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  1. Aw. Thank you BC. Robby and I are in western Canada right now visiting my friends and family. He gets to see snow. Hope your holiday season is well
  2. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and wishing you and Rob a Happy New Year (I see you stalking Robby. I told him he needs to keep you very, very close--under his watchful eye, just to be safe, you know.) ;-D
  3. Robby told me you said hi. ^_^ that was nice of you. We're doing good here. Enjoying being with eachother. Of coarse, we're still internet addicts, so we're still around here too. Come say hi sometime if you're not busy. Always great to hear from you.
  4. ha ha ha. figured I should wish happy mother's day to AP mom. Happy mother's day. hope you have a great day with your kids.
  5. Thank you CU--I am indeed. And I hope you, in turn, are enjoying your day with your family as well.
  6. merry christmas BC. I hope your enjoying your time with your darling kids.
  7. LOL--that is funny CU. Thanks for sharing.
  8. seeing as you like shirt woot as well, I thought i'd show you this rejected entry. It made me laugh.
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