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    Do you guys think that it's a big enough topic on these forums to have it's own sub-section? It would probably fit under the General Discussion of course, but I think it would be nice to have it's own place. :)

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    I doubt it would work out in the long run. While each of the sports threads in GD have their followings that keep them active, they really don't generate enough discussion to warrant a whole section. And I think the music section (and all the creativity ones) shows that creating a dedicated section for something unfortunately doesn't draw in that much more discussion.
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    I think the thread for each sport is all that's needed, but I don't follow any of those threads so if there is a specific reason you think that's not enough, feel free to bring it up.

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    Ah Okay :) I just think that way there could be more threads for specific events (Olympics, World Cup, Drafts, ect.) without it all being jumbled into one thread. But having all those in 1 thread could probably be seen as better for some people.
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    there's a stickied wrestling thread. There's also annual football and soccer threads, and an olympics thread, and so on. Wrestling gets enough traffic that its stickied, but everything else is kind of only minimal activity... there doesn't seem to be much call for a dedicated subsection.
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