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    Chapter 20: Dralasam.

    The large carriage travelled far and far until Vermillion was out of reach. It room inside was pretty big, almost like a train wagon. Everybody was a bit silent. Arkmedes and Lars were discussing some affairs, Don was still sleeping, Anderson and Wave were all by themselves and Whyat was getting herself a little doozy. Wills and Nichole were both at her sides trying to not look at each other.

    Whyat:....So sleepy...


    Whyat: Hmm?

    Wills: Did you happen to have a black pendant with you?

    Whyat: Huh?....Oh! Yes. Right here.

    She picks up a black pendant that was in her pocket.

    Whyat: It kiinda seemed vulnerable around my neck so I decided to carry around in my pocket.

    Wills: This was a present Pa gave it to you on your 6th birthday. The last one he gave it to you.

    Whyat: No way! Good thing I didn't throw away like Nichole said it.

    Wills: She did what?!

    Nichole: Hey! I didn't knew it was that important. I mean look at it. It looks like junk!

    Wave:....Junk? That's a relic from the Golden Age you know.

    Nichole: Eh?

    Wave: A Dark Onyx. Nowadays it is found on the ilsland from the north. Artifacts made from those were only manufactured about more than 10000 years ago as a token for brave warriors. It is really hard to replicate considering the lack of tools necessary. The price of market around here would be....

    He writes down in a paper the value and shows to Anderson.


    Wave: Whatever price you father paid for that thing....It was a bargain.

    Nicholle: Oh my....

    Wills: How do you know all this?

    Wave: I was born on Krem, an island in the north. It was not as expensive there as in Azure or Vermillion. In fact I don't think they even export anything from there.

    Whyat: So....It is really a gold mine in a string.

    Wave: I bet your father would love to sell it more than he used to buy. How about it? I can find a deal?

    Whyat:...No. I want to keep it now that I know it was his last gift.

    Wills: I won't let that happen anyway.

    Wave:....Alright. It is not like I can leave here anyway.

    Whyat: That's right. You are stuck here isn't it?....There is so much out there in the sea. How far did you ever gone?

    Wave: I dunno. Pretty far, I guess.

    Whyat: How was it like? Did you find something exotic?

    Wave: Sure did. Let me tell you, it is pretty dangerous out there. I once clashed with these scary-looking pirates with red glowing eyes that feed on the blood of their victims.

    Whyat: Aaack! How scary!

    Wills: Don't go scaring her mind with your fisherman's story.

    Wave: Alright. Alright....

    Suddenly the carriage arrives at a giant gate of a city surrounded by a thick fortress similar to Millvark right next to a jungle behind it. The gates open and the carriage enters the city. It was Dralasam.

    Lars: Alright folks, we're here.

    They disembark and starts walking around the colony. Wills looks around and notices the lack of women and children.

    Wills: Is this really a colony? Seems more like a war camp.

    Lars: That's because it is. This is supossed to be the last line of defense of Vermillion. All the residents here are soldiers from the Kingdom. Most of them were recruits not a while ago. Those who are chosen to come here have to leave all their lives they had before.

    Wills: That King of yours can be merciless sometimes.

    Lars: This was my idea, actually.

    Anderson: *whisper* He is pretty proud about it.

    Wave: So they can't even leave?

    Lars: Only when the war is over.

    Wave: Oh....How long have Azure and Vermillion been at war again?

    "So you finally arrived, General."

    They right in front of them it was Gaijin.

    Don: Ah! It's the Ghost of Gaijin! Out of this world! Out of this world! Spirit begone!

    He starts swinging his mace into Gaijin, but Gaijin makes him trip by casually moving to the other side.

    Wills: How is this guy even in this army?

    Lars: He is actually pretty useful.


    Wills: Oh! Hi. So...are we cool?

    Gaijin: You exploded me twice....but it is alright.

    Whyat: Eh? You met Gaijin...And what did he meant by exploded?

    Wills: Long story. But aren't you surprised to seeing me alongside your comrades?

    Gaijin: It is better to a soldier not think too much.

    Lars:...That isn't untrue.

    Gaijin: By the way, Captain Roberts. Your crew was already moved. You will be meeting them shortly so don't worry.

    Wave: Really? Bummer.

    Gaijin: Should we start the reunion?

    Lars: Sure. It will be quick anyway.

    Wills: If that is the case, may I be out of this one?

    Lars: Any good reason?

    Wills: It would be better if you tell me the strategy when we hit Millvark. Besides I have a plan on my own and I would like the cooperation of the locals if possible.

    Lars: Do you really expect me to let you do something behind my back?

    Wills: No. That is why I am telling you beforehand.

    Gaijin: Sir. If you want I can keep an eye on her.

    Lars: So you agree with her?

    Gaijin: To fool the enemy, you must first fool your friends...It appears it's what she has done back in Millvark. And you know about what happened in there, right?

    Lars:....Fine. Hey, pirate!

    Wave: Yeah?

    Lars: You keep an eye on her!

    Wave: Well, no complaints here.

    Whyat: Can I go as well?

    Nichole: No. You stay with me. You are a fighter of Vermillion after all.

    Wills: I would like to you to learn things by the book, sis.

    Whyat: Alright then.

    Nichole:...(Really? Usually it takes at least 3 setences to convince her.)

    Lars: If you need anything, tell I gave it permission. Now scam.

    They leave the two behind and Wills go to what appears to be a general store of sorts.

    Wills: Excuse me, do you have some Sylvarium?

    Shopskeeper: Sure, but why do you n-

    Wills: Also do you have Black and Vermillion Ores and a pickaxe?

    Shopskeeper: Why do you need that?

    Wills: Excuse me? All you need is to sell me what I ask for.

    Shopskeeper: Well, this is not really a store, it is more like a storehouse.

    Wills: It may not look like, but I am with General Lars. So how about you give me the goods and not ask my motives.


    Wills:...Wave! Come here!

    Wave: Yes, my dear? Do you want a ki-

    Wills then delivers a series of kicks and punches beating him like a poor homeless man.

    Wave: Uuurgh...

    Wills: See that? It's what I am gonna do with you if you don't deliver the Sylvarium and the ores right now!

    Shopskeeper: Y-Yes lady!

    After getting what she wanted, she goes to an isolated place with Wave carrying a bag of all the things Wills ordered. They arrive at a empty warehouse where Wave gently drops the bag.

    Wave: Well, there you go...whatever you want with this smelly stuff.

    Wills: Thanks Wave...And sorry for that.

    Wave: For you my love, I would get mauled by a bear.

    Wills:...I'll keep that in mind.

    Then she picks the ores and puts in the floor. She picks the pickaxe and removes her coat and straps on her waist, wearing only a white tank top. Then she starts to break the ores in several pieces with the pickaxe.

    Wave:....You know, I could stay here and watch you do this heavy work aaaaall day.

    Wills: If that can pay it back from the way I treated you then be my guest.

    After breaking the ores, Wills leave with the fractured ores in a bag alongside Wave.

    Wave: I don't know what are you planning, but I am looking foward. Say, what is Sylvarium anyway?

    Wills: It's a resin found next to volcanic areas said to be inflammable.

    Wave:...Are you making bombs by any chance?

    Wills:...How do you know that?

    Wave: So you can use Ores for do that as well? Didn't knew that.

    Wills: You know how to do those?

    Wave:...Back in home we use Black Powder. But it seems more complicated to make. Have you never heard of hoe do we from the Islands do our job?

    Wills: Nope, actually.

    Wave: Alright then. It is better if I show it to you.


    Whyat appears rushing at her.

    Wills: Hey. It is already over.

    Whyat: Yeah. And Lars just shouted 2 times.

    Wills: Huh.

    Whyat: Anyway, here is what we decided. There are three more colonies before Millvark. There, we must find available soldiers to aid us fight.

    Wills: Well seems like a good plan.

    Whyat: But we have to split up to reach them as quickly as possible and meet in Millvark. And guess what? It will be you, me and Nichole. We are going to Avala. Cool, huh?

    Wills:....Not really.

    Whayt: Captain Roberts, you go with Gaijin and find your crew back in Labaze.

    Wave: Oh man...I wish I could accompany you.

    Whyat: Oh. One more thing. It seems we got a word from a scouting bird. Prince Heide is the one in charge of it.

    Wave: The Prince, huh? I heard he has the Azure Sword.

    Wills:...And he seems like a cool-looking guy...What a shame. Knowing him...He might not escape this time.

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    Chapter 21: Departure.

    Avala was somehow a special colony for Vermillion. It was there were the art of bird taming was born. The town was full of towers that served as the Hawk's landing spots and nests. All of the Hawk Riders passed through Avala for training at least once and Nichole was no exception.

    Wills and Whyat were waiting for Nichole that were meeting the local soldiers in the tower at the center of the colony. The two were laying their backs on a wall with Wills staring at the sky and Whyat holding her bow.


    Wills: Yeah?

    Whyat: Are you perhaps thinking about Captain Roberts?

    Wills: Why would I think about that scoundrel otter?

    Whyat: Then what are on your mind right now?

    Wills:....No matter where I have been in this damn continent....The sky always looked the same. Even in the snowy lands of Azure.

    Whyat: I never thought about that.

    Wills:....Say, sis. How good you are with that bow?

    Whyat: Ah! You want to me to show it?

    Wills: Well, it is not the best place t-

    Whyat: Check this out!

    She picks an arrow and shoots at a windcatcher in the form of a pinwheel from a tower far away and hits one of the moving fans.

    Whyat: Pretty cool, huh?

    Wills: It was impressive, but don't do this in the open. Good thing there was no one watching.

    "No one watching what?"

    Nichole then appears next to them.

    Nichole:....Did Whyat somehow showed off her archery abilities?

    Whyat: No.

    Wills: Yes.

    Whyat: Sis!

    Wills: It's the truth.

    Nichole: Leave it. No one saw it, right?

    Wills: Is that a thing that happens often?

    Nichole: More that you can think.

    On the outskirts of Millvark, Arlan and Cecillia were taking off with Morgana holding the Boiler on her claw feets.

    Arlan: So, ready to go.


    She turns around and see Milvark one last time.

    Cecillia:...I've been here enough.

    Arlan: Alright then.

    "Hold it."

    Heide then appears before them.

    Arlan: What is it now Heide. You decided to quit.

    Heide: Do you think I am the kind of guy who quits?

    Cecillia: Heide....I'm sorry you have to do this.

    Heide: Don't be. I'm doing this for Azure's best interests. Giving this place we took so hard to took to Jabberwork is a bad idea.

    Cecillia:...You mean what she took it so hard, right?

    Arlan: Hey, we helped it...a little.

    Heide: Anyway...I have to give you this.

    He hands over to Cecillia a black pendant similar to the one Whyat have.

    Cecillia: What is it?

    Heide: It's a memento from my mother. She was from an island in the north.

    Cecillia: Why are you giving me something so valuable.

    Heide: I just wants you to hold on for me. If I die here, I want to at least this to get out safely.

    Arlan:...Are you saying you will certainly die?

    Heide: Well...Not without a fight, of course. I will be fighting to preserve my life...but it is nice to be cautious about it.

    Cecillia: Heide....I'll be waiting for you.

    Heide: Just take this back to Violleta alrady. I want to see something grow on those snow lands.

    Cecillia: Yes. I will. Arlan, we're off.

    Heide: And Arlan...what about your father?

    Arlan:...It's just my sister, okay? I have a lot of time to prepare.

    Heide: Yvern...How is she?

    Arlan: The same old herself.

    Heide: Right...See ya.

    Arlan: See ya.

    The two boards Morganna and several others follow her.

    Heide:...I hope I get the chance to fight Williams. I wonder where she is.

    From afar, Jabberwork watches it out of anyone's vision with a small telescope.

    Jabberwork: Hmmm...Hmhm....Hmhmhmhmhm...Why are you having the face of someone who left out any hope for life?

    He then looks behind and hears the faint sound of galloping at the horizon.

    Jabberwork:I guess that explains...You can smell death way before it happens don't you, Pale Rider?

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    Chapter 22: Stars.

    The Iron Village. The closest colony to Millvark and was reinforced with defenses just like it, but not quite as big. There, Nicholle arrived alongside Wills and Whyat that were rode alongside her on Sunnywing. There, Wills was inside a house putting some bottles of a dark red liquid in a box.

    Wills: Welp. That should do for 20 percent of the work.

    After finishing preparating whatever she was working at it, she goes outside to breath a bit of fresh air under the starry sky. She then see Whyat sitting on a barrel looking at the night sky.

    Wills: Stargazing as always, huh?

    Whyat: What?

    Wills: When you were small you would gaze at the stars for almost a hour. That touch was lost over the years?

    Whyat: Oh...No. I still do that when I think about it...Hey Wills, what do you think stars are?

    Wills:...I heard they are like the sun.

    Whyat: The Sun?

    Wills: Yeah, but very veeeery far away.

    Whyat: Is that so? I wish they were like flying crystals.

    Wills: It's just a hypothesis.

    Whyat: But...If they are really far away...then does that mean the sky might be reaaaally extensive, right? Do you think it is possible to travel there?

    Wills:...Not too soon. Anyway, we must have a word with General Lars. I'll call Nichole.

    Wills then gets back to the house and goes to Nichole's room. When she arrives at her door, she sees the door half-closed and spies over the breach. There Nichole was putting some hot water on a wodden cup and puts some black seeds on it.

    Nichole: *sigh*

    She then drinks the tea in one gulp.

    Wills:...You're into that sort of stuff, huh?

    Nichole: Aaaah!

    She scares Nichole with her presence just behind her back.

    Nichole: Why didn't you knocked?

    Wills: It's your fault for not locking properly.

    Nichole: Just...Don't tell Whyat or anyone else, okay?

    Wills: Easy there genius. There is nothing very bad about it, okay.

    Nichole: I have a reputation to held, okay? Also...my job is stressful.

    Wills: I can see that. And speaking of stressful, we have to see Lars, so let get this over it.

    Nichole: I feared that.

    They make their way to the main headquarters where Lars was waiting for them. When they arrived at the the front of the headquarter, they stumbled upon a group of shady-looking people.

    Whyat: Eh? Who are those hooligans?

    Wills: They remind me of a certain someone....

    "He-Hey! You came!"

    Guess who? Captain Wave Roberts comes from the mob.

    Wills: Oh. It's you. I suposse that is your crew, huh?

    Wave: Yep. Those are my brothers-in-arms. Hey, fellas! Check it out! This is the Wills girl that I spoke of! Isn't she amazing?

    "....Man, not another one again."

    "It's always have to be a blondie."

    Wave: Hehe. They liked you.

    Wills:...Did they?

    Nichole: Who cares about it? Let's get things done already.

    Wave: Yeah, about that. I'm gonna skip it. I don't need to hear everything he thinks about it. If he wanna order me, be on the battlefield. I'm just here bacause I wanted to see my white kitty again.

    Wills:...Don't ever call me that again your seafom parrot fucker.

    Nichole: Well, do what you want. I don't think we need you or her inside there anyway.

    Wills: So I can also don't attend the meeting, huh? Don't know if that is a better choice.

    Nichole: Honestly, only I am needed there.

    Whyat: Then can I stay with Wills.

    Nichole:...I suposse I can free you from Lars shoutings.

    Whyat: Really? Thanks!

    Nichole: So, who else is inside?

    Wave: Only Gaijin and Arkmedes. Anderson is lazying around somewhere.

    Nichole: That means Lars might be on a slightly better mood tonight. Well, here I go.

    She enters the house and leaves the two with Wave and the pirates.

    Wave: Well, look at this. It's just you, me and the starry night.

    Wills: What about those guys?

    Wave: Oh, they will not bother you and your little sister. Right, guys?



    "I bet 10 bucks you will not make it."

    Wills: This is dumb. Let's go home, sis.

    Wave: Hey, chill down. This headquarters have a tavern. How about I pay you a drink.

    Wills:...No alcohol to Whyat.

    Wave: Nailed it!

    They enter in the tavern and Wave pay a beer for him and Wills and Orange Juice to Whyat. Typical. The rest of the crew wastes themselves behind them.

    Wave: So, how is the beer?

    Wills: Horrible. It is just too sour...I want another mug.

    Wave: That's my kind of girl.

    Whyat: Captain Roberts, what does those men of yours meant by "another one" and "blondies".

    "Well, you see..."

    A pirate with a sorrowful expression on his face with a purple bandanna on his head comes from behind.

    ???: All the women that "really" took our captain's heart were blondes. You would be the number 7. *sips cup*

    Wills: Okay, who are you and why you look like someone who didn't slept for a week.

    Wave: Let me introduce him. He is my Quartermaster, Owen. And he...have a lot on his back.

    Owen: I just didn't slept for two days by the way.

    Owen Freeman.
    Class: Rogue.
    Attribute: Black and Azure.
    Sole job is to make sure Wave don't kill everyone.

    Wills: Man. I knew being a pirate is rough, but not that stressful.

    Owen: I just been having a lot of nightmares lately. So I am afraid of getting sleep.

    Whyat: What sort of dreams you have?

    Owen:...Everyone hates me in there.

    Whyat: Oh my...

    Wave: That aside, what do you think that after this, you come to my place?

    Wills: Your place?

    Wave: Oh...I don't have a place here do I? Where did we docked our ship again, Owen?

    Owen: In Awalli, sir.

    Wave: That's pretty far from here. How about we go to your place instead?

    Wills: I don't have a place here as well...I don't have a place anywhere, actually.

    Wave: Huh. I guess we just have to find one then.

    Wills: For what?

    Wave: You know what goes well with bad-tasting beer. Having someone to put you to bed.

    Wills:...Aren't you being a little too quick.

    Wave: Hey, it is your fault for not wanting to go easy.

    Wills: So now it is my fault, huh?

    Wave: Come on. Give me a chance.

    Wills:....Know what? Okay.

    Wave: What?

    Whyat: What?

    Owen: Eh?

    Wills then picks another large cup with a metal base.

    Wills: I'll take you to a wonderful night of sleep.

    Whyat: What?! Sister! You don't mea-

    Wave: Ooooh shit! You hear that fellas! It's gonna happen!


    Wills slams his head with the large cup like a hammer and he passes out.

    Whyat: 0_o

    Owen: -_-


    The pirates celebrates more and Wills then drinks another whole cup.

    Wills: Sweet dreams, filthy trash.

    Owen:...I like this one.

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    Chapter 23: Sneaking in.

    It was the day. Wills and the Vermillion Army have reached point where they would stationete before attacking Millvark. The point was about at the middle of Iron Village and Millvark. They stopped for sharpening their weapons and develop their tactics.

    Wills was sitting over a rock looking at Millvark's direction, but it was not at her sight's range. It was still a little bit far. She was probably thinking of what to do when she get there. It wouldn't be the same Millvark she helped took it shortly ago. Later, Whyat appeared upon her.

    Whyat: Hi, sis.


    Whyat: Sis?

    Wills: Oh? Sorry. I was lost in thoughts.

    Whyat: Are you concerned about the battle?

    Wills: Not really. It just this is the most troublesome job I ever had. And yet, it's the one that I will get paid the least of it.

    Whyat: You are kind of weird, you know that?

    Wills: Heh. I took after Pa.

    Whyat: Pa....I still can't recall much of either my blood parents.

    Wills: They were simple people. Not hard to understand...at least that what I believe.

    Whyat: By the way, I did a scout to the area and saw a bit into Millvark.

    Wills: Milvark is more than a kilometer away from here. How far did you go.

    Whyat: I saw up from the sky. Nichole gave me a ride. Things seems extra reinforced.

    Wills: Anything else in particular?

    Whyat: No...Just a few enemy camps in the borders.

    Wills:...That's good.

    Whyat: Huh?

    Wills: I need to have a word to Lars.

    She leaves and have a word to Lars that was holding a meeting.

    Wills: General Lars.

    Lars: What is it? We are almost finished here.

    Wills: Perfect. What will be your first move?

    Lars: Well, we-

    Wills: Don't.

    Lars: Say what?

    Wills: Let me take care of the first strike.

    Lars: Are you out of your freaking mind? Who is the commander here?

    Wills: I am not trying to take your post. Rather, I'm volunteering to act as some sort of diversion. Is that okay to you?

    Lars:...I wasn't expecting a wielder of one of the Four Swords to act like that, but I do not like you in particular anyway. What is your plan.

    Wills:...Just give me a hour. It will not depend only on me.

    Lars: Not pnly on you?...I see. You wanna involve Wave on this as well. Very well. I guess it suits you 2 wild cards. But I would appreciate if you give me details.

    Wills: Never heard that to fool your enemies, you must first fool your friends?

    Lars:....No. That's dumb.

    Wills: Believe it. It's gonna work. Now where is Captain Roberts?

    Lars: With his crew back there. Whatever you two gonna plan, please do not interfere with the overall plans.

    Wills: Don't worry "boss". You sure gonna thank us for our services.

    Lars: Bah.

    She then heads to Wave and his crew. They were grouped around some crates with Wave struggling with a headache.

    Wave: Uuurgh...Anyone remember if I got what I wanted that night?

    Owen: You woke up on laying on the floor with a bump on the head. What do you think?

    Wave:...Still unsure.

    "Do you want to me to repeat what happened that night?"

    Wills appears behind him with a large mug.

    Wave: N-Nevermind! For some reason my head is aching even more.

    Owen: So Ms.Valentine...What grace us with your presence?

    Wills:...I need a favour.

    Later on Millvark, A group of soldiers scouting a female prisoner tied in ropes with a bag on her face approach the gates of the city. The sentinels stops them and demands explanation.

    "What is the meaning of this?"

    "We found this suspicious woman near our camp."

    They remove the bag and reveals to be Wills.

    "....That's a pretty-looking one. Are you sure she is an enemy?"

    "Yeah, she is like a big deal. She can bring down this place all by herself."

    "...Very well. Hand it over to Prince Heide."

    They open the gate and let them pass.

    "By the way...where is the weapon storage anyway?"

    "Third house after the second square."


    They take Wills through the colony and she notices the town filled with knights with blue armor.

    Wills: Jabberwork Troops...To think they would be here.

    They reach a storehouse and untie Wills. They remove their armor and reveals to be Wave and his pirates.

    Wills: You boys went better than I expected.

    Wave: It's not the first time we do this kind of thing, kitty.

    Owen: It's nothing special, really. Then again, you were pretty crazy in send us to attack an enemy camp, knock them out and steal their outfits.

    Wills: You did it like it was natural as breathing.

    Owen: Again, they will notice when they realize that camp has nothing but passed out soldiers.

    Wills: I know. Now all we need is to cause a turmoil....Hmmm...

    Wills notices a blue metal object standing on the corner.

    Owen:...What is this? It's not like anything I seen.

    Wills: Say...you have Azure Affinity, right?

    Owen: Yeah, so?

    Wills:...Things will be more interesting that I thought.

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