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Thread: Funimation DVD Discussion IV (Please Check First Post for FAQ)

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    I'm gonna be honest, I personally don't really think thats a reference. Thats such a vague thing, going from a sad or neutral expression to a smile. Obviously framings important, looking at the manga it doesn't exist at all, but who knows? It's not impossible that maybe whoever story boarded the scene had that in mind. According to Oda the parrallel with Ace's hat and death was merely a coincidence in the first place, although in that instance it almost seems a little too perfect. I don't know why he'd lie about it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephray View Post
    Does anyone know why Robin knew about Sabo but never told Luffy? She specifically asks Sabo, ďRun into Luffy yet?Ē

    Itís like, damn, I know these characters donít talk to each other about their backstories ever, but she didnít even tell him that his brother was alive? Harsh.
    I'm pretty sure it's either heavily implied or outright stated at some point that Sabo just wanted to surprise Luffy himself, which is fair enough. You have to realize that despite how many episodes have gone by not that much time has passed since the time skip, Luffy and Robin probably only reunited a few weeks before Sabo and Luffy. What bothers me much more about the whole ordeal is that apparently Garp some how didn't know who the 2nd in command at the revolutionary army was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephray View Post
    I think if Manga UK owns their rights, now Funimation also owns them.
    Yeah, but surely Manga only had the UK/IE rights for Funi to inherit? I guess, with one territory's licensing out of the way, it might be worth releasing the dubs sooner over here and then have them in the can for an eventual US release.

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