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Thread: Chapter 971: Sentenced to Boil

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    Momo vs Orochi. Make it happen Oda i beg you

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    Momo + Toko + Tama vs Orochi better

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    Slapping fight, Kyle vs. Cartman style.

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    Default Re: Chapter 971: Sentenced to Boil

    Never a fan of these exposition dumps. This is weird since it's supposed to be a rallying cry...? I'm leaning more and more to wait out this entire thing instead of reading weekly.

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    Default Re: Chapter 971: Sentenced to Boil

    Hey guys, I'm going to leave this "shot in the dark" prediction here. It has a pretty small chance of happening but there's one none the less. Maybe the person who has been forshadowed is not Luffy himself but someone who by chance or fate ended up sailing with him. Of all the Strawhats there are 2 distinct candidates. Who we really don't know their provenance.

    let's start first with the ones we can rule out--> Robin, Franky, Ussop, Brook,Sanji, Chopper, Jimbei and even Luffy. The thing with them is that we kind of know all these characters lineage to an extent and some of them have even had their past expanded upon.. i.e. Robin, Franky and Sanji. I don't really think Chopper being originally a reindeer would be sent 800 years forward into the future. That leaves us with 2 of the starting crew members. Zoro and Nami.

    What we know of them is pretty minute compared to the rest. I know someone will bring kokoyashi village but don't forget that Nami was adopted by Bellemere and she was found in the middle of a war; something akin to a "Spoils of war" so she became an "orphan" at age who knows but still a baby. That opens a huge IF there.Nami has 2 distinct traits her mapping and the understanding of weather, currents and so on; plus she seems to be extremely sensitive to changes in the atmosphere, a compass of sorts.

    Then there's Zoro whose past if even more cryptic. We only know he had a friend and rival (Kuina) and that apparently she died as a result of a mishap. Pretty vague. For Nami and Zoro not to have a proper flashback considering how extremely prominent they are in this story seems a bit out of left field.

    What about Luffy? From what I've read so far Luffy is more of a catalizing agent. His influence on Shirahoshi and Vivi along with his immense Charisma is what will make the cogs turn; but he might not be the center shield but a sharp jaavaline. Now, there's the will of D. Which by all means might refer to a whole new race altogether or a special family, in which case its surname ended up being abreviated to such an extent only D remains and nothing can be traced back.
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    Man, I’m always waiting for one of these flashbacks to surprise me and show that the person who we thought was dead is actually fine and staged it somehow. Bummer.
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