Another year draws to a close, time for the Event that celebrates the past year here on Arlong Park and beyond.

Rule Number 1. No circlejerkery. Don't just nominate the same people over and over again. Mix it up a bit.
Rule the Second. Just nominate for categories that are open. We'll make it really obvious which ones are and which ones are not.
Do Not Proceed to Rule Four without Having Read Rule Three. Then read Rule Four. Reading Rule Five first is right out. If you wish to decline to participate, let an Event Staff know and we'll take you off. This needs to be done before voting begins though since that'd be unfair to both the people who nominated you and those who might have already voted.
Rule Number 5. As always, nominations are subject to be refused by the Event Staff as the situation warrants. In the past, we've had problems and that might render a particular candidate ineligible. Trust me, we have our reasons for our actions. Well, except Robby.
You clearly did not read Rule Three in its entirety since you didn't stop at Rule Number 5 and are now at Rule Number 6. If a person withdraws themselves from consideration, you are allowed to replace your nomination so long as it is before voting begins.
Lucky Number Seven. The BOLD CATEGORIES ARE OPEN. Other ones are not. You'd be surprised how many people ignore that. Qualifications for categories will be listed in the Nomination Thread as they are opened.
Hateful Eight. If you ignore the rules, we'll ignore your nominations. It's only fair.
Rule Number 9. Currently banned people are ineligible. People who were banned but are now in good standing are eligible.
Rule Number 4: This is the Rule thread. Keep the Discussion in the Discussion Thread.
Rule Number 10 should be read after you went back to Five and proceeded from there; if you followed directly from Rule Number 4, you need glasses. If you have issues with anything, take it up with the Event Staff privately. If something is actually invalid, it'll be removed. Otherwise, it's just, like, your opinion, man.
Rule Number 11. Again, complaints about something need to be dealt with privately rather than because of people pitching a hissy fit in the discussion thread.
Rule Number 12. Speaking of which, this is the Rule thread. So ask about the Rules here. Everything else goes in the relevant threads.
Rule Number 13. As always, the rules are subject to change as needed or when it amuses us to do so.
Rule Number 14. And, as always, keep positive and have fun!