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Thread: Talk About Mental Health Issues and Be Nice About It

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    Default Talk About Mental Health Issues and Be Nice About It

    Since there was one about LGBT, I felt like this would be helpful as well, as a lot of people with mental illness get stigmatized. I recently got diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, and I was wondering if anyone else has that here, and if so how do you cope with it?

    Also, I be learning a skill set called DBT (Dialectical behavior therapy) soon to combat the illness. As for my other mental health diagnoses, I have PTSD from childhood trauma, severe depression, and social phobia. Anyways, I hope this can be a safe place to talk about this specific topic.

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    Default Re: Talk About Mental Health Issues and Be Nice About It

    I suffer from anxiety, depression, bi-polar, aspergers, PTSD, which, grouped with my ADHD, has made life very difficult for me to cope with. I, too, have dealt with the stigma of my conditions which have gotten me barked at by teachers, my parents, and my peers alike.

    It's not fun. At all.

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