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Thread: One Piece 4kids RP

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    Default One Piece 4kids RP

    Okee, in this roleplay *dunno if roleplays go in this board or not =/ * roleplay about how 4kids does One Piece there way. Such as how 4kids uses Like Zolo and such.

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    Default Re: One Piece 4kids RP

    Um... Sorry Jess but this isn't a RP board. See my sig for One Piece Role Play sites. Or you could just go to the 4kids forums. Making fun of them is always fun.

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    Default Re: One Piece 4kids RP

    Aye, RPing is not allowed on this forum I do believe, could be mistaken.

    Also...are you wanting to make a RP to make fun of 4kids or do you honestly want to make a 4kids version of OP RP?

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    Default Re: One Piece 4kids RP

    Rping is not allowed. You're welcome to create your own off RP off AP, but you're not allowed to do it here.

    Edit - Someone beat me to closing it =P

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