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  1. I will most certainly keep an eye out!
  2. Hey, hope you had a wonderful and Merry Christmas, and wishing you and Lisa a Happy New Year. (I think you have a stalker--some person named Captain Usopp. She might warrant some very very close one on one time---to keep an eye on her, and all, just to be safe...)
  3. Ah thank you sweetie. That's lovely of you to remember. :-) I may no be around next week due to needing to get final projects in for Grad classes. I ought to be working on one right now, actually... so after I send this I'll be off again.

    And I like your new avie--its cute. I'll have to look for Lisa's. Tell her I said hi for me, and I'll try to get back some when the semester ends. take care
  4. Also, happy early birthday in case you aren't around in like a week!
  5. The name was April Fools. It SHOULD have been changed back by now, but lazy admins...

    Been busy, working, getting stuff done. About the same as always.

    As for the avatar, well. It just matches Lisa's is all. <3
  6. Hey Robby. Almost didn't recognize you with your new name and NO BOBART. I know its not that it never happens, but its just so unusual, it threw me off for a mo. How's things?
  7. Woooh! Surprise visitor guest person!

    And exactly 4 years since the day you joined, apparently.
  8. Thank you, kind sir, and the very same to you, I'm sure.
  9. Happy day, birthday or otherwise!
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