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  1. Did your TV break down or something ?

    Ah was hoping you would come to Skype, but I see you already said no to Dan :/
  2. enjoying the forum joke for the day, lamenting the shitty ending to a TV I liked, and trying to get the framework of this essay done.
  3. Hey Meta.

    How be yeh ?
  4. Good,

    You can do it man, just take it easy : D
  5. ......alright.....I guess I'll....l-log in....
  6. You can have a group chat with more then three people. I once did one with like five XD

    (And don't be Meta, it's alright : P)
  7. think I'm about to go and with korokba and CrystalShip.....I wouldn't know how or if you could join.....

    (god I'm so nervous right now)
  8. Hey.

    I see you noticed Dan is back on. Still would like to text chat on Skype if you want. I mean you already registered and all that, and it makes the conversation go by a lot faster. If you have the time that is. : D
  9. Oh okay...well I never once used that anyway.
  10. uh...landline calls around the world, high tech stuff like that.
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