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Thread: Weak trio growth

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    Default Weak trio growth

    If nami were to go back and had to face arlong Do you think she could win?

    If Usopp were to fight kuro would he win?

    If chopper would go back and fight Wapol would he win?

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    Default Re: Weak trio growth


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    Default Re: Weak trio growth

    The answers to all of your questions are yes.

    But, what is with all these power level threads?

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    Default Re: Weak trio growth

    Nami could win if she avoids getting hit. She doesn't seem very durable.

    I don't think Usopp can match Kuro's speed. He'd have to get lucky.

    Chopper could destroy Wapol.
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    Default Re: Weak trio growth

    Quote Originally Posted by Gol_D_KRATOS View Post
    If nami were to go back and had to face arlong Do you think she could win?

    If Usopp were to fight kuro would he win?

    If chopper would go back and fight Wapol would he win?
    1.I don't think she can beat arlong.
    2.I think he can win because he only needs to land one green pop but he'd have a rough time matching his speed.
    3.Yes and pretty easily

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    Default Re: Weak trio growth

    1. I'll have to say no, for no particular reason other than that Arlong was pretty friggin strong, and has lots of experience in battle. But on the other hand, water conducts electricity, so Nami would get him pretty good if she managed to hit him...

    2. Probably. He could just spam some pop greens on the ground, like for example trampolia, and catapult him into the air and fisnish him off.

    3. YES. Definately yes. Monster point ohko.

    Let's do the other crewmates too!

    I have to say that Sanji has become strong enough to beat Krieg pretty easily. I don't want to drag powerlevels into this, but he fought pretty equal with Gin, and Gin was stronger that krieg, right?

    Robin would probably not be able to beat Crocodile. She wouldnt even be able to hit him, and she's not close enough to warlord level.

    Brook could probably not beat Moriah. Luffy had to go into nightmare mode first, and then stack his gears in order to beat him.

    Franky could....maybe beat Lucci. Franky has become pretty beast after the ts, especially with the Franky Shogun and his radical beam.

    Zoro could definately beat Morgan (wich he alrady did) and Buggy.

    And that's my two cents.

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    Default Re: Weak trio growth

    Pretty sure that all of them would utterly wipe the floor with the opponents given.

    1)I'm pretty sure that any member of CP9 would be able to floor Arlong,Kalifa included.So I'm willing to give this match to Nami as early as Ennies Lobby.Now she packs attacks as powerful as she demonstated in her last combat outing,Arlong's toast.

    2)Honestly,if Ussop can't handle an East Blue small fry,he has no bussiness in New World.

    3)Chopper annihilates.

    Unless Wapol gets to eat Pacifistas or something.

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    Default Re: Weak trio growth

    No, I don't think Nami could win. Arlong is too durable and could take on that lighting long enough to find the invisible Nami.

    It's possible Usopp could win if Kuro will land on his traps.

    Definedly, Wapol has no chances no matter how much weapons he eats.

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