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Thread: Oh no, there goes Tokyo. It's a Godzilla thread!

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    Default Re: Oh no, there goes Tokyo. It's a Godzilla thread!

    If I remember right, the original plan by GMK's director was to showcase monsters that were obviously a lot weaker than Godzilla and that hadn't had much screen time in years if they ever had after their initial film. So it was something like Barugon, Anguirus, and Varan but Toho blocked that with the demand that he use Ghidorah and Mothra instead of the last two since they were more popular.

    That they kept Baragon instead of Anguirus is a bit odd when the reason for the shuffle was the popularity of the monsters involved but Toho seems to have some weird internal politics about how Anguirus can be used. It's really hard to license him as a result but even in their own films he's been reduced to a bit player if he even appears at all.
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    Default Re: Oh no, there goes Tokyo. It's a Godzilla thread!

    Shin Godzilla was seriously great. Even though there aren't any particularly deep or intesting human characters, the movie manages to keep you interested in the human story with the sheer rapid pace of all the events unfolding. And Godzilla himself has never been more threatening.

    Godzilla Final Wars felt like it should have been an awesome movie with them throwing nearly every monster at the screen and having a ludicrously out-there human plot, but...I think they actually made it a little too crazy. Or, rather, I guess the movie lacked focus and had one too many things going on. Also, maybe it was just the video I was watching, but the production values seemed really low even for Godzilla. At times, it felt like I was watching an Asylum movie.

    And with that I've officially seen every single Godzilla movie (not counting the anime films, which, agian, I don't plan on watching).

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    Default Re: Oh no, there goes Tokyo. It's a Godzilla thread!

    Finally got to see Godzilla Vs. Kong. Goddamn, what a ride. How is it that the soulless, joyless mess that was King of the Monsters, which was full of them, was so inferior to the follow-up where the focus was on just the two of them? It's like, Godzilla was boring and Kong: Skull Island was phenomenal. Why is the simple inclusion of Kong able to elevate these Kaiju flicks so much? Though I have to say, watching Kong's movements and everything throughout the combat sequences is beautiful, compared to the clunky Godzilla. That probably has a lot to do with it. Hope there's room for more but probably not likely with that climactic crossover.

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