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Thread: Stranger Things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Mario View Post

    Oh, he was certainly hitting on him in the season finale. All over his face until he couldn't take any more.
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    So I got to episode 6


    At least Mike is a good friend to Will. I really liked when Will was panicking and he reassures by telling him he could a spy. Keeping him away from the group really does wonders.

    I liked Mr.police standing his ground even when El started using her power. Sometimes when parenting you need to be firm.

    El going to school only to find Mike smiling with another girl is the kind of trope I just hate. Especially considering how mopey Mike had been for El. It's was stupid in the last 300 movies and it is stupid now.

    El going after her mom was pretty compelling. I find that much more interesting than the Mike angle. Tat scene where she first contact her and her crying is just great. It really works well with how much she is searching for her place. But I wasn't much of a fan of the giant exposition sequence with the mom. Maybe I'll get something more interesting later.

    Bob is so adorable you can't help but love the big guy.

    Here I thought Billy couldn't be more stereotypical but he managed to add some living room weight lifting to the mix.

    Will is fucking cursed. First he gets kidnapped into a evil dimension, then he gets back only to get constant episodes and now he is the link to an evil beast trying to kill everyone. The kid needs to catch a break.

    The sister and Jonathan with the journalist analyzing them was funny. And I liked his joke about the pull out the next day. Kind of side quest I didn't like but that part was funny.

    Steve and Dustin together really works well and really give the kind of human vibe I liked from the show. That random shanpoo note. It's sad that it has to be separate from the main event when last season manage to mix the 2 so well.

    Max a nice addition. Although it was suprising to learn her and the brother were not alone and their problem was mundane aside from how much Billy crank it up.

    I truly believe Will and her mother are by far the bast actors of the show.

    Episode 7 is extremely filler-ish.
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    So I finally got around to binge watching Stranger Things this weekend and I must admit it was very enjoyable, although probably not quite worth the level of hype it received. Season 2 was definitely more enjoyable than 1 for me. The demogorgon was the more effective season villain though. And now for my fresh character rankings.

    My top 3, HM, and worst.

    1. Hopper: He was my second favorite character season 1, and season 2 built on that and added depth. He is a huge driving force for the plot of the show, but it was his emotional nuances that stuck with me. I loved everything about his attempts to parent El, and the scene right before the finale where he opens up to her was nearly a tear-jerker. I loved that he was pragmatic in his dealings with Hawkins Lab. Everything he has done has been a win for me.

    2. El: Dropped one spot for me mainly because her story in 2 felt out of step with the rest of the story. Her parts of the story almost felt like tacked on filler at time. She still had a lot of great moments though. And for all the flak episode 7 gets, I thought the moment where she finds 8 and they hug was super gratifying. She finally found a kindred spirit with shared experience. Alas, her leaving without resolving their differences or getting any closure was very irritating. Still it was an overall strong season for her. My one big wish was that the focused more on the Hopper/El dynamics in the first few episodes.

    3. Steve: Wow. Hello Steve, didn't expect to see you so high. What an incredible turnaround for the guy who could have easily turned into the "jaded douchy boyfriend who has his pretty girlfriend leave him for the nerd/geek/weirdo only to turn into a bigger douche" archetype but instead does a 180 in season 1. Talk about your expectation subversion. In season 2 Steve handles the girl he loves jumping into the arms of another guy literally right after they break up with class(Nancy is kind of a bad person), he befriends Dustin and takes him under his wing(Steve/Dustin was my second favorite duo after Hopper/El and right in front of Lucas/Max), and he loveablely gets wrecked in a fight again. Nobody takes a beating like Steve haha. Honestly he could be 1 on this list just for how cool he became in the second season.

    HM: I would be remiss if I didn't mention Bob, the single season warrior who was another pleasant surprise. I was expecting him to be the boring straight man constantly trying to push mama Byers to make her family more normal and add that tension, but he shifted gears pretty quickly once he was pulled in. He worked as a steadying voice, and his immediate acceptance to be the one to sacrifice himself was a great moment. My only complaint would be YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T STOP RUNNING UNTIL YOU'RE COMPLETELY OUT OF DANGER BOB.

    -1. Mike: Mike was easily my least favorite character from season 2, which was a big drop because I really liked him in the first season. Season 2 just wrecked him. His bratiness is basically his defining character trait. He was a complete jerk to Maxine for the ENTIRE season for no reason other than that she wasn't El. Like I get that you can be really into your first crush, but El was his entire driving force. Build a bridge and get over it lol. I did like that he was able to relate to Will, although I didn't like them keeping that secret from the other two.

    Other Thoughts: My other major complaint is Will, who has been a plot device for 2 seasons. It's funny because after I finished season 1 I thought, this is exactly like The Hangover where there are four friends but one goes missing during the bulk of the plot so we end up knowing a ton about the three we spent time with but nothing about the one who was gone. In The Hangover 2 they just sideline that friend again so I hope they don't do that. I start season 2 and we are discovering Will might have ptsd and he's starting to open up and then... bam he's possessed and turns into a plot device once again. Hopefully he has better luck in season 3. Also when Billy and Steve were in the shower after the game, I 100% thought Billy was about to hit on Steve. That was a strangely shot scene haha

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    Default Re: Stranger Things

    Just binge watched this with my sister over the weekend and wow was it good.

    The acting and everything was just superb.

    Also, the show should have an alternate title:

    How Much It Sucks to be Will Byers

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    Default Re: Stranger Things

    My favorite alternate title: "H.P. Lovecraft's The Goonies"

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    Default Re: Stranger Things

    I still prefer calling it an actually good Stephen King miniseries that isn't The Shining.

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