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  1. just added you. what do you do with yourself?
  2. Yeah well, i'm a night person.
  3. I could say the same for you.
  4. U r up late btw lol
  5. Nah I didn't, I'll later. Do you study?
  6. you mentioned it was hard to find a job in WA in some thread or other.

    Did you add me to steam?

    Oh and I live in the Bull Creek area.
  7. I live in Wembley Downs btw
  8. kkk. how'd you know im from perth and what suburb do u live in?
  9. Hmm, I live in Perth and play TF2 on occasion. I guess I could add you to steam. EDIT: Woops forgot to leave my steamID. It's gigachipzsaber
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