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  1. It's fine, and I think I'm the only one who was even bothered by it in the slightest anyway, and I'm not the one involved with what was being discussed anway.

    And I do deffend people's rights to confess to less serious things in the Confession thread. Otherwise it'd be a place full of heartache, drama and despair and I don't think alot of people would even go there, except maybe as a percieved "social recquirement" to give their sympathy to the people there.
  2. Oh no I wouldn't take it that way. I mean I do get what your saying as a new member I did find it odd looking in the confession thread seeing some of the temposhifts from goofy to really serious. I don't know, like I said I personally don't think getting hung up on timing on a forum platform is very functional due it's somewhat "note leaving" nature, but I seriously have no problem removing that if that cheapens the conversation for any of you. I don't like having my fun for something as trivial as april fools at the cost of someone else.
  3. Well I'm not bothered by the joke, just it's timing. A few posts later and there'd be no problem.

    But I don't want you to necessarilly delete things just for my sake, I don't want to like like someone who guys around yelling "This offends me, delete it, delete it at once or I shall be EVEN MORE OFFENDED !" XO
  4. Mmmh I get what you're saying but I also think it doesn't make much sense to get caught up in what was discussed before. I don't know given this is a forum people just move on and I think they definitely shouldn't feel like they have to subscribe to the tone of a previous conversation.
    I mean I did find it really encouraging and inviting when I was told that I shouldn't feel any pressure when posting in the confession thread.
    Join in or start something new as long as you don't make fun of other people it doesn't take away from the conversation they're having. But sure if you really feel bothered by it I can delete it. The last thing I want is that someone isn't enjoying aprils fools.
  5. I know it's April Fools and all, just kinda feels odd to post that right after a rather serious discussion.
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