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Thread: Random News Article Discussion II

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    My mom's.. mother figure (but not my grandma as she was alive, but was sick a lot during her youth, so her adult age cousin had to take care of her)'s husband has been MIA in Caracas during the blackout. Rest of my family is accounted for.

    Some regions and areas report return of power, and comunications get through, but with light news of the actual cost of this tragedy come out. A lot of newborns died this weekend. Tropical morgues need their air conditioning, or else hospitals turn into poison. Dialisis, Insulin, Operations, things that can't be done without electricity, safely.

    The electrical crisis has been foretold for over 10 years, and the money for those projects, dams, substations, wiring, thermal, solar and wind plants, fucking gas plants that the earth farts easily in my homeland, that burn clean and most countries would pay a ton for, wasted.
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    ong tweet about what is Known, tldr; a fire caused some <electical technobabble> and caused the dam turbines to shut down, no one knows how to restart them because <Chavez> (anyone who knew was fired, those who stay are both overworked and unprepared, as they were picked for loyalty, as dictators do), all attempts to do it have made things worse. Going for 4 days now.

    Goverment isn't trying to make sure people get water, food and contact their loved ones, because they know they are guilty and if they show their face even trying to help would get eaten alive, still metaphorically.
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    Colour me shocked that this happened.

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    Day 5 of the blackout.

    The goverment captured a journalist because he explained the way to avoid goverment IP blocks to get news, as they have been going heavy on the censorship, so they claim that it's an admision of guilt of the hacking of the electricity network. Experts say the dam runs an analogic system, so it conecting to the internet would be stupid, and impossible.


    I am not well with this news cycle.
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    why are the people of algeria changing their regime??? could this be a CIA plot???????????????????

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    I'm not up to date with my north african politics, but a president for 20 years triggers some tyrant-alerts.
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    yeah i'm being sarcastic

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    Sorry, I've been facing a ton of people who think that I'm a CIA agent in Twitter.
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    Default Re: Random News Article Discussion II

    "British lawmakers reject no-deal Brexit in any circumstance" - http://www.reuters.com/article/us-br...-idUSKBN1QU0Z5

    British lawmakers on Wednesday overwhelmingly rejected leaving the European Union without a deal, paving the way for a vote to delay Brexit to seek a way out of Britain's worst political crisis in generations.

    Lawmakers voted by 312 to 308 in favor of a cross-party motion that ruled out a potentially disorderly 'no-deal' Brexit under any circumstances.

    It went further than the government's own planned motion, which noted that parliament did not want to leave without a deal on March 29 and that the default legal position was to leave without a deal unless one was ratified by parliament.

    While the approved motion has no legal force and ultimately may not prevent a no-deal exit after a possible delay, it carries considerable political force.

    After two-and-a-half years of negotiations and two failed attempts to pass a Brexit deal proposed by May, the vote against a no-deal exit still leaves undecided how, when and on what terms Britain will leave the club it joined in 1973.

    After lawmakers crushed her deal for a second time on Tuesday, May said it was still the best option for leaving in an orderly fashion.

    Ahead of Wednesday's vote, the pound headed for its biggest daily rise in 2019 as investors bet on a vote against a no-deal Brexit. It rose again on the result of the vote.

    As the United Kingdom's three-year Brexit crisis spins toward its finale, diplomats and investors see four main options: a delay, May's deal passing at the last minute, an accidental no-deal exit or another referendum.

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    When are they going to hold the "Are we sure we want to leave?" vote?

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Even if the blackout seems solved, things aren't good back home.


    A pearl of information, on what these reporters and parents are facing:

    Quote Originally Posted by That Article
    While she speaks, a female National Guard officer comes running towards me: “I told you to leave,” she yells. I remind her she only asked me not to enter the premises, which I didn’t. Then, two tattooed men dressed as civilians come stand behind her: “We’re gonna look for you, we’re gonna find you and we’re gonna rape you,” says one of them, as he gets closer to me. Meanwhile, the officer took pictures of me and threatened to detain me if I kept talking to anyone close to the hospital. “This hospital works perfectly, stop spreading your vicious lies, lying cunt. Why don’t you leave, like your kind did long ago?” says the man. “We’ll make you leave, you’ll see.”

    “Aren’t you ashamed of what you do, liars?” <the mother> asks directly to both men, with a low, shy, almost defeated voice, but with both eyes on them. They repeated this dynamic twice until I was forced to leave. “You can’t hide what’s going on with violence anymore. What’s happening is far scarier than you are.” I say as I walk away. “We can hide whatever we want, however we want. You’ll see how scary we can be.”
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    Just a reminder:

    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: Random News Article Discussion II

    I'm kind of astounded that the Tories are still letting May be Prime Minister.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    I can draw only two conclusions from this graphic, and they're either that the people being polled didn't understand the questions or that the pollster is purposely trying to sow discord. Maybe both.

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    Also, the fact that the colors in the pie and the explanation are in the opposite order is confusing.

    Of all the colors that we can see, did they really need to use three brick colors?
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    If you actually go to their website, they've changed the graphic and the results are clearly different:


    Beyond the poor choice of colors, it's obvious that they accidentally swapped the colors on the first pie chart, originally. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it was accidental, anyway. Why are they so awful at making charts?

    Furthermore, I think this graphic is easily taken out of context. If I'm reading their article correctly, then this is what they're saying with each pie:

    In a tactical voting system, if there are three options to vote for, then the option coming in third place will have its votes automatically redistributed to the voters' second preferences. The first chart shows how most of the losing "no deal" votes would be reallocated to "May deal", causing "May deal" to win. The other two charts are showing the reallocation of the votes for the other two conditions (which don't make sense because only "no deal" is the least popular option, according to their survey). The pie chart in the middle is particularly misleading, because it seems to imply that more people would vote for "no deal" than "remain", but that's clearly not the case if you look at their data below.

    The point they're trying to make is that "May deal" is the so-called "Condorcet winner" because it is the likeliest second preference for both those who want to remain and those who want no deal. It's pretty clear that it doesn't represent the will of the people, though, since most people don't want it first.

    Ultimately, I think that, yeah, these pollsters are kind of trolling.
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    I knew there would an attempt of a school shooting after the elections, but jeez...


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    Wow they ruled out a second referendum. You know, where you can finally ask your country a more nuanced question about the brexit.

    Especially after those two wasted years of nothingness.
    "Often I think about my many comrades fallen by my side. I heard their curses against the war and its authors, the revolt against their murder. And I, as a survivor, believe that I am inspired by their will to struggle, for the idea of peace and human fraternity."
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    I need europe and the commonwealth strong so they can counterbalance russia and china (and north america) until the rest of the world can be a counterbalance themselves.
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    HOLY FUCK YOU GUYS! A shooting on a Mosque in New Zealand killed 30 Muslim People! GOD!

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    Default Re: Random News Article Discussion II

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Krupp View Post
    HOLY FUCK YOU GUYS! A shooting on a Mosque in New Zealand killed 30 Muslim People! GOD!
    It was some lunatic from 8chan.

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