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Thread: Jujutsu Kaisen

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    Quote Originally Posted by pariston_hill View Post
    Didn't Nanami took care of hand sword guy?
    Yeah, but someone noticed that his tears tattoos turned white with each lethal hit that Nanami gave him, so that most likely saved him. He is out of lifes now though.

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    I just want to see how Gojo would look now against Sukuna.

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    There wouldn't be budget for a Sakuna vs Gojo in full power.

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    Poor Jogo is one of the strongest curses in the series, but the authors always makes him fight the most overpowered characters, the author must really like making him suffer. Also, I really enjoy Sukuna´s brand of evil, the scene with him forcing the shamans to stay put while the meteor was falling was great.

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    "if it hits"
    Goddamnit Sukuna.
    What's even the point of anything.
    If you think about it, Kaisen premise has the biggest bad and the greatest good in the same character.
    Sure we had that with Naruto but never did a villain felt this irredeemable.

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    Sakuna needs Megumi...the plot thickens.

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    Megumi´s face just before getting hit was really cool, also petty as hell. His stronger summon looks really great, but I wonder how well it can fight against Sukuna.

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    Megumi's face before his death was so petty but so damn satisfying.
    This ten shadows monster has an amazing design and I'm pretty sure one day he would be able to control it.
    The use of this familiar was also unexpected, it was a suicide attack but at the same time had a very very low percentage of survival
    I wonder what Sukuna needs Megumi for, isit for his powers or something in him that could give him a powerup?

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    Bets on whether it will blow up like Kimetsu or somehow get messed up?
    No swords and beautiful water cgi might affect its popularity a little...
    A good opening that's a banger is necessary but seeing how the cast is gold class, I have my hopes up.
    Here's to this series shooting up in popularity and see you all in half a year or so.
    (Also can't wait for the obligatory I read the manga because of the anime and it somehow fell under my radar posts everywhere on the web)

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    That trailer gave me serious early Bleach vibes. It seems to have all necessary ingredients for success. Let's hope it does, because it's a pretty cool series.

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    I really should binge this. I half assed it back when jamini still did jump series, but I have to set up the vpn, paypal and the jump account to read it only on pc, so it's not a priority
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    Wait max it the paypal is for they asking a Zip code to correlate to the credit card is not biggie, I put my own and I worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxterdexter View Post
    I really should binge this. I half assed it back when jamini still did jump series, but I have to set up the vpn, paypal and the jump account to read it only on pc, so it's not a priority
    It's really good though.
    Think of Bleach good bits and Hxh having a love child

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    Oh my god.

    Poor Itadori. I believe the last panel is a surmise of his reaction to both megumi's state and mostly because he just annihilated a large number of innocent people with his own hands.

    Yes, he was controlled by Sukuna but remember he had a lot of confidence in keeping him in check or that it's all right for him to be alive.

    What happened here will damage his mental state and take a large toll on his character.

    This is like if nine tails naruto went bat shit and murdered an entire village.
    Like you can say technically it's not him but it doesn't really matter because he could have killed himself and innocent people won't have died.

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    The befriending reality bend on Sakuna will be epic.

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