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Thread: Ugly's Party glossary

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    Default Ugly's Party glossary

    I moved the glossary of my story to this thread, here you can find small bios of the characters, their ages, places, etc of my story, I will add new information whenever new stuff happens in the story.

    Bigger biographies of the characters achieved by using the keys will also be posted here.



    Arctic/Aurora/Borealis: The oldest of the 7 mermaids, wise but intolerant. Arctic is old, but she has not a single wrinkle or age mark on her face. Smooth skin, long silver hair, she puts her hair in a ponytail style. Her real name is Aurora and when 100% corrupted, she becomes Borealis, a ice gargoyle.

    Antarctic/Evandra: The youngest of the mermaids, pure but coward, she has short hair that she ties in two small ponytails. When corrupted, becomes Evandra, a innocent succubus who likes to be promiscuous and love chaos.

    Noriah Pacific: The pretiest of the mermaids, beautiful but biased. Noriah truly hates cursed ones, and, well, lets say she is worst than Boa Hancock when it comes to be a spoiled brat. Noriah has long silky blond hair, with starfishes and seaweed matted in her hair. Noriah hates ugly things, but she respects her sister. Noriah and Soraya relationship are way better than Germana and Iahara.

    Soraya Pacific: Noriah younger sister, ugly but lawful, She is blind and she looks older than Arctic, she has missing teeth, almost bald but the rest of her hair is a long dirty black and greasy hair. Noriah and Soraya relationship are way better than Germana and Iahara.

    Iahara Atlantic: Iahara likes to have fun, kill monsters and hates being serious all the time, but when the time calls for a serious attitude, she can be super serious. She has a long pink hair, but the right side of her head is shaved, she always make fun on her sister, especially for her weight, but deep inside she loves her.

    Germana Atlantic: Iahara older sister, trustworthy but serious. Germana look like Boa Marigold of One Piece. Germana hates her belly, so she exercise at least 10 hours per day.

    Indic (Xsa): One of the originals marmaid guardians, unfortunately, she was cursed to hold a lot of corruption inside her body, she was dead from the outside, but her inside was preserved by a powerful mask made by Oxu. Well versed in martial art and a variety of weapons and guns.

    Famma: Like cute things like puppies and ribbons, she doesn't like to fight and heavily relies on others, she wants to turn everyone into her personal pet. She praises beauty and cuteness over strength, recently, she got promoted to general of Lizardonia.

    Dprevia/Gaffy/Rin Veracruz: Cold and manipulative, like to see people betraying one another, she loves gold, she is invisible to most people, she can be a brat and spoiled sometimes. Her angel self is called Gaffy-chan, her real name is Rin Veracruz, the daughter of Jericho and Jaiyana, altough she hates this name and her parents, especially her father.

    Capuggs: The hooded figure that uses a scythe, likes to party and wear cute costumes, is well versed in magic. For some reason, people in the castle of Lizardonia hates this person. No one has ever seen what is under the cloak, a lot of people know Capuggs.

    Metzya Malur (MM for short): An eternal servant, he is a bit shy because of his stuttering but he tries to compensate this by being very elegant, like his master, he loves wines, operas and fine art. He loves his smooth hair filled with grease. He can't see what is evil or what is good, he just obey his master.

    Jericho "Yellowstone" Veracruz: A ancient demon with lots of names, maybe a god, maybe just a trickster, he loves to make deals with humans, but be careful, his deals are always followed up with bad scenarios or bad choices for the poor soul who are caught in his poisonous words. He loves gold and makes weapons with this material for anyone who asks.

    Part 2 characters:

    Theodore Francesco D'Tank: Newcomer to Lizardonia, he did a great job teaching military strategy to commoners so they can fight for Garnidelia in a possible war. He likes heavy armaments and explosions, but he has a weak heart for women, especially for Famma. Recently, he got promoted to Astra Prósopo.

    Yabber: Recently got promoted to Astra Prósopo, prodigy pupil of the dragon tamers clan, he respect dragons so much that he wear a armor made entirely of dragon scales, he wear it with pride. Easy going and mostly happy, he has a grudge with Noqkua.

    "Crew of depraved fools": A crew of pirates that was banned from Lizardonia, people are scared of them, their leader is Noman, a legendary, but crazy, pirate.

    Deverisha: Chief maid of the castle of Lizardonia, she is a demon, but she rejects Jericho's ideals. Even though she suffers from prejudice in a daily basis, she still works for the people who discriminate her. She is often associated as a mother to all the maids of the castles.

    Mr. Melygar: ???

    Noqkua: Chief huntress of the castle, she is a expert hunter of mythical beasts but is a noob in social skills, she has a grudge with Yabber.

    Satu-Suki-Laa: Member of the High Council, she is not from this world.

    CB: Young demon maid, she hates to work in the castle, she shares the same view as Jericho and thinks that demons should rule over humans.

    Kubirei: Royal blacksmith of the castle, he has a dark past but he happily supports whoever asks for assistance.

    Narus: The official priest of the castle, he is always busy with his side job that gives him a lot of fans.

    Cândido: The cook of the crew of depraved fools, he is very handsome, all the pirates in the crew are jealous of him.

    Azambuja: He was the leader of a tribe in a far country, now he is the second in command of the pirate crew, he speaks a weird language that only Cândido understands.

    Part 3 characters:

    The Govna/Chefia: Leader of hobos in the underworld.

    St. Gatazul: Nun that teaches the way of the moon in the Underworld to female demons, she hates Jericho and cares for those who are hurt by him.

    Reginald Barbarrosa: Outcast of the underworld, because of his skin colour, he has no friends.

    Dafrica: The oldest of the nuns in the class of St. Gatazul, she knows a lot of stuff about the Underworld, she hates her skin colour, so she is always covering it with her outfit.

    Deurope: Youngest of the nuns in the class of St. Gatazul, she is naive but she is smart and has a pure heart (for a demon), she thinks her best friend is Dasia.

    Damerica: Oldest of the Damerica family, she thinks she is the leader of everything making her a little obnoxious about everything, thanks to her younger brother, she started to watch animes and began to act like she was in one the whole time.

    Dasia: The troublemake of the class, she likes to break rules and annoy people for fun, but she knows she can trust Deurope to help her whenever she is in trouble.

    Docenia: She studies hard every night, this is way she is always sleeping during classes, she believes in karma, fate and any sort of mysticism, she loves to read Tarot cards.

    Zander: Rebel of the Underworld, she is a mix of demons and goblins thus making her a outcast of society. She has a small store that sells small stuff, she wants to compete with Jericho and his F&B.

    Curupora/Jaiyana Veracruz: Mysterious human that lives in the forest of souls, over time, she became Curupora, the avatar of the forest.

    Ugen: Personal secretary of Jericho, she is a green demon that is always scared about everything, her third eye has mysterious powers.

    Bella-Fada: Fairy that lives in Lizardonia, her best friend is Noqkua and together, they fight against the extinction of fairies around the world. Bella has a big mouth for a small fairy.

    Seth Damerica: One of hundreds of demons who works under Jericho at his F&B, Seth really hates his life and he doesn't strive for more.


    All mythical beings are old for human standards, in human years I will say:
    • Arctic: 80
    • Germana: 30
    • Iahara: 27
    • Noriah: 20
    • Soraya: 18
    • Antarctic: 9
    • Indic : ???
    • Famma: 40
    • Dprevia/Gaffy/Rin Veracruz: 16
    • Cappugs: ???
    • Metzya Malur: 30
    • Jericho Veracruz: ???
    • Theodore F. T. :40
    • Melygar: ???
    • Deverisha: 46
    • Noqkua: 30
    • Yabber: 32
    • CB: 18
    • Kubirei: 38
    • Narus: 31
    • Cândido: 29
    • Azambuja: 60
    • The Govna/Chefia: ???
    • St. Gatazul: ???
    • Reginald Barabarrosa: ???
    • Dafrica: 29
    • Deurope: 12
    • Damerica: 24
    • Dasia: 24
    • Docenia: 25
    • Zander: 30
    • Jaiyana Veracruz: ???
    • Ugen: 34
    • Bella-Fada: ???
    • Seth Damerica: 16

    • Oxu (Pronounced "Oh-shoe"): Ancient hero who joined the first war, unfortunately he betrayed someone he loved in order to become a demigod.
    • Garnidelia: Goddess of the moon and also, goddess of hope, she was jealous of Solutti, so she tried to conquer all the land of Müh, by making an eternal night, thanks to Oxu and the past mermaids, they managed to ban Garnidelia to another dimension.
    • JISH: God of the goblins.
    • Solutti: Sun god, a complete paradox.
    • Thana & Mnemone: respectively, god of death and memory.


    • Lizardonia: Island in a different dimension, the home of Garnidelia and her minions, there is no light in the realm, just a perpetual night and corruption, Oxu used this land to ban all the darkness during the first war. In the past, this land was home of the Lizari, a race of lizard people that suffered complete extermination thanks to a cursed prince.
    • Müh:Land of light, the home of Oxu and all creatures of peace, but suddenly darkness started to appear mysteriously.
    • Underworld: Place where all the souls go when they leave the mortal realm, recently, the demons from hell started to move here and turned this place in to a place of wild capitalism and slavery (also gold).
    • Hell: In the beginning, this was the place created by Solutti to punish people who didn't obey its preaching, now, for some unknown reason is a abandoned place. The first generation of demons were born here.
    • Starbucks: Place the sells expensive coffee and other weird things, ancient magic is often associated with this mysterious place.
    • Castle of Lizardonia: A giant black castle situated at the end of the island of Lizardonia, only the ones promoted to Astra Prósopo can live here. This castle is also the lair of the secret organization "constellation".
    • Garnideburg: Small city of Lizardonia, it is located inside the black forest, thanks to that, they are attacked by monsters on a daily basis.
    • Selena: Port city and commercial center of Lizardonia, people here are more tolerable with other races. New demons and people from around the world arrives in this city everyday, seeking for glory and fame, only to become slaves for the rest of their lives.
    • Parking Lot: Place in the Underworld where all the unwanted demons has to stay for eternity.
    • Forest of Souls: Place in the Underworld where lost souls lives, very dangerous to go alone.
    • F&B: Huge (and only) department store in the Underworld owned by Jericho, it has everything a demon wants and it always have some crazy lighting promotions happening everyday.

    ~Minor things~
    • Cursed ones: pejorative term to anyone who supports Garnidelia, to be an actual cursed one, one should let his/hers soul to be touched by any evil or darkness created by Garnidelia.
    • Pendant: ????
    • Blessed weapons: Since the creation of Müh, Oxu made seven weapons to be used by the seven Mermaids that were vowed to protect the mirror of Lizardonia.
    • Golden weapons: Weapons used by Dprevia, high damage against mythical creatures.
    • Badges: Special badges, sometimes used to protect, sometimes used to corrupt. Recipients of raw power.
    • Mirror of Lizardonia: a portal to the dimension of Lizardonia, created by Oxu to ban Garnidelia and her minions inside it.
    • Garnidelia Mark: When someone becomes a cursed one, forced or by will, they receive a mark on their body, it says that if a hero that betrays Oxu and the mark appears, he/she will become king/queen of Lizardonia.
    • Holy owl knights: Order that preaches the word of Oxu, they cleanse the world of Müh from any form of corruption.
    • Great Archive: Place where all the souls are organized and stored in the Underworld.
    • Dog collars: Weapons used by Famma, can brainwash anyone to be her obedient puppy.
    • Seeds: Weapon used by Capuggs, it explode in a flash of light when thrown on the floor.
    • Silver scythe: Weapon used by Capuggs, it can slash through space.
    • Hell Pass: Black round rock, only important demons have these, it gives free pass to all the Underworld, but not to Hell.
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    Default Re: (New project) AP does captions

    Bigger biographies of characters:
    Please insert a key and select your character:

    Wintermute: 2 keys
    Ekila: 1 key
    Le Crystal: 1 key
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    Default Re: (New project) AP does captions

    Trophy room
    Empty, win a boss fight to win a trophy.
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    Default Re: Ugly's Party glossary


    Humans: Most of them are plain and boring, just wanting to live a calm life, but some of them fight for what they believe, which often leads to dangerous situations. Not all the humans look the same, which leads to REALLY weird humans.

    Mermaids: Mythical creatures, most of the time they just want to sing and be mischievous to travelers. They used to have a kingdom, but the royal family was murdered, leaving no heirs to claim the throne, after this tragedy they became a rare sight.

    Demons: Solluti, god of the sun and also, creator of the universe, made them. In the begining, they were bound to live in hell, but, after numerous wars, they migrated to the Underworld. Not all demons are 100% evil, some types of demons are less evil then others. Even with a lot of diferences between the types, all of the demons are immortal, they can not die from old age, they only way to kill a demon is if he/she consents.

    As for now, there are 4 types of demons commonly know.

    Red demons:
    The original demons, legends says that all demons were born red, and, thanks to the enviroment that they live, they can change colour and gain new powers. Most of them are greedy, loves gold and lives to fool poor souls

    Blue demons: Only female demons can be blue, they are less evil then the others demons,but this does not mean that they are good. All the blue demons pray and follow the ideas of Garnidelia, the godess of the moon and also, godess of hope, by devoting themselves to Garnidelia, they can not leave the Underworld, only if Garnidelia herself lets. Blue demons loathe others demons, as for this, they are not seen with other types.

    Black demons: Pure evil incarnated, with the drawback of being incredibly stupid. Because of this, others demons uses this type of demons as bodyguards/grunts/brutes. Until this day is not sure how a demon can become black, but it seems that they are quite old since they exist before the red demons were born.

    Green demons: The only winged type of demon, this kind of demon have a mysterious third eye in their foreheads. Just like the blue demons, the green demons suffers from racism, duo to persecutions, this type of demons are hard to find nowadays, this helps the gloomy aura the surrounds them.

    Tiny creatures that lives in the mountains in the north part of Lizardonia, all the males have red skin. They usually work as butlers.

    Fairies: Small magical creatures, they face total extinction by the hands of the dragons.

    Selenites: People that are born in the moon, some people believe in them, some say that this is just a fairytale. Either way, the distinguishable aspects that people say that the selenites have are the rabbit ears, white skin and red eyes.

    Dragonydas: Humans with dragonic genes, they look like regular humans, but they have scales, can breath fire and talk with dragons.

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