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Thread: OPP 5 Year Anniversary

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    Default OPP 5 Year Anniversary

    While from the look of it this section of the forum isn't terribly active anymore, I wanted to take the time to congratulate the guys on the One Piece Podcast for going strong for 5 years now. I've only been a regular listener for just about a year at this point but I'm still happy that they're still able to keep doing this.

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    Yeah congratulations to the podcast guys!

    Around the time the podcast started was around the time I properly caught up with One Piece so the podcast really did get me invested in One Piece once I caught up. It's nice having an easy to listen to discussion on all things One Piece and since was my first real podcast it really got me into podcasts too, though they did set a very high bar.

    I hope they can continue podcasting for a long while, and that they can get more great stories, like Greg meeting Oda. Next anniversary I'm expecting a 2 hour interview with Oda, in 3-d.

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