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    Chapter 232: Toucan.


    The gang had just left the Ferry and landed on a deserted pier in the middle of nowhere. The Ferry went way following the river. All that standed in front of them was a deserted road between the wilderness.

    Vanilla: Is this really a stop guys?

    Johnnathan: It certainly not a very popular one. Only us dropped here.

    Edward: Yeah....Sure....Whatever...

    Edward was very melancholic.

    Johnnathan: Whatever happened to him?

    Florencia: He lost a lot of cash in a card game.

    Edward: I am lower than a maggot that eats the shit underground....

    West: Even I can't make fun of him like that.

    Vanilla: Now, now Eddie...

    She pats his head in hope of making him feel better.

    Vanilla: It's okay. Whatever ammount you lost we can easily get it back. How much did you lost anyway?

    Edward: About 50 Pieces of Diamonds worthy.

    Vanilla:....I'll fucking kill you!

    Edward: Yeargh!

    She starts strangling him with her staff.

    Johnnathan: Figures...Flor. Can you look at the area ahead?

    Florencia: Of course. Let's see....There is a sea of sugarcanes not too far away.

    Johnnathan: Aurakarias is know for it's high production of sugar. And I heard the region around Toucan is where is highest.

    Florencia: I also heard the stock hasn't been that high as of lately.

    Johnnathan: Come to think of it, it has been a while since Heinrich and I raided a shipping of sugar.

    Evelyne: Oh, right. We pirates do that sort of stuff.

    Johnnathan: There is no better feeling than stealing a box of spices from Zhar or sugar from Neon from a Blitzreign ship.

    West: Alright, let's move on. We have better loot to find.

    They soon resumes their journey. After walking through the soggy road they arrive at a large canebrake, almost like a green sea.

    Edward: Wow. That's a lot of sugar. It almost giving me diabetes.

    Vanilla: Are we far from a county? All this might belong to someone.

    Florencia: Most of the rural towns have a Werewolf Syndicate where they help each other to grow their stocks every season. In other words, mess with their properties and be prepared to have a pack of angry lyncanthrope farmers at you.

    Johnnathan: You must ask yourself why the loss at stock. Maybe it's the weather?

    After a while, Johnnathan and West avert their eyes at the sugarcanes.

    Edward:....Guys? You aren't thinking of raiding those right? Don't you usually wait for them to make sugar of those?

    Johnnathan: West....

    West: Yeah, yeah...I know.

    A beast carrying a spear jumps out of the sugarcanes and attacks them, but the two of them pushes it back with their weapons. It was a bipedal jaguar warrior with eyes glowing red.

    Vanilla: Eeek! That's not a Werewolf!

    Evelyne: One of those who rules the woods....A Lycian....

    Florencia: Tha Fang Tribe.


    West: I don't know who this asshole is. But I do want beat the crap out of him as if I had a lifetime grudge against him.

    Edward: Come on now guys. I'm sure we can start this by talking over-

    West pulls Edward away from being skewered from his spear.

    Edward: Ack! Nevermind, let's do things the usual way.


    A Werewolf with red fur appears with an axe and tries to attack the jaguar from behind, but he leaps away and disappears.

    "Bah! Sneaky bastard."

    He reverts back to his human form as a short haired redhead young man.

    "Always running away when there's two of us. Stupid cats. And who are you strangers?"

    Johnnathan: Just a bunch of odd adventurers, not mind us.

    "I don't know what's going on, but one of you is a Werewolf as well, right?"

    West: That's me by the way. I'm West Terry.

    "Terry? I'm Rafael Terry!"

    West: You are a Terry as well?!

    Rafael: Yeah!


    The two of them starts running in circles at each other tails in their wolf forms.

    Johnnathan:....What's this?

    Florencia: It's a Werewolf Tradition when they meet someone from the same family.

    Vanilla: But what about that guy from the South Pole?

    Florencia: The circumstances were....Unusual.

    Edward: What exactly are their kinship?

    Florencia: I don't bet they are second cousins.

    Rafael: So, are you guys here for tourism or something?

    Johnnathan: Yeah, we are here for tourism or something, but more foward to the "something" part.

    Rafael: Yeah, regular tourists don't carry weapons in the open. Anyway it's not like 6 people would be a problem for us.

    Edward: That's because you don't know that we also have a-


    Before he could finish his setence, Vanilla hit his head with her staff.

    Rafael: I'll take you to Toucan. After all, some visit would be good to the overall spirit of the town. Follow me.

    Rafael guides they through the plantation until they arrive at a large town that spread through the hills. It was filled with avarage people, animals and dolls walking around the streets.

    Rafael: Here it is. Toucan.

    Johnnathan: This is it? Pretty simple. I like it.

    Edward: By the way, ain't Toucan like a bird with a large beak or something?

    Rafael: There used to have those fowls in the past, yes.

    West: Hmm.....Is every single person here a Werewolf?

    Rafael: Yes...With two exceptions.


    A black haired middle-aged man with a beard and moustache dressed as a herdsman approaches.

    "You brought strangers. That's unusual."

    Rafael: Hey daddy. I brought a group of....Adventurers.

    "Now that's more weird."

    Rafael: Well folks, this is my father, Gabriel Terry. He is also the leader of our local Syndicate.

    Gabriel: I see there is a Werewolf between them.

    West: That's me. And I'm also a Terry.

    Gabriel: Really?!

    West: Hell yeah!


    The two of them starts to run in circles in wolf form.

    Edward: Say Flor, aren't you technically also a-

    Florencia: I am not doing that!

    Evelyne: (At least it's not how vampire relatives acts to each other when they do not send word for a hundred years.)

    Gabriel: By the way Rafael, one of Lucia's cows went away from the herd.

    Rafael:...How long has it been.

    Gabriel: About 20 minutes ago.

    Rafael: Nice. I will be back in a minute.

    He turns into a wolf and runs off.

    Gabriel: No second thoughts as always. So what bring you lot here, travelers?

    Florencia: We would like to ask some questions about the place. Can we speak to the Mayor?

    Gabriel: That would be impossible.

    Johnnathan: I suposse an audience would hard anyway.

    Gabriel: Nope. It's because he died.

    Vanilla: Oh. How terrible.

    Gabriel: If there is anyone who you should be asking questions it's me.

    Johnnathan: Alright then. What do you know about the Beast King's Fang?


    After listening to that question, Gabriel looked at both his sides in silent.

    Johnnathan: Is something the matter?

    Gabriel: Weird. No one seemed to have listened to you.

    Johnnathan: I'm just not speaking loud enough.

    Gabriel:...Follow me, boy.

    He walks away and the gang follow.

    Gabriel: By the way, you with the red jacket. You are one of them, are you?

    Johnnathan: You mean...A pir-

    Gabriel: A Hybrid. A Red one to be exactly.

    Johnnathan: Ah...Oh! Yeah, I am. You know of my people, old man?

    Gabriel: I've met a couple of them in the past. Apparently some vampires used to hide in Aurakarias and settle a family here. There were some in Toucan as well, but despite being immortals all of them are dead now. Weird.

    Johnnathan: Oh....Sure. Whatever. Where are you taking us anyway?

    Gabriel: I have to pass at a site nearby the town. It involves what I asked my son to do.

    Johnnathan: You mean that Lucia gal, right?

    Gabriel: Yes. It will take a few steps.

    Johnnathan: I see....We were attacked by the Fang Tribe today.

    Gabriel: *grumble* Figures.

    West: To be fair, we were pursued by a lot of bigger cats in the past.

    After leaving to to the town's outskirts they arrive at a site surrounded by a fence with a rather large house visible at a distance and a barn behind. It was around dusk at the time. Ge opened the gate and entered into the property.

    Gabriel: Lucia! Hey, Luciaaaa!

    No one responded.

    Evelyne: Maybe...No one's home.

    Gabriel: This is weird. Maybe she is-

    Then out of nowhere a black blur leaped towards Johnnathan. He dodges out of the way and a small cut appears on his cheek.

    Evelyne: Johnny!

    Edward: An enemy?!

    Johnnathan: What the bloody hell was that?

    Gabriel: What's this?! Lino, is that you?!

    The small black being was revealed to be a walking black cat doll wearing a rancher's clothes with the button of the eyes being cut in half looking like angry eyes and his mouth was stiched. He also had three stilleto blades coming out of his pawns.

    West: You know him?

    Gabriel: He is kind of a defender of the town if you know what I mean.

    Edward: Why would you guys need a defender anyway?

    Lino: Maybe when the Red Beast might appear?

    Gabriel: What?!

    Johnnathan: Oh shoot.

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