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Thread: Upgrading My iPhone 4S

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    Default Upgrading My iPhone 4S

    so this saturday, my dad is taking me to Sprint(Since my phone is on his plan.. as in he is paying for it) upgrade my iPhone 4S since my phone is on a plan where you can upgrade your phone every 2 years or so. so my choices are a iPhone 6 or iPhone SE. is there any major difference between the two at all?

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    Default Re: Upgrading My iPhone 4S

    The SE is the small version (about the same size as your 4S). The hardware is mostly the same as, or similar to, the 6S. One difference off the top of my head is that the SE doesn't have the updated fingerprint sensor which is much more responsive. Really it depends on what you're looking for. The SE is a lot cheaper due to the smaller screen.

    But at this point I would wait a bit longer and just get the iPhone 7 when it comes out...

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    Default Re: Upgrading My iPhone 4S

    The SE is the better phone compared to the regular 6. It has better battery life, is cheaper, and is easier to carry due to its smaller size. If you compare it to the 6s, it'll look a little weaker, but it's still practically almost equal to that one as well when it comes to the important factors of speed and battery life.

    You can see the exact specifications here.

    Waiting for the Iphone 7 might be a good idea though. It all depends on if you want to wait a few months, or if Sprint offers the plan for brand new releases. I don't see why they wouldn't though.

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    Default Re: Upgrading My iPhone 4S

    Iphone SE is speedy and cheap. I'd go for the 6s over the SE though.

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