• Thank you for your years of service. [The Dude, 2003-2011]

      It has come to my attention that I've been demoted from Admin status after 8 years of serving on Arlong Park, the website (since it's creation at the hands of AfterShock and EvilGamerX, now known as JSack) and it's forums. True, as of late I've not done much contributing, so I'm fine with my demotion. However, it hurts just a little bit. Mostly because I couldn't leave with a blaze of glory, and most importantly, dignity. I was actually contemplating quitting my post soon and giving it up to someone else anyway, but I wanted to do it with a classy letter of resignation. This is as classy as it's going to get.

      I want to say to the current mods and admins, I'm very proud of what you've turned this forum into. Chaos is at an all-time low, and you only have yourselves to thank for that. I couldn't have worked with (overstatement) a better group of people. The new generation is definitely a better one.

      To all forum members: thanks for supporting us all these years. Especially to those who came to the website even before the forums were instituted. You helped AP become the premiere fansite for One Piece fans. Most importantly, you've helped to make One Piece in the US what it is today.

      To all who read this and wonder: "Who the hell are you?" Well, you're too young.

      I don't think I have anything else to say, but thanks. I'll still be poking around, don't worry.

      Love and kisses,

      The Dude

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      1. Tare_chan's Avatar
        aww.... no, it was us who need to thank you for all your hard work :D So... Thankyou!!
      1. zachri's Avatar
        Good to hear you'll still be poking around. Sure, I've only seen you a few times, but from those few times I can see you're an epic guy.
      1. Myu's Avatar
        I am not that familiar with Arlong Park and it's forums but i have my manga/anime life for years. I understand you. Thanks you for the all the work you have done.
      1. akatsuki_the_devil's Avatar
        Been a member since 2k6. I have seen lots of changes to the forum. We'll miss you Dude!
      1. Samwize78's Avatar
        I salute you sir.
      1. ChesCa's Avatar
        Good luck in your Post-AP career, sir.
      1. joesephes's Avatar
        Oh man. :(Well best of luck to ya.
      1. Zack's Avatar
        I remember you and your avatars Dude. I also remember coming to this site when I first started getting into One Piece and remember there being information on it. I hope the best for you.
      1. Flux's Avatar
        Well done on a good and respected job. Keep around!
      1. Femme's Avatar
        Aww :( I hope you'll still answer our strange questions
      1. captain usopp's Avatar
        Dude, you will be missed, and we appreciate all that you did for us. please keep in touch.
      1. Dark-King's Avatar
        Happy trails kind gentlemen.
      1. NANLIT's Avatar
        Enjoy your retirement, The Dude.
      1. Beast's Avatar
        A demotion is not the end Dude, stay well and thanks for all the work you did!!! Maybe you take it as a chance and find a new motivation, maybe a new way for supporting One Piece!!! At least I have to say, have a look to the replies, more dignity isn't possible!!! Stay in touch with us and keep going!!!
      1. OldSnake's Avatar
        You will be missed my good sir.
      1. red2z's Avatar
        I've been here since about the beginning of Arlong Park, and have mainly been lurking that whole time, and I know I haven't always put into words how grateful I am to this site for everything they do and especially everything that the people behind the scenes do. So on behalf of everyone who was around when Arlong Park was new and everything up to the current forums we see today, thank you for your years of service The Dude.
      1. Hisoga's Avatar
        thank you very much sir..
      1. RuNa's Avatar
        I'm kinda wondering what harm there would have come from just leaving you as an admin. Can't really think of anything negative that could possibly happen.
      1. dwo's Avatar
        thank you very much !
      1. Kaze's Avatar
        You're awesome man. My favorite Staff member by far.
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