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Thread: Organization of the Chapter Threads

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    Default Organization of the Chapter Threads

    It would be nice if the forums implemented something like "Discussions in this thread" and each post had one or more tags about what it was about. And then we could filter what to see and what not to see in the thread.
    Not just to ignore power level discussions, but to be easier to find relevant posts.

    A simpler solution would be A Sub-Forum for each chapter, but that would probably generate a lot of repeated threads.

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    Default Re: Organization of the Chapter Threads

    Past chapter discussions has its own section.

    And tags are a pain in the ass mess that no one uses, and no one wants to run through the 10 years of archives to label everything. No way *every post* gets labeled, can't even get *threads* labeled.

    There is also a search function where you can hunt for key words or posts from specific members.
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