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  1. In the midst of the Martin case, this is relevant.
  2. I honestly think season 2 is kinda like The Wire's Skypeia in the way it's perceived: It's arguably the most important story that sets things that will become integral later in the story but the fan-base views it as useless or boring in comparison to rest of the series. You might disagree, but I just think that way.
  3. I honestly think Season 2 is my favorite. Maybe because more than any other season it felt like one whole and complete story or something. There were always big hanging ends on the others. Which is fine, but...Season 2 is just so tight and satisfying.
  4. I've just re-watched the second season of the Wire. I've gain a appreciation for it( I love Frank Sobtoka and Ziggy is pretty sympathetic) I think it's by third favorite season after season 4 and three, now I think season 5 is the weakest. I really don't find the newspaper characters particularity compelling really bland. I dunno, they're kinda unengaging. Also Mcnulty's serial killer plot doesn't seem plausible(I could buy the legalization of drugs or whatever) but that?
  5. When everyone was getting into Fairy Tale, I was like "Yall gonna regret that shit". And sure enough!
  6. No I've read Rave Master (previous shonen by the same author), and it was absolutely terrible.
  7. Zephos, I heard you've read Fariy Tail. What do you think of it?
  8. Zephos, man what do you think about this Snowden thing? Do ya' think what the government is doing is ethical or unethical? If you don't respond, then fine.
  9. I don't care about Airbender, Wire should be cool.
  10. Zephos, how come haven't replying man? anywho, do you know Doug has been doing Last air-bender vlogs? I hear he might be doing The Wire ones somettime in the future.
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