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Thread: Logia-user for mugiwaras!

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    Default Re: Logia-user for mugiwaras!

    Well... not ice spears, but definitely hailstorms and freezing blasts! :D As to fire, the heat sphere isn't called "fire ball" for nothing (if I remember right, this may only be its German name).

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    I think the heat sphere is called heat ball, literally "hiito" ball. I was exaggerating when I talked about ice spears, but if before she could make a smokescreen, maybe now she can make the air so hot it burns? Probably not, but speculation never hurt.

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    Default Re: Logia-user for mugiwaras!

    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spirit
    Erm... are you guys forgetting that Nami-san is already doing elemental attacks? She's the crew's Logia user already, without having eaten a DF. We've seen her create thunderstorms on par with Eneru's(ok, I'm exaggerating a bit, but it was still huge). Let's wait until her fight to see if she hasn't started rivalling Ao Kiji and Ace.
    Nami is not a Logia user, cause she can't actualy form anykind of "objects", only balloons of heat, cold, and electricy, but with compaining those she can for a cloud, but that doesn't mean she is a logia user, just a person who knows how to make a huge thunder strike....

    And fighting those two is imposible, cause when is she gonna get a single chance to attack, Ace and Ao kiji are ruthless, unlike Mr. 1's partner was, who she first time electrocuted, and the marines in the enes (not sure if typed right) lobby, they were in a kind of a shock, so they ddin't know to attack her, cause she didn't look that dangeourus...

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