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Thread: One Piece Tattoos

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    Nice Tattoos!!! This one's mine :)

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    My contribution, which by far, was the best thing I had in terms of a conversation starter on my recent (and first) two week trip to Japan.

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    Default Re: One Piece Tattoos

    Personally, I would make my own Jolly roger and have it tattooed on me. I do applaud those who've already have their One Piece Tattoos. I've seen some really awesome tattoos here !

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    Is this thread alive? Is it okay if I revive it? Well, I guess I'll go for it.
    I just got my Whitebeard tattoo a couple of days ago (hence the swelling and scabbing in the photo), and I'm really, really happy with it

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    is this a thing?
    + higher res

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    Default Re: One Piece Tattoos

    I've got stars on my arms, like Franky, just mine are white
    haha i have to get someone to photo that :)

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    Default Re: One Piece Tattoos

    here you go, this is mine :)

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    Sakazuki's left tattoo is the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cap'n Carter View Post
    No offense to anyone here, but I don't think I want a cartoony emblem from an anime I watched when I was a goofy teenager to remain inked into my skin forever,
    I never watched the One Piece anime so i have no idea what you're going on about.

    I've been reading this manga for 10+ years, i lost my older brother around the same time the WB war was going on, i went through a period where i had no friends going months without talking to another person having only the Strawhats to help me out, why the hell wouldn't i get a tattoo from this manga? I owe this manga my life.

    But anyway, i want to get the Blackbeard pirates jolly roger or Akainus tattoo. Just need to get in better shape for that last one.

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    Just got dis myself.

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    that's looking good dude

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    Thanks man. Glad it looks good☺

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