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Thread: Filler Match - Your "favorite" One Piece topic!

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    Default Re: Filler Match - Your "favorite" One Piece topic!

    Quote Originally Posted by madriano View Post
    Power Level of course, specially now with the new Canvendish power level measurement it makes everything better.
    Cabbages, Like Raditz, but cooler.

    Also, Go Aohige! Use the signal to gather votes!
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    Default Re: Filler Match - Your "favorite" One Piece topic!

    This is the best.

    I suppose I'm leaning towards the ever interesting Haki, but ...Pace... seems like such an interesting topic, despite it never appearing properly. It just takes the form of one post complaints or "I marathoned the arc, it's not so bad".

    But what I really like... the volume prediction/discussion...

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    Default Re: Filler Match - Your "favorite" One Piece topic!

    I came to the forums in time to see the Perona/Hancock/Jinbe situation. Only reasonable choice is next nakamate.

    Lol, remember when Caribou, Hody and Van Der Decken where considered possible nakama? Such a lovable topic.

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    Default Re: Filler Match - Your "favorite" One Piece topic!

    ...I don't visit manga subforum anymore
    Lies. Everyone goes there to see colosseum battles between regulars and our own Undefeated woman Gladiator.

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    Default Re: Filler Match - Your "favorite" One Piece topic!

    doesn't a fair percentage of users go on AP exclusively for spoilers?

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    Default Re: Filler Match - Your "favorite" One Piece topic!

    Spoilers and the next nakama thread.
    Spoilers are obvious.
    I know I should stay away from the next nakama thread for my sanity. But it is entertaining in a bad way.XD
    Though it's not all doom and gloom.Sometimes there are interesting discussion/post with actual substance and I do learn some new things.
    I appreciate and like Jinbe a lot more as a character after reading the thread.

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    Default Re: Filler Match - Your "favorite" One Piece topic!

    I don't visit the forum for spoilers, but that block in the poster is fantastic, I must say!

    And I think I browse through the next Nakamate thread often enough as it amuses me.

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    Default Re: Filler Match - Your "favorite" One Piece topic!

    I actually really enjoy next crewmate discussions (I must not speak the forbidden word). Contemplating who the remaining main characters could be can be quite fun.

    Of course, there's always people posting idiotic suggestions, and other people telling those people how stupid they are for their idiotic suggestions and then making their own idiotic suggestions, so the thread itself becomes a bloodbath.

    And wow, can't believe how many people went with spoilers. I personally avoid that area like the plague since I'd rather wait half a day and just read the chapter fresh.

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    Default Re: Filler Match - Your "favorite" One Piece topic!

    I am mildly amused by the number of people apparently voting for their actual favourite discussion topics.

    I thought the whole thing was supposed to be sarcastic or something.

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