (oh)

    Well I definitely will be forced to adjust. I am already adjusting to not getting my ideal classes lol......I think after a few weeks, I'll find a nice groove for myself to juggle it all. But thanks, feels good to have a friend looking out for you. :D

    (also I hear you know of korokba's situation
  9. Haha no, Sky is Sky :P

    And yeah that's true, it might get really tough :/ Just be really aware of where you are mentally? :) Remember that nothing is worth risking your long-term mental health. Maybe work less in your first few semesters to allow yourself to settle in? I found that surrounding myself with people who were positive and accepting helped a lot. Just know that feeling stressed and frustrated sometimes in college, even to the point of crying, doesn't mean you're a failure in any way. Things will be okay!! :) Hit me up any time you feel you need some support :) I was pretty emotionally unstable in my first couple of years so I can empathise. You'll be fiiiine.~
  10. I'm just scared of having a nervous breakdown, or something. I get anxious really easier. Two jobs + school sounds like a tall order, but I suppose I won't know until I try!!!!

    (also quick question....Sky = Skyrius?)
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