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    Chapter 47: The Dark Wolf Rises.

    Fudgeball struck his paw into the ground and the dust formed from the impact hides it results. Everyone in the audience gazes to see it results and without anyone noticed, Florencia goes back to her seat after shouting with a pale face and sad eyes with tears.
    Florencia:...Come on West....Rise....
    Edward: Flor...
    In the spur of the moment, she senses something where Fudgeball stroke. The area became clearer and reveals West in human form inside a crater created from the impact holding Fudgeball's paw with his wolf arms. And these arms were emiting the same darkness that Fudgeball wore in his claws.
    Fudgeball: What the?! How did you?!
    West: How about you taste your own medicine!
    He turns into full Wolfman and jumps right into his face to deliver a full dark enchenced punch that sends him flying away.
    Fudgeball: Gyaaa!
    West: Groaaaaaaa!
    West hone his claws and gets in fighting stance.
    Schneider: Those arms...Did he...
    Johnnathan: Bloody Hell. I really got myself an unique crew did I?
    At the audience, their crewmates were stunned by it.
    Vanilla: What the? He is using Darkness?!
    Edward: No way! He too?! That is so unfair. That is it. Being human officially sucks.
    Florencia: Yes! I can confirm it! Go kick his butt West!
    She gets all pumped and cheers for him.
    Tenkai: You suddenly get in the mood now, didn't you Florencia-san?*drop*
    Back in the arena, Schneider takes a closer look at her partner and his eyes are filled with resolve.
    Schneider: Mr. Highlander.
    Johnnathan: Yes?
    She hands him her half-filled bottle.
    Schneider: Uses this to replenish your strenght. Kasa's blood has more vitality than magic. You will need it more than me.
    Johnnathan: Thanks for the gift, but what about you?
    Schneider: I'm forfeiting this match. Kasa needs first-aid and I'm not believing in myself in beating any of you two.
    Johnnathan: What about the debt thing?
    Schneider: It's okay. I can wait a few more years. We hybrids lives a lot anyway.
    She carries Kasa in her arms and heads towards the exit. She turns her head behind one last time before.
    Schneider: Please...Win for us.
    Johnnathan:...Aye aye.
    On the other side of the fighting, Fudgeball gets up and looks at West with rage.
    Fudgeball: You damn mutt. How did you stole my style?!
    West: I dunno. Maybe the same way you stole from the hybrids? Anyway, it doesn't matter. You might be bigger and stronger than me. But the fact that you are a herbivore and I am a carnivore didn't changed it. You're the prey here! Your only role is to run from me!
    Fudgeball:*twitch* Don't. Get. Cocky! Black Fissure!
    He strike his dark paw into the ground and a wave of black stalagmites goes straight into West. But he doesn't gets out of the way and punches the spikes and then stops it.
    Fudgeball: Impossible!
    West:...Heh. I like this dark jiggy. I can get used to it.
    Fudgeball: Don't think hot of yourself just because you used it once!
    With all his wrath he shoots anothe laser from his mouth that blasts the entire area around West.
    Edward: Woah. That was stronger than the last ones.
    But when the blast fades away, Johnnathan appears in front of West with his swords crossed with darkness that defended him from the blast.
    Johnnathan: How are you going West?
    West: Meh. I could handle it.
    Johnnathan:...So, could you do that since the beggining or just now.
    West: Right just now, actually. I myself am still surprised from it.
    Johnnathan: I see. The feeling is pretty good isn't it?
    West: Yeah...As a matter of fact I feel I died and lived again...I have to thank Flor for this.
    Johnnathan: Hm? What does she have to with this?
    West: Nothing...Cap'n, above it.
    He quietly pulls Johnnathan out of the way and saves him from being crushed by Fudgeball's paw.
    Fudgeball: Sneaky little bastart!
    West: Cap'n!
    He gave the same hand gesture with the index and middle finger at Johnnathan from behind and points at his backneck.
    Johnnathan: Got it.
    West: So chocolate ball...How about we see which one have a sharper claw huh?
    He charges his arms with darkness and taunts Fudgeball.
    Fudgeball: Fine by me.
    He does the same and the two starts clashing their claws with incredible speed.
    West: Garogarogarogarogaro!
    Fudgeball: Kwekwekwekwekwekwekwe!
    West: You better fix my eyes on me!
    Fudgeball: You don't need it to tell me!
    West: Good for me then!
    Fudgeball: What th-Gyaaaa!
    When Fudgeball wasn't looking, Johnnathan struck his backneck with his swords.
    Fudgeball: Damn Half-Breed!
    He turns his head to try firing a laser at Johnnathan, but as soon as he did that, West leaps into his neck and starts crunching his neck with his fangs covering in darkness.
    Fudgeball: Gwaaaaaaa!
    Johnnathan: Heh. Wolves do eat rabbits right?
    Suddenly a large number of spectators starts to get out of their seats and starts cheering.
    Man A: Yeah! That is how you fight like a wolf!
    Man B: Come on West! Show him who really rules the land!
    Woman A: Weeest! Have my children!
    Man C: West! West! West!
    And then a entire cheering crowd starts shouting his name.
    Florencia: West! West! West!
    Edward: It is good you are cheering for him, but...Aren't you a bit out of yourself?
    Meanwhile Kane looks at his viewpoint very amused.
    Kane: Heh. They are all werewolves as well. I guess a wolf never goes hunting without a pack after all.
    Fudgeball: Shut the hell up you lot!
    He shrugs himself and removes him from his neck.
    Fudgeball: I don't care what they says. I am the 10 year straight champion! I am a Lagomoth. I am a Land's Ruler!
    West: I think it is a mistake...You guys may only rule the underground...But if there is any race who might rule the aboveground...Are the Werewolves!
    Fudgeball: Then show it to me!
    He turns into a dark cyclone again and gets ready to ram at him. Johnnathan then joins with West.
    Johnnathan: Alright West, better you stand back. I stay in the frontlines now.
    He gently pushes Johnnathan out of the way.
    West: I'll finish him like the predator I am.
    He picks his machete and puts in his mouth. He gets in four legged position and runs towards him charging his claws his paws rising his speed.
    Fudgeball: Wanna die first? Fine then.
    The two starts going for the impact and before that West leaps and starts rotating at the opposite direction of his spin and flies like a missile.
    West: Black Wolf Rush!
    As the two collide, black sparks are generated as two saw blades slashing each other.
    Fudgeball: Gaaaaaaah!
    West: Hnghhhhhh!
    Johnnathan: I see. He is trying to cancel his spin by soinning at another direction. Clever, West.
    The two passes through at each other and stops at opposite sides.
    West: Guhn...
    West touches his sides feeling fatigue.
    Fudgeball:...I cannot...Beliece it...Gwaa!
    Suddenly a huge slash mark appears on his torso and he falls unconsciously into the ground.
    West:....Heh. Aroooooooooooooo!!
    West howls to the sky and all the werewolves cheering for him transforms and does the same.
    Kane: *Turns into a red wolf and Howls*
    Florencia: YEAAAAAAAAH!!!
    She cries and gives a thumbs up in the sky.
    Johnnathan: What is the deal with her?*drop*
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    Chapter 48: Champion.

    The entire crowd became a werewolf convention with all the howling. Fudgeball, the consecutive 10 years champion of Circa Arena was defeated. A feat that would enter in the history of the colosseum. After a while, West reverts back into human form and sits down in the ground looking at his left hand. He grasps it and darkness flows.
    Johnnathan: How are you doing it?
    His captain appears from behind him.
    West:...This thing is exhausting.
    Johnnathan: You will get used to it in time. I passed out in my first time.
    West: Unlike you, I am not a brat.
    Johnnathan: Haha! Yeah. Welp, I guess you deserved this. See you outside okay.
    West:....Hold it.
    Johnnathan: Hm?
    He stands and picks up his machete.
    West: We own these douchebags a show....So we give they a show.
    Johnnathan:...Bloody hell.
    The two charges their weapons and clash into each other.
    Red Beasts: Wha?!
    Announcer: Oooooooh! What are they doing?! Did they gone crazy?
    Man in black:...Oh yeah, we are at the Finals right now.
    Announcer: Oh my! I swear we had our championship match ended already.
    Man in black: Whatever. It's not gonna be a long match anyway.
    Florencia: Johnnathan, you son of a bitch! Drop you fucking weapons right now!
    Edward: Woah! Easy on your mouth. I'm pretty sure they are just respecting each other's fighting spirit and manhood like brothers-in-arms.
    Florencia: Yeah! That is exactly what I am reading in their souls. Which is illogical and unnecessary!
    Vanilla: Even when she gets a sharp tongue, she is still as reasonable as ever.-_-
    Tenkai: That must be why she is the first-mate of this group.
    Meanwhile, both West and Johnnathan give their all as they are delivering their blows. West finds an opening along the way and delivers a upper strike with his weapon and breaks Johnnathan's defence. He launches an attack with a claw covered in darkness, but Johnnathan ducks and radies his swords.
    Johnnathan: Red Upper!
    West: Gah!
    He slashes West and he falls unconscious into the ground.
    A silence fills the area.
    Announcer:....Grah!*table flip* And the champion of this year's Arena Ultimax Championship ZX is...Damnit! The Red Beast, Johnnathan Highlander!!!...Damn it all!
    Man in black: Hey, don't feel down. That is my deal.
    "You stink!"
    The crowd start booing at the fight's results.
    Johnnathan:...Tch. Douchebags.
    Florencia: F...F-FUUUUUCK!
    Florencia gets up angrily and punches Edward in the face.
    Edward: Ooooooow!
    A while after the tournament, Johnnathan was escorted to Kane's office. When he enters, he was already in there and greets him slowly clapping his hands.
    Kane: Congratulation...Plan C.
    Johnnathan: Plan what?
    Kane: It doesn't matter. But still, it is your partner I should actually congratulate though isn't it?
    Johnnathan: Is he being treated well?
    Kane: But of course. If we didn't care for our fighters there wouldn't be a colosseum still running for start. Capable fighters are hard to find. And before anything else...yes, your two other friends are safe just as the others fighters. Even Fudgeball.
    Johnnathan: I thought you hated him.
    Kane: And I do. But, I can't let him die without seeing him having his title stripped from him can I?
    Johnnathan: More importantly. Can I have the belt?
    Kane:....Are you sure you want that?
    He pushes a button under his desk and the belt appears from a hidden window. He goes to the belt and retrieves the gem at the center.
    Kane: Isn't this what you're after?
    Johnnathan: What is it?
    Kane: A Key...The Champion's Compass. You're after those aren't you?
    He toss the gem to Johnnathan and he picks it.
    Johnnathan: So, all this for a rock?
    Kane: Hey. A Key is a Key, right? Plus, this thing helps you get other Keys. When it detects one close to it, it starts glowing and points at it. I've never seen with my own eyes, but I guess it is true with all the crazy stuff I have seen so far.
    Johnnathan: Might if I ask you a question?
    Kane: Sure champ.
    Johnnathan: When my father, Alex Highlander, sold that Gladius here, how much was the debt?
    Kane: Oh. It has been 20 years wasn't it? That was one of my first buys...It wasn't much. I believe it was about enough to buy a Toy Pirate Ship.
    Johnnathan:...That was oddly specific.
    Kane: Well, it is not the first time or the last time I saw that kind of situation. That time, I believe I was younger than you are kid. In fact...I was a slave too.
    Johnnathan: You were?
    Kane: Yeah. A lot of Werewolves were sold here in the past. And I too payed my debt before becoming this place's chief. I just liked this place too much. And by the way...
    He pulls a suitcase full of money into the desk.
    Johnnathan: What is this? The cash prize? It's...Way more than I thought.
    Kane: Yes and more. You see, there was only one guy that betted on you and by the rules you get the most part of it.
    Johnnathan: Hmm....Kane, I have a proposal.
    In the medical room, Schneider was watching Kasa resting in a bed covered in bandages. She then wakes up.
    Schneider: Hey. Good morning.
    Kasa: Schneider....What..What happened...Hey, is that?
    She sees a wounded and unconscious Fudgeball in a large bed.
    Kasa: Fudgeball...The Championship ended...Did you...Did you w-
    Schneider: No. It was Johnnathan.
    Kasa: Oh. I see.
    She looks down with a sad face.
    Kasa: Guess we're gonna stay here for a while.
    Schneider: As long as I am with my best friend, I don't care.
    "That might not be necessary."
    Gladius appears resting his back on a wall.
    Gladius: Kane wants to see you two.
    Schneider: Kane? What could it be.
    Gladius: Follow me.
    At Kane's office, he was waiting for they with a letter in his hands and a jar of blue powder inside.
    Kane: There you two are.
    Kasa: What is with the sudden call?
    Kane:....I'm gonna miss you two.
    Schneider: Huh?
    Kane: Your debts were paid. You're two are free to go.
    Schneider:...If this is a joke isn't funny Kane.
    Kane: Hah! I thought the blue one was the funny one. It is true. The Red Beast paid your debts.
    Schneider:....Is...Is it true.
    She falls to her knees and cries.
    Schneider: Did he really...Done that?
    Kasa:....Oh, Izanagi...I hope this is not a dream...
    She too cries even though she wanted to hold it.
    Kane: Hey Schneider. Read this.
    Schneider: Huh?
    She picks a letter that Kane hands to her.
    Schneider: This writting...It's my mother's...What does it means?
    Kane: Your mother taught you how to read, right? It just as it says. She was dying.
    Kasa: Dying?
    Kane: Her mother contacted a dangerous disease that barely had a cure. If she died there was no one who could look after you. That is why she took a debt and placed you here. So you could stay safe and leave when you were strong enough.
    Schneider: So that explain why she looked so weak back there. She never told me.
    Kane: Sure the debt was a bit high, but I had to make sure you didn't leaved here too young. If you wanna hate someone, hate me.
    Schneider:...No. There is no one to hate in this scenario. You two gave me shelter and I was able to meet Kasa. Now I have to be happy with my freedom.
    She gives a big smile with a tear getting out of his red eye.
    Kane:...And Kasa.
    Kasa: Yes?
    Kane: This jar contains your mother's ashes. Take as a parting gift.
    Kasa: I see. Thank you for your consideration.
    Kane:...What? Are you two still here? Fuck off.
    Kasa: Hehe. I'll miss you two you old dog.
    The two then exits the room leaving Kane alone with Gladius.
    Gladius:...You're evil, you know.
    Kane: What do you mean?
    Gladius: Their debts weren't that high isn't it? It was just like mine.
    Kane: Hey throw me a bone. I was gonna get rid of they sooner or later.
    Gladius: But don't you think you took too much of Highlander's cash? Like WAY more than you needed it?
    Kane: Kehehehe....This is bussiness. We are not running a charity here. Besides we got enough money to close this joint for a few months. Why don't you and Wardrobe takes a well-deserved vacation?
    Gladius: What?
    Kane: Come on Gladius, you aren't that little rabid daredevil from before. If you have to accept that, you have to face that fact itself. I heard there is a good place called Hurricane Port in between Drakland and Blitzreign. Go check it out.
    Gladius:...Well, I suposse there is nothing to do here if it is closed.
    Outside of the medical room, Johnnathan waits for West to get out while smoking a cigarrete.
    "It's forbidden to smoke here you know."
    He notices Kasa's voice and notices her and Schneider next to him. He throws aways the cigarrete into a nearby dumpster.
    Johnnathan: There was not a sign here or anything.
    Schneider: Mr. Highlander...
    Johnnathan: Please. Just Johnnathan. Or Johnny for short.
    Schneider: Well then Johnny...Thank you.
    She hugs him strongly.
    Schneider:...Can we talk in private...Please.
    Johnnathan: Alright. I am not in a rush.
    They goes to a empty hallway near the medical room.
    Johnnathan: Is it about I brought your freedom and now you are in my debt thing. Please, it piss me off that kind of stuff. Plus you helped me back there didn't you?
    Schneider: It's not that. It is something else entirely.
    Johnnathan: I'm listening.
    Schneider: You see...I know very little about the world outside. All I know is from rumours, stories and newspapers, but I know it is way more than that...For example: You are the first ever Red Hybrid I ever met.
    Johnnathan: That is not very surprisingly. Second this very smart hybrid friend of mine, our number is no bigger than 100.
    Schneider: Is that so? Well, I too didn't meet many people. So it is kind of hard for me to totally believe someone or judge by first contact.
    Johnnathan: Are you afraid of the outside world now?
    Schneider: Well it is not that...You see...Since you are the first Red I've met and you gave me a fine impression of yourself even though you are a pirate, I think you might be a nice guy and...
    She hesitates, but gets courage to speak up.
    Schneider: I...I like you Johnny. Will you go out with me?
    He takes a time for thinking for what she just said and after spacing out a bit he gets red and shouts.
    Johnnathan: Whaaaaat?!
    Schneider: Eh? Something the matter?
    Johnnathan: No...No it's nothing. You just caught me by surprise haha....And even though is...Nice having their feelings confessed by a pretty girl like you...I'm sorry. You see...I already have someone else.
    Schneider: Oh?...Oh....Oh! Of course, hahaha. I mean, I'm new in this kind of stuff so....Yeah, I think I was too hasty, hehehe...Well, worthy a try I guess?
    She laughs and avoid showing her face to don't show a look of disappointment.
    Johnnathan:...Say, you came from Blitzreign correctly.
    Schneider: Huh? Yes.
    Johnnathan: Have you heard of Mians?
    Schneider: Yes. I lived my childhood a bit far from there.
    Johnnathan: I happens to come from there. Why don't you settle your new life there?
    Schneider: Really? I can?
    Johnnathan: Yes. Say my name and you will be welcomed it. My old house is there and if you take care of it, they might let you take as a shelter if you want.
    Schneider: Oh my. Aren't you too nice for a pirate?
    Johnnathan: Just because I take what is not mine it doesn't mean I am a devil. After all, we hybrids must look out for each other.
    Schneider: Thanks again Johnny.
    "There you are you scumbag!"
    They hear the voice of a very angry woman and see Florencia floating in their direction alongside the rest of the crew.
    Johnnathan: Flor? Since when you talk like t-
    She gives a slap so strong that he falls.
    Johnnathan: Oooooow....
    Florencia: That is for being a total asshole!
    Vanilla: C-Calm yourself Flor...You're scaring me.
    Edward: Are we interrupting something?
    Schneider: Oh. You lot must be Johnny and West's crew right? Well, your captain just paid me and my friend's debt and now we are free.
    Tenkai: Really? That was a honorable gesture Johnnathan-san.
    Edward: We are still pirates right?
    Vanilla: Howitz...
    Edward: Kidding. Kidding.
    Kasa: That is a loud bunch you two have.
    Kasa appears with West covered in bandages.
    West: Try to spend a week with they.
    Florencia: West!
    She approaches West with concern.
    Florencia: Are you okay? I'm sorry for our rude captain's behavior. You totally didn't deserve it. Are you still feeling pain? If you want I can h-*Hmp*
    Before she could finish her setence, West grabs her in the forearms and kiss her.
    Johnnathan: Eh?
    Schneider: Eh?
    Kasa: Eh?
    Edward: Eh?
    Tenkai: Eh?
    Vanilla: EEEEEEEEEEEEH?!
    West releases her and she remains silent.
    West:...Well, sorry. I mean, I heard you screaming for me to fight and...I thought....Damn, I am bad at this.
    She floats and holds his face, giving him a more strong kiss.
    West: Hmmm!
    Florencia: ...I love you too.
    West: Well...Scored I guess.
    Everyone else: Get a room, you two.
    Florencia: Ah. Sorry....Say is this okay to you captain?
    Johnnatan:...Well, sure. I mean, who else have a werewolf and a fairy dating in their ship? Besides, as a human-vampire hybrid, what the hell I have to argue?
    Tenkai:...Speaking of which, Kasa-san.
    Kasa: Yes?
    Tenkai: Might you tell me something about either the Kitsune or the Spider clan?
    Kasa: Wait...You're a samurai right?
    She then takes her weapon.
    Kasa: You're with the Empire of Taiyo?
    Tenkai: Don't fear.
    He then unsheats his katana and places his finger on the blade. He passes through his finger and blue flames envelops the blade.
    Schneider: Wha? That's just like Kasa's fire.
    He then removes his hat and reveals his upper face with a brown hair tied with a short ponytail and a left blue eye.
    Kasa: Your eye....
    She removes the band covering her eye and reveals a eye with the same colour.
    Kasa: It is like mine.
    Edward: Wait, hold it. You are...
    Tenkai: Yes. A Blue Hybrid. I was hoping you could give me some light about the Spider Clan since we are the same.
    Kasa:...I came here because me and my mother were being pursued...And the pursuers were the Spider Clan.
    Tenkai:...As I thought.
    Kasa: Do you...Do you know why they were after us?
    Tenkai: After the Fall of Nobunaga, the Spider Clan joined the Kitsune Clan and declared any deserter from any clan a traitor that deserves death...And that crime would go down to their descedants as well.
    Kasa: I see.
    Tenkai: You might don't know, but the number of Blue Hybrids in Taiyo has been decreasing a lot...Specially after I left.
    Schneider: This is horrible.
    Florencia:...Tenkai. I think it is time for you to spill the beans at this point. I can't see more deeper than what I can inside you, but there is still more you have to tell us.
    West: And if you are concerned about eavesdropping, you can rest easy. There is no one in this colosseum anymore. In fact everyone already left.
    Tenkai:...Very well. The information I am gonna give to you is important because it also relates to the keys you are after.
    Johnnathan: I see. Keep talking.
    Tenkai: What do you guys know about General Akechi.
    Kasa: You're talking about Yoshimetsu Akechi right? The traitor that tried to overthrow Nobunaga.
    Tenkai:...He is no traitor. There is no way he can be.
    Johnnathan: But, didn't everyone saw him leading an army to kill Nobunaga in his castle...And succeded?
    Tenkai: There is no way it could be him....Because I saw he die way before that day with my very own eyes.
    Edward: Huh? How did you saw it? Were you a retainer or something?
    Tenkai: I was more than that...I was his son.
    That fact picked everyone by surprise.
    West: What in the what?
    Edward: That sounds like a big-time daddy.
    Florencia: Still, a hybrid and a very well-know father...(Too much of a coincidence.)
    Johnnathan: How did your father killed then? How did you witnessed? You don't need to tell me if you want.
    Tenkai: It was right in front of me. It was so suddenly. He just appeared in thin air and stood in front of us. And when he killed my father he just laughed at me and let me live.
    Johnnathan: Who was he?
    Tenkai: The one everyone is talking about it...Raven.
    And another revelation that was a shock for they.
    Johnnathan: You...You're seriously?
    Tenkai: Sure. I have nightmares of that day ever since. So there is no way my father could be the culprit since he was killed.
    Kasa: Please, forgive me to not noticing you were from such a prestigious family. But what does the Spider Clan have to do with this?
    Tenkai: My father was in favor of friendly relationships with humans and Kitsunes. He was popular to both humans and foxes. But when he supossedly waged war against Nobunaga and got killed in the proccess...Their relationship went downhill pretty fast. To the point it is almost a civil war now. The Spider Clan offered to be their retainers as soon that happened. They are know for being extremely well in tracking. How that alliance was made this fast is very suspicious indeed.
    Kasa: I heard stories about it. A lot of Blue Hybrids were born because of your father's feats. Myself included.
    Johnnathan: That is...Too much to take it. I mean your father being killed by Raven right in front of you...What next? Was your mother some high ranked kitsune or something?
    Tenkai: As a matter of fact she is.
    Johnnathan: Say what?
    Tenkai: Her rage towards the humans that took away my father and her love was the main reason of her hostility. You see, my mother...Is the current head of the Kitsunes, The Kyuubi.

    That might be my biggest chapter.
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    Side Chapter: Drakland.

    On Damaon Palace, King Stewart was in the library reading a book with a silence that gave an atmosphere that he was the only one inside that huge castle. That silence would later be interrupted by the door slamming with a woman in military clothes coming shouting.
    Woman: Your Majesty! Commander Shepherd reporting from duty!

    Commander of the Werewolf Squad, Shepherd "Steak" Terry.
    Fun Fact: She is vegetarian.

    Stewart: This is a library Steak. Do you mind?
    Shepherd: Oh? I'm sorry. You're still the only one here.
    Stewart: True. It is a shame such a collection cannot be appreciate by others.
    He closes his book entitled "The 1000 mutiny" and stands up.
    Stewart: How were things in Neon?
    Shepherd: It was just as the Gray Feathers told us. It was really a rogue island. Chill Island has been totally taken, sir!
    Stewart: I see. Good Job.
    Shepherd:...Your Majesty. Was that really the right course of action?
    Stewart: Why do you question it? Neon can't take that island by itself. Besides, just because it became an indepedent nation, it doesn't mean we should abandon our brothers and children back there. One day it might become a great ally.
    Shepherd: I am not talking about that. Should we had gone to Zhar together with Walpole?
    Stewart: I know we can't take Raven lightly, specially if his entire armada is involved. But it just means we can't afford to lose more than we have. Even with Blitzreign somehow on our side...I fear we aren't strong enough. Something happened didn't it?
    Shepherd: Yes...It was a total disaster.
    Stewart: I see.
    Shepherd: Blitzreign Flagship is arriving. Should we send someo-
    Stewart: I'll go myself.

    In the skies just above an open hangar in the palace, a huge ship being carried by a steel zeppelin on top of it charged with sparks approaches to land.

    Imperial Flagship, The Flying Lion.
    One of the lightning warships of Blitzreign.

    Inside looked like a hospital with rooms filled with soldiers from Drakland, but a few from Blitzreign. Sounds of shouting were filling the air.
    "W-Wait! General Howitz come back!"
    Miilera: Don't stop me! I need to see Hadol!
    A bunch of nurses were trying to stop Miilera from moving because of her injuries as if they were trying to hold a lioness. Walpole was next to they with his eyes closed and his arms crossed.
    Walpole: Let her go. She have this right.
    Nurse: I....Well if you say so General.
    They release her and she goes slowly full of bandages with an upset face.
    Walpole:...Poor woman. So young and so full of responsabilities.
    As she goes through the hallway like a bulldozer and reaches a particular room. She enters and faces a severely wounded Hadol that just woke up.
    Hadol: General! You came to see me!
    Miilera:...*sigh* You are thougher than you look isn't Colonel.
    Hadol: Whoa. You hurt me general. I thought you would hold me in your arms and cry over my heroic survival.
    Miilera: Forget it Hadol. You are alive. That is good to know.
    " May I enter?"
    They hear a familiar voice and turns to see Emperor Lenard himself.
    Hadol: E-Emperor? You were here?
    Lenard: I hopped in before you guys departed from Blitzreign. I was hoping to see more Blitzreignians than what arrived back there.
    Miilera: Emperor..I...
    Lenard: No more. The one in fault here is Raven. I just came by to see a report of what happened in Hadol's side. Speaking of which, was that previous report of Ceranze accurate?
    Miilera: Yes. Absolutely.
    Lenard: I see then.(...Pericles...)
    "It seems I come from a right time"
    King Stewart alongside Walpole appears.
    Stewart: I have interest on what happened as well.
    Hadol: King Stewart?! I feel like a celebrity here. Say, why did you Draklishmen decided to help us?
    Stewart: We just happened to also following Raven's trail and Zhar's emperor decided to help both of us when we hit their territory.
    Lenard: By the way, what happened to the Dragon's Army?
    Walpole: About half of they were annihilated...Even more. If it wasn't for the War Lions I think there would be way more less people here.
    Lenard: How many thunderlions we lost?
    Miilera: About 100 lionesses and 2 lions. Raven done it alone.
    Lenard: Tch! And we have to still answer to Emperor Sai. Why didn't you brought along your dogs Stewart?
    Stewart: They were busy taking over a island from Raven back in Neon. I figured out since they were busy far in the east, we might-
    Lenard: Then why did our soldiers died for?!
    He slam his fist in the wall and a thunder seemed to fill the room.
    Walpole:...I know your feelings Emperor. But I don't think the Werewolf Squad could turned the fight in our favor. Besides one of Raven's major islands was taken and I was able to hold Nightmare for enough time. Things could have been worse.
    Lenard:...You're right.
    Hadol: Huh? Really? I mean usually you get mad at this kind of thing.
    Lenard: Not will get better if I get angrier. Tell your story Colonel.
    Miilera: (Something is totally off here.)
    Hadol: Well...I think you all must have heard about it, but...My squad didn't faced only common rogues. 2 of the Hated 6 were there.
    Miilera: 2? We confirmed Marsha, Ohro and Bilaf as the only know Hateds and they were facing me and Walpole. What about those other 2.
    Hadol: I...I don't know. Everything happened so fast and...I'm sorry. I was hoping I could give more info...Since I was the only one they left alive.
    Lenard: Is that all?
    Hadol: Y-Yeah. We were holding our own pretty well until those 2 showed up though.
    Lenard: I see. Good work.
    Stewart: Huh. I always thought you were strictier.
    Lenard: I told you so. I have better things to care about it.
    Suddenly a Blitzreignian soldier appeared before they.
    Soldier: Emperor. He is here as you requested...Is it...Okay?
    Lenard: Yeah. Yeah. I'll go talk to him. Miilera, come with me.
    Miilera; Who is he?
    Lenard: It is better if I show you.

    They arrive outside on the Flagship's deck and they spot a figure showing his back to they.
    ???: Man. What a disaster huh? I dont know the details but it seems things were rough in Zhar wasn't it? That is why I prefer a small and efficient group.
    Miilera: This voice....Wait! The Black Demon!
    He turns himself around and reveals to be Heinrich Highlander.
    Heinrich: Yo, Valkyria. Long time no see.
    Miilera: W-What are you doing here?! Lenard! Don't tell me you...
    Lenard: I "called" him.
    Miilera: Wha? But....He has a 10 pieces of Diamonds on his head!
    Heinrich: That was the calling card he send it.
    Miilera: I-It is no matter. He was Gold before!
    Heinrich: Hey Valkyria, I heard you met my little brother back in Ceranze. Pretty cool guy isn't he? Wanna marry him?
    Miilera: NO!
    Heinrich: Yesh, I didn't knew you hated younger men.
    Miilera: That is not the case!
    Lenard: Enough Miilera, I have bussiness with him. The only reason I called you here was that I didn't wanted to keep secrets.
    Miilera:...If you say so.
    Lenard: Now Heinrich, the reason why I called you here is because I wanted to form some kind of alliance with you.
    Heinrich: Alliance? That term is only used to equals in my line of work you know?
    Lenard: I know already you and Johnnathan are the sons of The Red Demon. Since our parents were killed by Raven, I thought we were on equal footing.
    Heinrich: That is only a minor detail. Unlike my brother, I never had a good relationship with my father.
    Lenard: Then perhaps we could go straight to the point. I want you and your brother to lend your strenght for Blitzreign and became my privateer. I heard your kind are specialist in killing vampires. With our military might combined with your skills, we might finally destroy those bloodsuckers. And I can guarantee the loot is more than satisfactory.
    Heinrich: I am having a Deja Vu here. I never thought I was that popular.
    "He will not accept it Emperor"
    Walpole appears before they.
    Walpole: He said it himseld he didn't had a good relationship with Alex. So he will not follow his footsteps.
    Heinrich: Aaaaand took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you General Meddling.
    Lenard: So the answer is no, isn't it?
    Heinrich: Sorry Lenard. Any pirate would dream in becoming a privateer for Blitzreign, but I am not ANY pirate. I wouldn't reach where I got it by licking other shoes.
    Lenard: Pity. Do you really think you could just appear before me and just scam? You are surrounded.
    Heinrich: Aren't we in Drakland's turf?
    Walpole: Actually, we still consider you as an outlaw...And if he wants we can hand you over to him if he demands...And I already ordered the Werewolves to surrounf you.
    Heinrich: I remembered that I was never fond of Damaonians.
    Walpole: I'm Gwelsh.
    Heinrich: Same thing. Anyway thanks for the chat. It is fun to see how politicians are from up-close. Before you capture could you tell me what was Raven doing in Zhar?
    Walpole: ...Our sources talk about a Horn of sort. And Raven leaved Ohro somewhere in Zhar.
    Heinrich: I see. Prince!
    He shouts to the horizon and Aladdin appears from thin air next to Heinrich.
    Lenard: Wha?
    Miilera: The Desert Prince!
    Aladdin snaps his fingers and a small sandstorm is formed around they and disappears.
    Miilera: They...Thay vanished! Teleportation?
    Lenard: From this distance? I understimated him. General Walpole, did you leaked that info by purpose?
    Walpole:...I don't know what you're talking about it.
    He goes back to the ship and picks a small purple orb.
    Walpole: I did just as you said it. Everything gone as you wanted your majesty.
    The orb then glows and a voice comes from it.
    Stewart: Excelent.
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    Chapter 49: Aftermath.

    It was night-time and the gand were outside the stadium chatting with the events they just heard.
    Johnnathan: So let me get this straight one time to see if I didn't missed anything. Your father was the greatest general that Taiyo ever had, your mother is the current leader of the Kitsunes and a Dark Lord aaaand someone impersonated your father in overthrowing his Lord and sinking an entire country into a war?
    Tenkai: Yeah, that is pretty much the long short story.
    Johnnathan:...You don't have any infamous pirate big brother out there do you?
    Florencia:*ahem* Leaving a few similarities aside, what about the key you mentioned?
    Tenkai: The Kitsunes have a blue necklace from the Immortal Age that has been passed down to the Clan. The Fox's Heart.
    Johnnathan: Passed down huh? Does that mean you're the heir?
    Edward: Oh yeah. That is a good point.
    Tenkai: It is not that simple. Before my parents met, there was a heavy tension with the Kitsunes and Humans. A feud that comes since the Immortal Age.
    Johnnathan: Say, your parents didn't met by trying to kill each other did they?
    Florencia: Johnny!
    Tenkai: Oh. So, it was the same for your isn't it Johnny-san?
    Schneider: Woah. Your parent's stories sounds so sweet.
    Vanilla: Yeah. So romantic.
    Johnnathan: What was the origin of all this hostility?
    Tenkai: The Empire of Taiyo was founded by two Immortals, Izanagi and Izanami. Izanagi led mankind and Izanami the Yokais.
    Edward: What is a Yokai?
    West: I tell when you are older.
    Tenkai: But with no rhyme or reason, Izanagi slayed Izanami and the Kitsunes as their closest followers commanded the Yokai. But they all hated Izanagi and mankind ever since.
    Florencia: I heard this story once. Sounds like a fairy tale...Even for me.
    Tenkai: Either if that happened or not it doesn't matter. The conflicts were real. Only after my parents met things cooled down a bit. My father convinced Nobunaga and the higher-ups for a peace pact and succeded. Because my mother was doing the same thing at the other side. the even arranged a meeting for a peace agreement.
    Johnnathan: That is actually amazing. If only it was that easy here.
    Kasa: Even though, the families with Hybrids still lived with fear and hide from everyone in fear of prejudice. And that fear was true 10 years ago.
    Schneider: That is so sad.
    Tenkai: But things were not a total nightmare. The current Shogun of Taiyo, Lord Ieyasu was wise and reasonable. He never saw the Hybrids as enemies and allowed some of they live in a secret district in the capital. Of course, it is no different than a prison.
    Kasa: My mother thought it would be better to run away to a foreign land. Who knew the Spider Clan would reach us so far.
    Tenkai: Speaking of which Kasa-san, would you please give me your weapon?
    Kasa: Sure. My mother left this with me.
    She hands the weapon to him and he examines the sickle's handle. Edward observes the weapon from afar.
    Edward:...Hey Tenkai.
    Tenkai: Yes, Edward-san?
    Edward: Try to open the part of the handle attached to the chain?
    He follows his instruction and it opens like a bottle. A scroll falls down from inside.
    Kasa: What?! I didn't knew that was there?
    Tenkai:...As I thought. It is a Key Scroll. Only the most trusted Kitsunes have this. It opens a passage to the Kitsune's Head Quarters in Amaterasu. I knew the Spider Clan would be trying to pull something behind my mother's back. They have no reason to grab this if they were truly loyal to they.
    Kasa: So that is the reason they followed us all the way here? The reason my mother had to die...
    She leaves the group and sits in a corner.
    Schneider:...I'll talk to her.
    Johnnathan: Why don't you tell your mother about it? She doesn't appear to hate you.
    Tenkai:...Yes. She was a loving mother. And I love her just as much. But her situation is delicate. When she was pregnant with me, she had to leave her duties for months for keeping me secret. And as a kid, I understand her concern. She came to visit me a little often...But the small time she spend with me seemed like a week worthy of her time.
    Johnnathan: I see. I suposse you can't just appear before her and her people like that huh?
    Tenkai: Exactly. And her wrath over mankind is blinding her. I must do something in the shadows to help her.
    Johnnathan:...Alright, it is settled it. Vanilla, take that feather you have. We gonna get Gloria and go to Taiyo.
    Vanilla: Eh?...ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
    Tenkai: Johnny-san, what are yo-
    Johnnathan: Hey, your mother is still alive and kicking it isn't she? If something happens to her and you can't do anything with it, how would you feel?
    Tenkai: I know, but what about you guys?
    Johnnathan: Hey, there is a key involved isn't it? Besides, you can't do this alone can't you?
    Tenkai:....You will really gonna go that far?
    Johnnathan: I say this as someone who was in a similar situation.
    Tenkai: I appreciate...Captain.
    Florencia: As someone who also lost her mom I have to say this is something I can't avert my eyes as well, but we're dealing with a Dark Lord here. We can't go easy on this.
    Vanilla: She is right Johnny, in fact it was the Kitsune's influence that repelled the Vampire's domain to the East. They limited their power only to northwest of Zhar.
    Johnnathan: It is okay. I've been dealing with a far more dangerous monsters anyway.
    Florencia: *sigh* Same monster almost killed you like a rusty doll.
    Johnnathan: It was one time.
    "Not so fast!"
    They hear someone shouting at they and spots Petit and his comrades.
    Petit: Nothing personal Red Beast, but I need to take your prize.
    Petit:....What? Vanilla?!
    Vanilla: Er...Hi.
    Wrat: You two know each other?
    Petit: Yes. She was my classmate. And what are you doing hanging around with these dubious characters?
    Vanilla: It's...Relevant for my mission. I figured out it would be better than doing it alone.
    Petit: Oh, I see. You finally recognized that this job was too much for you. Don't worry, until I finish this ruffian, I will add you on your quest for finding your father.
    Johnnathan: I can hear you just fine, punk.
    Petit: Oh yeah...Take this!
    Petit: Ouch!
    Before he could do anything Wrat punches him in the head.
    Petit: What is the big idea Wrat?
    Wrat: Do you really think you cold take him in your conditions? He is the champion and he won the Victory Compass, fair and square.
    Petit: But...We need to report Ronan about it.
    Wrat: So, tell the truth.
    Petit: That wouldn't be very good for my record.
    Vanilla: Petit...
    Petit: Yes?
    Vanilla: This one's father was an old friend with Ronan. If you explain that "Highlander has the Compass", I'm sure he will undestand.
    Petit: Is that so?...Very well. I can trust your judgement Vanilla. Do I report I met you here?
    Vanilla: I don't mind.
    Petit: I see, I see....So, since it is the first time we've met each other at such a long time, might we...You know...
    Vanilla: *sigh* Forget it, Gateau.
    Petit: Well, worthy a try. Oh and by the way, Alpha. Omega.
    Alpha and Omega: Yes?
    Petit: What is the deal with this "children talk"?
    The twins hesitates for a bit.
    Vanilla: Children?
    Petit: The other red-eyed one said they were kids. And they seemed to agree with it.
    Vanilla:...How old are you two?
    Vanilla: Really.
    Omega:...We're twelve.
    Florencia: So young. You two must joined GMA at ten at most.
    Alpha: We came from Blitzreign.
    Omega: We were raised by the Order of The Black Knight.
    Tenkai: The Order of The Black Knight? What is this?
    Florencia: It is a indepedent organization that follows the doctrines of King Arthur, the Black Knight. He was the first king of Drakland, but his influence far reached Blitzreign and even Sherazia.
    Edward: I heard of these guys. There is a handful of nobles from Eysideci that are rumoured to follow this order. We know they exist, but we don't know who exactly is part. I heard they wanna take over the world or something?
    Alpha: Our parents were followers of this order. They were killed by vampires years ago. The High Master of the Order then took us and send us to GMA as disguised transfer students. He wishes to take some influence in Gel.
    The two then take over their masks and reveals their faces. Alpha hand a simple short red hair while Omega had a single bang of haor of same color going down her face.
    Omega: But we don't wish to come back. Gel is our home now.
    Petit:....HOLY SMOKES! You're a girl?!
    Omega: Er? I thought it was obvious.
    Vanilla: You both looks the same in your masks.-_-
    Petit: ....Well, at least I'll have more than my failure to report to Ronan.
    Alpha: What will happen to us?
    Petit: I'll leave that to Ronan. But anything, I'll try to cover you two somehow.
    He then takes a gold feather and activates it.
    Petit: See you another day Vanilla.*wink*
    Then disappears in a golden dust of wind.
    Edward: What kind of relationship you two had?
    Vanilla: I just shared my dessert with him. That is all.-_-
    "There you are you scumbag!"
    Johnnathan: Woah, Deja V-
    He then is grab by his collar and slammed into a tree by Samantha.
    Edward: AH! It is the Orca Slayer!
    Samantha looks at Johnnathan angrily and foams in her mouth, breathing like someone who had a bad day and wanna discount on someone.
    Johnnathan: Hey Sam...Is this about what happened there.
    Samantha: Damn right it is! How dare you pull such a cheap tactic on me like that? Because I'm a woman? Unsheat your blade and get ready! We gonna fight for real now your asshole. I'm gonna fuck your-
    Tenkai: Woah. Easy lady. Your tongue is sharper than my sword.
    Samantha: Fuck off easterner! I don't care for any whatever bullshit you say, not is gonna make me stop geting a fucking refund!
    Vanilla: How about a trip free of fee to Hurricane Port?
    Samantha:...Let me think.
    As they were waiting Samantha to figure out and maybe releasing Johnnathan from her grasp, Tenkai whispers something to Florencia.
    Tenkai: Florencia-san. Did you also noticed the really sinister red horned skull with a purple eye?
    Florencia: You can see it too. Yeah, it wasn't the first time. When I sensed it, his Magic Level went skyrocket.
    Tenkai: Only those with high perception skills could see it then. It is only a hunch of mine, but that is merely an abstract representation of some kind of...Potential.
    Florencia: He mentioned something about his brother. It seems it is the same.
    Tenkai: Is that so. I guess it is safe if we let thing go as it is.
    Samantha:...Fine. I guess I could have a booze after what I passed. But you lot pay.
    She releases Johnnathan.
    Johnnathan: Fair deal.
    She gathers everyone and activated her black feather transporting everyone.
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    Extra Story: An Eastern Tale, part 1.

    Long ago, on the far-east country of Taiyo, the Land of the Rising Sun, a army of hundreds of soldiers gone for a campaign. Their mission was to reinforce with the army led by the General of Right in the Vista Plain, a land that wasn't inside any rule. A full open-field with a few forests that limited the area. It was a peaceful place at sight, but lots of blood of humans and foxes were spilled over the years. The brigad set camp when things seemed calm nearby the entrance of a forest and no other soul was in sight. More far to the camp, a man with a long beautiful black hair wearing a red leather armor stands at the top of a small hill looking back at the path they took.
    ???:....So beautiful.
    Samurai: General, did you spot something? Any signals of the General Tsuki's army?
    ???: Sorry. I was just daydreaming.

    General of Left, Akechi Yoshimetsu.
    Alias: Demon Swordsman.
    Weapon: Katana.

    Yoshimetsu: I was just reflecting how it is such a pity that a clear field like this is wasted by being a battlefield.
    Samurai: You say the weirdest things milord.
    Yoshimetsu: So you don't agree it.
    Samurai: It is just not important.
    The soldier goes back without any word.
    Yoshimetsu: Good grief these soldiers. They only care of how many foxes they can hunt. Will this country never change?
    He takes a deep breath and goes strainght to the forest.
    Soldier: General. Where are you going?
    Yoshimetsu: Going for a stroll. Don't worry about me kay?
    He goes off and no one tries to hold him. If it was anyone else, they maybe would oppose, but Yoshimetsu was know as the best swordsman that Taiyo ever had to the point he would be called an Oni or Demon. As he goes through more inside the forest he stops at a shadowy area.
    Yoshimetsu:...Alright Hanzo, I know you are there.
    A man with a black mask covering his mouth and hair wearing all black and gray with a short sword on his hips back lands from above in front of him.
    Hanzo: And here I thought I could scare you a little.

    Current Leader of the Hanzo Ninja Clan.
    Real Name: Orochi.

    Yoshimetsu: The same trick show more than one gets old real fast.
    Hanzo: I was gonna scar your face this time.
    Yoshimetsu: What is with the hostility Hanzo? We are allies.
    Hanzo: Maybe in a political sense, but not about values. I heard you let your enemies retreat last week.
    Yoshimetsu: Is the motive of why I didn't spotted Tsuki and his men because you engaged they while they were retreating?
    Hanzo: Just as you say.
    Yoshimetsu: Where is Tsuki?
    Hanzo: General Tsuki died.
    Yoshimetsu put his palms on his face.
    Yoshimetsu: Damnit Tsuki...What about his men.
    Hanzo: They all died. But the Kitsunes suffered a major blow as well.
    Yoshimetsu: And what about the rest of the Hanzo Clan.
    Hanzo: My clan may hunt like hungry wolves, but we are sneaky as rats when the situation demands. A few died, but their sacrifices weren't for nothing. Just as Tsuki's men.
    Yoshimetsu: I will tolerate your clan's death just because of your customs, but please, don't take other men's death so lightly.
    Hanzo: You're the one to talk. Perhaps if you didn't showed mercy so many times to the enemy, their deaths might have been avoided.
    Yoshimetsu:...But who would fight in the future if we die because of reckless actions like this? Who would protect humans?
    Hanzo: That is what children are for.
    Yoshimetsu: Too bad Tsuki's didn't lived enough to have it huh?
    Hanzo:...Details. Call your man. It is our chance to crush those foxes. We can catch it up on they if we hurry.
    Yoshimetsu: Will it make any difference if we kill a few Kitsunes?
    Hanzo: It's a big fish this time. They are stationed in a fort hidden just pass this forest located on a mountain. The Kyuubi is there.
    Yoshimetsu: Kyuubi?!
    Hanzo: It is our chance Akechi! If we bring down her it will be a major blow at the Kitsunes. In their morale and strenght.
    Yoshimetsu:...There has been to much bloodshed Hanzo.
    Hanzo: Are you hesitating again?
    Yoshimetsu: It is Kyuubi's influence that protects this land from The Vampire King and The Dragon Master. I know you wouldn't like to hear this, but as now we aren't ready for any of they.
    Hanzo then places a kunai into his neck.
    Hanzo: Now you're saying you are afraid of outsiders as well? They are Blitzreign and Drakland's problem! Besides, you are the Demon Swordsman! One of the 2 Generals! You mock the name of Taiyo with your soft heart! Listen, it was foolish for you to come here alone. If you die now, no one would know. So just now, follow the orders of someone else other than Lord Nobunaga!
    Yoshimetsu:...I have no choice then. Fine, I'll call my men.
    Yoshimetsu followed Hanzo's orders against his will. Even though his beliefs were againt the ones from Hanzo, he knew that not only there were other ninja hiding in the woods, but that of all the high ranking officials that served the empire, Hanzo was the only one whose strenght rivaled his and if those two ever fought each other, one would certainly die. As it hit night-time they spotted hiding in the woods the fort at the top of a mountain. Behind, the samurai and the ninjas were all in their knees waiting for orders and their leaders at front of they.
    Hanzo: Listen Akechi. Right now, we were spotted. They will expect us.
    Yoshimetsu: I've found it weird when you didn't reacted way back there.
    Hanzo: They don't know I just gonna follow their tracks. There is no trail that they don't miss for me to follow. Even their smell.
    Yoshimetsu: You sounding like those ones who can shapeshift into wolves in the west. I think my part of the plan is to keep the frontlines busy while you invade the fort?
    Hanzo: Believe me, mine is the hardest. Besides, a frontal assault was always the Samurai's job isn't it?
    Yoshimetsu: And a back assault a Ninja's. Very well, we will storm it the place.
    Hanzo: Don't forget it Akechi. Show no mercy.
    Yoshimetsu:...I may be soft, but I am not an idiot. I know I can't hold back the strongest Yokai.
    Hanzo: As long as you understand.
    He then gives a signal to his ninja and disappears in a blink.
    Yoshimetsu: Alright men...
    He unsheats his blade and point towards the fort.
    Yoshimetsu: Charge!
    Meanwhile, inside the fort, A female figure with a long light-brown hair and fox ears wearing a blue and orange yukata sitting on her knees on front of several golden statues each one placed on an altar is silently praying it. Suddenly 2 figures wearing a fox mask covering their upper and ninja robes that also had the same ears and fox's tails as well appears before her.
    Fox A: Milady! They foud us.
    ???:...As expected. Was the Hanzo Clan with they.
    Fox B: Yes. And another human army.
    ???: It must be the Demon Swordsman...Humans are so inconsiderate. I can't even get out of Amaterasu for a memorial or even to take some air in peace. Very well. I don't know how they tracked down this location, but we'll subjugate they just as I did with Tsuki. Put they in their place. Send a word to out forces. Send all they to go down the mountain and crush they when they less expect. I'll stay here.
    Fox A: But milady! Isn't dangerous for you to be alone?
    ???: Dangerous? Nonsense!
    She then reveals nine tails that cames from under her dress, takes fan from her side and the tails starts to light on a blue fire.
    ???: I am Kyuubi! The Dark Lord of Taiyo! There is no better security than myself!

    Kyuubi, The Head of the Kitsune Clan and Leader of the Yokais.
    Future Mother of Tenkai.

    Kyuubi: We will put those lowly humans in their place. If they wanna die that badly then I'll gladly give they this honor.
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    Extra Story: An Eastern Tale, part 2.

    The army rushed through the mountain in a path the went spiral towards the peak. In a blink of an eye, the Kitsunes all wearing fox masks on their faces with swords in hands attacked the samurais. Without any fear, Yoshimetsu who was at the very front, leaped right into they with his hands firmly grasping his sword and cutted through several of they in a quick attack. He passed through the foxes without they noticing it.
    Fox A: That one is fast.
    Fox B: It must be the Demon Swordsman. Let him go. We will hold his battalion while he faces the rear guard.
    The Kitsune then throws his swords into the air and all of they turns into blue foxes with bodies made of fire and catches their sword with their mouths.
    Fox B: None of they will return it alive!
    The fly like comets and engages the enemy.

    Inside the fort, Kyuubi was in a balcony that was connected to the room she was meditating gazing into the full moon in the sky covered in stars.
    Kyuubi:...So beautiful.
    She then senses something in the air and swings his fan that deflected a shuriken.
    Kyuubi: It seems they came here faster than I thought.
    Suddenly the room become infested with ninja. Hanzo then appears in front of all of they.
    Kyuubi: The Hanzo Clan, I presume. You aren't welcome here. Begone.
    Hanzo: It isn't the first time I receive this kind of reception.
    Kyuubi: Still, I was expecting more. How many of you should I kill for you to leave it, child?
    Hanzo: Who are you calling a child?
    After he finishes talking, he throws a barrage of kunais at her, but she easily deflects they with her fan.
    Kyuubi: Really? I thought you ninja would be less direct.
    Hanzo:...And we are.
    Kyuubi: Huh?
    She looks at the kunais she deflected and notices they had a piece of paper on fire tagged on it.
    Kyuubi: Ah!
    The kunai explodes and a massive chain explosion rose around her.
    Hanzo: Now, I am the one who was expecting more.
    Blue flames rose and lifted the smoke away. Kyuubi standed unharmed with her nine tails swinging around.
    Kyuubi:...800 years.
    Hanzo: What?
    Kyuubi: It is how long I have been the Head of the Kitsune Clan. In this 800 years there hasn't been any other Kitsune worthy of my post. I am leagues ahead of all the foxes that were killed by your blade. It is already time I educated you all...How far is the distance of all of you and the nine-tailed fox!
    She lights her fan on blue fire and rushes towards they.

    Ouside of the fort, Yoshimetsu just reached the summit. The fort was in front of him with not a single being next to it.
    Yoshimetsu: What the? Why is this place not guarded? Matbe if-
    Something heavy fell in front of him. It was a large male figure with a mask that had a long nose covering the upper face with wings on his back carrying a spear with rings attached on the blase.
    Yoshimetsu: You're...Akihara, leader of the Tengu Clan.
    Akihara: So you know me, Demon Swordsman.
    Yoshimetsu: Your name is pretty well know in all of all Taiyo. They say you are Kyuubi's no.2.
    Akihara: So you know I can't let you pass through into Lady Kyuubi's sight.
    He slams his weapon into the ground leaving a crater, but Yoshimetsu dodges it.
    Akihara: I will not let you go!
    He starts swinging his weapon more faster and forces Yoshimetsu to block his attacks.
    Akihara: Your strenght is meaningless!
    Yoshimetsu: Wanna bet?
    He delivers a kick that crush his defence and delivers a well hit slash with his sword.
    Akihara: Gah!
    Yoshimetsu: Yah!
    He swings his sword, but Akihara flies into the sky and dodges it.
    Akihara: That took me by surprise. Your ki is pretty strong. I guess you can't be called demon for nothing. But this doesn't matter!
    He spins his spear over him and forms a hurricane around him that goes through Yoshimetsu.
    Yoshimetsu: So that is the power of the Great Tengu. I shall send you my appreciation.
    He then swings his sword at the opposite direction of the wind and the hurricane disperses. After that he noticed a shadow over him and gets out of the way, avoidind being impaled by Akihara.
    Akihara: Impressive, General Akechi. You are indeed a worthy rival. It is a pity this battle is already won.
    Yoshimetsu looks around and bunch of Tengus surround him.
    Yoshimetsu: Shoot! Of course, there would be an entire group waiting it.
    Akihara: Now hands over your blade and maybe you w- Gah!
    An arrow strikes Akihara in the shoulder.
    Yoshimetsu: What?
    Suddenly a bunch of arrows storms the skies and hit the tengus.
    Yoshimetsu: What is this? Reinforcements?
    "You alright?"
    He is then greeted by a young boy with a bow in his hands with a spiky ponytail and a scar over his eye.
    Yoshimetsu: Who are you kid?
    Boy: It doesn't matter. I am here with Ieyasu's troops. We were ordered to give you and your troops cover. Go to the fort, quickly.
    Yoshimetsu: Ieyasu, huh? I trust him. May I know at least how old you are?
    Boy: Fourteen.
    Yoshimetsu: So young...Well, Ieyasu know what he does most of the time.
    He rushes to the fort and the boy looks at his back.
    Boy:...Should not have lied to you General. I'm twelve.

    Inside the fort, Yoshimetsu runs through the stronghold aimless in the corridors. She encounters a big door and forcely kicks it, opening with one strike. He enters the room and sees a bunch of ninja laying dead on the floor and Hanzo struggling with wounds and his mask ripped it. He was the only ninja alive. Kyuubi was standing with only a wond on his face.
    Kyuubi: Oh, another guest? Is that General Akechi? The Demon Swordsman?
    Yoshimetsu: So you are Kyuubi. You're prettier than I thought.
    Kyuubi: Well, at least you have manners.
    She then looks disappointed at Hanzo.
    Kyuubi: I must say, I am disappointed at you. You might be the weakest Hanzo I ever faced it.
    She then wips the blood coming from the scratch in his face.
    Kyuubi: But if it serves of consolation, you are the second who ever achieved by damaging my beautiful face. I believe the last time was...300 hundred years ago, I guess? It was like the 4th Hanzo I ever faced it? That seems right.
    Hanzo then laughs.
    Yoshimetsu: Hanzo? Are you okay in your head?
    Hanzo: As if I would leave this world by throwing the name Hanzo into the dirt...I developed my skills to protect the Empire of Taiyo at any cost. And I will give alway my life to keep it like this. For the glory of Tsukuyomi!
    Kyuubi: Disgusting. Don't go saying like Tsukuyomi holds all of Taiyo for itself.
    Hanzo: That is what I believe. Now prepare to meet the worst Hanzo you will ever meet Kyuubi.
    Yoshimetsu: Hanzo, let me-
    Hanzo: Orochi.
    Yoshimetsu:...What? Who's that?
    Hanzo: It is my name...Hanzo Orochi. Remember it for me.
    He picks his sword and rushes towards her with incredible speed.
    Kyuubi: So reckless.
    She swings her fan and sends a wave of fiery blue shurikens at him, but he does a front flip and gets behind her. She picks one of his explosive kunais at her but she blocks with one of her tails and impales him with three of they.
    Kyuubi: You're finished.
    Hanzo:...Is that so?
    The Hanzo she impaled disappears in a smole and get replaced by a log and the real Hanzo appears above her to impale her with his sword.
    Kyuubi:...Will you never learn.
    She swings her fan and sends three fiery blue foxes at him that burns and bites him.
    Hanzo: Gah!
    She then jumps at him and grabs his neck sending him to the ground and stomps his face.
    Yoshimetsu: Hanzo!
    He goes to aid him but Kyuubi sends a wall of blue fire that repels him.
    Kyuubi: Begone, Demon! I deal with you later. And you again disappoints me. I remember every single one of those tricks be the previous Hanzos. It seems your clan cannot go more than this isn't it?
    Hanzo: Hehehe...
    Kyuubi: What is this? Humans laugh at their funeral?
    Hanzo: Did any of the previous Hanzos had something like this?
    He then picks a scroll from his sleeve and opens it, revealing a fire drawing. The scroll then starts to get on fire.
    Kyuubi: What?!
    The scroll sent a massive explosion that sends her flying away into the statues, that breaks the female one in the impact.
    Yoshimetsu: Hanzo!
    He runs towards where Hanzo was, but only his ashes remained.
    Yoshimetsu: Hanzo....Orochi...
    "What a mess."
    Coming towards the way Kyuubi went, she returns all burned it.
    Kyuubi: Look what he did it to his place...Yeah, he was the scariest Hanzo alright. No other would go that far.
    Yoshimetsu:...You still wanna keep going it?
    Kyuubi: Huh?
    Yoshimetsu: I'm going back. Hanzo...Orochi died for nothing.
    Kyuubi: Are you...taking pity on me? Because I'm wounded it?
    Yoshimetsu:...Yes. It would be a shame by picking where he finished it. I know he wouldn't forgive me, but..I am not him. There is nothing I can win from this.
    Kyuubi: Really? But I have!
    She envelops she and him in a ring of blue fire.
    Kyuubi: I'll not let you get away and give me trouble in the future, Oni!
    Yoshimetsu: Bah. Tough luck.

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    Extra Story: An Eastern Tale, part 3;

    With no hesitation, Yoshimetsu held his blade pointing the tip of it's blade toward the Ninetails. After a few seconds that seemed to last forever they clash at each other. He strikes, she blocked. She launches her tails and he dodges. He tries to surprise her, she predicts. And when she tries to trap him in her flames, he gets it free. On their battle, none of they shared a single word and only responded by their attacks. Kyuubi was getting confused with of how the fight goes on.
    Kyuubi:(His moves are a bit dull...But when he goes on the defense he is almost a different man...is this guy really Hanzo's equal? There is something on him that makes him on another level than him.)
    When they didn't noticed, explosions were heard outside and the fort starts to shake as if they were on a sinking ship.
    Kyuubi: What? What was that? It feels like the whole mountain is going down...Ah!
    The place tilts from the left and they start to slide down. Yoshimetsu see a bit of outside and see fire and smoke at the base of the mountain.
    Yoshimetsu: This is...Explosions? Did Hanzo planned this beforehand?
    Then more explosions happened now a bit from up there. It seems to have come from inside the mountain. A entire hole was created under the fort and the whole mountain goes down with the fort. A few hours have passed and no one was seen it. From the remains of the mountain, Yoshimetsu rises from the rubbles.
    Yoshimetsu: Damn. What was that? I thought it was the end of me...Huh?
    He seems someone from afar and it was an unconscious Kyuubi. He takes her out of the rocks above her and see her bleeding.
    Yoshimetsu: Holy....Is this really the Kyuubi? Why is there no one here? Did they leave her behind? Or...There is no one to look for her....
    He takes another look at her and closes his eyes.
    Yoshimetsu:*sigh*I'm sorry, Orochi. I can't do it.

    A week later, in Nobunaga Castle located at the capital of the Empire, Tsukuyomi. 2 guards spots a man dressed as a monk with a straw hat covering his face. As he approaches they point their spears at him.
    Guard 1: Stop it! Identify yourself.
    "...Very well."
    He removes his hat and reveals to be Yoshimetsu.
    Guard 2: By the heavens! General Akechi!!!
    Yoshimetsu: Shhh...Keep it down, I want my return to be announced to the public later after I finish dealing with my lord.
    Guard 2: I-I see. It is better if people of the castle hears it first. You can enter.
    As he walks towards the castle, he spots a young man wearing a yellow yukata carrying a pile of scrolls.
    "Hng. That is so much material to review it."
    Yoshimetsu: Want some help my friend.
    "Oh. I would love it. Please pick half of it if possible."
    He takes half of it that were at the top and the man could see his face.
    "Waaaa! Yoshimetsu!"
    He falls down and drop his scrolls. He then goes pick it his scrolls still shocked.
    "Oh my. Oh my. How careless. But more importantly, I am surprised and glad you're alive."
    Yoshimetsu: It is good to see you too, Ieyasu.
    That man was a retainer of Lord Nobunaga, Ieyasu. That man would later become ruler of all Taiyo years later. They all go to the study room in the castle and chat on the way to it.
    Ieyasu: So, you are not a ghost aren't you?
    Yoshimetsu: You are not the kind of man who believes in this stuff isn't it?
    Ieyasu: Yeah, it is totally you alright Akechi. Where have you been?
    Yoshimetsu: Last week I was left behind in a pile of stone. I was in a hurry you see and went home. It took like...2 days to come back.
    Ieyasu: I see...I'm very sorry my friend. You see, Hideyoshi seemed sure you were a goner.
    Yoshimetsu: Hideyoshi...Lately he has been putting his nose where he is not fit.
    Ieyasu: I would avoid saying those kind of things here. The walls have ears.
    Yoshimetsu: What is the point in fighting a war with the foxes when we can't even trust our own allies?
    Ieyasu: Sadly, this is true.
    They reach their destination and leaves the scrolls on the shelves.
    Yoshimetsu:...What are those papers? I never seen these characters before?
    Ieyasu: Ah. You see, it is some form of cryptografy that I have been studying lately. It is a magic formula from a man know as The Wise Owl that got from Gel.
    Yoshimetsu: Gel? That is where the greatest magic researches come from isn't it?
    Ieyasu: Yes. Took me quite a while to get those. Our external policy was very strict. I have high hopes this research will bring good results.
    Yoshimetsu:...Say Ieyasu, what do you think of Hideyoshi?
    Ieyasu: Why do you want my opnion on him?
    Yoshimetsu: They say he is the next in line to be the Shogun. A opnion from a man like you interests me.
    Ieyasu:...I'll be honest. He is a failure as a leader.
    Yoshimetsu: Tell me more.
    Ieyasu: He doesn't have the same ambition or dedication as Nobunaga. He is fitting as a retainer and a follower but nothing more. And what is scary me most is that you can't exactly knows what has in these kind of people's mind.
    Yoshimetsu: And yet he has a lot of supporters in Nobunaga's ring.
    Ieyasu: He is not a bad person, but he is not good either.
    Yoshimetsu: I see. One more thing. Who was that young archer you send to the frontlines that day?
    Ieyasu: Oh, you mean Soma. I didn't send him, he just sneaked it while I wasn't looking. I scolded him already. He is a good kid, I have high expectations on him.
    Yoshimetsu: I never thought you liked kids. See you friend.
    He waves at him and removes himself of the room.
    Ieyasu: I hope only the best from you General.
    At the throne room, a strong-looking and intimidating man wait the time pass in his throne. For his surprise the door opens without he being warned it about it. Yoshimetsu enters and he meets his lord eye-to-eye.
    Yoshimetsu: Long time no see Nobunaga.
    Nobunaga: By the heavens....Yoshimetsu?!
    He imediately stands and walks towards him. As he gets close, Yoshimetsu kneels and join his hands.
    Yoshimetsu: I returned it milord. Sorry for worrying about you.
    Nobunaga: Your life is already enough apology. You can stand it.
    "It seems you live up to your name, Akechi-sama."
    A man in green enter the room with a surprised look.
    Yoshimetsu: I was expecting finding you here, Hideyoshi.
    Hideyoshi: I really wanted to give an official record from what transpired in the events last week. Care to enlight us from what happened? Sorry for being so demanding.
    Yoshimetsu: I was about to do that.
    Nobunaga: Does it involves Hanzo as well?
    Yoshimetsu: Yes. I believe you all heard what happened to General Tsuki. Hanzo also did lost his life that day.
    Nobunaga: Hanzo...That was a huge loss for the Hanzo Clan and Taiyo.
    Yoshimetsu: If I know the Hanzo Clan, I believe they already have a hint from what happened...But let us tell they anyway.
    Hideyoshi: What about the Kyuubi?
    Yoshimetsu: She...Ran away I'm afraid. When that mountain exploded we were both severaly wounded. I didn't wanted to engage in more combat because with the loss of Tsuki and Hanzo, I couldn't risk in losing my life.
    Hideyoshi: That was a wise decision. We can't leave things for gamble.
    Nobunaga: Exactly. Tsuki and Hanzo's death is already a serious wound. It is also good for having you alive Akechi.
    Yoshimetsu: Milord, I have a serious matter I wanna discuss with you...But it has to be for another time.
    Nobunaga: How curious...Very well, when the time comes you can speak with me.
    Yoshimetsu: Thank you milord...Are you okay with this Hideyoshi?
    Hideyoshi: You don't need my approval Akechi-sama. I know Lord Nobunaga has these kind of bussiness all the time.
    Yoshimetsu: Alright. Now I will take my leave. If my duties are required, just call me.
    Nobunaga: It's good to have you back friend.
    They greet each other and Yoshimetsu leaves.

    In a house located deep in the woods, a large house was hidden. Inside, there was a single room with a futon on the floor that someone was resting it with bandages covering he forehead. That person was Kyuubi. She deep sleeps in the floor and suddenly wakes up in panic.
    Kyuubi: Hah!...Where...What...Who...What the heck is going on?
    She looks around and gets confused about the situation. Then Yoshimetsu enters the room.
    Yoshimetsu: You wake up. Thanks the heavens.
    Kyuubi: You...The Oni! What did you to me?!
    Yoshimetsu: Hey, easy there. This is my house by the way. I had a castle once, but it was too big to me personally. You have been asleep for an entire week.
    Kyuubi: A week?! How dare you take me hostage?
    Yoshimetsu: There are no shackles or anything, isn't it?
    Kyuubi:...Tell me, what is preventing me from killing you right now.
    Yoshimetsu: Look, I could have killed you many time and I think I deserve for you at least hear me out.
    Kyuubi:...Something tells me that I have to listen to you despite the humiliation I am facing it.
    Yoshimetsu: Great, wait a few seconds.
    He leaves the room and comes back, moments later with a plate full of sushi.
    Yoshimetsu: There. Eat all you want.
    She then gets in a bad mood with the situation somehow.
    Kyuubi: Are you playing with me? I just killed your friend and you act with kindness and goodwill?
    Yoshimetsu: First, we weren't friends. Second, you didn't killed him, he took away his own life.
    Kyuubi: The fact I am your enemy doesn't change it.*nom*
    She scolds him while eating a few sushi.
    Yoshimetsu:...What if we weren't enemies?
    Kyuubi: What do you mean?
    Yoshimetsu: What if we make a peace agreement? With our position we could.
    Kyuubi: I heard rumours that you were a fool with a lot of fantasies in the head. I guess it is true. We have been enemies since forever. Do you think we can change it like that so easily?
    Yoshimetsu: Yes. Thousand of years of senseless killings that could have been avoided. And we waited enough to forgave our past sins don't you think? Or are you and your kind likes to kill that much.
    Kyuubi: It is you humans that enjoys war and murder!
    Yoshimetsu: Then show me you and your kind are different.
    Kyuubi: Guh....
    Yoshimetsu:When I saw you in your death's bed back there, I didn't saw you as an enemy, but simply as a person...As a woman. Someone who needed help. So please...I beg you...
    He bows and lands his head into the floor.
    Yoshimetsu: Give me this chance, Lady Kyuubi!
    Kyuubi: Ah!
    She looks at him bowing his head to her in awe.
    Kyuubi:...F-Fine. Please stop looking so pathetic.
    He then raises his head.
    Yoshimetsu: You will...Believe me.
    Kyuubi: For now, yes. I will be here for some time to recover it. If I can see you are worthy it, we can negotiate.
    Yoshimetsu: You make me very happy, milady.
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    Extra Story: An Eastern Tale, part 4.

    3 days have been passed since Kyuubi has been living with Yoshimetsu. A day after she woke up she could already walk around just fine, but she remained in his house in order to observe him closely. Today was a clear morning. She woke up and saw a bowl of rice and a cup of tea right at her just like in the last 2 days. She naturally takes her meal and goes outside with indifference. When she goes outside, she sees an unusual sight. It was Yoshimetsu practicing with his blade in the garden. It was like yesterday since she fought against him back in that stronghold. She watches for a while and then sits on her knees and eat her bowl. After a few minutes a shadow appears above the house like a huge cloud. Something falls down from the skies and it reveals to be a large serpentine blue dragon no bigger than a house with two stag horns. When she see that scene she spits her tea and drops her cup.
    Kyuubi: Is that...A Heavenly Dragon?!
    Yoshimetsu: Hey, you came back.
    He approaches the beast and cares it's nose and the dragon seems happy with it. Yoshimetsu then goes to a big pond in his garden and picks an adult-sized carp with his bare hands and toss to the dragon that chews it whole.
    Dragon: *Groaaaan*
    The dragon then lays down on the grass. Kyuubi then approaches the beast in awe.
    Yoshimetsu: Lady Kyuubi. I didn't seen you there. How are you feeling today?
    Kyuubi: What is this dragon doing here?
    Yoshimetsu: You mean Watamaru? He is a dragon I have found it when I was a lad since it was an egg. My parents didn't let me have it, but I hide him somewhere safe. One year later it learned how to fly, but we keep meeting each other very often.
    Kyuubi: Is it the only dragon you met?
    Yoshimetsu: Nah. When you travel all around Taiyo you see one or two in the skies often. Most of they were kinda bigger than him though.
    Kyuubi: But of course. It takes 1000 years for a Heavenly Dragon to reach the adult size. Watamaru is still a hatchling. I'm afraid you will never see him fully grow-up.
    Yoshimetsu: Yeah, good point. After all I am only human. But still, I believe he will be an amazing dragon in the next 1000 years. I heard there are lots of other kinds of dragons out there. I've seen only a Sea Dragon though. Say Lady Kyuubi, have you ever seen an adult Heavenly Dragon?
    Kyuubi: Yes. It was about the size of the entire Amaterasu.
    Yoshimetsu: Really? Amaterasu is about a little bigger than Tsukuyomi isn't it? How did I never saw one?
    Kyuubi: When they reach adulthood, they all depart from either Taiyo or Zhar and travels to Dragon's Vale. When they lays eggs, they pick they and drops they from outer space and lands on their place of origin like meteors.
    Yoshimetsu: *whistle* I never knew Watamaru had such a trip. I guess you learn a thing or two when you are a immortal fox, haha!
    Kyuubi:...You're weird.
    Yoshimetsu: I am?
    Kyuubi: You are talking so casually with one of the 3 Dark Lords without a worry in your face. Vladmir or Tiamat would have killed you without a second thought.
    Yoshimetsu: But you aren't they right?
    Kyuubi: Isn't it obvious?
    Yoshimetsu: Did you ever met any of they?
    Kyuubi:...No. Neither of the Dark Lords had made any direct contact even though they are all immortals. But we recognize our positions...But, you could say I've met a Dark Lord.
    Yoshimetsu: What do you mean?
    Kyuubi: I went to Zhar once and met the crown prince of the Vampires. Corvus Dracul.
    Yoshimetsu: Crown Prince? So he was the King's son?
    Kyuubi: Yes. He is next to my age. He had the guts to kill many of my closest companions and lure me all the way to a foreign land just to pass time.
    Yoshimetsu: And you actually fought him? How it was?
    Kyuubi: I could have put him on his place, but his brother appeared out of nowhere to drag him out.
    Yoshimetsu: And you didn't pursued him?
    Kyuubi: Who do you think I am? Hanzo? I knew all of the princes were strong fighters so I didn't risked it. He just wanted to pass time anyway. But still, he still have a debt to pay me.
    Yoshimetsu: And why do you say he was a Dark Lord?
    Kyuubi:...You see, ever since I became Head of the Kitsunes, there was only 3 times I ever went all-out in a fight in all my life. The first time was with a Hanzo and the second with the previous head of the Kitsunes before me. And Corvus was the third. He is pretty much some kind of genius like me. Maybe in a hundred years he will grow stronger than his father...And that is why I can't slack off as I am right now.
    Yoshimetsu: A break is good from time to time. Say, what were you doing it in that fort last week? Weren't you taking a break or something?
    Kyuubi: It was a memorial. That was a sacred place where The previous leaders of the Kitsunes are remembered. Of course you humans came and ruined it.
    Yoshimetsu:...Did you noticed it?
    Kyuubi: Noticed what?
    Yoshimetsu: That you opened so much to me even though I am a human? I think I might be the only mortal who ever know this much about you.
    Kyuubi: Oh my...You're right. Those things aren't very relevant but...Wait, you are trying to steal information from me aren't you?
    Yoshimetsu: What? No! I-I mean, I think you can say that, but not from what you're thinking it. Anyway tell me, didn't you felt at ease or anything like that? You weren't forced to talk or was bind to any shackle. And neither any of us pointed a blade or scorched anyone.
    Kyuubi: Well, when you put that way...
    Yoshimetsu: Come on. Sit here in the grass. Let's chat about us for an while. You can ask anything anything about me and I'll be honest.
    He sits and encourages her to do it the same.
    Kyuubi:...I'll play your game then.
    She does the same and stares at him with serious eyes.
    Kyuubi: So, I saw you practice earlier and something caught my attention.
    Yoshimetsu: Really? I was sloppy or something?
    Kyuubi: On the contrary. That swordplay was terrific. I never saw someone handling a katana like that in all my life. What caught my attention is that is totally different than the one you showed me when we fought. Your speed is well done and your ryhtm is perfect. It is like comparing a hare to a tortoise...How can you be a different person than the one I fought it? Were you holding back? Why?
    Yoshimetsu:...I couldn't help myself. How can I go all out to someone who just blew herself. A samurai live by a code you know.
    Kyuubi:...*sigh* Didn't you ever thought that might have wounded my pride back there?
    Yoshimetsu: Well, sorry then. If you told me earlier I would gladly had gone to your head at the first try. Hahaha!
    Kyuubi:...pfft! Hahaha! Don't go think you could have reached my neck you punk!
    The two then laughs while talking with each other. As the time passed they chat and laughs as Yoshimetsu talks about himself and his story. His childhood, his military career, his hobbies, friends, family, favorite foods and former loves. It was two strangers knowing each other with a dragon resting in front of they becoming closer and closer.
    Kyuubi: So that is why Hanzo started to keeping an eye on you? Did he ever knew this place?
    Yoshimetsu: Nah. His dream might have me twent-four hours in his sight, but he has better things to do.
    Kyuubi: Still, he never get to beat you didn't him? He never got to be your equal even you both being at the same age.
    Yoshimetsu: I would say he had potential, but never had directions. It is like an masterpiece of a sword in the hands of a novice.
    Kyuubi: And you don't feel any remorse for him being dead because me? Because even I am almost starting to regret being the reason for his death...Almost.
    Yoshimetsu: It was his choice. And I am talking knowing you would have killed him even if he didn't blew himself up.
    Kyuubi:...You are so honest and kind you know Akechi-san. I always thought humans lived of revenge and violence, but...I guess me and my people have been living like that for quite an while.
    Yoshimetsu: Maybe if they had time to sit in a nice garden like this in a nice weather and chat, maybe things might be a little different.
    Kyuubi: Well, who can say it...It is already noon isn't it?
    Yoshimetsu: Yeah, it is already past lunchtime I guess?
    Kyuubi:...Akechi-san. I'll take your offer. You go talk to your lord and I will talk to my retainers. We'll follow as you told me.
    Yoshimetsu: Really? You make me so happy with this! I was sooo looking forward, right Watamaru?
    Watamaru: Grooooooon!
    Yoshimetsu: Hehe! What you said it.
    Kyuubi:...But before I leave...One last thing...
    She approaches him and kiss his mouth.
    Yoshimetsu: Hmm!....
    She stops and looks at his face with a smile and sparkly eyes.
    Yoshimetsu: Makoto?
    Makoto: It is my real name...Makoto. I tell you this because you're the man I fell over to it.
    Yoshimetsu: Makoto-sama...
    She then gets up and turn her back to him.
    Makoto: See you tomorrow okay? Akechi Yoshimetsu.
    She then leaps into the woods and disappears. Yoshimetsu see as the woman he just kissed that happens to be the leader of a clan of immortal fiery foxes fades away. Watamaru gives him an indifferent look.
    Yoshimetsu: What are you looking at, lizard breath?

    Later that day, at Nobunaga Castle, Yoshimetsu and his lord, Nobunaga were having a private conversation at the balcony on the top of the castle. They were discussing for a little while.
    Yoshimetsu: And that is it, milord. What do you say?
    Nobunaga: Hmmm....I always knew of your fantasies, but this is beyond anything I heard of it.
    Yoshimetsu: I have served you for so long and I never asked you for nothing that would abuse your power. I answered your orders even though I might have questioned they. But nowm when I need you, is it to make a difference to all of Taiyo's history. That is why I ask you to bring Hideyoshi and Ieyasu with you.
    Nobunaga: So, to bring even Hideyoshi...I know how you feel towards him and I see why...very well, I see no harm in trying it actually.
    Yoshimetsu: Thank you milord.

    At the same time at the Kitsune Headquarters in Amaterasu. Makoto was talking in front of a group of Kitsunes and Tengus with Akihara with they.
    Akihara: That's...I can't find words to describe it milady.
    Fox A: You disappear for more than a week and when you come back you say this? What happened to you?
    Makoto: Neither of you trust me?
    Fox A: N-No, you are our leader for 800 years, but...
    Fox B: How the other clans will react it? And the clans not annexed to us?
    Makoto: I don't care to their reaction actually, but their future. I want they to live without any fear of the people of Taiyo. Specially the Hybrids that we ignored all these years.
    Akihara: The Hybrids...For you to call out they just now...
    Makoto: They are still people of Taiyo who deserves an place to call home within it. I want a Taiyo where any Yokai can shape their future whatever they race. That is what I believe. So with that, I only need to you, Akihara, to come with me with Shiha with me.
    Akihara:...What you ask is unorthodox, but I if it is your wish I'll go and bring she.
    Makoto: It's settled then.
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    Extra Story: An Eastern Tale, part 5.

    A day later at Vista Plain, Yoshimetsu broght Nobunaga alongside Ieyasu and Hideyoshi with him. They were next to a landmark that resembled a dog, The Beast Watch waiting for something or someone. They soon spot 3 figures coming from afar. It was Makoto alongside Akihara and what appears to be a young girl with short hair and wearing a raccoon mask.
    Nobunaga: Well, it just as you said it General.
    Ieyasu: The Kyuubi...The Great Tengu...And even Shiha, The Head of Tanuki Clan...I never thought I would see those three figures in one place.
    Hideyoshi:...Akechi-sama. What are you planning this time?
    Yoshimetsu: I just arranged a meeting. That is all.
    The 2 groups then make contact with each other.
    Makoto: Here we are, Akechi-san.
    Akihara: We meet again, Demon Swordsman. A pity I have orders to not engage you in combat.
    Yoshimetsu: I missed you too.
    Shiiha: Woooah. That is the Demon Swordsman? He looks less scary then what I imagined it.

    Shiha. Head of the Tanuki Clan.
    Loyal retainer of Makoto.
    Age: Over 400 years.

    Shiha then starts to round over him, looking at his image like a little girl in a zoo.
    Yoshimetsu:....You too is not what I expected it.
    Nobunaga: This is our first time seeing each other isn't it Dark Lord Ninetails?
    Makoto: Yes. Even though we saw each other as enemies, we never make eye contact. And such as with the former Shoguns.
    Nobunaga: So is it true what General Akechi said it? You wish for a pact of peace?
    Makoto: Exactly. I think there were enough bloodshed for thousand of years. I don't believe we moved a single step since Izanagi and Izanami times. I wish for a time of growth and prosperty for Taiyo as a whole. To become a nation that I'm sure we both wish for.
    Nobunaga:...Just now you reminded me in my youth. Weird considering you're far older than me.
    Makoto: Does this means you agree with my terms?
    Nobunaga:...I feel truth from your words, but unfortunately I can't feel the same from your soul. Are you aware of our people's opinion on this.
    Hideyoshi: Exactly. How many died because of you from this generation and the former ones? Can we just forget your sins easily like that?
    Akihara: And the feeling is mutual. How many Yokais do you think lost their lives like a worm crushed by a foot? And we're talking about lives that lived far more than a feeble human life.
    The tension then rises from the atmosphere.
    Ieyasu: Akechi-san, this isn't good. War might rise from this.
    Yoshimetsu: Just watch it Ieyasu.
    Makoto: Akihara, enough. Let your liege talk to the Shogun.
    Nobunaga:...Hideyoshi, out of it.
    Akihara:...My apologies.
    Hideyoshi: If you say so.
    Makoto: It is true. We took many lives over the years and I hope you recognizes that is the same for your side as well. But what is in the past is lost and can never come back, so some things are better forgotten. And what keeps waiting us for the future, we can just speculates. But a tree only gives fruits after it fully grows and not at the time we want. So please, Lord Nobunaga...Would you prefer to plant the seed for peace right now? Show that humans and foxes can live together in harmony and give birth to the nation we desire?
    Nobunaga:...Those were pretty words you said right now, Lady Kyuubi.
    "Ho! Ho! SO exciting!"
    They hear someone clapping and turns their heads to spot a man with colorful robes and a large cylindrical hat with a small moustache alongside Watamaru.
    Akihara: Who is that?
    Ieyasu:...I can't believe it.
    Hideyoshi: Hm? You know him Ieyasu?
    Ieyasu: That is Emperor Sai of Zhar! Here in Taiyo!
    Shiha: Eeeeh? The ruler of that big country next to Taiyo? He is so not what I imagined it.
    Makoto: Watamaru? Akechi-san, did you-
    Sai: What a day full of joy! When I saw this young Heavenly Dragon greeting me in the early morning to offer me a ride, I knew something big would happen it! Two enemy factions leaving their differences behind it for a far bigger cause! How wonderful! I'm totally support this! By the way it has been an while has it been, Lady Kyuubi?
    Shiha: You know him, Lady Kyuubi?
    Makoto: When I went to Zhar to deal with Corvus we happen to bump into each other by accident.
    Sai: I don't believe in accidents. I prefer call they Works of Fate.
    Hideyoshi: Er, sorry Sai-sama. But someone from outside don't have any influence on this quarrel.
    Sai: Influence? What are you talking about it, good sir? I am merely giving my humble opinion. If they agree it is only up to they.
    Nobunaga: I must say, for you to come here by yourself all the way back from Zhar, it is shocking.
    Sai: Firstly, I must say it is a pleasure to meet you Lord Nobunaga. The stories I heard about your feats are an inspiration. Tell me, are you aware of the Crusades in the west?
    Nobunaga: Yes. The Vampires are predating on humans for quite a long time isn't it?
    Sai: You see, I fear that one day they might lock their eyes on the East. I myself am lucky for having the Monkey King to protect my land and Kyuubi's influence from a lesser extend, but what about you? Don't you think is a good opportunity to keep your country safe for future generations? Who knows when Blitzreign or Drakland falls from they?
    Nobunaga: Hmm...When you put that way, how can I say no? Very well. I decided. From now on Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu shall order a cease fire. I hope you're okay with this Hideyoshi and Ieyasu.
    Hideyoshi:...If my lord says so.
    Ieyasu: I see no worries in this.
    He greets Makoto and takes his leave.
    Makoto: Then it is settled. Akihara. Shiha. Go inform the Yokais.
    Akihara: It is almost as of the world got upside-down. Very well then.
    Shiha: I don't get it very well, but congratulations Lady Kyuubi!
    The two then fades away.
    Sai: Ah. What a beautiful day this was? So, Wataru isn't it? Might if you take me home.
    Wataru: Groooooan....
    He picks Sai and flies all the way to the west.
    Makoto: Akechi-san.
    Yoshimetsu: Yes?
    Makoto: See you tonight okay?
    She fades away and he looks at the sky.
    Yoshimetsu: What the future holds it? I'm looking forward to it.
    At night-time, Yoshimetsu was in his house feeding his carps. He hears something from behind it and turns out to be Makoto.
    Makoto: How are the carps doing it?
    She greets with a smile.
    Yoshimetsu: They are growing just fine.
    She approaches and looks at the pond.
    Makoto: They are pretty big altight. I hope Taiyo grow as fast as those carps.
    Yoshimetsu: Haha. Aren't you too optmist?
    Makoto: Shouldn't I? I wasn't expecting you to bring Sai that day. I confess I was a bit unsure when Akihara and Hideyoshi started to argue. You're amazing, Yoshimetsu.
    Yoshimetsu: I couldn't done it without you.
    Makoto:...Say, Akechi-san. Have you ever seen a Hybrid in your life?
    Yoshimetsu: Hybrid? No, I don't think so. I know of their existence, but I guess they are pretty rare isn't it?
    Makoto: They don't have a land on their own, so the live secluded...But wouldn't be nice if there is a place full of they? Humans, Yokais and Hybrids living everywhere?
    Yoshimetsu: That would be a nice scenery.
    Makoto: It is what I am planning. Build a city in the middle of Vista Plain where everyone can live without prejudice. The City of Susanoo.
    Yoshimetsu: That is a nice plan. And though as well.
    Makoto: I know. But can I have your support?
    Yoshimetsu: Do you even need to ask? It is my dream too.
    She then places her hand on his cheek and they look at each other eyes.
    Makoto: You know...Sai is right. I don't think we met each other that day by accident. It was a Work of Fate. Yoshimetsu...Stay at my side.
    Yoshimetsu: As you wish Makoto-sama. I am yours forever.
    They kisses each other and the night goes on.
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    Extra Story: An Eastern Tale, part 6.

    A few months have been passed since the pact with Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. There has been a few conflicts, but Yoshimetsu and Makoto both worked on both sides using their charisma to prevent spreading the fires of war. Makoto have been living with Yoshimetsu for a while and left his duties with Akihara and Shida because of some "conditions" she said that made her being absent in Amaterasu. They thought of some diplomacy move, but she never specified it. Yoshimetsu just came back to his house at middle of the noon and see Makoto holding a baby boy in her arms. She kisses his forehead and the baby falls asleep. Yoshimetsu approaches they.
    Yoshimetsu: You're really attached to him, don't you?
    Makoto: I am his mother, so it is only natural. Are you jealous?
    Yoshimetsu: Hmmm...Likely.
    Makoto: From me or him?
    Yoshimetsu: Heh. I never knew you had this sense of humor.
    Makoto:...I think it is time for me to go back to Amaterasu, don't you think?
    Yoshimetsu:...That didn't striked me now since you mentioned it. I feel bad tricking they until now.
    Makoto: I still gonna come and see him and feed him.
    Yoshimetsu: I am not worry about this. I thought we could have been together. I promised to stay at your side.
    Makoto:...We are in a delicate position here. It is not the time to tell everyone about us just yet. We both have been making quite the progress. When Taiyo becames a whole and we all trust each one, we will tell then as soon as possible.
    Yoshimetsu: I trust you then.
    Makoto: Thank you Akechi...I love you.
    She hands their son into his arms and kiss his forehead another time.
    Makoto: And I love you too...Sanzuke.

    12 years later, in the streets of Tsukuyomi, a boy in regular clotes with a eyepatch walks around eating dumplings. He then spots a man walking around with a large box. He trips and let the box fall, but he boy holds with one hand.
    Boy:...(This is light..)
    Man: Oh, thank goodness youngster.
    Boy: Hm? Uncle Ieyasu?
    Ieyasu: Oh! If isn't young Akechi!...Who're you calling uncle?

    Akechi Sanzuke.
    Son of Yoshimetsu and Makoto.
    Would be later be know as Tenkai.

    Sanzuke: What are you doing with this?
    Ieyasu: Ah, just some material and blueprints regarding Susanoo.
    Sanzuke:...When is Susanoo gonna be finished it?
    Ieyasu: Well, an entire city doesn't rise from day to night. I am working hard with Lady Kyuubi. Everyone has been waiting for quite a while to start.
    Ieyasu: By the way boy, it is impressive you're holding this entire box with one hand. Youngsters nowadays are so strong...What is Yoshimetsu even feeding you, boy?
    Sanzuke: Maybe it is just you who is so frail.
    Ieyasu: Well, aren't you honest. Anyway could you gladly give me back?
    He toss at him and leaves without any reaction.
    Ieyasu: Urgh. Nice toss.
    After the pact, Taiyo has been opened more to foreign countries and has grow considerably. He walks around and spots visitors from Drakland and Blitzreign as well Gremlins and some weird looking people with one red eye. He himself had a blue eye that he needed to hide. Yoshimetsu told he is the son of a old lover of him that lived in a small village that he never saw in years, but that was a lie. His mother was the Dark Lord of Taiyo, The Ninetails. He leaves the city carrying an entire luggage, 10 times his weight and he lifts easily with his two hands and walks to his house. He reaches it and Wataru was laying on the garden as usual.
    Sanzuke: Hiya, Wataru.
    Wataru: Gaeeeeeee!
    He raches the door and tries to fit his bag inside the house, but he the luggage just don't fits through the door.
    He leaves the bag in front of the door and retreats a few steps. He then runs towards to it and forces through the house destroying the front door. Yoshimetsu was there writting some scrolls practicing his caligraphy.
    Yoshimetsu:...Is emptying your bag before entering with everything that hard of a task for you?
    Sanzuke: I'm sorry.
    Yoshimetsu: Just like the last 3 times?
    Sanzuke: No, I am truly am.
    Yoshimetsu: That is what I heard last time.
    Sanzuke:...I'll fix it up like last time then.
    Yoshimetsu: Take a break this time. We have visit.
    Sanzuke: Visit?
    Usually they never had any visit. Because besides they and Wataru, only one person besides the officials knew of that house.
    "Good morning, son."
    He hears a familiar voice and see his mom behind him.
    Sanzuke: Mom!
    He jumps and hugs her very strongly.
    Makoto: Guh...Come on Sanzuke, I have been out for only 3 days.
    Sanzuke: It seemed like an entire week!
    Yoshimitsu: That is not that long by the way.
    Makoto: Yoshimetsu, not now...
    Sanzuke: Hey mom, check out this cool stuff I got from those Gremlins.
    He catches some stuff from his bag and shows to her.
    Sanzuke: Look! Look! This metal firefly can fly next to you and illuminates your path when it is dark.
    Makoto: I....Don't really need that.
    Sanzuke: Oh right, then...How about this Draklish's Warhammer?
    Makoto: I...Can't say I don't need that.
    Sanzuke: Really? Then take this Blitzreignian's Claymore as well! Oh and a box that storages and keep your food chilly.
    Makoto: I know a refrigerator is....Akechi, why do you let him buy this...Stuff?
    Yoshimetsu: Well, he is learning about these, so it is good for him.
    Sanzuke: Hey, check out this music box that looks like a frog!
    Makoto: *sigh*-_-
    The three passes some time together until Sanzuke goes play with Wataru. The pair watche their son growing up.
    Makoto: I don't know how can I explain to my companions how everytime I come here, I come back with all these foreign gifts.
    Yoshimetsu: Hey don't take things so seriously will ya? We are shaping a future where he can be happy.
    Makoto: That is what I want as well.
    She stays with him for a while and goes off before sundown.

    A few days later, Sanzuke again wanders through the town with a huge luggage and he notices the streets aren't as full as he remembered. He then reaches the port and see that a lot of ships were missing. He see a fisherman nearby and starts a conversation.
    Sanzuke: Excuse me, mister. Where are all the ships? There was a entire fleet here last time I saw it.
    Fisherman: Well, it seems you didn't heard the news yet didn't you son? It seems that Blitzreign was left in dust a few days ago.
    Sanzuke: Really?
    Fisherman: Yes. All the foreigners that were here returned immediately when they heard. They were desperate to find if their families and land were okay.
    Sanzuke: I see.
    Fisherman: Now, if you excuse me...
    The man jumps into the water and goes deep.
    Sanzuke:...Oh! He was a merman....
    He goes back to his house with a heavy bag on his shoulders and cannot stop thinking of what he just heard of it.
    Sanzuke: Destroying an entire country....And as big as Blitzreign....Who could have done it?
    He reaches his home and sees something unusual. It was a man wearing a worn down black coat with a spiky slicked down hair staring at the carp pound, eating a box of sushi.
    A carp shows up his head and looks at the man.
    The carp goes back to the pound's bottom.
    The man starts nodding his head in agreement and he seems amused. Sanzuke sneakily enter his house.
    Sanzuke: Dad?
    Yoshimetsu: Sanzuke? You're late. Something happened?
    Sanzuke: There is a weirdo talking to the fishes in our garden.
    Yoshimetsu: Who doing what?
    He goes outside with his son and gets behind him. He was scared of the stranger. The man keeps watching the pound as two carps appears. One does a tail whip at the other and the man laughs at it.
    Man:...pfft! Hahaha!
    Yoshimetsu:...Is there something funny with my fishes.
    Man:...They are funny alright.
    He launches his hands into the pound and catches two carps.
    Man: These two are my favourite. Did you know they are having a love scandal?
    Yoshimetsu:...I don't think fishes are like that.
    Man: Really? Oh boohoo...
    He tosses the fishes back into the pound. He turns back and reveals his red crimsom eyes.
    Yoshimetsu:..You...Are you a vampire?
    Man: First time seeing one, Easterner?
    Yoshimetsu: As a matter of fact, yes. I also heard of it what your kind did it.
    Man: Wonderful. I never knew things would spread so fast. Centuries ago, it would take months to news from the west to reach this place.
    Yoshimetsu: An Acquilla happens to told me.
    Man: Heh. Of course it was.
    Yoshimetsu:...Pardon me if I am wrong, but...Are you Corvus?
    Raven:...I go by Raven now. Why do you ask?
    Yoshimetsu: You remind me of what I heard about you.
    Raven: Really? I wonder where did you heard of it. Now I make the questions. General Akechi I presume?
    Yoshimetsu: So what if I am?
    Raven: Took me a while to find you. I came here to see what the Demon Swordsman is capable of and see which demon is better. The one from the East or the West.
    Yoshimetsu: West?...Wait. Don't tell me...Did you fought Alex?
    Raven: So you knew Alex.
    Yoshimetsu: What happened to him?
    Raven: Isn't the fact that I am alive in front of you, answer that question.
    Yoshimetsu: Ghn!
    He cracks his teeth and his eyes fills with terror.
    Sanzuke: Daddy...
    Yoshimetsu: Bring my sword, son.
    He goes back inside to pick his sword as he looks at Raven with his arms crossed while the other looks with a devilish smile. Sanzuke comes back with his sword and gives to Yoshimetsu.
    Raven: Now, let's see if you live up to your nickname Demon.
    He summons his Heart Sword and gets in position to fight.
    Yoshimetsu: Get back son.
    Sanzuke retreats to his house and looks through the door. The two takes a few seconds to stare and they attack each other. The fight lasted less than 10 minutes. Yoshimetsu stroke with all his might every single blow he had, knowing Raven was one of the few people who forced Makoto to go all-out in her long life. But in the end he wasn't strong enough. This Raven was way stronger than the one Makoto faced it. He slashed his chest making him drop his blade and punched him into the ground.
    Sanzuke: Father!
    Raven holds him down and activates his Crimson Claw to deliver the killing blow.
    Raven: I must say...You are on par with Alex, but he was way scarier. Now go rest.
    He delivers the killing blow straight to his heart.
    Yoshimetsu: Gaaah!....Makoto....
    Raven: Makoto....Who's dat?
    He thinks of his love one more time and closes his eyes.
    Sanzuke: Fatheeer!
    He rushes outside and picks his father's blace. He points at Raven with anger.
    Raven:...I saw this play before.
    He approaches Sanzuke without any fear and pat his head.
    Raven: I'm sorry you had to see that kiddo. But I don't care if you hate me or something like that. If you wanna swing this dangerous thing go ahead. But I warn you...I don't gonna go easy on you because you're a kid. Hahahahaha!
    He drops the blade and runs away with tears on his eyes.
    Raven:...Hmmm. Perhaps a little scrath on his leg might be good.
    He glows his sword red and swings vertically up, sending a red wave shaped like a crow's head at his direction, but Wataru appears from above and makes it disappear.
    Raven: Oooh...A Heavenly Dragon! I wasn't expecting to find one...Too bad it is only a hatchling though.
    Wataru: Grrrrrr!!!
    He looks at Raven with ferocious eyes and a fiery breath. Raven looks at it disatisfied.
    Raven:...I see, you had something for this guy huh? Well, you might me a rare powerful beast by itself. But you are still young for this world. I know you can see it. How far is the distance between our strenghts don't you?
    Wataru seems to understands what Raven means. He still looks at him with hostility, but he cannot overlook the manifiestation on form of a black and red bird that stands behind him that seems to be way bigger than him.
    Wataru: Groooooa...
    Wataru then picks the katana on the ground and flies away.
    Raven:....Another time Raven...Another time.
    Far away, Sanzuke stills runs and runs without any destination. It soons rains. He stops little by little and kneels. He starts to cry, hating how things just turned upside down without him able to do anything. Wataru finds him and brings his father's blade.
    Sanzuke: Wataru....
    Wataru: Goaaan....
    Sanzuke:...Yeah, I can't run forever, but...What can I do? Should I go to Amaterasu?...No, I can't expose myself yet. I feel something will change this country for the worst.
    Wataru then hands over the katana.
    Sanzuke:...I see. I must keep my father's work. I need to hide myself from the world...Even my mother. Whatever happens...I have to fix whatever wrongs the future will hold it. If I must, I will set my horizons even beyond Taiyo. From now on...I am Tenkai.
    And that is how Tenkai was born from Akechi Sanzuke. 2 days later, who was supossedly to be Akechi Yoshimetsu, raid Nobunaga Castle with an mysterious army of demons. They weren't confirmed to be Kitsunes but they weren't humans either. Hideyoshi then had no choice, but to wage war against the Kitsunes, accusing Yoshimetsu used they to usurper Nobunaga. But at the same day at the fall he then was reported being dead while trying to kill Yoshimetsu finding his corpse, but Akechi's mysteriously disappeared. After that, Ieyasu was selected for being Shogun and keep his country open, but couldn't support the Kitsunes anymore. He also took precautions that Blue Hybrids would not suffer in his watch. Soma the became General of Left and the next Hanzo was ready to take the name of the fallen Orochi. Susanoo then mysteriously disappeared from both human's anf yokai's eyes. The Legend of Tenkai rose as a defender of those seeking harm of Kitsunes, Hybrids and Man without any prejudice and drew his blade more against the Spider Clan.
    A day later after the end of The Fall of Nobunaga, at Amaterasu in the Ninetails Castle, Shiha nd Akihara arrive and sees a lot of furniture in the ground as if it was throw all the way from the upper rooms.
    Akihara: Milady.
    Shiha: Kyuubi-sama....
    The two climbs the castle and enters Makoto's quarters. She was curled on a side of the wall with her room all upside down and scorched with fireburns.
    Makoto:...If you two come here to tell me that I was wrong, then screw with it.
    Akihara: Believe us, we are so confused as you are. But the fact we are enemies with Tsukuyomi again is a fact.
    Shiha:...What do we do with Susanoo?
    Makoto:...Leave that place alone to rusty it.
    Akihara: ...I heard about the Spider Clan...Do you...
    Makoto:...Yes. From now, Tsuchigumo is on the same league as you.
    Akihara: I also heard you allowed they to...You know. What about the Hybrids?
    Makoto: I ordered they to only hunt the parents, but leave the children alive.
    Akihara: (Does she doesn't know that they never leave anyone alive?)
    Makoto: You two...Please, leave.
    Shiha: Kyuubi-sama, we-
    Makoto: Leave!
    She forms a wall of fire that aplit her from they. The two silently leaves.
    Shiha:...She changed a lot since that day 12 years ago...And now she reverted back isn't it?
    Akihara: Yes, indeed. It was though for her, but now she see how things really are.
    Shiha: I don't care about this. I liked the new Kyuubi-sama better.
    Akihara: Shiha...
    At her quarters, Makoto see the only objects she didn't destroyed. The gifts her son gave it to her. The warhamer, the claymore, the firefly, the refrigerator and among others. She goes next to they and picks the music box. She opens the frog's mouth and a music starts to play. She listens to the music and can't hold back. She cries and cries.
    Makoto:*sniff*...Sanzuke...Where are you my child?

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    Chapter 50: To the next journey.

    City of Ceranze, on the Weasel's Den. Weasel just came back from Circa and rests on his sofa.
    Weasel: Maaaan, what a trip. I wish I could had seen the results tho.
    Next to him a small purple crystal starts glowing it. He then picks and puts on his ears.
    Weasel: Hello...Oh, it is you...Yes, I gave it the Diamond Pieces....Yes, they must have it at this point...If what you predicted happens they gonna hit Taiyo....What about you?...Yeah, I know your position is delicate...What? Pericles...So you don't know...He is the one who made that thing that destroyed Ceranze...What about it?....Heh. Of course. See you later, partner.

    Hurricane Port, at Snake's Eyes. The bar was full and the crew had a table for themselves. Only Johnnathan and Schneider were missing and Shadewing and Coela weren't around. There was a brawl happening in the place.
    Edward:...I'm sorry the first thing you had to saw since you left that manhole is this Kasa.
    Kasa: It is too different from there actually.
    Nikolai: So...I heard my sister was there isn't it?
    West: Yeah, she was inside some kind of...Robot thingie.
    Nikolai: How did you met her Sam?
    Samantha: ZzzZzz.....
    Nikolai:....Forget it.
    He then turns his tail into a needle and stabs West with it.
    West: Ouch! What is the big idea.
    Nikolai: Collecting blood samples. After I heard you could use Dark Magic I....Became curious. I'll be off.
    Vanilla: Say Nik. Was your tail always mettalic?
    Nikolai: Oh. Well, I was kinda toying with myself and resulted in this.
    Vanilla: Oh my! What happened?
    Nikolai: Nothing. I just thought it would be nice to have a robotic tail.
    Vanilla:...Gremlims are weird.
    Chemira: Hey guys!
    The Viper appears with a plate full of drinks.
    Chemira: I heard about your feats. Congratulations then. How is the sake Tenkai?
    Tenkai: Amazing Viper-san. I didn't knew there were places in the West that served this brand.
    Chemira: I am actually glad you asked it. It is not everytime this is ordered you know.
    Vanilla: Where is Johnny anyway?
    Chemira: She took his hybrid friend upstairs.
    Vanilla: Upstairs...Alone?
    Chemira: What? No. They are with Henry and Al. You see, hybrids have this tradition where they drink each other bloods. Here let me show you.
    She summons a green portal showing Johnnathan, Schneider and Henry singing happily in a table while Aladdin sleeps annoyed.
    "99 bottles of blood on the wall. 99 bottles of blooooood! Shoba-de-doba-de dooooo!"
    Edward: Are they...Drunk? I thought Johnnathan didn't drinked.
    Chemira: Hybrid's blood have a lot of dark magic leftover from their cells. The more magic they have, more strong is the blood and more intoxicating it is. It is one of those get goods with the bad kind of situation.
    Vanilla: Well, I guess Aladdin's blood must be very strong.
    Kasa: She always said mine's tasted like blue mint.
    Chemira: By the way, congratulation for you two, West and Flor. It makes me very happy to see two souls finding love in a pirate's life. Specially when it surpass the bonds of species.
    Florencia: Oh thank you. Though I don't really know what I tell to my brethen back home.
    Chemira: I'm pretty sure one or two already fell to a werewolf out there. What about you West?
    She looks around and West wasn't around.
    Chemira: Where is he?
    Edward: He went to that brawl over there after he finished his cocktail.
    He points at West holding someone in wolf form punching him in the face numerous time.
    Florencia:...*sigh* What can I say? That is what I like in him about it...*cough*cough*
    Edward: You're okay Flor?
    Florencia: Yeah. Just need a bit of air.
    She gets up and leaves the bar.
    Edward:...I'll go see her a little bit.
    Kasa: I'll better check it out Schneider for a little bit. It's her first time drinking the blood of other Reds.
    Tenkai: And I'll go back to the ship. I need to meditate for a while.
    They leave Vanilla alone and she takes advantage to start a conversation.
    Vanilla:....Miss Viper, can you help me with something?
    Chemira: Everything for my favourite's teacher daughter. What is it?
    Vanilla then breathes deeply and get's the courage to talk.
    Vanilla: There is this guy I like...And I don't know how to make him noticing me.
    Chemira: Oh...
    She then looks at Edward leaving the bar.
    Chemira: Ooooooh....Well, whatever the man in question is I must say while I am good at looking at these kind of things, I'm not have much real experiece. That is why I'm single.
    Vanilla: Well, you know a lot of different people, right? Know any gal who had a long time relationship with another man?
    Samantha: Me.
    They shocked looks at Samantha raising her hand.
    Vanilla and Chemira: Whaaaaa?!
    Outside of it, Edward finds Florencia heavily breathing behind the bar.
    Edward: Flor, you're okay?
    Florencia: I'm...Fine. I was just about to go back inside.
    Edward:...Flor, what is Fairy Ashtma?
    Florencia:...*sigh* I don't think you would leave me alone anyway. You see, the air in Fairyland is...different. Since we are born and raised in there all our life, we have difficult in adapting to other enviroments and these attacks happens when we are far from home.
    Edward: This sounds bad. Should you go back then?
    Florencia: Sorry Edward, but I am more happy with you lot. In fact, these attacks have been decreasing for some reason.
    Edward:...Well, that is better for me. I mean, I would miss you.
    Florencia: Is that so?
    Edward: Yeah. I don't like the idea of anyone leave the crew. You...Tenkai...Heck, even West.
    Florencia:...I can read you. You're being honest.
    Edward: I don't jest with those kind of things.
    Florencia:...Edward, you're not very knowledgable about the world aren't you?
    Edward: Woah. Where did that came from? That was uncalled.
    Florencia: Would you want me to teach about many things?
    Edward: What?
    Florencia: As a former noble, you might had an eletist education, but not only you seem to have dropped your status, there are things that can only be teaching by experience as well.
    Edward: Yeah, I wasn't exactly a role model of a student as well. But I might been interested in a subject or two. But tell me, why do you tell me this?
    Florencia: I just thought that if you were a bit smarter, you might become a better First-Mate than me.
    Edward: You honestly think that?
    Florencia: Sure. Your big concern about your crewmates makes you to be more suited to be at Captain Johnnathan's side and you can see things different than him just like me.
    Edward: Well, I never saw things like that.
    Florencia: What you lack now is leadership. And before that you need to be more dependable. I can fill your head with the knowledgement you lack. Science, culture, navigation, philosophy...
    Florencia: Hmm?
    Edward: You know my family has a military tradition. My sister always studied these things and I always looked up to her.
    Florencia: I understand. Very well. It may don't look like that, but we Fairies know about warfare. I see what I can do fot you.
    Edward: I never thought I would be excited in studying. This might be interesting.
    Florencia: Me as well. And thanks for concerning about me...Eddie.

    Back inside, Chemira and Vanilla were still in awe with they heard.
    Chemira: Okay, I was NOT expecting this. I mean, you always have come here since this place opened, but you never came here...Alongside someone. Just how much far have you gone.
    Samantha: I got married once. Had a son and everything.
    Chemira: That is too much! Why didn't you told me this?!
    Samantha:...You never asked it.
    Chemira: Why I would ask that to you of all people!
    Vanilla: Er...Samantha...Did something happened to your family?
    Chemira: Yes...Raven happened.
    Vanilla: I see.(Is this why you act so hostile to Hybrids?)
    Chemira: I think I get it, so...What kind of hints you can give our young maiden here.
    Samanthan picks another whole bottle of rum and drinks all in one go.
    Samantha: When the love is one-sided then it isn't love. It just a crush. If you wanna reach the point that I was, then your partner must feel the same way you do. And when you forms that bond that can never shatter, then you have be in a level that if he dies...Part of you die too.
    Vanilla: Is that so...Then what kind of action I can give to said man?
    Samantha: I prefer the natural way. You have to give the man an opportunity to let he knows who you are. Try not to act that you are desperate for his attention. Notice you without him knowing. You could pretend ignore him, but the hint is to not be a show-off.
    Vanilla: Hmmm...Attract....Ignore...
    She puts her hand in her chin and gets in deep thoughts. Edward and Florencia came back.
    Edward: Hey gals. We're back...Vanilla?
    Edward: Vanilla, you're there.
    Vanilla: Oh. Hey Howitz. Didn't noticed you there.
    Samantha:...Atta girl. She is pretty good...Zzzz
    She dozes off and fall asleep.
    Florencia: What was that about it? She is so drunk that I can't read her well.
    Chemira: I didn't get it very well either. So, how long will you guys gonna stay?
    Florencia: Yeah, I was about to get that. It was already agreed that we're gonna get the Fox's Heart in Taiyo. And Nikolai said that Heinrich send Shadewing and Coela went ahead to find the Ox King's Horn, so we would rendezvous in there after we're done it.
    Chemira: Sounds like quite an adventure you guys got there. Care to fetch something for you lot after departing?
    Edward: Hm...Know what? I feel very pumped today. Give me the strongest drink you have Viper!
    When he said those words, that loud bar got silent and they were all looking at Edward with awe. West had noticed the brawl was over, but punched a man nearby anyway.
    Man A: Did that lad just ordered THAT?
    Man B: Yes. He totally ordered thaaaaat THAT!
    Samantha: Hahahahaha!
    Suddenly Samantha wakes up.
    Samantha: Hold it there boy....You're not ready for THAT!...Not even I am ready*hic*...Zzzzz
    Edward: What? It cannot be that bad.
    Chemira: Well...If you say so.
    She picks a very small cup and added a drop of a green liquid in a syringue she picked from her bosom.
    Chemira: One Devil Snake's Tears coming.
    She passes the cup to Edward and he smells it.
    Edward: Well, it doesn't appear to be poisonous despite the name and it is kinda sweet. So, cheers.
    He drinks that little drop in one go.
    Edward:...Well, I feel fine with-*slam*
    He passes out nearly instantaneous. Vanilla then pokes him.
    Vanilla: He is...Cold.
    Florencia:...What exactly is this thing made of?
    Chemira: A barmaster never tells her secrets.

    Sorry if I offended anyone out there somehow.
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    Chapter 51: Siblings.

    The Gloria was about to set sail once again as Johnnathan was shouting at the crew to make preparations ready at the dock down in the Snake's Eyes. It was early morning and they were up all night. Johnnathan was feeling like he had a hungover.
    Johnnathan: Come on you slackers! It will be one hell of a trip to Taiyo so....Bah. Do the shouting to me Flor.
    Florencia: You know we are only 6 isn't it captain?
    Johnnathan: Seven if you count the blue girl over there...What about Howitz?
    Florencia: Still out of cold.
    Johnnathan: Damn that numbhead. I will just go to my room and nap. Take care of things here.
    Nikolai: Hold it.
    Nikolai appears before they.
    Johnnathan: Nik. What is the catch?
    Nikolai: It is dangerous where you gonna go. Take this.
    He hands him a black flintlock pistol.
    Johnnathan: A gun? You know I am a man that takes things up close, right?
    Nikolai: Say the guy that shoots a beam from his swords. This is a gun made of Darkalloy. The only ammo this needs is your own dark magic. Try shooting at that barrel over there.
    He points at a barrel that was about at the other side of the dock. He aims and charges his gun with darkness and then press the trigger. The barrel explodes in a dark explosion.
    Johnnathan:...That is too loud.
    Nikolai: It's how it is done.
    Florencia: Hmpf. I could had done it faster.
    Nikolai: Well, I would love to chat it more, but I have two other drunk bloodsucker hybrid to look at it so later it chumps.
    He waves goodbye and leaves.
    Johnnathan: Only Tenkai and Kasa are missing isn't it? Wait for they Flor.
    He gets onboard on the ship with a headache. Meanwhile at the Vitoria that was on the other side, Kasa was alongside a worn out Schneider that was resting under the mast.
    Kasa: So, how does it feels?
    Schneider: Ooooh....I must say I wasn't ready for this. I guess that Al guy was too much for my first time.
    Kasa:...I guess this is goodbye then.
    Schneider: What? Oh. You're going back to Taiyo isn't it?
    Kasa: Yeah. I know me and my mother ran away from there, but I am not a child anymore. Besides, as her child I think I must do something about this Spider Clan.
    Schneider:...I'm gonna miss you.
    She gets up and hugs her.
    Kasa: Ah!
    Schneider: You were my first friend...I'll never forget you.
    Kasa:....Yeah. Me too.
    She hugs her in return as a last sign of their friendship. Florencia still waiting for they feels the feelings for they far away and smiles at it. Tenkai appears carrying 4 heavy boxes with one hand.
    Tenkai: Florencia-san. I brought enough supplies for our trip to Taiyo. It will be very long, so I went ahead to fill some extras.
    Florencia: Goodness. And here I thought West was the brawn of this little group. I remember it you saying that Blue Hybrids were know for their strenght, but not like this.
    Tenkai: Ever since I took the path of the sword, I polished my skills and my ki.
    Florencia: Ki? What is that?
    Tenkai: Magic is fueled by mana isn't it? Then Ki is for strenght what mana is for magic. I believe you could just call stamina.
    Florencia: The East has some interesting comcepts. By the way, you surely did quite the trip from Taiyo to all the way to the West didn't you? How did you even get your way out of there?
    Tenkai: I...Flew.
    Florencia: Eh?

    Somewhere above the clouds, The Death Crow floats emiting a black mist all over it. In Raven's private quarters, he rests in a mechanical pod shaped like a coffin. He opens his eyes and the pod opens it. He was shirtless and showing his torso full of bite marks and scars that appears to have come to some kind of claws. He takes a look at his arms showing same marks.
    Raven: Ghnnn...Did I played with some cat or what?
    At his side, Evening was there holding his shirt and jacket.
    Evening: You're awake. You have been sleeping for 3 days.
    Raven: 3 days....Man, I hope I didn't missed anything interesting. Would you please accompany me, dear sister?
    Evening: Of course.
    She hand him over his clothes and they start walking outside his room.
    Raven: Sooo....Whatever I was doing before sleeping?
    Evening: You don't remember? We were at Zhar, remember?
    Raven: Oh yeah. The last part of Chapter 34.
    Evening: What?
    Raven: Nothing. Now that you mention it, there was a huge group of Thunderlions isn't it?
    Evening: Yes. They did quite the scratch on you, but not as much as you did to they. And yes, we keep you a skeleton of a lion and a lioness as you requested.
    Raven: It will be great next to the Owlmaggedon's skeleton. What about our friends from Blitzreign and Drakland?
    Evening: They were...I don't believe I am gonna say this...Ravened.-___-
    Raven: Is that so? Completely one-sided?
    Evening: They were able to hold it Nightmare for 1 hour. We had to leave when his hour was over. And he still killed a lot. More than you in fact.
    Raven: I see. How many people did this feat?
    Evening: It was mainly Walpole. Their darkalloy arsenal is pretty efficient.
    Raven: Hmm....I am starting to thinking that give they a country-turned-into-goldmine might be a little disadvantageous.
    Evening:(You think?)-___-
    Raven: Well, it wouldn't be any fun if they couldn't do this much at least. I just hate boring things. Anyway I am a very patient man. Once I got what I want...Boring will never be THIS boring from now on.
    Evening:...Say Raven, don't you think it would be better if we took a break and enjoyed a bit of this tranquility?
    Raven: Where did that came from?
    Evening: Once you get what you want, there wouldn't be any time for us to spend together. Could we spend together a little time in peace?
    Raven:...You better ask Noir or Moonlight for that. These words just doesn't fit me.
    Evening: Could you try just a little.
    He stops walking and stares at her.
    Evening: Eeep! Sorry Raven! I didn't wanted-
    He then puts his hand on her face and gently rises it.
    Evening: Eh?
    Raven:....Heh. I forgot you are my favourite sibling.
    Evening: I...Am?
    Raven: Yeah. In fact you are everyone's favourite sibling...After me of course. Say why don't we chat from time to time? Is that okay with you?
    Evening:...Well it is a start.
    She reply with a smile on her face.
    Raven: I like this smile. Remember me of good memories from the times we didn't gone rogue. I never think I said this to any of my siblings, but...Over my nearly 1000 years of life, I only fell in love with 2 women.
    Evening: Really?....REALLY?! TELL ME EVERYTHING!
    Raven: Well...The first was your mother.
    Evening:....Well that was awkward...And disturbing.
    Raven: I couldn't help it. She was the only one that I lived alongside and was recently vampirified. So of course she had that drop of humanity that made her more...Interesting than the usual women. And the second one was...Way more interesting.
    Evening: How so?
    Raven: I only met her one time and our meeting lasted no less than a minute, but her image and words are still fresh in my mind. For some reason I reminded of her name 10 years ago...Ruby Scarlet.
    Evening: Ruby...SCARLET?!
    Raven: Eh? Did you know of her?
    Evening: Er...Nothing. I just said it out loud. (That was Johnny's mom!)
    Raven: Anyway, when we commited that fun little genocide way back in Hollowgrounds, I didn't had the chance of seeing her for some reason. Oh boy, maybe she was eaten by Werewolves.
    Evening:...What if she was alive?
    Raven: Well....That is a good question on this hypothetical scenario....
    "Admiral Raven!"
    A rogue grunt appears before they in hurry.
    Rogue: W-We have an urgency!
    Raven: Oh! I love urgencies! What is it?
    Rogue: Well...It is better if you see it. It is a visitor.
    Raven: Visitor? We are far above the skies right? Is it Tiamat again? He could come here easily with a Heavenly Dragon. Maybe he come back with an engagement ring for you Eve. I don't go with his face, but I would love to have draconian nephews. What do you think Eve?
    Evening: S-Stop it Raven! The very thought is just.....
    Raven: Hey, you wanted a time-to-time, you have it...
    They go to the deck having a fun chat and then stumbles to a mob of their grunts all together looking at something. Raven then makes his way by grabbing one and one, throwing they away.
    Raven: Coming through...Coming through. Make way for the admiral, your thin worms.
    They soon reaches Noir and Black at the end of it.
    Raven: Hey Noir! What is the deal with this?
    Noir: Well...It seems we have a stowaway. Black wanted to kill it, but he didn't show any hostility.
    Black: Don't blame for disliking rats.
    Raven: Stowaway? Who?
    Noir: Check it out, brother.
    He exteds his hands and shows the stowaway. It was a huge black Lagomoth.
    "Hey there...Commodore Raven."
    Raven: Weeeeeell....I surely wasn't execting this.
    Fudgeball: I am Fudgeball. I heard you are many things, but racist is not. Tell me. Is there room for one more in this tub.
    Raven: I always thought Lagomoths hated vampires.
    Fudgeball: Not the Rogue ones. Besides, you were responsible for that genocide huh?
    Raven: You know...I always wanted one as a pet.

    A few days later after departing from Hurricane Port, The Gloria is on it is way to Taiyo. It was morning and Edward was reviewing a map with Florencia on the deck. Edward was making notes on it.
    Florencia:....No Edward. Amaterasu is on the far north of it, but it doesnt reach the sea.
    Edward: Well...What does it have far beyond then?
    Florencia: That is the one million pieces of diamond question. Well, at least you know where Sherazia is. Now let's go for a lookout.
    Florencia flies to the ship's gaff and Edward follows by climbing it.
    Edward: *huff* Can't you take me with you?
    Florencia: Eddie, I am a lady. What would West say about it?
    Edward: Where is he anyway?
    Florencia: In the Crow Nest napping it. Poor guy got awake all the night.
    Edward: Good for him. Where does he think I go where he kicks me out of the quarter when you and him-OUCH!
    Florencia: Don't say it out loud!
    Edward: Sorry...Hey, what is that in the sea?
    He spots a floating brown object in the sea and Florencia gazes into it.
    Florencia: My Mother Nature! It is a person!
    Edward: What?!
    Florencia: I'll go fetch it.
    She rushes to rescue the sunken person.
    Edward: Yeah. That is right. Go catch the big one that is an unknown.
    Florencia brings who what appers to be a fat man and drops in the deck.
    Florencia:*huff* He is heavy.
    Edward: Where is your werewolf boyfriend when you most needs it.
    Florencia: I'll let that escape it, because he is not a good swimmer.
    Edward then rolls the man and checks that he has flippers for legs, a large moustache and long upper fangs. His appearance was similar to a walrus.
    Edward: Hey Flor...Isn't this one...
    Florencia: Yeah. He is from the North Pole Federation. Call the others.
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    Chapter 52: Sea Adventure.

    After Florencia had salvaged a man from the North Pole Federation the sea, she asked Tenkai to bring him to the men's quarters. He gladly took the request lifting him in his back.
    Tenkai: Sooo...How exactly you call this being?
    Florencia: A Marusian. You heard of the North Pole Federation, right?
    Tenkai: I heard tales of a well-prospered nation in the North Pole. But I didn't heard of seal people.
    Edward: They are a race that lived for eons near the cold waters of the North Pole. With time, humans came for various reason to the North Pole, specially for escaping the Crusades and they colonized the place if they helped turn their lives more easily. Without their help, the North Pole would be just a large mass of ice in the middle of the ocean.
    Florencia: Someone has been hitting the History Books lateley.
    Edward: Well, it is kind of a common knowledgement that there is somehow a big civilization in the top of an Iceberg.
    When they reach the room, Tenkai put him in a bed that get's crushed by his weight.
    Edward:...That was my bed wasn't it?
    Suddenly Johnnathan, West and Vanilla appears as well.
    Johnnathan: Hey there, West told me about it.
    West: Say...Can I eat him?
    Vanilla: West. Not now. It is my first time seeing one.
    Florencia: By the way I found some kind of armour made of shells with him alongside a large round shell.
    West: Welp. Case closed. Let's make him our lunch today.
    Vanilla: West! What the hell is your problem?!
    West: Okay, dinner then.
    Vanilla: What?! Ohhhh...Florencia, can you accept that?
    Florencia: I understand where he is coming from. He is part of a government, so by his eyes we are criminals that need to be caught.
    Vanilla: Y-Yeah, I get it. But isn't him taking this too far?
    West: Hey, easy girl. I was just joking anyway. I mean, I am pretty sure this guy is more fat than meat anyway.
    Johnnathan: Still we gotta do something...Maybe put him in some nearby island.
    Vanilla: Don't you think it is better to drop him back at the North Pole?
    Florencia: No way, the North Pole is too far from here. It would take like a week to reach it.
    Edward: So, how did he got here next to us in the first place?
    Johnnathan: Yeah, good question. Flor, could you heal him?
    Florencia: I see no harm. Vanilla, assist me.
    Vanilla: As you wish.
    They emits light pulses over his body and starts to heal. A few seconds later he open his eyes and does a frontal flip, getting up from his bed.
    West:...Nice jump.
    The Marusian then looks at Edward.
    Edward: Er...Hello?
    Marusian:...Oh my...It is you.
    Edward: Huh? Have we me-
    Marusian: Commander!
    He gives Edward a soldier salutation pose.
    Edward: C-Commander?
    West: Commander of what? The Mock Army?
    Marusian: Good to see you commander! Corporal Billy McSwaggy reporting for duty, sir!
    Johnnathan: Edward. The hell is going on?
    Tenkai: It seems there is some kind of...Misunderstanding here, Johnny-san.
    Edward: Hmmm...*ahem* ATTEEEEENTION!
    Billy: Sir!
    Edward: I want a brief report of the events transpired before we rescued you soldier.
    Billy: Affirmative. We were in our way to the Republic of South Pole and made a brief stop at Nighville sir!
    Florencia: Nighville...That is where Goblins and Gremlims came from.
    Billy: Unfortunelly there was an ambush. Marsha of the Hated Six stalked us and stole our cargo!
    Edward: Marsha?!....Remembers me what the cargo was.
    Billy: You don't remember? It was a Darkalloy Drill, sir! We were gonna use to find petroleum, sir!
    Tenkai: Petroleum? What is that?
    Vanilla: It is a natural black liquid found naturally from underground. It is used as a fuel for lots of things.
    Edward: How did they knew we had the drill?
    Billy: That is a mystery sir. The only ones outside of the Federation and the Republic would be Pericles, sir..
    Edward: Pericles, you say?
    Johnnathan: (That name rings me a bell.)
    Edward: What about the rest of your unit?
    Billy: I cannot sat, sir!
    Edward: I see.
    Billy: Sir...This might be kinda late, but...Who are these people? They don't look like from the Federation.
    Edward: Oh! Those are....A special team made of people from Gel, Blitzreign and Drakland...The Red Squad, yeah! We have been formed in order to complete a mission with a common goal in Taiyo.
    Billy: In Taiyo? What kind of mission?
    Edward: We're gonna...Infiltrate Amaterasu in order to retrieve some...Secrets for world security and stuff.
    Billy: Infiltrate Amaterasu?! That sounds like a suicide mission! I see, only you commander would be worthy of such a mission! Let me help you then!
    Edward: Hey, you don't need to-
    Billy: No! I insist! I can't go back to the North Pole with shame! Besides there are still some things in my head that I need to remember. In fact, I am having a difficulty to understand the situation.
    Florencia: (That must explain why he see Edward as someone else.)
    Edward: Hmmm...If you insist very well. But just remember that stealth is important for this mission!
    Billy: You can count on me! I will be sneacky as a shrimp!
    Edward: Anything you can count on the leader of the squad...Squad Leader Johnson!
    Billy: I am looking forward Mr. Johnson!
    Johnnathan: I am Johnson now?
    Edward: Now go outside and makes 1000 pushovers or something.
    Billy: Sir, yes sir!
    He rushes outside, but makes a hole on the wall instead of using the door.
    West:...Do I am still sleeping? Because either I got hit pretty hard or just for a minute or so, Howitz was the boss for once.
    Florencia: Maybe he is a natural leader after all.
    Vanilla: All in all, it was an amazing display Eddie.
    Edward: I just imagined me as my sister in the situation.
    West: Just...Who is Pericles?
    Edward: He was the chief of the Science Research Team in Blitzreign. He disappeared years ago after the last crusade. I myself never saw him.
    Johnnathan: And why did you called me Johnson anyway?
    Edward: Should I remind you of your 100 pieces of gold head?
    Johnnathan: Yeah, well thought...Hm?!
    He seem to have noticed something that no one did it.
    Johnnathan: West. Tenkai. Go ready the cannons.The rest with me.
    Edward: Captain? What is wrong?
    Johnnathan: Quickly!
    He runs outside to the helm and Tenkai and West goes down to the cannons. When Johnnathan get his hand on the helm he strongly forces to the right tilting the ship. After he does that a large Eel-like creature comes from behind and almost tackles the ship.
    Edward: What the hell is that?!
    Florencia: It is a Sea Dragon! The worst kind of thing you could ever find in the sea!
    The Dragon then rises it and faces they on the side of the ship.
    The dragon screams at they and glares with paralyzing eyes.
    Vanilla: Johnny...Any ideas? It is looking at us like he really wanna see us dead!
    Johnnathan picks his hummingbird and contacts West.
    Johnnathan: Are the cannons ready?
    West: All of they are loaded!
    Johnnathan: Great!
    He charges the helm with darkness and the cannons glow purple.
    Johnnathan: Fire!
    With a command the cannons fire the cannonbals and they hit with powerful dark explosions that pushes the dragon away.
    Dragon: Shaaaaa.....
    Vanilla: He channeled darkness into the cannons and enchanced the blasts...Amazing.
    Florencia: Still, he looks more angry at us.
    The dragon lifts his tail and gets ready to crush the ship.
    Vanilla: Thunder Shield!
    A yellow dome is formed through the ship and electrifies the dragon when it touches and blocks it.
    Florencia: Nice shield Vanilla.
    Vanilla: Yeah, but...I didn't seem to be effective.
    West: Reloaded again captain!
    Johnnathan: Good.
    He fires another round that critically hits on that range.
    Dragon: Shhhhaaaaa....
    The dragon then dives and re-appears far away.
    Edward: Hmm? What is it planning?
    The dragon then sparks and a thunder breath is charging from his mouth.
    Florencia: Wait! Is it gonna...
    The dragon shoots a lightning bolt from his mouth.
    Edward: Hot dang it!
    He then quickly went ahead and catched the lightning bolt with his spear.
    Edward: Lightningrod!
    He absorbs the entire lightning in his spear.
    Edward: Have it back! Thunder Reversal!
    He launches a bigger lightningbolt at it and pushes it a little farther.
    Florencia: Lightning doesn't seem to work on him...How about this then?
    She picks her bow and aim skyward.
    Florencia: Rain!
    She shoots a big light arrow at the sky. A second later, several green light rained above it, piercing it's skin and making it shake.
    Dragon: Shaaaaaa!
    Vanilla: Great! It seems to be working it.
    Dragon: Shaaaaa!
    Vanilla: I'll help it too! Fire Bomb!
    She delivers a swarm of fire missiles at the dragon that scorches him.
    Dragon: Shaaaaa....
    The dragon then dives deep down in the sea.
    Edward: Where did he go? And why is it not leaving us behind it?
    Vanilla: It is almost as if we did something to it.
    The dragon then appears right next to they ready to crunch they.
    A big round shell with a chain coming from the hole smash at it's head.
    Billy: Is anyone hurt?
    Billy appears with his shell armour and his shell morning star.
    Edward: You saved our bacon back there soldier.
    Billy: I've seen a lot of Sea Dragons in the North Pole, but this one is far different...I guess it is not a Sea Dragon.
    Edward: What? But it is a dragon and it is in the sea.
    Billy: The skin is far more of a land or flying dragon and sea dragons have water breath and cannot electrify. It is more likely an Electric Eel Dragon.
    Vanilla: I never heard of those.
    Billy: It is because they are not natural. You have to breed with a Sea Dragon and a Thunderstorm Dragon. I can think of only one man who can make this possible.
    Florencia:...The Dragon Master.
    Johnnathan: Dragon Master...
    He jumps to the ship's gaff and unsheat his swords.
    Johnnathan: Red Spiral!
    He shoots a red spiral at it's face and grazes on the eye.
    Dragon: Shaaaaa!
    Johnnathan: You coming here for me didn't you Crab Eater?! What did I do to your master?! Why does he wants me dead?
    The dragon then lifts the neck and confronts him up close.
    Dragon: Shaaaaaaaaa!
    The dragon roars and vomits crustaceans at Johnnathan.
    Johnnathan:...Eat this then.
    He pulls his gun and blast the dragon's face and the dragon falls to the sea.
    Edward: Nice shot. Is it over?
    The dragon rises from the sea and wraps the ship like a snake.
    Vanilla: Gah! It is gonna crush the ship!
    "Leave it to me!"
    Tankai comes to deck and quickly slashes the body of the dragon. After he finishes he slowly unsheats his katana.
    Tenkai:...Phantom Fire.
    Blue bonfires rises from the dragon's body and the dragon stops wrapping and disappears to the sea.
    Johnnathan: So that is Taiyo's Swordsmanship combined with the Foxfire...I really would like to spar with him someday.
    Tenkai: Sorry for getting out of the cannon's room. You see, you stopped responding to West so I thought it was okay for me to come.
    Johnnathan: You came at a good time Tenkai.
    Billy: Commander. Do you know anything about Johnson and the Dragon Master?
    Edward: Actually...I don't think Johnson himself knows.
    The dragon comes back facing they up-close.
    Dragon: Shaaaaaaa!!!
    Edward: Damnit! How tough is this snake?
    Billy: Leave me behind Commander! I will distract the beast, sir.
    Edward: What? No! No man leaved behind it!
    Billy: Don't worry. You know I am very skilled at underwater combat, sir!
    Edward: But-
    Suddenly several water tridents came from the sea and pierced the dragon and he gets pushed back by a tidal wave.
    Johnnathan: This...Was that?
    Then next to they, Coela appears doing a flip like a dolphin.
    Coela: Hi everyone.*winks*
    Vanilla: Coela?!
    Coella: Sorry I am late. There was a school of Dragon Sharks on the way that gave me a hard time.
    Billy: A mermaid?! It is my first time seeing one. Who is she? Someone from your squad Johnson? You never told Neptunia was also involved.
    Coela: Eh? Is that a Marusian? It is my first time seeing one too!...Who is Johnson?
    Edward: Err....I didn't wanted to surprise you, so yeah she is our underwater expert.
    Billy: I see. The Red Squad is quite diversified.
    Coela: Eh? Squad?
    Edward: Psst. Just play along Coela.
    Coela: Hmmm...Fine.
    Tenkai: A mermaid. I saw a merman once, but she is pretty cute.
    Johnnathan: Say Coela, weren't you supossed to be in Zhar? What about Shadewing?
    Coela: Oh. I was on my way back to Hurricane Port just now to contact Henry. Our hummingbirds cannot reach they from Zhar. Shadewing stayed behind. We are kiiiinda having some hard times in there. But then I sensed a Sea Dragon coming this way and I had a bad feeling with it. They don't get so far from the bottom unless if it is for the kill and no less when it is alongside Dragon Sharks.
    Johnnathan: Well, aren't you too dependable.
    Coela: Teehee. Anything for you Johnny. By the way, you are on the way to Taiyo isn't it? Then leave this guy for me. I'll deal with him alone.
    Johnnathan: Alright. Go get him shark!
    She dives to the sea and Johnnathan goes to the helm and speeds up.
    Tenkai: Johnny-san. Are you really sure about this?
    Edward: Yeah. Not that I am not okay in not dealing with the electric swimming dragon, but isn't leaving Coela behind a cold thing to do?
    Johnnathan: Sure. I don't like leaving my comrades behind like this, but even though the Sea Dragon might be the most dangerous predator on the sea, Coela is still one of the sea's rulers.

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    Chapter 53: Blue Monk.

    It was night-time and the sky was starry. The crescent moon was shining in the sky. In the deck, Tenkai was holding into his sword still on his sheath. He was with his eyes closed and breathing slowly. In a blink of an eye, he opens it's eyes and does a consecutive blow of his blue glowing katana in thin air. After finishing it he slowly sheat his sword.
    A image of a fox made of blue fire appears where he swung his sword like a drawing.
    He hears the sound of hands clapping and turns back to see West.
    West: Not bad buddy. It is the first time I see someone draw in thin air....That was drawing wasn't it?
    Tenkai: I wouldn't call it like that, but I guess you could say I was training my "drawing".
    West: Weeeell, it is pretty darn good. Is that what oriental painting looks like?
    Tenkai:...Yes, but it is not good. You see it only has 6 tails. I am trying to make it 9 with 9 swings.
    West:...That sounds hard, but...Is 3 tails less that much of a deal. I mean that aside, your handcraft is impressive.
    Tenkai: You never struck me as a artistic person.
    West: Hey throw me a bone will ya...no pun intended...We should get to know each other by now. I mean we're pretty much family, right? I mean, I am a wolf and you are a fox...Half-Fox and...technically you are a vulpine and not a canine, but if it looks like a dog then we're distant cousins or something?
    Tenkai: I noticed you're changed a lot after I first met you...A little. I always though your kind wasn't very social with other species.
    West: Well, my mother was human. Aaand I understand your point of view. That is why you indicated me to be Johnny's partner back in Circa, right?
    Tenkai: I just followed my instincts.
    West: And you followed good...Also, a woman changes a man sometimes you know.
    Tenkai:....And so is the woman.
    West:...You know, you always have been out there at night. Why not come inside and spend time with me and Howitz.
    Tenkai: I heard you have been...Kicking him out of your quarters lately.
    West: I gave him a break this time.
    Tenkai:...I think I might appear later.
    West: Good, we'll be waiting it. Speaking of which if you find Florencia, could you say that I am waiting on the crow's nest?
    Tenkai:...You can count of it.
    West: Thanks buddy.
    He turns into a wolf and climbs the ship's mast. Tenkai goes to the forecastle deck and spots Kasa.
    Tenkai: Hey Kasa. How is it doing?
    Kasa: Ah! Tenkai-san. How are you?
    She quickly bows to him.
    Tenkai: No need for formality to a fellow blue hybrid Kasa.
    Kasa: But I insist. I mean, you are the son of Kyuubi and General Akechi. We are not equal.
    Tenkai: In this ship only Johnnathan-san is above us. And he is pretty modest himself. What are you doing here alone?
    Kasa: Well if you say like this...I am just helping Billy.
    Tenkai: With what?
    Kasa: Fishing.
    A huge fish then is blow from the sea.
    Kasa: Oh, there it is.
    She launches her Kusarigama and catches the fish like a fishing rod.
    Tenkai: Nice catch.
    Kasa: These fishes are better caught alive, so Billy could just punch they underwater and I take they with my sickle. We make a good team.
    Tenkai: You two are getting along?
    Kasa: Yes. He is pretty funny. And it is kinda sad we are deceiving him like that.
    Tenkai: I see. I'll leave you two with your needs.
    Kasa: Thanks. Good night.
    He leaves her and makes his way inside the ship. In the way he finds Florencia staring at the fox he made.
    Tankai: Florencia-san.
    Tenkai: Florencia-san?
    He swing his sword and dispels the "painting".
    Florencia: W-What? What the? Tenkai. What happened?
    Tenkai: You were staring at my work.
    Florencia: I see. I remember the painting of a fox of some kind. Your foxfire is...Charming or so. Is that how you lured that vampire?
    Tenkai: Yes. For some reason my fire have this property in some species. Specially those with high sensory skills.
    Florencia: Hmmm....
    She then stares at him.
    Tenkai: Florencia-san, is something wrong?
    Florencia: You soul is like Johnnathan.
    Tenkai: Really? How?
    Florencia: Somehow you have this talent for attracting different kind of people, like him. That trait might have somehow transfered to your fire. After knowing you a liitle more now, I can see your fire as a bonfire instead of a candle. And it seems to spread all around your soul. It is similar to Johnny's darkness.
    Tenkai: The sinister-looking skull?
    Florencia: That as well, but usually it is just like a dark mist surrounding his soul.
    Tenkai: And what does that means?
    Florencia: This is only a hypothesis, but since I never saw that on a vampire...I believe those things are your other halves.
    Tenkai: Other halves?
    Florencia: On the outside, you two look like humans ins't it? So what about the vampire or the fox side? Maybe they were separated into the darkness and fire.
    Tenkai: I see. Now I know why Johnnathan trust you as his First-Mate. Your words are full of wisdom and reason. Just what I expected from the fairies I heard so much.
    Florencia: I just gave my opinion. That is all.
    Tenkai:...By the way, West is waiting in the crow's nest.
    Florencia: Oh thanks. I was wondering where that sneaky dog went.
    She flies to the crow's nest and Tenkai walks inside. He notices that there has been water leaking from the bathroom and checks it. He sees Vanilla manipulating what appears to be a water orb above the bathtub and she gazes at it without noticing him.
    Vanilla: Hmmmm...
    The orb then starts to produces a white smoke from it and ice starts to form inside of it.
    Vanila: Hmmmm....Hng!
    She gets a headache and the water spills to the tub.
    Vanilla: Dang it. No good. I still can't...*sniff*
    She slowly cries and Tenkai enters.
    Tenkai: Ice magic, huh?
    Vanilla: Kyaa! Tenkai! You startled me!
    Tenkai: Pardon, Vanilla-san. I thought there was a flood or something.
    Vanilla: Oh. I wet this much. Sorry, I didn't noticed it.
    Tenkai:...I heard Ice is a very difficult magic.
    Vanilla: Sure. It is an advanced form of Water Magic, that by itself is also very hard to control.
    Tenkai:...I noticed you were going well at the beggining, but lost concentration at the last second.
    Vanilla: Yeah, it also is hard to control cause it kinda freezes the head. My father was one of the rare spellcasters who could use this so naturally. I don't know how he did it and he never get it himself either.
    Tenkai:...What kind of man was he?
    Vanilla: Hmmm...He was an optimist man. He always saw things at the positive side. Second Ronan, he has been like that since a child.
    Tenkai: Is that so? Have you heard of a Yokai Clan made of women who can manipulate ice and snow?
    Vanilla: Eh?! There is an entire clan of Ice Magic users?
    Tenkai: Well, they aren't humans, but after my father's death I have been living with they for some time. They were the ones who teached me how to master my Foxfire.
    Vanilla: What? But didn't you said it they were Ice users?
    Tenkai: Magic have the same origin
    Indepedent of their element. They taught me that we need a clear mind to fully release our magic.
    Vanilla: I know about this philosophy.
    Tenkai: But for need emotion to trigger it. Holding a sword is something, but to use it is another. Vanilla, why do you seek to use Ice Magic? Why are you a magician?
    Vanilla: I wanna become like my father.
    Tenkai: I too had this feeling. But why do you wanna be like your father? It is because you're her daughter?
    Vanilla: No, it is....
    Tenkai: He is your hero, isn't it? Instead of trying to be like him, try because you love him. Think of all those you hold dear and try it again and doesn't forcw your mind too much.
    Vanilla: Hmmm...Let me try again.
    She summons an orb of water again and keep it float, but instead of concentrating hard she breathes slowly and think of her memories of her father and her friends. Suddenly her staff glows white and the entire orb froze.
    Vanilla: Ah!
    When Vanilla see her work, the orb falls and breaks aparts.
    Tenkai:...Well, it seems it didn't quite worked it.
    Vanilla: N-No! It is fine! I went far ahead then I ever thought! Thank you so much Tenkai.
    She hugs him and jumps with joy.
    Tenkai:....I'll leave you be okay.
    Vanilla: Sure. Thanks for the tips.
    They wave goodbye and he leaves the bathroom.
    Tenkai: What a cheerful girl...Hmm?
    He see Edward in the hallway walking side to side thinking about something.
    Tenkai: Edward. What is in your mind?
    Edward: Oh. Hey there Tenkai. I was...Thinking about myself.
    Tenkai: What is there about yourself?
    Edward: Well...About what kind of man I wanna be.
    Tenkai: How curious. Tell me more.
    Edward: You will listen? Well if you insist...You see, I was never outstanding at anything in my youth and my parents never had any expectation from me. Only my sister knew I existed. She was perfect at almost everything and I never got out of her shadow. But I knew there is a place waiting for me somewhere...And that is why I ran away from home after Eysideci got attacked.
    Tenkai: I see, so like me you went to a journey of self-discovery. It seems we are more similar than I thought Howitz-san.
    Edward: I don't see things like that. Everybody here is amazing. After all, I am the only human here outside of Vanilla that is an exceptional spellcaster. No matter how much I try to stand out. Heck, just now you joined our band. A crossbreed of a human and a fox that has super-strenght and it is a samurai. It is almost like there is another Johnnathan here.
    Tenkai:...Look at the bright side. With all this amazing people together, you can learn more and improve yourself.
    Edward: Yeah, that is the original plan, but the gap is just too high.
    Tenkai:...Your sister is the one knows as Valkyria isn't it? Blitzreign's God of Thunder. She is a human just like you. Why don't you think of becoming someone she could be proud of as well? It might help.
    Edward: Weeeell...I don't think she is proud of me being a pirate.
    Tenkai: Then show what kind of man you became by taking your own path and surprises her. I'm sure she will at least be stunned.
    Edward: Heh! I can already see her face if I became someone as infamous as Johnnathan. Thanks for the attention Tenkai. We could hang out in some cool place in Taiyo when we get the Heart.
    Tenkai: I do know where they serve a good Temaki.
    Edward: I don't know what that is, but I am looking forward to it. Later.
    He takes his leave and Tenkai stands watching it.
    Tenkai:...Humans are very cheerful.
    Johnnathan then leaves his room and encounters him.
    Johnnathan: Hey Tenkai, good timing. I was just about to find you. Would you come inside it.
    Tenkai:...I am in a good mood. Sure.
    He invites him to his room.
    Tenkai: That is a very fancy room.
    Johnnathan: Well, it was all Henry's design. I have something for you.
    He then picks a bottle containing a red liquid and puts in a cup on his desk.
    Johnnathan: All's yours.
    Tenkai:...I don't think I would appreciate blood as you.
    Johnnathan: It is not blood you dolt. It is wine.
    Tenkai: Wine?
    Johnnathan: Yeah. It is a drink made of fermented grapes. It is very popular in the west.
    Tenkai: I know what wine is. We imports those things in Taiyo. But why do you offer me.
    Johnnathan:...You see, I never heard of Blue Hybrids until in Circa even though I happen to know about Taiyo. And we both faced...Similar experiences. So I would like you to accept this gift. You see...It is a wine from my homeland. You know, Mians.
    Tenkai: I see...I heard you're not the drinking type.
    Johnnathan: Just like my father. You see he used to plant grapes. And people of Mians used those grapes to make wine. He thought first as a bussiness, but he grew to like the wine made from his grapes. It was the only alcoholic drink he drunk. And so did I.
    Tenkai: Any reason for it?
    Johnnathan: It reminds me of my mother. And I belive so it did to him. Would you taste it.
    Tenkai: If you insist.
    He takes the cup and gives a sip.
    Tenkai:....It is simple...But you can feel the sweetness and how strong it is...As in it is trying to hide it from my tongue. It is just like my mother as well. I guess we really are similar Johnny-san...I've met you father once.
    Johnnathan: Really?
    Tenkai: Yeah, long ago. But it doesn't matters now. I'm glad I've met you during my journey.
    Johnnathan: So do I.
    Johnnathan: Sanzuke? Who is that?
    Tenkai: My real name. Akechi Sanzuke. I tell you this because I trust you and how similar our stories are. But until we finish things in Taiyo, don't call me that. I still need to finish my work as Tenkai.
    Johnnathan:...As you wish, Tenkai. And it is nice to meet this Sanzuke.
    He puts another cup of wine for himself ad the two starts to drink.

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    Extra Story: The 2 Demons.

    A large ship carrying a lot of passengers arrives at Taiyo. Most of the people were either scholars in search for researches or bussinesmans in search to expand their market. But one of they was unique. A man with a red coat carrying a concealed scythe wrapped in bandages with a hat hiding his face exits the ship.
    Alex: *sigh* What a trip! It feels like ages I stepped on land. I hope this job is worthy the time. I hate leaving Ruby alone with the kids.
    Then a young boy with an eyepatch cross his way carrying a huge box full of random loot with his two hands.
    Alex:...Dang it. What are the kids from this country are eating? Not that Henry could do the same thing, but still...
    "Excuse me. I am looking for...Raijinlander."
    Alex:...I think you meant Highlander.
    He adresses to the man in yellow clothes who tried to call his name.
    Ieyasu: Oh...Ah, I see. Yes it is just as it is written here. Alex Highlander right? I'm Ieyasu, one of Lord Nobunaga's servants. Let me escort you to the castle. Would you like some tea when we arrive?
    Alex: Let just hurry with this...but I would like some sushi.
    Ieyasu: Oh. Right away Alex-san,
    They went to Nobunaga Castle and Lord Nobunaga was waiting at a tea table on the garden inside the castle. Ieyasu arrives with Alex eating a few sushi.
    Ieyasu: Lord Nobunaga, I brought you The Angel of Death.
    Nobunaga:...Who is that?
    Alex: *swallow* I also go by Red Demon.
    Nobunaga: Oh, I see. Alex Highlander isn't it? The famous Vampire Hunter.
    Alex: For someone who doesn't have vampire problems you seems to know a lot from me.
    Nobunaga: I learned a lot when we started to open negotiations with Blitzreign. Before that, things were tight.
    Alex: The Kitsune. I heard about it. But why did you brought me all the way from Blitzreign? There is not what I am used to it in this country.
    Nobunaga: I heard that your skills goes far beyond only the vampires. You see, Taiyo is on his way to become a powerful country and there are things that even us and the Kitsune have problems with it. It is a rogue Yokai that has been giving us quite the headache.
    Alex: Hmmm...If you think it was better to call me from the other side of the planet then who I am to complain? I accept the job.
    Nobunaga: Great. Ieyasu, please escort him to the carriage where General Akechi is waiting it.
    Ieyasu: As you wish.
    He guides Alex around the castle to outside.
    Alex: He is quite intimidating.
    Ieyasu: I prefer the term strong looking.
    Alex: But he is not an idiot like Lenard.
    Ieyasu: Is...That how they treat their leaders in Blitzreign?
    Alex: I never saw Lenard as my boss or anything. You know my relationship with him is only bussiness right?
    Ieyasu: Yeah, I know you used to be a freelancer. I guess respect is deserved after all.
    Alex then notices a man in green approaching Nobunaga far behind it that join him in his table.
    Alex:...Who is that?
    Ieyasu:...Kigyu Hideyoshi. Nobunaga's favourite retainer. He is quite the enigma.
    Alex: There is something on him that feels...Off.
    Ieyasu: I believe he is just like that.
    They leave the castle and Ieyasu guides Alex through Tsukuyomi. As he walks he notices some people are staring at him.
    Alex:...I am having some cold looks here.
    Ieyasu: Not to brag, but your attire is quite...Flashy. It has been 6 years since we opened our doors so it will take quite a while for they to adapt to exotic looks.
    Alex: It is okay. Back home people would stare at me for other reasons.
    They soon reaches a carriage surrounded by a few samurais riding horses. General Akechi was waiting for they with his arms crossed and looks at they surprised.
    Yoshimetsu: Ieyasu. I was thinking you would take longer than this.
    Ieyasu: Our foreign friend catched our lord's eyes.
    Yoshimetsu: I see. Alex, right? I'm General Akechi Yoshimetsu.
    He extends his hands and Alex just stands.
    Yoshimetsu:....Is something wrong? I heard this was the greetings custom they do in the west?
    Alex: I don't like shaking hands with someone I just met. It is giving too much trust.
    Yoshimetsu:...Heh. Hahahaha. You just like someone I know. Well, please enter the carriage. I hope to end things fast this time.
    Alex: I think the same.
    They ride the carriage and the entire brigad follows surrounding the carriage. A few hours have passed and they hit Vista Plains. Alex looks through the window and faces the plains.
    Yoshimetsu: Beautiful scenery isn't it?
    Alex:...Yeah. You can't find a view like this in the west.
    Yoshimetsu: You still didn't said a thing Alex. Tell me, how are the vampires?
    Alex: Why do you ask?
    Yoshimetsu: Sheer curiosity. The legends I heard about they is scary. Is it true they have the strenght of 10 men?
    Alex: Heh. Only of it is a common everyday vampire.
    Yoshimetsu: Common? Does this means there are some who are special?
    Alex: You could say that. They have ranks in their hierarchy. Every vampire from Middle-Rank and above is about 10 gorillas instead. Heck, there is this guy who was Grand High that was like 10 elephants.
    Yoshimetsu: Fascinating. How many ranks are they splitted?
    Alex: Well, outside the common sentinels there is Low, Mid-Low, Middle, Mid-High, High, Higher, Grand High and finally the Royals.
    Yoshimetsu: So, it is 9 in total counting the common ones. These royals are some kind of royal family?
    Alex: Yeah. And they are the best of the best. The family is currently formed by the Vampire King, 4 Grand High Brides and their children. If I am not mistaken, it makes...12 in total.
    Yoshimetsu: Wow. So that makes...7 children. And that number might rises it huh?
    Alex: Of course. Most of the times they transforms humans they see interest. Their rank depends of 2 factors. How strong they were when they were humans and the blood of the vampire. That is why a human-transformed vampire tends to be more stronger than a natural born one. Specially after hundred of years of living.
    Yoshimetsu: You know, they kinda reminds me of how The Kitsune are organized.
    Alex: Really? How so?
    Yoshimetsu: You know they have tails don't you? The number of tails represents their strenght. And they go from 1 to 9 as well.
    Alex: Come to think of it, isn't their boss called Ninetails?
    Yoshimetsu: Yes. The Kyuubi. It is the highest position a Kitsune can get it. You see, they are always born with one tail, but when they reach the adulthood, the number of tails rises it and their fire gets stronger. How fast the tails grows depends on the number of tails of their parents. Usually if you see a Kitsune with one tail, then they are a very young one.
    Alex: Is that so?
    Yoshimetsu: And the ones with 5 tails and beyond are very rare. The more the tails the fewer of these ranks are. And you can only be a Ninetails if their foxfire can beat the current Ninetails' foxfire. The current Head became the Ninetails at a pretty young age 800 years ago, did you know that?
    Alex: Yeah...It is very similar.
    The carriage stops and a samurai opens the door.
    Samurai: We are here milord.
    The two leaves the carriage and they are in front of a mountain filled with a forest with an old temple on the top of it.
    Alex: So we are gonna go all the way up there?
    Yoshimetsu: Yes. We must climb and slay the Yokai that is ravaging both Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi.
    Alex: It is just one right?
    Yoshimetsu: That is correct.
    Alex: Then let's go just you and me General.
    Yoshimetsu: What? I think you're understimating the Yokai, Highlander.
    Alex: It is about the element of surprise. If we go with a larger group we will be a larger target. If I was going by pride alone, then I would have gone ahead without saying a word.
    Yoshimetsu: I think I get it...Your plan has some reason on it. Any objections?
    Samurai: We were just here to support you in any way you prefer it milord. Do what you wish.
    Alex: Well, that is settled it. Akechi, follow me.
    The two leaves the group and climbs towards the temple.
    Alex:...So, what is the target anyway?
    Yoshimetsu: Oh. We never told you huh? It is a Nue.
    Alex:...The fuck is a Nue?
    Yoshimetsu: Pardon me. I forgot Yokai doesn't exist outside Taiyo. It is a monkey...but with a raccoon body and tiger limbs.
    Alex:....Are all they some kind of shit from someone's fucked up mind?
    Yoshimetsu: Well...
    A demonic face with a open smile that was attached to a wodden wheel on fire passes in front of they and fades into the woods.
    Yoshimetsu: A Fire Wheel. They are pretty common in the wild, specially at night and dawnbreak.
    "And we can speak too"
    The wheel appears and whispers behind Alex and disappears by the time he turns back.
    Yoshimetsu: Hahahaha. Don't worry Alex, they just like to jest with humans. You will get used to it.
    Alex:...No, I will not...Yoshimetsu, mind if I see your katana.
    Yoshimetsu: Why?
    Alex: I always wanted to see one.
    Yoshimetsu: A samurai never hands over his weapon, only if the Shogun demands it...But you can look from my hands.
    He unsheats his blade and holds it vertically.
    Alex: Hmmm...Amazing sword. No wonder the samurai are so feared. Our western sabres are kinda dull in comparision.
    Yoshimetsu: This katana was a custom made blade that was used by the previous generals. It was never chipped or dulled for over 1000 years. A true masterpiece.
    Alex: Sounds like a very precious gift in your hands.
    Yoshimetsu: And what about that scythe? Is it from the history of Blitzreign Army?
    Alex: This? Nah. It is just some gardening tool that I made with some junk laying around.
    Yoshimetsu:It fits your epithet, Angel of Death.
    Alex: That is how I am know in Drakland. In Blitzreign, they call me Red Demon.
    Yoshimetsu: Really? Well, they call me Demon Swordsman around here.
    Alex: Well isn't that a coincidence...Akechi, what is that?
    He points at a small blue bald man with one eye wearing monk clothes.
    Yoshimetsu: It is a Ao bozu. It is-
    Alex: I think we better quick our steps.
    They reach the temple and the door was forcefully opened. Inside there was signals of a wild animal ravaging the place.
    Yoshimetsu: Is it here?
    Alex: Well, it didn't attacked us down there. How does Nues acts.
    Yoshimetsu: They are more active at night. But you see Nues usually are-
    Alex then shoves Yoshimetsu and deflects something large that moved at lightning speed.
    Yoshimetsu: Woah!
    Alex: That was close.
    The lightning then lands on the ground as a spark and reveal a figure similar to what they describe the Nue.
    Nue: Grrrrrr!!!
    Alex: Well, it does looks like a bunch of animals mixed up.
    Yoshimetsu: Nice reflexes. It is like you saw it coming it...
    Alex: you learn a thing or two by facing vampires. Will you lend me your blade?
    Yoshimetsu: Gladly.
    After a fierce fight, the Nue was slayed leaving the two of they scorched.
    Alex: I must say, the samurai swordsmanship is a work of art.
    Yoshimetsu: I say the same for your natural fighting skills...Tell me if you're not hurry would you mind coming to my house?
    Alex:...Well, I do wanna leave with a good memory at least.
    They drag the body down the mountain and presents to Lord Nobunaga, proving their feats. He rewards they and Akechi guides Alex to his home.
    Alex: I see. You also live far away from needless meddlers, isn't it?
    Yoshimetsu: Please come in. I want you to enjoy my hospitality.
    They pass through the main gate and enters the garden. They see a little kid petting a dragon.
    Alex: Hm? Didn't I see that boy before?
    Sanzuke: Father!
    Yoshimetsu: Hey Sanzuke, how are you?
    Sanzuke: Just great. Wataru was here to play with me...Who is that father?
    Yoshimetsu: He is a guest from Blitzreign. Alex Highlander.
    Sanzuke: Woaaah! You're from Blitzreign? It is true they have those lions who roars like the thunders?
    Alex: The Thunderlions huh? Well, they aren't as amazing as this Heavenly Dragon pet you have.
    Sanzuke: Wataru is not a pet, he is my friend.
    Alex: I see.
    Yoshimetsu: Sanzuke. Could you bring the sake?
    Sanzuke: Sure father.
    He goes inside to bring the sake.
    Alex: I think it is a good time to say I am not good with drinks.
    Yoshimetsu: Don't worry. The ones I have are pretty simple ones. Do you have family?
    Alex: Yeah...I have 2 young boys. They are my pride and joy.
    Yoshimetsu: I see. Our boys could be friends don't you think?
    Alex: Well, if they a biiiit closer to home...Who knows.
    Sanzuke bring they the sake and the two drinks in the garden and talks for a while.
    Alex:...This sake...It reminds me of my wife.
    Yoshimitsu: Really? me too.
    Alex: You know, coming here might have been good after all. Anyway, I gotta go. I have a family to return it.
    Yoshimitsu: I understand.
    Alex: Well then...
    He extends his right arm for Akechi.
    Alex: It was a pleasure, General Akechi.
    He then shake his hands.
    Yoshimetsu: The pleasure is all mine. You're an inspiration, Alex.
    He leaves the house and waves goodbye. On the middle of the way, he stops.
    Alex: You know, I think I could talk to Sanzuke about Heinrich. I guess Akechi wouldn't mind.
    He goes back, but as soon as he approaches, he spots a figure and hides from the walls. He exposes his head a little and sees a woman with fox ears and nine fox tails talking happily with Akechi.
    Alex: Those tails...That is Dark Lord Ninetails. I know they are in peace with each other, but talking to someone in the same positon as Vladmir...What is going..Huh?
    Then Sanzuke appears and Ninetails hugs him dearly holding him in her arms with a happy face.
    Alex: Huh. So that how is it. I guess we are more similar than we thought...I'll keep this secret from you Yoshimetsu. I hope we meet again in the far future.
    He leaves without they noticing and walks his wat home. Of course, they never would meet again.
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    Chapter 54: Tsukuyomi.

    Nearby Taiyo's waters, The Gloria swiftly navigates through the waves. On the deck Edward and Billy were crouched holding their weapons and staying vigilante with their surroundings. They have been like that since the day they met the Sea Dragon.
    Edward: Don't slack off soldier. We don't wanna have to being ambushed by another electric underwater dragon again. Be alert to any weird wave or sound you hear.
    Billy: As you say, sir. Not will escape my reflexes.
    Edward: Hmmm...Is it me or it got a little dark here?
    Billy: Yeah...Maybe it is a cloud...Ah.
    They look up and see a long dragon bigger than the ship staying just above they.
    Johnnathan comes alongside Tenkai as soon as he hears Edward shouting.
    Johnnathan: Groooaan...What is this time Eddie?
    Edward: Another Sea Dragon! And it can fly!!!
    Johnnathan:....That looks like a Heavenly Dragon to me.
    Edward: Whatever! Order us to attack!
    Tenkai: Wait...
    He pulls Edward out of the way and approaches the sragon. The dragon then approaches with his head.
    Tenkai:...Oh my. Look how much you grow Wataru. I barely recognized you.
    Wataru: Groooaaaan...
    He pets the dragon and the beast seems happy with it.
    Edward: What the? What is going on?
    Tenkai: Johnny-san. Call the others.
    After the rest of the crew arrives, Tenkai show they his friend.
    Tenkai: This is Wataru, my friends. He has been a close friend of my family since my father was a young lad. He has been the one who took me to the west by the way.
    Billy: A real life Heavenly Dragon. I never thought I would live enough to see one.
    Kasa: Even though I lived most of my youth in Taiyo, I never ever saw one at this size.
    Florencia: So that is what you meant my flew. huh?
    Vanilla: I-It is not gonna eat us, right?
    West: Did your father never heard of dogs?
    Edward: He is kinda cute seeing up close.
    Johnnathan:...Bah. And my father saying I couldn't keep that Thunderlion's cub.
    Tenkai: If he is here, it means that Taiyo is nearby. Let us follow him and he will guide us to Tsukuyomi's port.
    Johnnathan: I never was guided by a dragon before. Sure, why not?
    The ship follows Wataru's track as he was flying above the skies. At some point he ascends and disappers in the clouds when Tsukuyomi was in sight. When they have a look at it, they approaches Taiyo on their own. The ship reaches the docks of Tsukuyomi and Tenkai leaves the ship with his straw hat.
    Tenkai: Okay friends. You know the deal already, right? We reach the checkpoint where I will guide you and we continue to Vista Plains.
    Johnnathan: Yeah, about that. You said that we should be stealth but...Aren't we calling too much attention wearing these?
    The entire group were dressed as blue hooded monks.
    Tenkai: It is what most of the wandering monks wear.
    Kasa: I...I'm pretty sure they don't usually use blue Tenkai-san.
    Edward: I feel like being in some kind of entertainment troupe or something.
    Florencia: I hope no one notices the bipedal walrus with us.
    Billy: If anyone asks, I say I am a Yokai.
    Kasa: I can't think of any Yokai that resembles you though...Probably a Hanya?
    West: I don't think that would make things any better.
    Johnnathan: Let's just pass the city and we can remove those robes. Where did you get those anyway Tenkai?
    Tenkai: You don't think I only have one piece of clothing do I?
    Vanilla: Huh? I never really thought about that?
    Florencia: Speaking of which, when was the last time you...we changed our attires?
    Vanilla:...I miss my clothes.;_;
    Billy: This Squad bussiness sounds tough.
    The team then passes through the city, the number of people raises it and they have to make detours from time to time.
    Johnnathan: So this is the capital of the Empire of Taiyo...You never expect a city from a small country being this crowded.
    Kasa: Indeed. It is my first time here besides the day me and my mother escaped. It feels like the Circa Arena here.
    Tenkai: Nothing changed in the past 10 years though. This place was always filled with travelers after the truce. By the way Kasa, how many tails did your mother had?
    Kasa: Seven.
    Tenkai: Seven, huh? Expected no less from one with that key scroll.
    Johnnathan: Is that some kind of hierarchy?
    Tenkai: Yeah. Bigger the number of tails, the bigger is their fire and strenght. There are a few who are from 5 and above it and only the ones with 7 and 8 tails receives a key scroll.
    Johnnathan: So her mother was important somehow...Well, I guess it doesn't matter why did she decided to leave with a human.
    Kasa: My mother never seemed to regret her actions.
    Johnnathan: True..True.
    Edward: Hey Tenkai, what are that crowd seeing two fat men pushing each other?
    Tenkai: That is Sumo. It is a sport that consist in either pushing the opponent out of the ring or throwing it to the ground.
    Billy: My people do something similar in the North Pole.
    Vanilla: And what are those pieces of papers?
    Tenkai: Magic Tags. They are used to peform spells. They works in the same way as your staff.
    Vanilla: It is like a magic wand...Amazing.
    West: Wait...Are those...Birds made of paper.
    Tenkai: Yes. It is the art of paper bending. Origami.
    West: It is like the ultimate level of artcraft...Whonever did those must be quite a badass. The Badass if I may.
    Florencia: (Such a dork...But adorable.)
    When they were distracted, Johnnathan looks at the roofs as if he sensed something.
    Tenkai: Yes?
    Johnnathan: Keep walking with the rest. I have to check out something.
    Tenkai: What are you planning?
    Johnnathan: Don't worry. I can locate you. It will take just a little bit.
    He then goes alone to an alley.
    Vanilla: Don't you have anything to say about it Flor?
    Florencia: Actually...I think he knows what he is doing it.
    Vanilla: Really?
    Florencia: Yes. I sensed great concern for us on him.
    Vanilla: Hmmm.....You guys go ahead. We will be following you five a bit far behind it.
    Tenkai: This time I want a very good reason.
    Vanilla:...Women stuff.
    Kasa:....Good reason.
    Edward: But-
    She threatens Edward with her sickle.
    Kasa: Good. Reason.
    Tenkai:...Yeah, I'll buy that.
    The five remaining of the group goes ahead and the remaining two follows far behind with a depressed Edward.
    Edward: I feel miserable.
    Billy: Don't worry commander, to understand a maiden's heart is a difficult task to every man.
    Kasa: You think so?
    Billy: Yes. Even in the North Pole, they say that Marusians don't know about sentimentality because they think there are only male Marusians...But we do understand and there are female Marusians. They are just very different.
    Kasa: I bet is the lack of moustache?
    Billy: Actually is the lack of fangs, but you are not wrong.
    Florencia: So, what is it Vanilla?
    Vanilla: I wish to know...What does Johnnathan think about me?
    Florencia:...You mean, you specifically?
    Vanilla: Yes!
    Vanilla: Flor?
    Florencia: (Oh boy, I can't lie to her of all times...) Well...He cares for you. In fact, you're the one he is most concerned as of lately. He fears he might lose you.
    Vanilla: Really?! He cares that much about me?! I feel so...Happy!
    Florencia: (Well, it is the truth, but not the truth you want.)
    Vanilla:...But...Is it because he think I am...fragile.
    Florencia: What?
    Vanilla: Is it because I am a burden?
    Florencia senses sadness rising on her soul.
    Florencia: That is not it. You're pretty much the best magic user on our group. And of course you have some weakness, but who doesn't have? Heck, we fairies where never know about our sturdiness, and here I am co-leading this crew.
    Vanilla: I suposse you are right...I feel relieved to hear that. That cheered me up a little bit.
    Florencia: I have to look out for the health of our comrades.
    Vanilla: You know Flor, some times I forgot how more mature you are next to me. Even though we both seem to have the same age, you are years ahead of me isn't it?
    Florencia: Well, no need to remind me that I am pretty much coming of age, but since Fairies ages slower than humans we tend to have our age mistaken most of the times.
    Vanilla: Sorry if I offended you somehow...The same thing is for werewolves and hybrids right?
    Florencia: Yeah. West, Johnnathan and Tenkai ages about the same as me.
    Vanilla: So you all get to look younger for a bit more time than me or Edward, huh? That sucks.
    Florencia: Well, longer the youth longer the fight, I guess?
    Vanilla: Maybe...but if I remember correctly...You are older than West aren't you?
    Florencia: Okay. We shoud stop now.
    On the roof of a house, Johnnathan got on the top by wall jumping in the alley and looks around for a bit.
    Johnnathan:...Okay, I know you are out there. You might hide your sound, but you can't shut up the noises of "Kill this guy" all over it so-
    Suddenly a shuriken hits his face and he catches it with his mouth.
    Johnnathan:*spit* I hope it is not poisonous.
    Then a figure in black holding two katanas tries to impale him from above. Johnnathan dodges and tries to retalliates when he lands but when he swing his sword, the figure disappears in a smokescreen and leaves a log on his place.
    Johnnathan: Bloody Hell. How did he-
    He appears again from behind it ready for the killing stike, but Johnnathan reacts and blocks it and they trade several blows.
    Johnnathan: Hey, a dual-wielding fan. You don't see much of these nowadays.
    ???: Do you always take things light like this?
    Johnnathan: I don't know. Do you make people to not take you seriouslt like this?
    ???: You will pay for your insolence. Remark the name of the one who will bring you death...Hanzo!
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    Chapter 55: Asuka, General of Right.

    A fierce battle was bursting on the rooftops of Tsukuyomi without no one noticing it. Johnnathan was facing no one other than the leader of the Hanzo clan. His fightning style revolved around jumping around and attacking him by finding an opening. One thing he couldn't hide was his killing intent.
    Hanzo: Not bad. Your reactions are not dull and your posture is nearly perfect.
    Johnnathan: I always thought ninja were supossed to be less talkative.
    Hanzo: Well said it!
    He jumps high and throws a fan of shurikens at him. Johnnathan deflects they with his swords.
    Johnnathan: Now going from ranged combat? Well-Ark!
    A shuriken then comes from his side and scratches his face.
    Johnnathan: Where did that came-Ouch!
    Another shuriken strikes him from his back. He sees that Hanzo started to leap from place to place throwing shurikens at him from every angle.
    Johnnathan: Guh! If is that so...Red Spiral!
    He launches a red spiral at Hanzo that hits him, but he changes into a log decoy.
    Johnnathan: Another dummy. This is getting annoying.
    Hanzo: How about this instead?
    Hanzo stands behind him and stabs him in the back with one of his swords.
    Johnnathan: Gaah!
    Hanzo: Still alive? How about I decapitate you instead?
    Johnnathan:...Not if I blast your head instead.
    He drops his swords and with his left arm he holds Hanzo's arm that was impaling him and with his right arm, he picks his gun and aim from the back of his head.
    Johnnathan: Boom.
    Hanzo: Guh!
    With a dark explosion shot, he blows part of Hanzo's mask and he is pushed back and releases his sword. Johnnathan then picks the sword impaled in his chest by pulling from the front.
    Johnnathan: You can't do that trick when someone is holding you can't you? And if that was a real bullet you would have died now.
    Hanzo: Tch.
    He gets up and reveals his short brown hair and a black mask over his mouth with eyes filled with rage.
    Hanzo: You...You let yourself being stabbed by purpose didn't you? And you did put too much power of that shot as well. Are you Reds so arrogants as vampires? You still dare to mock me!
    Johnnathan: So you know what I am?
    Hanzo: I also knows "who", Red Beast. You cannot deceive me with this ridiculous outfit.
    Johnnathan: Look. I am not looking for trouble, okay?
    Hanzo: And I am not looking for trouble you might cause....So let rip the roots before the danger is harvested!
    He picks his other sword and dashes at Johnnathan reaching next to him in seconds.
    Johnnathan: So fast!
    Tenkai appears and blocks Hanzo's blade.
    Johnnathan: Tenkai? How did you-
    Tenkai: Step aside Hanzo.
    Hanzo: If it isn't the Blue Monk, Tenkai...Great, now I can take care of two criminals in one go.
    Johnnathan: Criminal? Didn't you were like a crime fighter or something?
    Tenkai: Well, it is complicated.
    Hanzo: A Ronin is not different to a pirate you know. A samurai without any master to serve is just a low vigilante troublemaker.
    Tenkai: If you are so hot in following the order, then you wouldn't mind following this order.
    He toss a letter with a sun symbol to him.
    Hanzo: The Imperial Seal?...As expected, Asuka...You expect me to follow her orders of all people.
    Tenkai: Your sentiments aside, she is still General of Right. Or would you expect dealing with her or Ieyasu personally?
    Hanzo: Tch. Fine, but keep my words Tenkai. Next time I see you or him again in Tsukuyomi, I will bring the entire clan to bring either of you two down as quickly as possible! I don't trust you! I don't trust Asuka or any Blue or Red!
    He toss a smoke ball and disappears. Tenkai then hits Johnnathan's backhead.
    Johnnatahn: Ouch!
    Tenkai: You should had it escape it.
    Johnnathan: Who would guessed it was a ninja?
    Tenkai:...Anyone. Anyone would have guessed. And I figured it out it was Hanzo of all people.
    Johnnathan: You know him?
    Tenkai: The Hanzo clan was always led by a leader chosen to take the name Hanzo. He is the best ninja of Tsukuyomi and his strenght is on par with the 2 general. Usually he tends to be more aggresive than that, but he don't like calling too much attention in the city. Had you met him in the battlefield...You would still be alive, but with more red than you already have.
    Johnnathan: That is the purpose of my red jacket.
    Tenkai:...*sigh* Just follow me.
    They get down of the rooftops and heads to another empty alley. There he press a certain brick block in the wall that opens a secret stair in the wall.
    Johnnathan:...One question: Isn't there any chance of someone else finding this?
    Tenkai: This whole place is protected by an illusion. This place only exists by a few chosen's eyes.
    Johnnathan:...Everybody is usind illusions nowadays.
    They go deeper down and they face an entire street market under Tsukuyomi.
    Tenkai: This is the Hybrid Market. Only Ieyasu and the generals knows about it.
    The market was filled with merchants and their stands. In the borders, pillage of houses were standing at each others like a slum with a very worn castle far ahead. And every single person in there had one azure eye.
    Johnnathan: All these people...Are Blue Hybrids?
    Tenkai: Yes. This is the safest place for they to live. Heavens knows what would happens if Hanzo finds this.
    Johnnathan: When you think about it, he is not very good at this ninja job.
    Tenkai: I....Agree. Come, our friends are this way.
    They wanders through the market while Johnnathan looks around at the various...exotic things. There were fingers with sharp nails, giant eyeballs and guts on sticks.
    Johnnathan: Are those hexing materials?
    Tenkai: This is actually the food district. Wanna have a Hormone Stick? I pay it.
    Johnnathan: Thanks, but no thanks.
    Tenkai: Wanna see the Hexing District?
    Johnnathan:...Interesting, but we are kinda in a hurry, so-
    A fire wheel crossed their path.
    Johnnathan:....WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!
    Tenkai: A Fire Wheel. They pop up from time to time.
    "I knew your father."
    He hears the wheel from behind and the wheel fades away.
    Johnnathan:...Tenkai, let's run.
    After a stroll from the market, the two reaches the castle after increasing their speed. Johnnathan was hyperventillating.
    Johnnathan:*huff* Okay...The little blue guy with one eye...That was scary. I felt like he was gonna hang me or something if I wasn't a man.
    Tenkai: Believe me. On our way to Amaterasu, you will see far more dangerous things.
    He then opens a big door and hears the sounds of feasting.
    "Hey Akechi! You're Baaaaack*hic*"
    They see a woman with a long blonde hair wraped in a ponytail wearing a long white and red coat exposing her bare chest with bandages covering her breasts that apperently was drunk. She was holding Edward in a headlock, pressing him into his chests and the other members of the crew were there surrounding a table full of food.
    Vanilla: Johnny, you're back!
    Florencia: You got us worried.
    Johnnathan: Sorry, it was just a very noisy rat. And....What is Eddie doing it?
    Edward: Guuuuh....
    He was getting suffocated in that woman's arms.
    ???: Oh, this is yours? Well, it is my first time meeting a man from the North Pole you see...Would you care if I keep it. I promise I'll make him very haaaaaaappy*hic*
    Edward: Johnny....Help me...
    Johnnathan:...Sorry, but you I can say for sure that you don't wanna have that. And we will need him more than you.
    Billy: Johnson! That is no way to speak about the commander!
    West: Relax. He is just playing her game.
    ???: Well, if you say so...
    She releases Edward and stands up. She picks a giant plate of sake that was on her side with one arm and drinks everything in one bowl. She reveals her azure eye.
    ???: Pleased to meet you. General Asuka at your service...*hic*

    General of Right, Asuka the Oni.
    Race: Blue Hybrid.
    The heaviest drinker in all Taiyo.

    Asuka: Oh, you're the Red that Tenkai talked about it isn't it? It is my first time seeing one. Where have you been?
    Johnnathan: Well-
    Tenkai: Hanzo happened.
    Asuka: Well, that explains it.
    Florencia: Hanzo? Didn't he died more than 20 years ago?
    Asuka: Oh, that was the previous Hanzo. There has been a lot of Hanzos in Taiyo. He's a Hanzo, I'm a Hanzo, we are aaaaaall Hanzos.*hic*
    Kasa: I must say, I was not expecting one of the generals to be a Hybrid.
    Asuka: Well, it was hard at first, but when you clobber a few idiots head two times or so, you get the recognition you deserves it...So sweetie, how it was the west?
    Kasa:....My freedom was a bit lacking in there.
    Asuka: Really? What a letdown.
    Tenkai: Asuka, can I ask you a favor?
    Asuka: Aaany favors you need, handsome.
    Tenkai: Would you care look after her while we go to Amaterasu? She has passed through a lot.
    Kasa: Ah, Tenkai-san...You don't need..
    Asuka: Alright!
    Kasa: Eh?
    Asuka: I always wanted a little sister od sort. I will take goooood care of her.
    She then starts to hug and cuddle her.
    Kasa: Uuuugh...-__-
    Tenkai: Then can we procceed to Vista Plain?
    Asuka: Oooow, you alredy going it? But we don't see each other in years....
    Tenkai: Sorry Asuka, but...Family comes first.
    Asuka: ....Shucks.
    She knocks the wall behind her and a secret passageway opens.
    Johnnathan: What is the deal of secret passages nowadays?
    Asuka: There. That will take you to outside the city....Now scam!
    She goes back drinking with a bad mood holding Kasa in her arms.
    Kasa: Guuuh....Help me.
    Tenkai:...I'm sorry Asuka.
    He leaves the room through the secret passage.
    Johnnathan: That was weird.
    He follows Tenkai and the rest follows through. Vanilla then turns back and bows despite the awkward moment.
    Vanilla: Thanks for the food.
    Kasa: Hm? Asuka-sama, are you crying it?
    Asuka:...Shut up and drink it!
    Kasa: Gluuuugh!
    She forces a bottle of sake into her mouth.
    As they finishes passing through the passage, then stumble across some kind of woods. The passage then mysteriously disappears in misy.
    Tenkai: We are out of Tsukuyomi. I know this forest, I've grew nearby here. Follow my lead. From now on, it will be trouble all the way.
    Johnnathan: What is our destination?
    Tenkai: See that mountain over there? That is where the Yuki-Onna Clan lives by. We will be safe there before going to Vista Plain.
    Edward: Yuki-Onna? What is that?
    Tenkai: It is a Tokai Clan that is not under the Kitsune Clan. They are know for being masters of Ice and Snow.
    Johnnathan: Tenkai, what is exactly your relationship with General Asuka?
    Tenkai: Me and her used to be childhood friends. She was the only one who knew of my heritage. She helped me a lot during my teen years.
    Johnnathan:...I think she loves you.
    Tenkai:...It is not important right now. Let's keep moving. This place may have lots of ears and eyes.
    Edward: Well, we follow your lead then chump.
    The begin their long travel to Amaterasu as they walk to the forest. When they are far away, a nearby rock turns into a big spider made of rock. The spider looks at they and digs deep underground going somewhere unknow.
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    Chapter 56: The one chapter that there is a choice.

    Amaterasu, home of Kitsune Headquarters, a city that covered most of the northern region of Taiyo, a man in black robes that covered most of his body awaits in a nearby shrine. A rock spider appears next to him and climb his shoulders. It's eyes starts to glow.
    ???: I see...And is that....Yes....Perfect.
    The spider crumbles and the man stands up. He has six arms and six glowing eyes.

    Tsuchigumo, Leader of the Spider Clan.
    Age: 999 years.
    Ninetails' main strategist.

    At the highest floor of the Ninetails Castle, three figures were surrounding a round table. They were Shiha, Leader of the Tanuki Clan, Akihara, Leader of the Tengu Clan and Makoto, The Ninetails. Tsuchigumo enters with a cane on his lower left arm and the remaining arms crossed on the back.
    Tsuchigumo: Sorry for the late. I was receiving important news.
    Akihara: It is better be important, since we are pretty much done here.
    Tsuchigumo: It is about Tenkai, The Blue Monk. It seems he brought some friends from outside and they are heading towards Amaterasu.
    Akihara: So, he went to the outside world to bring an army? Typical. How many?
    Tsuchigumo: Let's see, conting him...Seven.
    Akihara: What?! He attempts to storm one of the 3 Dark Lords with only six men?! Is he mocking us?!
    Tsuchigumo: They are no common people. They have a fairy and a native from the North Pole Federation...And the Red Beast.
    Shiha: The Red Beast? Even him?
    Akihara:...I certainly wasn't expecting to him to make contact with the Black Demon forces. What do you say, Kyuubi-sama?
    Makoto:...One more bug will be no trouble. Let's just continue with our current strategy. We will crush General Soma's defenses and take all of Vista Plains to us. And then...We destroy Tsukuyomi.
    Shiha looks at her with fear.
    Tsuchigumo:...Tell me milady, wouldn't be better to refrain to such violent methods? Would it be far more of a pleasure to have the humans praise you like a godness.
    Makoto: We are not gods, Tsuchigumo. We all grow old and die one day.
    Tsuchigumo:...With a few thousands of years of diference.
    Makoto: This short meeting is over. You three focus on taking General Soma. And about Tenkai and The Red Best, I will deal with them myself...If they can reach us of course.
    She leaves the room and go to her private quarters.
    Tsuchigumo: She seems to have lost totally every drop of hope in her soul...Good.
    In the way on her private room, Makoto does a quick stop and breaths deeply. She stares at the ceiling and closes her eyes. She reminds of the good times she had with Yoshimetsu and her son.
    Makoto:...Akechi. Did you really only used us?...No matter. You're dead now.
    She continues and reaches her quarters. She steps in and Shiha was there.
    Makoto:...Shiha. I thought we had nothing more to talk today.
    Shiha: What I have to say cannot be heard to even our closest allies...And by closest I mean Akihara and not Tsuchigumo.
    She sees the surroundings of her room and notices multiple leaves on fire making some kind of barrier.
    Makoto: A Illusionary Wall...Clever.
    Shiha: Kyuubi-sama...Do you really want this? Do you really wanna low yourself to the same level of that Raven fellow?
    Makoto:...For thousands of years this has been the Kitsunes' goal. What makes me different?
    Shiha: You once nearly ended this feud and almost achieved true peace. None of the previous Kyuubis reached that far. Kyuubi-sama, it is not too late to come back to these previous days from 20 years ago.
    Makoto: It is. Without Yoshimestsu we don't have any bridge that connect us to mankind.
    Shiha: And what about the other one?
    Makoto: Which other one?
    Shiha:...I know about Sanzuke, Kyuubi-sama.
    Makoto: Ah! What?! Shiha, where did you heard of this name?!
    Shiha: I know everything...About you and General Akechi...And your son, Sanzuke. How do you think no one here suspected your absences? I was covering you the whole time. Even Akihara didn't suspected one bit.
    Shiha: You two were so cute together...And your son was so adorable...And when you smiled together with they made me feel so...happy.
    The Ninetails looks at Shiha with regret, but then closes her eyes and opens with rage filled ones.
    Makoto:...And so what? You expect that the son of the traitorous general and the Kyuubi might change anything?
    Shiha: Kyuubi-sama...That day at The Fall, do you really think that was General Akechi? You never saw him, but he was at your side for more than 20 years, a woman like you could recognize if he was lying or not way sooner. And what was that army he used to kill Nobunaga? There is just too much left unanswered.
    Makoto:...The fact that they took away Yoshimetsu from me didn't changed it one bit. Besides, I didn't find Sanzuke since that day. He might have died that day too. Now please Shiha, leave and don't bring this topic ever again...But thanks for being a loyal servant and keeped this secret from everyone.
    A disappointed Shiha leaves the room, but not before saying one last thing as she was one step away from the exit.
    Shiha: If you really forgot about they...Then why do you keep those?
    She was talking about his son's gifts that were organized in one place. She didn't say any more words and leaves. Makoto then goes next to these objects and picks a frog music box. She opens and closes her eyes listening to the music in one side of the wall.
    Meanwhile at Johnnathan's group's side, after walking through the forest they reach the mountain's road. The path stretched far up, but the snowy part was still far away from they.
    Edward: Hmmm...That was a rather relaxing walk wasn't it?
    Johnnathan: Really? How many weird things did we came across that I couldn't tell where the head or the tail was?
    Vanilla: Still, they were kinda peaceful weren't they?
    A Fire Wheel passes through they and only Johnnathan was scared?
    Johnnathan: Am I the only one who gets scared by that?!
    West: Low down Johnny. I picking something....
    He puts his ears on the ground and closes his eyes.
    West:....Flor, check out things at 10 o clock.
    Florencia: Roger.
    She flies and looks at West's direction.
    Florencia: My Mother Nature....
    Johnnathan: What do you picked up.
    Florencia: It is a battle, Johnny. Lots of samurai fighting a lot of foxes on fire.
    Tenkai: The fight stretched this far? That direction is one of the earlier borders of Tsukuyomi's territory.
    Florencia: Wait...There is more...Woah!
    Vanilla: What is it Flor?
    Florencia: There is a man with a scar over his eye with impressive archery skills. His accuracy is not half-bad. He is holding his own pretty well, but things are still ugly. It is like a buffet in there. The good ones of course. And...I think he noticed me and is giving me a one of those gentlemanly signals.
    West: He did what?!
    Florencia:...I guess I should return the favor.
    She shots a rain of arrows that reduces some of the forces.
    West: Hey! Come back down here this instant!
    Florencia: Jealous, sweetie?
    West: Yeah! I'm jealous alright! I'm King Jealous!
    She goes down and starts teasing him more.
    Vanilla: Honestly, I don't know how these two works out.
    Billy: They say the opposites attracts each other...I guess it is true.
    Edward: So Tenkai, any idea who might be that?
    Tenkai: That is definetly General of Left, Soma. He is second to no one with the bow.
    Johnnathan: So, I guess they are holding their own for a while. Now, can we climb it?
    Tenkai:...Let's go help they.
    Edward: What?
    West: We kinda already done that.
    Tenkai: If by any chances he falls there, Tsukuyomi will be in trouble.
    Johnnathan:...But that is their problem. We should focus on reaching Amaterasu as quickly as possible.
    Billy: Johnson! That was so very inconsiderate and cold!
    Vanilla: Yeah Johnny. We all come here to help Taiyo didn't we?
    Johnnathan: No. We came here to take back The Fox Heart. You know, they do their things we do our things.
    Billy: Should we do a voting on this?
    Vanilla: Well, I vote for going help they!
    Florencia:....And I vote for no.
    Vanilla: What? Why Flor?
    Florencia: We are acting outside of Taiyo's orders. Even if we help they, it might gonna question us and Asuka alone cannot prevent this. It will delay us more than it should.
    West: Don't forget that Hanzo guy might kill us if we go back to Tsukuyomi.
    Edward:....If that is the case then I will absent my vote.
    Tenkai:...Very well, I'll go alone there. When you reach the summit, just say my name. Unlike the Kitsunes, the Yuki-Onnas are reasonable.
    Johnnathan:...Not so fast, Tenkai.
    He points his gun at Tenkai as he showed his back on they.
    Edward: What? Johnny! The hell are you doing?
    Florencia: Shit. There is a lot of tension building up between these two.
    West: This might be good.
    Tenkai:...Johnny-san. What is the meaning of this?
    Johnnathan: I like you Tenkai. I reaaaally like. I mighty even falling in love.
    Vanilla: Eeeeeh?!
    Billy: Hm? He swings that way?
    Johnnathan: But I don't like Sanzuke.
    Edward: Sanzuke? Who's that?
    Florencia: Sanzuke....
    She then stares at Tenkai.
    Florencia: Huh. So that how is it.
    West: What?
    Florencia: Secret.
    Johnnathan: I am not gonna let you go off that easily. You talk about possibilities, then here is one. It would be very bad if you would rush to your death in that battlefield.
    Tenkai: Then come with me then.
    Johnnathan: Sorry, but we don't do charity here. You are a key component on this operation and the Fox Heart is what is putting this weird cast of individuals together in one common goal. So, will you come back and lead the way.
    Billy: Damn. This Special Squad is tough bussiness.
    Tenkai: Johnnathan Highlander....Don't make me point my blade at you.
    Johnnathan: Then don't point it.
    The two hybrids stares at each other with killing intent. What will happen next?

    Let's make a game shall we? PM me if you want to have they to fight or not fight and see what happens.
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    Happy Birthday to me!!
    Chapter 57: Red Vs Blue.

    Johnnathan knew very well that if he points a weapon at someone, he should be prepared to receive a few wounds at least and to throw away his own life at most. That is what his pirate life always taught him since being under his brother's wing. Tenkai also realized that he had a choice to make it and knew that Johnnathan wasn't totally wrong either. But it was a man's own heart that he should follow.
    Tenkai:...I always thought you would be far more reasonable, Johnny.
    Johnnathan: Well, I don't see anything far from logic here.
    Tenkai: This isn't so bad, actually.
    Johnnathan: How is that not-
    Johnnathan: Yow!
    Tenkai does a fast swing with his sword and sheats his blade in a instant that leaves a long fissure in the ground that went to Johnnathan's direction. Johnnathan dodges, but a tree a few meters away above a hill gets sliced in half together with the hill.
    West:*whistle* That flew far.
    Johnnathan: Huh. That would be useful in opening ca-
    Tenkai clashes his sword at Johnnathan who quickly blocks with one of his swords.
    Johnnathan: Stubborn blue.
    He aims his gun at him, but Tenkai kicks it upward. He procceds by releasing a fury of sword attacks at Johnnathan.
    Johnnathan: Well, that is more my style anyway.
    He reacts and starts clashing blades with him.
    Vanilla: Not again! Someone stop this. We're allies!
    Billy: Commander! Do something! You're in charge!
    Edward: Er, sorry. But, Johnson is in charge here.
    Billy: Really? But for that he had to be someone of Miilera or Walpole's caliber. Just who is this Johnson anyway?
    Edward: He is a....Privateer for Blitzreign. Yes, he became one just last week.
    Billy: Hmmm...Makes sense. After all an official of Blitzreign isn't far more suitable for being in some kind of special force team than a privateer.
    Johnnathan swinged both his swords and pushed away Tenkai.
    Tenkai: Hmpf.
    Tenkai then picks his blade and starts to put back on his sheat.
    Tenkai: Phantom Fire.
    When he finishes, slashes containing blue flames appears around Johnnathan's body.
    Johnnathan: Gah!
    Vanilla:*gasp* Johnny! What did Tenkai done it?
    Billy: It is just like what he did it with that Sea Dragon.
    Edward: That...Was Iai wasn't it?
    Vanilla: Iai?
    Florencia: It is a sword technique that consists on a quick slash from your katana and then quickly returning to it's sheat. It is common used by the samurai.
    West: Still, for him to deliver this much of attacks without any of us seeing is quite the feat.
    Johnnathan: Well...new things I learned today. A quick drawing technique combined with foxfire is quite the bother.
    Tenkai then lights his sword on fire inside the sheath.
    Tenkai: Purgatory!
    He delivers a slash like the first, but this one looked like a line of fire going straigh at him. Johnnathan charges his swords and deflects it, making 2 blue fire fissures going at different ways on his sides that goes deep to the forest in the back. Blue smokes could be seen from afar.
    Johnnathan:...And combined with the strenght of a blue hybrid...Bloody hell.
    He then goes to the offense and faces Tenkai.
    Florencia: Good grief. They are damaging the local wildlife pretty badly.
    West: Anyway, this is a ugly-looking fight isn't it? What do you think Flor?
    Florencia:...Johnnathan have the upper hand when it comes to magic, but Tenkai has the upper hand in physical strenght. And Johnny was never the magical type anyway.
    West: Come on, Johnny is still keeping in his feet isn't he? It takes more than a few flesh wounds to take him down. Besides, when he finds an opening, this will be over in a flash.
    Florencia: That if there is an opening.
    West: Hey, be more supportive to our chief will you.
    Florencia: Says the guy who got his ass handed to him a while ago.
    West: I just took down a Lagomoth, so I am over with it.
    Vanilla: Er, guys...Should any of you two be trying to stop they?
    Florencia:...Johnny and Tenkai, stop you two this instant.
    Those Two: No!
    Florencia:...I did my best.
    Vanilla: Oooh. If it was West you would actually try won't you?
    Florencia: Vanilla, sweetie listen...You're totally correct.
    Vanilla: You're horrible sometimes.-__-
    Billy: That is it, I'm stopping this!
    He picks his shell morning star and throws at they.
    Edward: Wait!
    Edward swings his spear downards slamming the shell into the ground.
    Billy: Commander!
    Edward: Not interfere soldier. This has nothing to do with any of us, even if they are our allies. Some things must be done the hard way.
    Billy: Y-Yes sir...I didn't knew you could handle a spear like that.
    Edward: Oh. I learned to do it recently, hehe.
    Billy: In such a short time? That is Commander for you.
    Florencia:(How long will we have to keep this facade?)
    Vanilla: (Should I petrify they? No, it might take a while for they to come back. Maybe a sleep spell...No if I use in Johnnathan he might hate me...Damnit! Why didn't they taught me anyhting to do in this specific situation?!)
    Back to the fight, Johnnathan hold his swords in a fencing position.
    Johnnathan: Red Fury!
    He unleashes a rapid fire of stab strikes at Tenkai.
    West: He is trying to break his blade and opening his defence. Noice.
    But then Tenkai jumps and gets over Johnnathan holding his sword in his sheath.
    Tenkai: Heavens Strike.
    He delivers a single sword slash in flames that creates a entire fissure in the ground that extended meters of distance, except from where Johnnathan standed and blocked it.
    Johnnathan: Damn, I felt that.
    Florencia: Behind you Johnny.
    Tenkai appears from behind for a horizontal slash, but he blocks with his left sword.
    Florencia: Even by resorting to long distance attacks, he gets advantage by keeping him close and then goes back to close combat. Smart.
    During their clash, Johnnathan starts a conversation with Tenkai.
    Johnnathan: Let's just say in the hypothetical scenario, you beat me and maybe kill me, what are you gonna do next?
    Tenkai: Aid Soma in battle. Didn't I make that clear?
    Johnnathan: You know I am the captain here. No one else from this group will help you after that. Your original plan will go down the drain.
    Tenkai: Then just give up.
    Johnnathan: Sorry man, but once a Red Beast, always a Red Beast. That is the gold rule of the Highlander Pirate Code. Red Upper!
    He uses a Red Upper to break his defence.
    West: Opening!
    Tenkai: Land Strike!
    He quickly hold his sword and swings it on fire, doing a heavy strike on the groung that leaves a giant tower of foxfire on front of him.
    Florencia: Guess not.
    But Johnnathan had already increased his distance and got ready for a Red Spiral.
    Johnnathan: Red Spiral!
    He unleashes a Red Spiral that flies towards Tenkai.
    Tenkai: Useless!
    He pick his katana and deflects the mountain's direction.
    Tenkai: Gah!
    A dark explosive shot hits his elbow.
    Florencia: That's...
    She sees Johnnathan holding his gun.
    Florencia: I see. His plan was to take back his gun when Tenkai wasn't aware it and find a chance to fire it by surprise. Clever.
    West: Told you. Opening.
    Tenkai: This...Is still...Not-
    Tenkai: Gah!
    Johnnathan appears in front of him and slams his sword handle in his neck.
    Johnnathan: Now it is over.
    Tenkai falls unconscious.
    West:.....Gimme 10 bucks.
    Johnnathan: Hey Billy.
    Billy: Hm?
    He picks Tenkai and throws at Billy.
    Johnnathan: Carry him. We are climbing this mountain.
    Billy:....Yes sir.
    Johnnathan and Billy goes ahead.
    Edward: Damn. Hybrids are scary aren't they?
    Vanilla: Not saying that Johnny was wrong or anything, but...I think he went too far.
    Florencia:...When he decided to join us, he was aware that Johnnathan was in charge. Or at least had to be.
    West: If Johnnathan couldn't keep one man under control and let they do whatever they wanted...This group would never gone far from this. Let's keep going.
    Florencia and West goes ahead.
    Vanilla:...I thought they were good people, but...I just dont know if I can trust they now.
    Edward:...Look Vanilla, things aren't as black and white as you think. I say this because I have been living in the other side of morale far longer than you. But even so, there are people of good nature that live this kind of life for whatever reason they have.
    Vanilla: You think so?
    Edward: Sure. I mean, you never seen Johnnathan doing anything more cold than what he did now didn't he? Well, maybe that time against that masked dude in Circa, but he done this because he cares for Tenkai. And he has other priorities now...Look, if you ever starts doubting any of our comrades...I will stay at your side okay. Even though it contradicts what I believe.
    Vanilla:...Teehee. You are an honest fool you know that Edward?
    Edward: I am aware. I never had any friends in my youth and I don't feel like losing it right now.
    Vanilla: Is that so?...I never felt so treasured in my life outside of my father you know.
    Edward: Hehe...Maybe it is because we are the only humans in this group of weirdos.
    Vanilla:...Well, we can't be let become the weirdos of the group then.
    She picks his arms and starts pulling him while walking to the mountain.
    Edward: Whoa! What gives?
    Vanilla: We can't slack off Eddie. If you stay behind too long, your precious friends are gonna get away.
    Edward: Oh.
    He takes a look ahead and see his comrades a bit far ahead.
    Edward:...Yeah. I couldn't call myself a Treasure Hunter if I let those pass so easily like this.
    Meanwhile at the battlefield, the Samurai were being attacked by Kitsunes in every direction, some attacking in fox form and others in armed humanshape form. But as the number of foxes increases, so is the number of arrows that are shot. General Soma is standing on his feet.
    He hits three with one shot of his bow.
    Soma: I am running out of arrows here.
    Samurai A: We're doing our best sir.
    Soma:...I am not blaming you. Heck, I am not expecting much from any of you anyway.
    He says with a tone of indiference and carelessnes. Suddenly a wounded samurai with his armor shattered and cut comes.
    Samurai B: Sir! It is bad! It's-GWAA!
    A strong wind passes and cuts through the fallen soldier.
    Soma: Those are...
    A group of hooded figures with weasel faces and 3 sickle shaped fingers in each hands appears in a whirlwind.
    Soma: The Kamaitachi clan. This one will be tough.
    Samurai A: They can strike as the wind...Is it over? Will that light from above save us?
    Soma: I don't think so...But how about a meteor?
    The Kamaitachi starts to attack and goes after Soma's head, but a giant blue body of fire appears from above and strikes the ground like a meteor, sending all those nearby miles away.
    Soma: I think this is the first time I say this, but I'm glad you're here General Asuka.
    Asuka: Geez, this isn't the first time I save your bacon.
    She appears from the crater she creates with a large mace in hand.
    Kamaitachi A: General of Right, Asuka? Interesting. Your head is mine!
    Asuka: Nope!
    The Kamaitachi tries to decapitate her, but she was faster and swings her mace sending the poor weasel far to the sky.
    Kamaitachi B:...There goes Ichigo.
    Fox A: General of Left Soma and General of Right Asuka...If we can take those two right now, Tsukuyomi is good as ours.
    Fox B: We must concentrate at Soma first. He is not a Hybrid and is already on his limits.
    Asuka: Hmm...Things are getting rough over there. Junior!
    Kasa appears hidden from the woods covering her weapon on flames and strikes a lot of they with her sickle and chain like a firework.
    Fox C: What? Another one?!
    Kasa: How was that Asuka-san?
    Asuka: Great! Nice job on your first Kitsune Fighting!
    Soma: Another recruit?
    Asuka: This is Kasa. She is a Hybrid that have been living overseas for quite a while. I kinda adopted her. Isn't she cuuuute?
    She starts to pinch her cheeks.
    Kasa: Guuuuh...Easy on my face.-__-
    Asuka: Now Soma...What is the deal with this shameful display? A man of your caliber usually wouldn't let the fight come this far.
    Soma: At this situation, I thought it would be better if I stayed far from the enemy lines.
    Asuka: Hah! You chicken. Did old age turned you into a coward old man.
    Soma: I am not that old.
    Kasa: You guys know we are in a warzone isn't it?
    Asuka: Oh no big deal little sister. We are like this all the time.
    She procceds by smashing a nearby Kitsune, planting it into the ground.
    Asuka: Also, I am not a woman who is know to slack off if not accompanied.
    Several kunais appears from nowhere and strikes the Yokai. Then a bunch of ninja appears.
    Fox D: The Hanzo Clan!
    Soma: Hanzo is here?
    Asuka: Nope. He went ahead.
    Soma: Ahead? Where?
    Asuka: To Amaterasu of course. We are here for clear the way.
    Soma:...I understand. I'll back you.
    Asuka: I was looking out of showing the place to my new little sis. You ready Junior?
    Kasa: I am not happy in fighting my mom's people, but I have no choice.
    The two put their weapons ablaze and charges. Far away a large cavalry unit is watching through a nearby hill and a samurai using a small telescope spy the battle.
    Samurai C: Asuka and the Hanzo Clan made contact with the enemy. Should we advance.
    ???: No. Let's have faith in Asuka and Soma. I want to finish this with less casualities as possible.
    Said a man wearing a silver and golden armor mounted on a horse.
    Samurai: As you say, Lord Ieyasu.
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    Chapter 58: The Maiden of Snow.

    Through the snowy path, the group keeps walking to the top. They couldn't see how much road them covered since climbing. Tenkai was still unconscious on Billy's shoulders. Johnnathan then give the signal to stop.
    Florencia: What is it, Johnny?
    Johnnathan: We will rest here. Vanilla, if you may...
    Vanilla: Yes!
    She creates a large flame pillar that turns into a big bonfire. The group sits around it.
    Edward: For someone who was in a hurry, you seem pretty hesitant.
    Johnnathan: I just thought it wouldn't be needed to climb far more than we already have.
    Edward: What do you mean?
    Johnnathan: Nothing. This cold kinda reminds of that time going to Ceranze doesn't it?
    Billy: Ceranze...I heard the mountains before that place tends to be colder than the North Pole.
    Johnnathan: I heard The North Pole isn't as cold as the South, right? I went there once.
    Billy: Really?
    Johnnathan: Yeah, those Forsterians are kinda cute.
    Billy: I am not very fond of they to be exactly.
    Johnnathan: Right...Right...Say Flor, any news of the fight down below?
    Florencia: I have been keeping in check. It seems Asuka, Kasa and a group of ninja aided they in battle. This is just my personal point of view, but they are holding their own pretty well.
    Johnnathan: Well, I hope this can calm our blue friend's soul a little bit.
    Billy: Still...He has been out for quite a while doesn't he?
    Johnnathan: Maybe he refuses to wake up. I never thought he would be this wimpy.
    Edward: Johnny! Stop being disrespectful!
    Florencia: Tenkai was the one who was disrespectful in the first place.
    Edward: Et Tu Flor?!
    West: Let's not have this talk again, please.
    Vanilla: W-Well, on another note, Kasa is down there in the frontlines isn't it? Shouldn't we be worried about it?
    Billy: I'll be honest, I am concerned about it that. She doesn't strike me as a soldier.
    Johnnathan: She will be fine. I seen her fight, she is far more than capable.
    Billy: Hmmm...She doesn't appear to be part of this squad, now that I think about it.
    Edward: Oh yeah, we were just giving her a ride home. We met her at Circa. She has some bussiness with this war you see.
    Billy: Is that so?
    West then takes a look at a nearby large wall at their side whose top couldn't be seen.
    West: What the? Hey Johnny. Was that your doing it?
    He points at a massive hole that it seemed like something pierced through it.
    Johnnathan: Oh..It must be from that time...It never had all this strenght before. I guess Tenkai somehow added more strenght at it. Damn, Blue Hybrids are scary.
    Edward: You are the one to talk.
    Johnnathan: Hmmm...This wall is perfect.
    West: What are you planning now?
    He walks towards the wall and flex his legs.
    Johnnathan: Let's see how much I can go.
    He engulfs his leg with a purple aura and starts running in the wall, going up and up.
    Billy: What the?!
    Edward: Oh my!
    Florencia: He is running in the wall...Like a lizard.
    Vanilla: Johnny is not a lizard!
    West: Hey, where did he go?
    Florencia: Oh...I can't see him...
    He lands right behind them.
    Vanilla: Gah! Where did you come from?
    Johnnathan: Welp, about 15 meters more. Man, it has been a while since I climbed rocks.
    West: What was that all about it.
    Johnnathan: It is a thing me and my brother used to do back home. We were raised in a mountainous area, so we created a way to easier climb up high places. We charges our feet with dark magic and run in the walls. Neat, huh?
    Florencia: I...Am impressed.
    West then looks at his hands.
    West:...I bet I can beat you to it.
    Johnnathan: You? No way. You have been going with this dark magic stuff since what? That time I kicked your tail back in Circa?
    West: Don't go talking to the guy who did most work back in there. I'm gonna rock you, you asshole.
    Johnnathan: Bring it on you piece of trash.
    West turns into a wolf and charges his claws and feet and the two of they race in the wall.
    Edward: Man, Dark Magic can do anything.
    Billy:....Say Commander, I wanted to ask you about something.
    Edward: What is it?
    Billy: When General Asuka was pressing you against her body...Did you felt any kind of...Pleasure?
    Edward then blushes.
    Edward:W-W-Whaaaat? Where did that came from?
    Billy: Well, it just because you were all red back there. I was waiting for the opportunity to ask, but I fear the men of our group might get the wrong idea.
    Edward: You are the one getting the wrong idea here! It was suffocating in there.
    Billy: And if I remember correctly, isn't she the kind of woman you like?
    Edward: Well, maybe HUMAN woman, but-
    Billy: I am saying this, because you have a family back h-
    Edward: LaLaLaLaLaaaa~I am not hearing you!
    From afar Vanilla is watching their conversation while firmly grasping her staff.
    Florencia: Vanilla, something the matter?
    Vanilla:...You know, that scene with Asuka holding Eddie all the time is still in mind...And for some reason every time I think about it, I can't help but to fell that was...wrong. It gives me a feeling of strong rejection. Maybe it is because she was so vulgar.
    Florencia: Oh...Good.
    Vanilla: Why is it good?
    Florencia: Nothing. (Almost there. You can do it Edward!)
    "Who goes there!"
    They heard a loud female voice from afar. Like a ghost a woman a white kimono and a silver long hair with a ponytail knoted at the side appears from the snow.
    Woman: You lot...You don't look from either Tsukuyomi or Amaterasu...State your bussiness!
    Billy: Is that...One of the snow women Tenkai talked about it?
    Woman: Wait...That man...*gasp* Sanzuke!!
    Edward: Who?
    Billy: I heard this name before.
    Woman: You bastards! How dare you assault Sanzuke of all people!
    Edward: Lady, we-
    Woman: Silence!
    She releases a blizzard directly at Edward that makes him frozen solid inside an ice cube.
    Billy: Commander!
    Vanilla: Edward!!
    Billy: Vile witch! I shall avenge the commander's death!
    Florencia: He is still alive you dolt.
    Billy: For the Federaaaaaaation!
    He charges straight into the woman.
    Woman: I don't know what kind of Yokai are you, but you're gonna turn into ice!
    She releases a snowstorm at Billy, but he is unnafected.
    Woman: What?
    Billy: Don't understimate the Marusian's thick fat. Acrobatic Formation!
    He then does a frontal flip and dives into the woman and smash into the ground.
    Billy: Hm? Where is she?
    She than appears from the snow in the ground.
    Woman: I don't know who you are seal creature, but no one rules the cold outside of the Yuki-Onnas!
    She forms a large sword of ice and prepares to strike him.
    Vanilla: Flamthrower!
    Vanilla points her staff and releases a stream of fire that melts the sword.
    Woman: A spellcaster. What kind of group are you?
    Vanilla than melts the ice around Edward with a small bonfire and Florencia introduces themselves.
    Florencia: We are a group of allies that Sanzuke gathered from the outsude world.
    Vanilla: Florencia, who is Sanzuke?
    Then Johnnathan and West appears from above.
    Johnnathan: Hahaha! I win!
    West: Don't go counting victory when by the first time you were only 10 meters high.
    Woman: Is that...A Werewolf? And a Red Hybrid?
    Johnnathan: Oh hey. It is the welcoming party? You saw our signal didn't you?
    Woman: You mean the fire? You knew we were gonna notice it?
    Johnnathan: I had a hunch. That is all.
    Woman: Who are you?
    Johnnathan: That guy's friend. He told us that your clan could help us.
    Woman: Sanzuke? What happened to him?
    Johnnathan: Well, lets just say we had a hindrance in the way.
    West: Can someone tell me what is a Sanzuke?
    Florencia: It is Tenkai's real name. Akechi Sanzuke.
    Johnnathan: Spying on other hearts again aren't you you naughty fairy?
    Woman: A fairy? I can say you lot aren't together by nothing. I guess Sanzuke really found some very specific cast of characters after all. Very well, follow me to the Snow Maiden's Village, but you aren't allowed to leave until I speak with Sanzuke.
    Johnnathan: I wouldn't accept any other way. How can I call you?
    Woman: I am Ehihime.I am the leader of the Yuki-Onna Village. And another thing...Are you perhaps the one responsable for that big hole in our mountain?
    Johnnathan: It...Was an accident, I swear.
    Ehihime: Well, no matter I guess.
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    Chapter 59: Cold Approach.

    Hidden in the snow, the village of the Yuki-Onna was hidden as if it was on another dimension. It was a simple village covered in snow not so different from the ones from far below except that all the inhabitants were women. In one of the shacks, Tenkai was resting and restoring from his fight with Johnnathan. The rest of the group and Ehihime were located on the floor above it.
    Edward: Now this is what I call hospitality. Nothing is better than a warm wood house after a walk in the snow.
    Billly: But commander, isn't the North Pole is just like this?
    Edward: Yeah, sure so it is just like home then.
    Billy: The North Pole doesn't have wood. The houses are made of steel.
    Edward: You got my point soldier.
    Ehihime: You better fell pleased. You lot were the first ones to be welcomed in our village after a long time.
    She said with a light annoyed tone.
    Johnnathan: Mighty you tell what is your relationship with Tenkai? How a half-fox became friends with a ice woman is cool story.
    Billy: Boooo...*thumbs down*
    Ehihime:*ahem* Whatever is my link with Sanzuke is it is not of your interest stranger.
    Florencia:...Is the fact that you raised him like your son has anything to do with his father?
    After hearing that Ehihime gets shocked.
    Ehihime: I-I see. So it is true that your kind can see through othe peoples hearts. I suppose there is no reason hiding now.
    Johnnathan: I love when your ability pays favour to our side Flor.
    Ehihime: You see, when Yoshimetsu died his dragon brought his son to me. I said I could look after him if something happened to it.
    Edward: You knew Tenkai's father?
    Ehihime: Yes, we...Had an affair.
    Edward: Affair?
    Florencia: They were lovers.
    Edward: WHaaa? But, I thought the Ninetails was Tenkai's mother.
    Billy: What? It is the first time I heard this, I think.
    She forms a ice statue of a nine-tailed fox in front of her
    Ehihime: It just as the fairy said it. I was in love with Yoshimetsu...And yet!
    She forms a large hammer made of ice and crushes the statue, leaving it in pieces.
    Ehihime: That damn sly fox took him away from me!
    She then grabs Johnnathan by his jacket and starts shaking him back and forth.
    Ehihime: Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?! What does that fox have that I don't have? I may be a Yuki-Onna, but I am way more hotter than her! Have you ever seen my shapes? Have you ever seen my sizes? I am way superior than her, then WHHHHHY?!
    Johnnathan: Don't....Discount...On...Me...
    She then stops shaking him.
    Ehihime:...Yeah, I know whatever I had with Yoshimetsu was far from being something serious...But that doesn't mean he took my heart away!
    She shakes him again, but stronger.
    Ehihime: We loved each other, I just know it! We kissed so much that I lost count! We even slept together so many times! And why the hell did he choose her to be the mother of his child?! Huh?! HUUUUUH?!
    Johnnathan: Heeeeeeeeelp!!!
    "You are being loud, Ehihime."
    Tenkai appears after resting down below.
    Vanilla: Tenkai! You're-Er, I mean...Sanzuke isn't ti?
    Tenkai: Tenkai is fine for now. In fact, I prefer being called that.
    Ehihime: That is what you say to me after all this time?
    Tenkai: Under normal circumstances nope but...It is the first time I bring visits.
    Ehihime: You got a point.
    She then approaches him and gives him a hug.
    Ehihime: It has been a while hasn't been Sanzuke? Look how much you grew.
    Tenkai: Nothing changed in 10 years for me. If you allow me, I wish to meditate in the waterfall.
    Ehihime:...I see. Do what you wish.
    Tenkai: And by the way...Thanks for helping my friends, Princess.
    Edward: (She still turned me into popsicle.)
    He goes down the stairs and leaves.
    Vanilla: Really? It has been nearly a decade hasn't it? I was expecting more.
    Ehihime: It is okay. He stayed here only a year of his life anyway. Most of his focus was on his swordsmanship.
    Johnnathan: What does he means by "Princess"?
    Ehihime: It's a nickname he gave me. His father called me that as well.
    West: For someone who was badmouthing his mother, you treat him very well.
    Ehihime: I am not someone who judge the others by their parents...And besides...
    She goes to the window and looks at him walking through in the snow.
    Ehihime:...I am sure that if I was a human...And had a son with Yoshimetsu...I would have a son just as cute as him.
    Florencia....Mother, huh?...
    Ehihime: *sigh* Already it?
    Johnnathan: What is already?
    She opens the door with a small blizzard and three other Yuki-Onnas enters.
    Yuki-Onna: Ehihime-sama! We just saw Sanzuke leaving your house and...
    Ehihime: I know. I know. He went to the waterfall. But don't get too close any of you.
    Yuki-Onna: O-Okay. Thank you very much!
    They bow and floats away.
    Vanilla: Sooo..What was that all about?
    Ehihime: Sanzuke is very popular here. Specially with the younger ones. We Yuki-Onnas are very passionate people.
    Florencia: Yeah, I saw that.
    Johnnathan:...That is another check to the similarity list, I guess.
    Ehihime: Do you know how this village grows over the years? When we reach adulthood, we go down the mountain and finds a decent man. The best one you can find. We seduce him, bring him here and hope to have a child. That is how I met Yoshimetsu by the way.
    Edward: I think I heard mermaids doing this?
    Billy: Well they used to it, but bring they to Neptunia was a bore.
    Florencia: Come to think about it, there is no man in this village isn't it?
    Ehihime: Yeah. Every child born from a Yuki-Onna is a female.
    Johnnathan: I see. So that makes Tenkai like the first boy raised here?
    Ehihime: Well, I wouldn't put it like that but he was the only boy that lived among as I remember...But I know of an exception.
    Vanilla: What exception?
    Ehihime: Hybrids and Kitsunes. There is a chance that a hybrid or a kitsune boy can be born from such a relationship. We try to avoid those for convenience.
    Edward: Convenience?
    Ehihime: We live far longer than they. Specially the Hybrids.
    Johnnathan:...I see your point.
    Ehihime: It is still such a disappointment that I never had a daughter with Yoshi. No matter how many times we tried, I never got pregnant. Sanzuke could get used to an older sister.
    Vanilla:...Have you ever tried going after another man?
    Ehihime: Well, I go down to Tsukuyomi one or two times per month, but I can never find someone as good as Yoshi. That is why I try to keep the girls away from Sanzuke. It would be bad if one of they fall in love with him and had a hybrid son or maybe no child at all. It is hard for us to find other mates after the first love, but it is not impossible...I never knew one who could though.
    Vanilla:...Pardon me for changing the subject, but can I have ask for another favour?
    Ehihime: If it is in my power, go ahead and ask.
    Vanilla: Would...Teach me about Ice Magic?

    Meanwhile, in an island far away in the west, down below Zhar...
    Evening Island, one of the 6 islands part of Raven's Territory. In the middle of the island, an gigantic nightclub-like building entitled Sweet Prison was located. Inside, a party with hundreds of rogue vampires were dancing all night. Inside was full of platforms, colorful spotlights, dancing poles and neon lights. Chill was the DJ of the establishment, wearing a colorful sunglasses and headphones. Next to the dancing floor, there was the bar and Noir was the one in the balcony serving the drinks. Black appeared a bit intoxicated and sat on a chair.
    Black: O negative....Single Malt...On the Rocks...
    Noir: Don't you think you had enough?
    Black: Shut the fuck up...I'm a vampire...Fit me up, bro.
    Noir:...Not that I care anyway.
    He goes next to the drink hall and picks a bottle of blood and other beverages and mixes all into a iron bottle. He shakes it up and pour into a small cup with ice and toss at Black who catches with total accuracy. He faces his back at Noir and starts drinking.
    Black:...I have to admit. This is place was the best idea our sister had.
    Noir: Naturally.
    Black: Heehee...Back in the day a thing like this would be only a child's dream...I guess I am might be dreaming right now by the way. Say, what do you think of all this?
    Noir:...I like how energetic it is. The light, the music...It is just like her.
    Black: I swear, that kid is not a vampire...Speaking of which, take a look at that...
    He points at Evening and Moonlight who were dancing at two platforms close to where Chill was. As they danced to the rhythm of the music, they moved and shaked their bodies in a captivating way, with Moonlight being more charming and Evening more cheerful. Both were seem to having a good time and always with a smile on their faces. Everyone was dancing with their eyes fixated on they.
    Black: She looks happy isn't she? Say, does the fact that everyone seems to want to jump at her and bite her neck annoys you even a little bit?
    Noir: I am her brother, not her boyfriend. As long as she is fine then so I am.
    Black: You're so lucky in having the best blood sibling...Can you fetch me now an A plus Chopp?
    Noir:...Fetch yourself.
    Black: Really? Ha! You're so niiice sometimes...I wish we could be more like....This...ZzzZzz...
    He falls asleep on the balcony. A female rogue grunt then appears with a letter.
    Grunt: Lord Noir. A letter from Taiyo just came.
    Noir: Taiyo, huh?
    He picks the letter and read it's content.
    Noir:...Raven needs to see this.
    Grunt: Lord Noir, before you go...Could you...
    Noir: Sure.
    He place his hands at her cheek and she closes her eyes. He approaches her face and gives her a kiss.
    Grunt: Ah!
    When he finishes kissing her, he went straight to her neck and sucked her blood.
    Grunt: Ha...Ha...Enough...No...More....
    He releases her and she falls in the floor unconscious.
    Noir: Not even 10 seconds....Pity;
    Noir leaves his stand and walks to an area of the club that was located in an upper location above the dance floor surrounded by a colorful fence. There, Raven and a sleeping Nightmare were sitting in a fancy-looking sofa listening very happily the music and enjoying the ambient.
    Noir: Raven.
    Raven: Hey there Noir. What is with this blood in your mouth?
    Noir: It doesn't matter. This came to me right now. Apparently your "new best friend" is in Taiyo right now.
    Raven: Oh. What for?
    Noir: Apparently he is aiming for Ninetails. Should we accelerate our plan to strike her?
    Raven:....Why? I see no reason. In fact, this just means we can postpone our little visit to Amaterasu and focus more on other projects. Like that one in Wildlands.
    Noir: Good thing we had Fudgeball at our side. It really made things easier there. But what about the rest of us?
    Raven: We will leave Wildlands to Chill and Marsha...After all, it is almost thart time of year.
    Noir: The Hunt....
    Raven: And after thaaaat....Maybe we can start looking into the Davy Jones Abyss.
    Noir: That will take a while even for you. It is better we act fast this time.
    Raven: Yeah, sure. We will go as soon as possible...Oh! I love the part of this music! Hey Chill! Turn up the volume!
    Chill up the volume of the music and Raven starts to shake his head up and down. Then he gets up the fence and starts to dance.
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    Chapter 60: Never Melt Ice.

    Somewhere in Vista Plains, the Tsukuyomi Army advanced their forces far from the city's territory. They build a army camp in a large perimenter zone in an open space without any woods, only the grass field. Ieyasu was walking through the camp alongside Soma who was holding some documents.
    Ieyasu: Soma, the summary of the last battle.
    Soma: Our troops fought fairly well. My only concern is that the highest ranking enemy we faced was a Five-Tails. It is very likely we will be facing more high-ranking Kitsunes in our way.
    Ieyasu: I am aware.
    Soma:...And I am aware you should not be here, milord.
    Ieyasu: It is time like these we must be on offense my boy. I can't guarantee victory sitting in my castle waiting for the best.
    Soma: We leaved Tsukuyomi without Hanzo or Asuka. Are you sure you still want me here?
    Ieyasu: I already took care of that. And speaking of which...Hey Asuka!
    He yells at her name and Asuka appears with a bottle of Sake in one hand and holding Kasa in one of her arms.
    Asuka: Heya Boss! You called?*hic*
    Ieyasu: I've been meaning to ask, but who exactly is this girl you've been lately holding like a stuffed toy all around?
    Asuka: This is Kasa...I've kinda adopted her. Say Hiiiii!
    She shows her like a kid who just picked a kitty.
    Kasa: N-Nice to meet you L-Lord Ieyasu.
    Ieyasu: Aren't you adorable?
    He pets her head like if she was a puppy.
    Soma: *sigh* He really got in the mood didn't he?


    In the village of the Yuki-Onnas, a big lake with a waterfall was located it. Tenkai was in a state of deep thoughts, sitting under the waterfall that was about very low degrees. There a few of the women were fishing with ice made fishing rods. One of the rods starts to move and one of the women pulls it and catches a catfish frozen in a cube of ice. Florencia and West watches from afar.
    Florencia:...That is kinda cheating.
    West: Say the one who doesn't need ammo to shoot an arrow.
    Florencia:...I love you too, honey.
    West: Thanks, sweetie.
    Johnnathan: Honey? Sweetie? Damn you two. Are you trying to kill me by increasing my sugar blood level or something?
    West: Is it working it? Then yes we are.
    Florencia: Sorry for acting all love-dovey, but I can't help if he is so adorable Johnny.
    Johnnathan: As long you two get along, it is fine. Just one thing.
    Florencia: What?
    Johnnathan:...Use protection, okay?
    Florencia: Y-Yeah, we're aware.
    West: You are our captain, not our father. Now, why are we still here again?
    Johnnathan: Tenkai is communicating with the spirits of the water and Vanilla is practicing a little bit.
    West: Too much for a shortcut.
    Florencia: We are still skipping a few days of travel this way you know. Anyway how is she doing it?
    Johnnathan: Let us find out, shall we?
    They move out to the other side of the lake and spots Vanilla manipulating an orb of water in front of Ehihime with Edward and Billy observing it.
    Ehihime: Show me it again.
    Vanilla: Right.
    She turns the orb into a cube and freezes it.
    Ehihime: That was the first part...Now to the second.
    Vanilla: Right away.
    She then moves her staff and the cube starts to spins. She makes the staff glows and the cube breaks it and forms an ice statue of Johnnathan with his swords in hands.
    Vanilla:....Er, what is with the silent treatment? Did I screwed up?
    Ehihime: N-No, it just I wasn't expecting...This.
    Billy: This is just me Commander, but I think she has an obsession or something.
    Edward:...I think it is better you keep your opinions for yourself soldier.
    Vanilla: I-I can still do more!
    She creates 4 more cubes of ice and turns they into statues of Edward, Florencia, West and Tenkai.
    Billy:...What about me?
    Johnnathan: She really has improved didn't she?
    Florencia: I am proud of her.
    West: That statue makes me look fat. I give a 7 out of 10.
    Vanilla: (Johnny looks impressed with it...)
    Ehihime: That was a fantastic work, Vanilla. I guess you really are a prodigy after all. In fact, I never seen a human manipulating the ice so well in my entire life.
    Vanilla: Thanks Ehihime. It is all thanks to your guidance.
    Ehihime: I didn't teached you anything you couldn't had done it before. But just remember that your casting time is far below the proper ice spell time. You have to use Water first to make Ice, so make sure you can freezes it as fast as you can. If you train enough, you might even create Ice from thin air.
    Vanilla: Yeah, slowing down molecules is harder than accelerating them.
    She heards the familiar nickname and Tenkai appears with a soggy hair and a towel.
    Tenkai: I am ready to leave it.
    Ehihime: So you are already leaving me behind again. Good timing I guess.
    Tenkai: But can I ask you a favour?
    Ehihime: What might be this time?
    Tenkai: When I end this...Will you make me that Fish Soup I loved back in the day?
    Ehihime:...Teehee. Sure, a big cauldron and a sushi boat for everyone.
    Tenkai: I am looking forward to it....Hey, nice statues. Is that me?
    After a while, Ehihime guides they to a nearby cave that had a ice stair going down.
    Ehihime: This will take you to Vista Plains. There is all a straight road to Amaterasu...But before you have to pass-
    Tenkai: The Spider Nest...I know it.
    Ehihime: Good luck for all of you.
    Tenkai bids her farewell and they go down the stairs.
    Johnnathan: Say Tenkai...
    Tenkai: What?
    Johnnathan: Are we cool?
    Tenkai then stares at Johnnathan in silence.
    Johnnathan: What?
    Tenkai: Couldn't you just said no hard feelings instead of that lame pun?
    Johnnathan: Is that a yes?
    Tenkai:...Well it is not a no.
    West: Will these two be fine?
    Florencia: I don't know, but I feel a strong bond of trust between they.
    Back in the Village, Ehihime stares at the cave and hides away with snow. A few Yuki-Onna then appears before her.
    Yuki-Onna A: Ehihime-sama, that foreigner with the red eye...He was very cute. Who was him anyway?
    Ehihime: He is Johnnathan Highlander. He is a pirate.
    Yuki-Onna B: A pirate? Totally my type. Will he be back? Will he bring Sanzuke along?
    Ehihime: Whatever I am gonna do with you youngsters?
    Yuki-Onna C: Say Ehihime-sama. What do we do with those?
    She pints at the statues Vanilla created.
    Ehihime:...Well aren't those too beautiful to just let it melt. Let's keep they outside.
    Yuki-Onna A: You're saying we can look at Johnnathan and Sanzuke whenever we can now? You're the best!
    Ehihime: Yes, but if any of you can't find a good man in the next decade, I am taking it away!
    Yuki-Onnas: U-Understood!
    Ehihime: Now, one last thing...
    Through a snowstorm, she creates an ice statue of Vanilla.
    Ehihime: There, all better...And....
    She creates a huge ice pick from the ground that catches a rock spider.
    Ehihime: Don't you go eavesdropping my son, will you?
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