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Thread: Phlemmy's Jigs

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    Um, this is my topic where I put my music for you to listen to. Yah.

    Anyway, you might have seen this one before. It's supposed to be a hiphop funk happy kind. Click. Originally composed for a interhouse talentime competition, it never saw the light of day as the competition was cancelled. Nevertheless, I like it.

    Next is a percussion ensemble named The Woods Are Full Of Dangerous Things. I'm very fond of my transition at 00:46 XD It's got difficult drumset stuff, and I'd have to practice alot to get it. There's this guy in my section who has it all down. Boy, do I want to play like him. But at least he can't play mallet percs, and I'm godly at those. Not to blow my horn. Ahem.

    Finally I leave you with one of my serious compositions, affectionately dubbed Andante Doloroso. You can find out what that means by googling it ;p Done for a school project, I composed for orchestra. My group topped the creative arts category that year for our endeavours.

    I wanna be a rock staaaaa.

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    Default Re: Phlemmy's Jigs

    Unnerving Circumstances

    I really like this. Then again, I always "really like" fresh compositions.

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    Here's another one. Unnamed.

    It's such a pity the online manga/anime community only warms toward drawn or written art.

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