View Poll Results: Whose sound rolls off the tongue better?

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  • Pinky (Narf!)

    50 39.68%
  • Snarf (Snarf!)

    12 9.52%
  • A random dog (Arf!)

    31 24.60%
  • Bjork (I don't even know)

    19 15.08%
  • Wayne's World (Party on Garth!)

    16 12.70%
  • Vader (Hi, my name is Darth.)

    25 19.84%
  • Doctor Who #4 (look at my long scarf!)

    17 13.49%
  • Brienne (Of Tarth!)

    22 17.46%
  • Deadpool (because he's random like that)

    30 23.81%
  • Print Error (Larf!)

    28,999 100.00%
  • What does the scouter say?

    9,015 100.00%
  • No, Kitsune, No.

    14 11.11%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Knarf vs. Snarf

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    Default Re: Knarf vs. Snarf

    So it seems X-Drake's vote-bot has returned?

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    Default Re: Knarf vs. Snarf

    I totally would have voted for Print if I saw here there.....but I guess this work too.

    Though Epoida campaigned for Pinky so hard

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    Default Re: Knarf vs. Snarf

    Quote Originally Posted by glass View Post
    But who would harass someone for voting for the glorious Print Error.In fact you are more likely to get harrased for not voting for him.
    Uh-oh. It would seem that the curse of Ideo has struck yet again!

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    Default Re: Knarf vs. Snarf

    I saw Print Error only after I voted for Pinky.

    Though I'm curious ... it shows 10 voted for Print Error, it shows 100% votes for Print Error
    Now that is a good type of error

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    Who is that carpenter?!

    Default Re: Knarf vs. Snarf

    Go, Print Error!
    Praise our king, First fist of the Sea, DonMarimo DoBuggino exploring Bonesbeard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
    If someone seriously claimed that Whitebeard was running a vibrator business as his second job you'd ignore him as a troll.
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    Default Re: Knarf vs. Snarf

    I think its time for the final match now.

    Print Error wins apparently with 28,000% of the vote!
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