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Thread: General Races Discussion Thread

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    With the Dwarves coming up real soon (maybe next chapter, maybe in a few chapters), I decided it was time for a thread like this.

    Make your predictions about what the Dwarves (or Minkmen, or Snakenecks, whatever you wish to speak of) might look like, their personalities, what they will do in the story, and anything related to them, really. You could even talk about things that we already know such as Long Legs, as we haven't even seen much of them yet.


    As for me, I wonder if Green Bit will have an entire city in which the Dwarves live and do their stuff. Knowing Oda this might just be the case.
    I am surprised that the Dwarves would live in a place like this... It might not even be their only home. There may be more islands which they inhabit (Elbaf for example could be one).

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    Hmm, I looked through a few pages to see if something of the sort was there, but I didn't see it.
    My bad, then.

    Oh well, with the Dwarves coming up now there'll be enough food for discussion soon enough.... It was either this or somebody bumping that one.

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