After playing over 8000 games of Hearthstone, finding Gwent particulary boring, going 100+ hours with slay the spire, and playing an unhealthy ammount of the gba versions of yu gi oh, pokemon tcg and duel masters, last month I decided, it was time.

I've flirted with the idea since summer when I asked to be in the beta, but job interviews and movings keept me from playing. A nearby game store also has picked my interest. And finally, the fact that they are doing this expansion being their infinity war, even if I knew nothing of these characters, the fact that this dragon dude called balls has been making life worse for a ton of people in multiple universes, by releasing cosmic horrors, comiting deicide, making zombies, stealing stuff, launching coups, or using legalesse to obtain slaves.

The game tho, I need to learn to make decks. Well, not that much make them but know how to tune them up rather than get bored and change to the cheap red deck that I already have. Netdecked a tempo blue one that is more fun, but won less.

Currently saving gold, as there is a draft mode that let me turn gold (f2p currency) into gems (p2w currency), and get into the big bets. Also, in the draft modes not only you keep the reward but every card that you draft, letting you kinda target what you are looking for, like I kinda want the red-blue cards, as I already have some core cards, but things like the dual shock lands would be awesome.

I chronicled my "new player experience" in the videogames thread, but tldr; got lucky with a reset, and could double up on 3 of the 10 player decks, geting some extra rares and mythic cards.

So, if you want to play, the first thing to know is to save your resources until you decide on a goal, I wasted the gems of the welcome 5$ bundle in packs of an expansion that will rotate this fall, instead of the drafting event of more recent sets.

Idunno, it's an interesting world and a vast game, while not ideal for me, I enjoy these (non mill) matches.