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Thread: CROWDFUNDING BOARD GAME PROJECT - Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters

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    Default CROWDFUNDING BOARD GAME PROJECT - Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters

    Hi guys below is short presentation about our Crowdfunding Board Game project

    Age of Monster Hunters



    Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
    Language: English
    Players: 1-5 (competitive/ cooperative/solo)
    Playtime: 45min-60min / player
    Development Phase: Worldwide open blind testing (Tabletopia)
    Designer: Lan Krajnčič
    Graphic Designer: Marko Ilić
    Artist: Rok Malovrh
    Playtesting platorm: Tabletopia (free & easy to use)
    [imageid=5579436 large]

    Hi guys, Silver Coin: Age of Monster hunters is a bigger project that we have been working on for quite some time now, and considering we just made a Learn How to play video, to help the community learn the game quicker and playtest the game with us, we figured it may be a good time to start a thread here and invite you to playtest the game with us. We really need as much of you out there playtesting the game as possible, so in the end we can make a better game :)

    It is a crowdfunding project 7 years in the making. But last year things have picked up, and now a team of 3 we are working tirelessly every single day late into the night to make sure we make the best possible final product.

    Bellow a quick introduction/summary of the game and a Learn how to play video.
    It is no masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but hopefully it does its job in helping you more easily jump on board our playtesting train.



    Welcome to the Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters, a game where 1-5 players will travel the map in search of missions to slay the monsters that are troubling the people of 6 kingdoms.
    The game preset is set in a fantasy realm of Atosia, a great continent, that spans across the known world.
    It is divided into 6 big kingdoms, each carrying its own history, culture, and mysteries. The world has survived a great calamity that struck the land 80 years ago. Ever since things have changed and the continent has seen a sudden spike of creatures old and new which plague the land and are troubling the local populace. Amongst all of that, individuals have appeared who took advantage of this situation and will do anything, including slaying these so-called monsters, if it means they get a bag of coins in return.

    Parts of the game
    The game is, in general, consisting out of 3 main parts:

    1) The Auctions
    2) Game Rounds
    3) End game scoring

    The Auctions
    Before the players jump into the Game Rounds they will be participating in 3 sets of Auctions where they will be bidding with their starting amount of Coins for
    - 1st BID = Starting Character
    - 2nd BID = Starting Location & Kingdom Knowledge
    - 3rd BID = Starting Magic & Amount of Magic or Physical Flow (Magic & Physical Flow being 2 resources within the game)

    Game Rounds
    The game will have a total of 24 game rounds each representing 1 month on the calendar track. Thus the game will end after 2 years.

    Each NORMAL round will consist of 3 Phases
    1) Preparation Phase
    2) Action Phase
    3) Clean up Phase

    Preparation Phase
    Bellow the World map players have a deck and number of face-up Kingdom cards. They are of 6 colors = matching the 6 Kingdoms of Atosia.
    On them are 4 possible symbols:
    - Reputation
    - Movement
    - Experience
    - Flow
    In the Preparation phase players will have an option to do 1 of the 3 things:
    1) Draft up to 2 Kingdom cards
    2) Play Kingdom cards (based on their color or symbol)
    3) exchange 1 of the Kingdom cards from their hand with 1 of the faceup Kingdom cards.

    Playing Kingdom cards is representing players gaining experience, fame, training, and exploring the land and thus will provide you with either resources or additional movement on your journey.

    Action Phase
    This is the meat of the game and where most of the play will happen.
    Players have on their player board 3 Action tokens.
    - 2 of them are Free to use
    - 1 requires a player to pay a resource to play it and is considered a bonus token

    They will be putting those tokens on Actions spots. Some they have on their player boards and are UNCONTESTED
    Other type of actions are located on the Main Board and are CONTESTED, meaning players can beat you to them.
    So it becomes an action selection system.
    Some characters or cards even have action spots on them to go to.
    Actions will allow you to:
    - travel the land (movement action)
    - gather missions, fight monsters, learn Kingdom Knowledge & Magic, gather Herbs (location action)
    - gather resources, switch player order, and so on...
    Each player will be doing 1 action and the play will pass to the next player. Once all players pass, the play will move to the last phase.

    Cleanup phase.
    Cleanup Phase
    - Here players just move their turn tracker, weather tracker and move to the next round.

    Above I mentioned how a Normal round works. There are 2 other rounds that can happen and are determined by symbols on the weather cards which will tell you when a certain type of round is coming.
    - Bidding round
    - Special Flow round

    On a Bidding round, everything happens the same just players before the preparation phase will be using their Kingdom cards to bid on the Special Action cards. Those are basically upgrades for your characters and are supposed to represent their progress throughout the game and help you create a mini engine which your character will hopefully use to their own advantage.
    The third type of a Round is a Special Flow round - same as for the Bidding one, the round works the same as a Normal one, it is just that each of the Characters next to their regular abilities also has unique special abilities that will trigger only on these rounds and will make your character stronger.
    You can use those at any point during those rounds.

    After the Game Rounds Game will come to the 3rd and final part

    Final Scoring
    Coins/money in this game = VPs
    And it is considered hidden information, at the end of the game everyone reveals the amount of money they have, and the player with the highest amount wins.

    There is quite some extra happening but this is the general gist and hopefully helps you figure out how the game works before you jump into the How to play video


    Take note currently, we are doing the playtests for 2-5 players competitive modes, while continuing with development of the SOLO and cooperative gameplay.

    Thanks a bunch in advance to anyone who is willing to help out and feel free to reach out to us for the playtests through:

    - BGG PM
    - email: silvercoinaomh@gmail.com
    - FB: https://www.facebook.com/SilverCoinA...=page_internal
    - Discord channel: https://discord.gg/tPzZp3f

    Likewise please feel free to contact us if you happen to need playtesters for your own game, we are always willing to help out with those as well :)
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