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Thread: A (hopefully) comprehensive list of English home video errors, edits and oddities

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    Default A (hopefully) comprehensive list of English home video errors, edits and oddities

    With the numerous localisation choices, alternative materials, copyright issues and technical errors that have appeared throughout many of Funimation's One Piece releases, it seemed like having this stuff on one place would be a handy reference for anyone making their way through the series (or if a re-release were to ever be on the horizon). There was also a handful of otherwise un-noted things I noticed in my recent dubbed watch of Marineford, and felt that there was a better way to point these out than an otherwise random post in the main DVD thread. I didn't realise it would be this long a list.
    • The blue Japanese logo is swapped out with a gold American one on the opening, eyecatchers etc. The original background is usually unaltered, but the animation of the logo appearing has to be re-created by Funimation, which has had mixed results.
      • Several seconds of opening 4 (Bon Voyage) are replaced wholesale with a panning shot of the Going Merry taken from an episode.
      • Most of the early releases use the American logo in the textless opening extra, but the original is used permanently from opening 5 onward. The Japanese eyecatchers are also sometimes used during the 'On The Boat' extras. Openings 3 and 4 are the only ones to have never appeared unaltered as a textless opening.
    • The episode title and credit captions are replaced with English translations (with the English cast/crew added). The movie and TV Special credits are sometimes left in Japanese and sometimes translated.
      • The episode titles' typesetting changes from #206, even though no such change happens in Japanese; conversely, the Japanese typesetting change from #517 isn't replicated in English.
      • For #1-#206, certain credits (such as the theme music) are omitted by Funimation, and unlike the Japanese version the opening is left creditless.
      • From #575, many people are omitted from the translated opening credits, even major roles like Director and Screenplay that were included in previous episodes. The dub's credits are moved to silent captions after the episode, with significantly fewer actors and crew listed.
      • The movie Stampede uses a similar credits format: the Japanese credits are translated and the dub's silent credits scroll is appended.
      • Most in-episode captions are remade as well, as of the Thriller Bark arc. In many cases, the English version is missing the 'picture frame' border that appears around the Japanese version.
      • The subtitles often overlap with the credits in most episodes, making both borderline-illegible. This doesn't affect dubbed #1-206, as those episodes don't have subtitled openings/endings in the first place.
      • In at least one case (Sogeking/Sniper King), the English title does not match the Japanese translations found on the subtitles.
    • From #575 (Z's Ambition/Punk Hazard), the TV series starts having locked subtitles/audio: the only two menu options are English or Japanese audio (with the applicable subtitle track) and the audio/subtitles cannot be changed manually. Even the subtitles for the "textless openings" cannot be switched off. As of 2020, this does not affect the movies or TV Specials.
    • Some openings and endings are swapped or use incorrect versions.
      • Ending 14 (Mirai Kōkai) is replaced with 15 (Eternal Pose) due to copyright reasons. Although the underlying animation could theoretically have been used with substituted audio, the ending was replaced in its entirety. Technically Ed15 contains mild spoilers as it ends on artwork slightly ahead of the attached episodes continuity-wise. (Side note: This change also means that the first version of Ed15, with much more spaced out characters, is used for 25 episodes instead of just on #231.)
      • Opening 6 (Brand New World) is an unfinished version where Sanji doesn't move and Chopper doesn't fall out the tent in the camping shot. Crunchyroll uses the version with updated animation.
      • Opening 13 (One Day) does not have the updated shot of the Blackbeard pirates from #485. Crunchyroll uses both versions in their correct places.
      • [Streaming/VOD only] Opening 17 (Wake Up!) skips the second variation used between #663 and #679 (which obscures a major character's face). Reportedly corrected for the DVD/Blu-ray release.
    • For the Australasian and British DVD releases, #1 to #324 are in PAL format. #1 to #26 are interlaced 50Hz conversions and #27 to #324 are progressive-scan conversions with PAL speedup and pitch corrected audio. #325 onward are the same NTSC encodes as the Funimation DVDs.
    #492, #542 & #590
    • The Toriko and Dragon Ball Z crossovers are skipped, as was the case with the simulcast. Despite this, the first two crossovers (which don't include DBZ) have been released (with subtitles) on Crunchyroll.
    #001 (S1V1 - C01) to #024
    • Editing: A version of Zoro's eyecatcher is used that reads "Zolo"; this was reportedly an error on Toei's part. Crunchyroll's Japanese masters use "Zoro" and "Ruffy".
    #001 (S01V1 - C01) and #002
    • Editing: The Japanese "つづく" caption is replaced with the English "To Be Continued" version used from Episode 3.
    #017 (S01V2 - C01)
    • Typo: Kaya is misspelled "Maya" in the closing credits.
    #035 (S01V3 - C02)
    • Editing: The Japanese logo is used during the eyecatcher in place of the American one.
    #050 (S01V4 - C02)
    • Typo: The on-screen captions use a different episode title to the one that Luffy reads out.
    #052 (S01V4 - C02)
    • Editing: There is no next episode preview, presumably because in Japan the "next episode" was an unnumbered TV special. The remaining pre-special episodes have the next regular NEP in the appropriate place
    • Netflix and Crunchyroll's 'HD' versions have #53's preview; on Netflix it plays in Japanese w/subtitles regardless of audio track. Crunchyroll's SD master also has it if you disable subtitles.
    #085 (S02V3 - C04)
    • Mixing (Eng and Jpn): The video and audio are slightly out of sync during the last 8 minutes (approximately) of the episode on all three audio tracks.
    #139 (S02V7 - C06)
    • Editing: Zoro's eyecatcher is used in place of Robin's. The music (Robin's theme) is unchanged.
    #173 (S03V3 - C07)
    • Mixing: Pagaya uses the 4Kids term "gravity blue riders"; all other uses of this term were substituted outside of the Cartoon Network broadcast. It's possible that this was the only version of that line recorded.
    #206 (S04V1 - C09)
    • Video: The opening, ending and eyecatcher are blurred with what appears to be a noise reduction filter.
    #207 (S04V1 - C09) to #211
    • Authoring: Scroll bar navigation is disabled (on PowerDVD, at least); you can still use chapters and fast forward/backward as usual.
    #258 (S04V5 - C11)
    • Video: The karaoke subtitles for Sniper King's theme song are missing. A brief moment of these can be seen during 'On The Boat with Sonny Strait' on S4V2.
    #359 (S08V2 - C15)
    • Mixing: On the English track, the sound effects are from the censored Japanese TV version, where Sanji was kicked instead of stabbed, despite the visuals being the uncut DVD versions; some effects are missing and others are substituted. Presumably, Toei gave Funimation the wrong effects track in the first place. The Japanese audio contains the uncut audio and matches the visuals of Sanji being stabbed.
    #388 (S07V1 - C16) to #391, #395 and #396
    • Mixing: The English dialogue is slightly out of sync (when compared to the mouth movements), but the sound effects are correctly synchronised. The Japanese audio is unaffected.
    #392 (S07V1 - C16)
    • Subtitles: Urouge's bounty is incorrectly written as 180-million instead of 108-million in the translation of both the Japanese text and dialogue. The dub's dialogue correctly uses 108-million and the Japanese text is unaltered, but the erroneous text-translation subtitles are switched on automatically.
    #453 (S07V6 - C19) to #456
    • Video: Excessive motion judder during these episodes, with the exception of any re-used animation. It appears that the episodes were animated at 30fps but converted to 24fps for the DVD, resulting in frames constantly skipping during playback. #457 onward are natively encoded in 30fps.
    #457 (S08V1 - C19) and #458
    • Video: Somewhat excessive motion judder during the opening, which has been converted from 24Hz to 30Hz, rather than the smoother looking interlaced 24Hz to 60Hz conversion used for old clips during the episode itself.
    #469 (S08V2 - C20) to #???
    • Video: Episode are de-interlaced with blended fields, which causes blended frames in any old clips used (including the eyecatchers and post-opening oil lamp introduction). This does not affect any new animation that was introduced after #453.
    #462 (S08V1 - C19)
    • Mixing: An exchange from Mihawk at the end of the episode (about Whitebeard being "right in front of them") is missing from the English track. The dubbed line is included in 463's recap.
    #487 (S08V3 - C20)
    • Mixing: An line from Law at the end of the episode (asking Buggy for help) is missing from the English track. The dubbed line is included in 488's recap.
    #506 (S08V5 - C21)
    • Mixing: On the English track, there is an echo as the narrator introduces Peachy Island; it sounds like the filter for Heracles' voice may have been applied to the narrator's line by mistake.
    #627 (S10V4 - C26)
    • Mixing: In the dub, the filter on Chopper's voice is missing for most of his Monster Point dialogue.
    #??? (S10V4 - C26)
    • Mixing: In the dub, there's reportedly a big drop in sound quality for some of Kin'emon's dialogue.
    #629 (S11V1 - C26) to ???
    • Video: The opening, eyecatchers, and scenes with English text added have been de-interlaced with discarded fields, lowering the vertical resolution and causing aliasing. The textless "Wake Up!" extra is unaffected by this.

    #N/A: S05V4 - C13
    • Missing extra: "in the Booth with Brina Palencia" is replaced with "On the Boat with Brina Palencia", a repeated extra from S4V4, in NTSC. Corrected for the PAL release, which contains the "in the Booth" extra as advertised.

    The Movies/Specials (USA/AU)
    Episode of Alabasta (renamed "Adventures in Alabasta")
    • Logo: [Blu-ray only] On DVD, the logo and title change depending on which audio track is selected from the menu; the Blu-ray uses the English version only, with a slightly reworded title rather than a direct translation.
    • Audio: [DVD only] The DVD is missing the Japanese 5.1 mix, containing the Japanese version in stereo only. The Blu-ray contains 5.1 options for both languages. (No Japanese 5.1 mix exists for the TV series or specials; the English 5.1 tracks filter, pan and edit the Stereo Japanese mix).
    • Mixing: [DVD only] The theme song (Compass) was dubbed into English for the film's American theatrical release, but the DVD contains only the Japanese version (with automatic subtitles) on all three audio tracks. The Blu-ray correctly features the English and Japanese versions, depending on the audio track.
    • Typo: The appended English credits use the 4Kids names (Zolo, Miss Groundhog Day) even though more accurate transliterations are used in the dub and subtitles.
    Strong World
    • Music: The theme song (Fanfare) has been removed due to copyright issues. The audio is substituted with a piece from the soundtrack and the credits themselves (which reference Fanfare) are unaltered.
    • Subtitles: No translation is given for the Japanese text introducing the Straw Hats.
    • Credits: Replaced with English translations.
    Adventure of Nebulandia
    • Music: Black Make Up is replaced with We Go!. The visuals don't seem to be affected.
    Episode of Skypiea
    • Ending: The broadcast/simulcast version of the credits uses animation created for a Namie Amuro concert of her meeting the Straw Hats. This was substituted with clips from earlier in the special for the Home Video release, with the Ace scenes and the song itself unaffected. According to Avex's website, this is also the case for the Japanese DVD/BD.
    The Movies (UK)
    Movie 3-packs and Episode of Alabasta
    • Languages: Manga mistakenly advertised English audio on the cover for Movies 1-3, but this is a typo and no English dub exists for these films. English is also advertised on Movies 7-9, but this only refers to movie 8 (Episode of Alabasta); No English dub exists for the other two movies.
    • Missing short: Dream Soccer King is advertised on the cover for Movies 1-3, but is not on any of the discs. Conversely, Take Aim! The Pirate Baseball King is included with movie 4 (Adventure of Dead End) but is not advertised.
    • Video: Movies 1-4 use poor quality interlaced transfers.
    • Audio: All movies contain stereo audio only, despite 5.1 mixes existing on other releases, in Japanese and (where applicable) English.
    • Subtitles: The subtitles are full of translation and typographical errors, as well as inconsistencies. Episode of Alabasta partially uses "dubtitles" (verbatim dialogue from Funimation's reworked dub script).
    • Mixing: Alabasta's theme song (Compass) was dubbed into English for the film's American theatrical release, but the UK DVD and Blu-ray use the Japanese version on both audio tracks
    • Logo: Alabasta uses Funimation's logo and title, despite the American and British releases using different titles.
    • Missing extras: The extras from the American release are not included; although these were not advertised, most other releases have contained identical content to their American equivalents.
    • Theme music: The closing credits song isn't subtitled.
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    Default Re: A (hopefully) comprehensive list of English home video errors, edits and oddities

    This topic could come in handy if for any case the series comes to blu-ray, they could go back and correct some of these. I have a few that could be added, although this is just from the top of my head and could be wrong.

    - Australian DVDs use PAL conversion for 001-336, and NTSC for 337-onwards (I believe the same for UK).
    - The opening and ending theme songs were dubbed up to 206, with 207+ keeping Japanese sung lyrics. Most, if not all insert songs stay dubbed (Sniper King theme song, Binks' Brew, etc.).
    - Many characters in the beginning of One Piece with unique laughs, don't have them in the dub. In the case of characters like Blackbeard and Burgess (and more), they started using the laughs when they reappeared later in the series.
    - Zoro's attack changes from Lion Strike (Alabasta), to Lion's Song (Enies Lobby, Thriller Bark), and back to Lion Strike (Little East Blue).
    - Bon Clay I believe used Ballet Kenpo in Alabasta, and uses "Oh, Come My Way" Kenpo in Impel Down.
    - In the end of Alabasta, Smoker incorrectly states that Zoro killed Daz Bones.
    - The pronunciation of Paramecia, becomes spoken as 'Paramethia' first by Rob Lucci in Water Seven.
    - Luffy's mention of takoyaki in 337 changes to banana fritters (I think?) later between Thriller Bark and Sabaody, with even Hachi's shop banner still saying takoyaki.
    - During the Supanova's introduction, Urouge's bounty is spoken incorrectly by Shakuyaku, the subtitle lists it correctly.

    I know there are also pronunciation changes, such as Sakazuki & Akainu.
    Currently at episode 384 of One Piece.

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    Default Re: A (hopefully) comprehensive list of English home video errors, edits and oddities

    Usopp vs. Daddy the Parent! Showdown at High!


    Speaking of inconsistencies, there's also the episode titles.

    In the 4x3 episodes, the English titles are a mixture of upper and lower case. After the change to 16x9, the English titles are in all caps.

    From East Blue to the end of Enies Lobby, the English titles add exclamation marks after each sentence, whether there were any present in the Japanese title or not. During Thriller Bark, the English titles suddenly match the Japanese punctuation (or lack thereof). FUNi went back to adding exclamation marks during Sabaody.

    During the end credits voice actor section, the character's name is typically mixed caps, while the actor is in all caps. Sometime around Enies Lobby, the dub cast credits have all names in all caps, while the Japanese cast credits maintained mixed caps for the character names.

    Speaking of the end credits, there was a brief period during Alabasta (I think) where the character list used Japanese romanizations for some reason (Rufi instead of Luffy, etc.).
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    Default Re: A (hopefully) comprehensive list of English home video errors, edits and oddities

    Quote Originally Posted by digtotheheavens View Post
    - Bon Clay I believe used Ballet Kenpo in Alabasta, and uses "Oh, Come My Way" Kenpo in Impel Down.
    Since this inconsistency also exists in the original version I doubt this would change

    Quote Originally Posted by digtotheheavens View Post
    Luffy's mention of takoyaki in 337 changes to banana fritters (I think?)
    Octopus fritters

    Quote Originally Posted by digtotheheavens View Post
    During the Supanova's introduction, Urouge's bounty is spoken incorrectly by Shakuyaku, the subtitle lists it correctly.
    It’s actually the opposite; dub has it right, sub has it wrong

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    Default Re: A (hopefully) comprehensive list of English home video errors, edits and oddities

    The first post has been updated to include stuff from Seasons 10 & 11. This includes the locked subtitles, deinterlacing issues and some one-off stuff.

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    Default Re: A (hopefully) comprehensive list of English home video errors, edits and oddities

    Thanks! I had no idea there were so many issues. lol

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