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Thread: The AP Awards are once again upon us.

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    Default The AP Awards are once again upon us.

    Hey folks. It's 2015 and we still don't have hoverboards everywhere.

    The Rules follow.

    01. The Once, Current, and Future Rule: No circlejerkery or asshattery. Try to mix it up where nominations are concerned rather than just nominating the same people for everything. If people agree with you, your candidate will be nominated by somebody else. If it doesn't happen, well, those are the breaks. If you want to nominate yourself, that's tacky but permitted so long as the nomination is eligible.
    02. Only nominations for open categories will be accepted; we'll announce what categories are open and when. If you ignore this simple basic rule, we'll ignore you.
    03. Don't try to buy votes. It annoys me to this day that somebody tried that in the Character Tournament.
    04. If you don't want to be nominated for something, then just notify an Event Staff and we'll remove you from consideration. It has to be done before the ballot is finalized though since that'd be unfair to the person who nominated you and didn't get a chance to replace them. So any time before voting begins.
    05. As always, nominations are subject to be refused by the Event Staff as the situation warrants. In the past, we've had problems and that might render a particular candidate ineligible. Trust me, we have our reasons for our actions. Well, except Robby.
    06. If nominations are withdrawn or refused, the person who made them will get an option at replacing said nominations. You might need to remind us of that though.
    07. The bold listings in the Open Category section means that nominations are only being accepted for that open category. We've been over this once and will go over it again in the Nominations thread but people still seem to miss that somehow.
    08. If you don't follow the Rules, we can and will toss out any nominations you have made.
    09. People who are currently banned are ineligible for nomination while those who have been banned in the past and were allowed to return are.
    10. If you have an issue with something, take it up with a Staff Member privately. Don't derail the nomination thread with whining.
    11. As an addendum to the last rule, personal feelings need to be kept personal. I don't want people complaining in threads about another member being nominated for something. If you think that they are ineligible, then contact an Event Staff. If they're actually ineligible, then we'll decide that. If you didn't get nominated for something that you think you should have, then you should try harder next year.
    12. This isn't an Awards General Discussion thread but is a Rules/Introductory thread. If you have a question about the rules as well as the categories (which have been trimmed down considerably this year to streamline the ballot and remove low performing categories), ask here. If not, use the Discussion thread.
    13. Rules are subject to change as needed
    14. Be positive and have fun!
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    Default Re: The AP Awards are once again upon us.

    For the best and worst threads, do they have to be made in 2014, or just actively discussed in 2014?

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    Default Re: The AP Awards are once again upon us.

    The majority of the thread has to have occurred within 2014 for it to be a valid nomination.

    Five or six year old threads brought back from the dead wouldn't count.
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