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Thread: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

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    Default Nominations and Candidates Thread.


    Have fun and please follow the rules, which you need to go and read if you haven't already. It'll save us all a lot of time.

    Nominations are only open for the bolded categories. The list of categories is below.

    I shouldn't have to say this, but somebody always tries so ONLY NOMINATE CANDIDATES FOR CATEGORIES THAT ARE CURRENTLY OPEN.

    Categories will remain open until the necessary number of candidates (currently ten) is reached or, in the event that a category receives little to no nominations, whenever an Event Mod decides to open a new one. Paired categories will be opened at the same time to speed along the process.

    Eligible candidates for the Members or Threads/Post Awards are posts that were made on this board or members who were active within the previous year. When nominating for a thread or post category, please provide a direct link if at all possible or as specific a description as you can manage if not. Nominees that take too long to find will likely be ignored and nominees that no longer exist are sadly disqualified. Well, unless you have a screenshot.


    01 Worst Thread
    1. Monkey D. Ish
    2. Chivalry
    3. Slavery in One Piece
    4. Criticism of One Piece
    5. Trafalgar Law Fan Club
    6. If a Strawhat were to die in the New World, who would it be?
    7. Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)
    8. Fairy Tail Discussion III
    9. If One Piece got Cancelled
    10. How do i delete my account.
    02 Best Thread
    1. April Fools Day 2012
    2. Toonami on Adult Swim
    3. You are a Krillin-tier character in any series.
    4. One-Punch Man
    5. How Long Does It Take To Get To Senior Status?
    6. Naruto and Bleach III: Adding peaches to the oatmeal of friendship
    7. Criticism of One Piece
    8. Oda´s tributes to another Mangas, mangakas, celebrities...
    9. Aokiji new appearance *spoilers*
    10. Magi
    03 Best Chew Out
    1. Everyone vs. FelRes on the asinine topic of rape compensation.
    2. Berserk Thread: The Wrath of Khon
    3. Silence of Time: The lost art of Clearance AND Conclusion
    4. Robby Being Blunt
    5. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Transgenderism
    6. Chrissie vs. FelRes on Teen Suicide
    7. Sagely Advice on Killing Your Family, Courtesy of law of the sea, Forum Disapproved
    04 Best Debate
    1. Urouge vs Gizmo in Ch. 287 Discussion.
    2. Dividing Lines Fall on The Dark Knight Rises
    3. Probably There's A Problem with How to Be a Fan of Problematic Things
    4. The Video Games as Art Debate.
    05 Funniest Post
    1. Robby's "One Peach" art
    2. Wagomu on the metairony of enjoying a visual hoofbeast show
    3. zachri's road to insanity
    4. Silence calls out the Law haters for their crimes against the fandom.
    06 Best Moment on Board
    1. A Battle to the Death in Pictures
    2. November 6, 2012 from here on out.
    3. The Ocean says Yes: the Yugioh Avatar duel
    4. Tournament final, Baroque Style
    5. X Drake getting Arlongparked
    6. Arlong Park sends omake suggestions to Oda and succeeds!
    07 Most Memorable Off-Topic Moment
    1. Katzztar suddenly start explaining zoan breeds
    2. The Ocean says Yes: the Yugioh Avatar duel
    3. Battle to the Death in PYP thread
    08 Best Match
    1. Satori vs. Tashigi
    2. Bon Kurei vs. Crocodile - If they ain't Baroque, don't vote for 'em.
    3. Fake Strawhats vs. Bon Kurei
    4. Hattori vs. Nami
    5. Luffy vs. Law
    6. Kuzet vs Smixote Doflamoker
    7. Zoro vs Sanji
    8. Preliminary Match #6: Stelly Pilgrim vs. The World
    9. Bon Kurei vs. Law
    10. Ray-Ray vs. Jim-Bob
    09 Favorite Filler Match
    1. Favorite Avenger
    2. Biggest/Favorite Shonen Anime Pervert!
    3. Favorite OP Mother-Like Figure
    4. Parkermore House Cup
    5. Satori's Ultimate Elimination Game
    6. Requiem of Balls
    7. Best Cartoon Duo
    8. Baroque Works' Next Top Model
    9. Revenge of Balls
    10. The Nami vs. Rayleigh Trilogy: Mockingray, Part 1
    11. Baroque Works Showdown I
    12. Baroque Works Showdown II
    13. Best Planeteer
    14. Baroque Works Showdown III
    10 Best Campaign
    1. Lawbeard: The Movie by OldMate
    2. Fred the AOFSNtJoP17oCh624: The Movie by OldMate
    3. T-Bone and Stainless's Mustache Exchange by Nolus
    4. Zoidberg and Ace by OldMate
    5. Jinbe Games by Jabra
    6. Hattori by Nia
    7. Oppa Bonel Style by MasterKingJC
    8. Calgara campaigns by Sai-Chan
    9. Shanellan campaign by Venomous Warden
    10. Hattori Moon and Prom Date Hiriluk by Jabra
    11 Best Moment of the Tournament
    1. Suddenly Satori!
    2. Kitsune winning it for Law & the celebration that followed
    3. ArlongPark-Jinbe-Campaign-Explosion after Rayleigh took the lead.
    4. Nami vs. Rayleigh Ties and Everyone Loses It
    5. Double the Trouble, Double the Stakes, Double the Fun, Double the "Double the" Cliches: It's the Tag Team Roooooooooooundz-ah!
    12 Most Memorable
    1. Kitsune Inferno
    2. The Beast
    3. No Maam
    4. Nia
    5. Enzeru
    6. Monkey King
    7. Hiroy
    8. zachri
    9. Shuhan
    10. RobbyBevard
    13 Most Quotable
    1. Cyan D. Funk
    2. wolfwood
    3. The Daz
    4. redon
    5. Gliblord
    6. Wagomu
    7. Monkey King
    8. RobbyBevard
    9. Aohige_AP
    10. Silence
    14 Most Articulate
    1. CCC
    2. The Daz
    3. Silence
    4. Ubiq
    5. Silverblade
    6. Gekko135
    7. Enlighten
    8. Dryish
    9. tigerlilly
    10. wolfwood
    15 Most Dedicated
    1. Nia
    2. zachri
    3. redon
    4. Hiroy
    5. Aohige_AP
    6. Warp Predator
    7. KiShiDo
    8. ChesCa
    9. Raging Donuts
    10. joesephes
    16 Most Original
    1. Kitsune Inferno
    2. The Beast
    3. taboo
    4. Wagomu
    5. nodensuke
    6. Shuhan
    7. Deviant_Mugen
    8. ChesCa
    9. Demonicpoodle
    10. Hiroy
    17 Most One Piece Knowledgable
    1. Urouge
    2. Aohige_AP
    3. Alina James
    4. ​stephen
    5. CCC
    6. redon
    7. o-chan
    8. Coruscation
    18 Most Profound
    1. Monkey King
    2. wolfwoof
    3. ChesCa
    4. Hiroy
    5. Silence
    6. Noqanky
    7. The Daz
    19 Best New Member
    1. The Crystal Ship
    2. The Laughing Man
    3. 1PceXperience
    4. Sorikai33
    5. AutumnComet
    6. WarpPredator
    7. NateRich
    8. nodensuke
    9. Lef
    10. Enlighten
    20 Best Debater
    1. Monkey King
    2. Urouge
    3. Gizmo
    4. Ubiq
    5. The Daz
    6. Hinscher
    7. CCC
    8. Hattori
    9. The Beast
    10. brennen.exe
    21 Best Mod/Admin

    22 Best Researcher
    1. Ubiq
    2. Urouge
    3. Katzztar
    4. Mr. Toto
    5. Aohige_AP
    6. redon
    7. Monkey King
    8. o-chan
    23 Most Indecisive
    1. eerie
    2. kishido
    3. The Beast
    4. trappedolphin
    5. CaptainKid
    6. Kitsune Inferno
    25 Friendliest
    1. RPGJay
    2. AnimeFTW
    3. Sorikai33
    4. MetaMario
    5. trappedolphin
    6. The Beast
    7. Shuhan
    8. Nolus
    9. Kitsune Inferno
    10. Nia
    11. Sai-chan
    26 Funniest
    1. Wagomu
    2. wolfwood
    3. The Beast
    4. RPGJay
    5. Gliblord
    6. Cyan D. Funk
    7. Silence
    8. OldMate
    9. Kitsune Inferno
    10. The Daz
    27 Smartest
    1. Ubiq
    2. Urouge
    3. Silence
    4. Dryish
    5. Monkey King
    6. DarkFalcon
    7. The Daz
    8. Gizmo
    9. Chrissie
    10. Darkstorm
    28 Craziest
    1. Zachri
    2. Warp Predator
    3. Nolus
    4. Sai-chan
    5. Nia
    6. trappedolphin
    7. metteminne
    29 Best Artist
    1. Hiroy
    2. Sai-Chan
    3. zxcv11791
    4. taboo
    5. starshock12
    6. Maron
    7. Silver R. Bolt
    8. Shuhan
    9. Book Shonen
    30 Best Writer
    1. LaCaSiNa
    2. Gliblord
    3. ChesCa
    4. Kitsune Inferno
    5. Kylor
    6. Cyber-Robin
    7. Mumbling2
    31 Biggest Pimp
    1. Kitsune Inferno
    2. Uncle Kenny
    3. Gekko135
    4. Nami
    5. mettemine
    6. Nia
    7. Dervish
    8. Chrissie
    9. Miss Saturday
    32 Pirate King
    1. Kitsune Inferno
    2. Monkey King
    3. Gekko135
    4. Silence
    5. Hiroy
    6. Cyan D. Funk
    33 Pirate Queen
    1. Nia
    2. Chrissie
    3. Dervish
    4. trappedolphin
    5. GypsyCarts
    6. Nolus
    7. The Beast
    8. Sai-chan
    34 Best Fanart
    1. Hiroy's God from South Park vs. God from One Piece
    2. Silver R. Bolt's Gravity Falls
    3. starshock12's Edgeworth tries to top Phoenix's swag
    4. Sai-Chan's Avengers in Butch Hartman's style
    5. scaragh's I'm So Proud of You
    6. Hiroy's Indiana Dash and Shorty Shuhan
    7. zxcv11791's TS Franky's Shogun Jolly Roger
    8. Joesephes and Marian02's Nico Robin in Action
    Best Original Artwork[LIST=1][*]Comixscape #3 by Maron[*]Kitsune's Fox Reading A Book[*]Sai-chan's Witch Ghost is Christmas?

    35 Best Short Story/Written Work
    1. "Spirit Wolf" by Kitsune Inferno
    2. "Chimera Phase" by Mumbling2
    3. "Circles" by Keo2309
    4. "Garbled Sanctuary" by LaCasina
    5. "Concerto di Ali" by Kistune Inferno
    6. "Yukino" by ChesCa
    7. "Stargazer" by Crossword
    36 Best Avatar
    1. MDL's "Horror is Magic"
    2. Kaze's Smiling Husky Pup
    3. Nolus's Marine Cosplay
    4. captain ugly's Christmas Fairy
    5. Sai-chan's "Battie"
    6. MetaMario
    7. Kitsune Inferno
    8. Demon Rin
    9. DarkFalcon

      37 Best Signature
      1. Bobart O'Neil Virus
      2. Nolus' Christmas Doberman
      3. Sakonosolo's Anni
      4. zachri's Asssmacking Law
      5. Kitsune Inferno
      6. Shuhan's Rainbow Bonanza
      7. Luffy-Ko's Korra: Ace Attorney
      8. MetaMario's Colorful MarioWarioLuigi
      9. Hiroy
    38 Best Chapter of One Piece
    1. Chapter 689: An Island That Seems Not To Exist
    2. Chapter 663: CC
    3. Chapter 687: Beast
    4. Chapter 668: Pirate Alliance
    5. Chapter 655: Punk Hazard
    6. Chapter 677: Counter Hazard
    7. Chapter 678: The Lobby of the Lab's A Block
    8. Chapter 673: Vergo and Joker
    9. Chapter 692: The Assasin From Dressrosa
    10. Chapter 674: The Bystanders
    11. Chapter 681: Luffy vs The Master
    12. Chapter 685: Momonosuke is my name!
    13. Chapter 691: The King of the Land of Death

      39 Worst Chapter of One Piece
      1. Chapter 660: Shichibukai Trafalgar Law
      2. Chapter 687: Beast
      3. Chapter 653: The Hero's Hat
      4. Chapter 690: SAD
      5. Chapter 688: Mocha
    [SIZE=2]40 Best One Piece Episode
    1. Episode 568 - "To the Future! The Path to the Sun!"
    2. Episode 570 - "The Crew Is Surprised! The New Marine Fleet Admiral!"
    3. Episode 564 - ''To Zero! The Heated Wish Reaches Luffy!''
    4. Episode 556 - "Unveiled! The Secret Weapons of the Sunny"
    41 Worst One Piece Episode
    1. Episode 553 - "Shirahoshi's Tears! Luffy finally appears!"
    2. Episode 578 - "Z's Ambition Chapter! Luffy vs. Shuzo!"
    3. Episode 566 - "Coming To An End! The Final Decisive Battle Against Hordy!"
    4. Episode 549 - "A Crack Arises! Luffy vs. Jinbe!"
    5. Episode 555 - ''Explosive Movement! Zoro and Sanji Head Out!''
    6. Episode 575 - "Z's Ambition Arc - The Little Giant Lily!"
    42 Naruto - Worst Moment
    1. Spoiler:
      Tobi's Obito
    2. Neji's dead... again.
    3. Obito and Kishimoto don't care anymore
    4. Tsunade, the offscreened toothpaste is "propably not OK"
    5. Malicious chakra monsters, the tailed beasts, are actually cute little pokemon
    6. The Side Character Army gets slaughtered by splinters
    7. Anko's neck used to resurrect Orochimaru
    8. Rin is dead and it's your fault.
    43 Bleach - Worst Moment
    1. Ichigo Kurosaki - Soullobrincy
    2. Byakuya reenacts Paul Reubens' death scene from Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    3. Kubo draws a different bod- ahahaha, no
    4. Loyd Lloyd turns out to be one of a set with Barry Bonds Royd Lloyd; other brother Floyd is a barber
    5. Vice captain Sasakibe doesnt use his bankai out of respect, dies and no one cares
    6. The Fullbringers are training to defend Soul Society
    7. Four great panels of Gasmask Soultroopers
    8. existing Spaniards, Generalissimo dead
    9. Ichigo gets an entire chapter upon arrival in SS to "look cool" and listen to Byakuya's regret.
    44 Fairy Tail - Worst Moment
    1. Super Secret Special Awesome Execution Squad is a bunch of mooks that are one-hit.
    2. Chapter 298 fanservice-o-rama.
    3. Laxus singlehandedly trolls Raven Tail out of existence.
    4. Friendship is Magic!
    5. Gerard's continued existence.
    6. Lucy's life sucks, Chapter 9999: Flare edition.
    7. Kurohebi murders Tobi's sock.
    8. Magic is awesome; magma ain't so hot.
    9. Wendy and Cheila: BFFs4evuh
    10. When fans wrote Mashima demanding a three-way involving Ezra and Kagura, this isn't what they meant.
    45 Best Manga Series
    1. Molester Man
    2. Assassination Classroom
    3. Deadman Wonderland
    4. Magi
    5. Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
    6. Billy Bat
    7. OnePunch-Man
    8. Gintama
    9. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: JoJolion
    10. Space Brothers
    11. Bakuman
    46 Worst Manga Series
    1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
    2. Bleach
    3. Fairy Tail
    4. Berserk
    5. Naruto
    6. Bleach
    7. Pajama no Kanojo
    8. Barrage
    9. Bakuman
    10. D. Gray-man
    11. Negima! Magister Negi Magi
    47 Best Movie of the Year
    1. The Dark Knight Rises
    2. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    3. The Avengers
    4. Looper
    5. The Dictator
    6. Wreck-It Ralph
    7. Judge Dredd
    8. The Cabin in the Woods
    9. Les Miserables
    10. Lincoln
    11. Skyfall
    12. Life of Pi
    13. Cloud Atlas
    14. To Rome with Love
    15. Moonrise Kingdom
    48 Worst Movie of the Year
    1. The Odd Life of Timothy Green
    2. The Dark Knight Rises
    3. Ted
    4. Battleship
    5. Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Electric Boogaloo
    6. Tim and Eric's billion dollar movie
    7. Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter
    8. Red Dawn
    9. Playing for Keeps
    49 Television Show of the Year - Best
    1. Breaking Bad
    2. Psych
    3. Elementary
    4. Community
    5. The Walking Dead
    6. Game of Thrones
    7. The Vampire Diaries
    8. Parks and Recreation
    9. Doctor Who
    10. Sherlock
    11. Big Bang Theory
    12. How I Met Your Mother
    13. Homeland
    14. Boardwalk Empire
    15. Mad Men
    50 Television Show of the Year - Worst
    1. Glee
    2. Level Up
    3. Two and a Half Men
    4. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
    5. 2 Broke Girls
    6. The Inbetweeners USA
    7. Big Bang Theory
    8. Newsroom
    9. ​Work It
    10. Sherlock
    51 Animated Film of the Year
    1. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1
    2. Berserk: Golden Age
    3. Wreck-It-Ralph
    4. Brave
    5. The Secret World of Arietty
    6. Frankenweenie
    7. Paranorman
    8. Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists
    9. Hotel Transylvania
    10. Rise of the Guardians
    52 Animated Show of the Year
    1. Gravity Falls
    2. Archer
    3. Adventure Time
    4. Young Justice
    5. Regular Showy
    6. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    7. Dan Vs
    8. Motorcity
    9. Space Brothers
    10. Avatar: Legend of Korra
    11. American Dad
    12. Ninja Turtles 2012
    13. Amazing World of Gumball
    53 Musical Act of the Year - Best
    1. Mountain Goats
    2. Death Grips
    3. The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra
    4. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    5. Florence + The Machine
    6. Mumford and Sons
    7. Kendrick Lamar
    8. Psy (for "Gangnam Style")
    9. The xx
    10. The Weeknd
    11. Muse
    12. Say Anything
    54 Musical Act of the Year - Worst
    1. Periphery
    2. One Direction
    3. Nicki Minaj
    4. Justin Bieber
    5. Chris Brown
    6. Art Garfunkel
    55 Biggest News Story of the Year
    1. Heaven or Hell: FIGHT! - The 2012 Election
    2. Penn State University covers up pedophile to protect football program
    3. Aung San Suu Kyi takes seat in the Burmese Parliament
    4. Higgs Boson discovered
    5. Disney buys Star Wars from Lucas
    6. Sandy Hook shooting
    7. Gay marriage and legalization of marijuana succeed at the polls.
    56 Lamest News Story of the Year
    1. Republicans play Thelma and Louise with the United States economy.
    2. Kukulkan uses Apple Maps to plan his return to Earth; Mayan Apocalypse doesn't happen.
    3. Jesus was asked to raise Lazarus and did, was asked to turn water into wine and did, was asked to give Tebow an NFL career and said "Let me get back to you on that".
    4. Nobel Committee at their wits end; Peace Prize goes to European Union.
    5. Kerbal Space Program: Korean Edition.
    6. Vladimir Putin goes past Bond villain status and right into Snidely Whiplash territory; first the orphans, next the Widow Jones.
    7. Trump tries to make an issue of Obama's papers when his opponent won't release tax forms.
    8. The $64M Question to be popped.
    57A Best Game: Console
    1. Xenoblade Chronicles
    2. Assassin's Creed 3
    3. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
    4. Dishonored
    5. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    6. Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed
    7. Journey
    8. Persona 4 Arena
    9. One Piece: Pirate Warriors
    10. The Last Story
    11. Transformers Fall of Cybertron
    12. Skullgirls
    ​57B Best Game: PC/Online
    1. FTL - Faster Than Light
    2. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
    3. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series
    4. Primordia
    5. Wine and Roses
    6. Slender
    7. La Mulana
    8. Hotline Miami
    9. Sleeping Dogs
    10. Legend of Grimrock
    57C Best Game: Handheld
    1. Kid Icarus Uprising
    2. Growlanser : Wayfarer of Time
    3. Paper Mario: Sticker Star
    4. Pokemon Black/White 2
    5. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
    6. Gravity Rush
    7. Puzzler World 2012
    8. Pokemon Conquest
    9. Persona 4 Golden
    10. Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
    58A Worst Game: Console
    1. Assassin's Creed 3
    2. Kinect Star Wars
    3. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
    4. Final Fantasy XIII-2
    5. Asura's Wrath
    6. Silent Hill HD Collection
    58B Worst Game: PC/Online
    1. Diablo 3
    2. WarZ
    3. Anna
    4. Darks Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
    5. Street Fighter X Mega Man
    6. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
    58C Worst Game: Handheld
    1. Uncharted Golden Abyss
    2. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
    3. Paper Mario: Sticker Star
    4. New Super Mario Bros 2
    59A Best Comic
    1. Homestuck
    2. Avatar: the Last Airbender, The Promise
    3. Double K
    4. Gunnerkrigg
    5. Two Guys and Guy
    6. Megaman Archie Comic
    7. SAGA
    59B Worst Comic
    1. Control Alt Delete
    2. Asscastle
    3. Tails get Trolled
    4. New 52 Static Shock
    5. New 52 Catwoman

    Funniest Image or Series of Images
    1. Baby 5 Joins the Big Emperor
    2. One Piece, Bleach Style
    3. [SIZE=2]Tardar Sauce/Jeremy Renner Cat/Grumpy Cat Memes
    4. Hunter x Hunter Tankobon
    5. Caliborn breaks Homestuck, MSPA and the 4th dimension
    Best Video or Series of Videos
    1. Epic Rap Battles of History
    2. BIRDEMIC: The Best Worst Movie Ever
    3. The Spoony Experiment - Ultima 9: Ascension (Part 1 of 3)
    4. None Piece (One Piece "Abridged" Series)
    5. Team Four Star: Dragonball Z Abridged Series
    6. The Youtube Livestreams of RanmyakouJouten
    7. MarbleHornet/Totheark
    8. Bravest Warriors
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Nominations are now open for one thread, two thread, Worst Thread, Best Thread.
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    I nominate the Monkey D. Ish thread as Worst Thread (was a toss up between that and the Fairy Tail thread)

    I also nominate The 2012 April Fools Thread as Best Thread, that was some fun times~

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst Thread: Chivalry

    And going with the April Fools theme...

    Best Thread: Toonami on Adult Swim

    What a night.
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst Thread: Slavery in One Piece
    Hoo boy - there were quite a few of these.
    My choice would've been Chivalry, but there're at least two others that were just as bad, I'll let you all figure out which.

    Best Thread: You are a Krillin-tier character in any series.
    There are a lot of these too actually, but I'm gonna go with this one,
    Because p. much every thread Holy creates is gold. >:P
    wait, sorry, i mean BLACK
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst Thread: Criticism of One Piece

    Changed it because I am dumb. Anyway, if this was all objective and stuff it would be great, but it gets WAY too bitchy and whiny and petty for my taste.

    Best Thread: One-Punch Man

    I love the vibe this thread has going in it, which is overwhelmingly positive. It's a great thread. Hop in while it's all warm and flowery!
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst Thread:
    Trafalgar Law Fan Club = Looking at you for Best Post, #41. And #45. And #46.

    Best Thread:
    Normally, I'd give this to Confession Session, but that thread gets dumb from time to time. Silence says it best: Holy makes the best threads, (Best Threadmaker for an award?) but I want to have lots of variety here. So I'm gonna go with How Long Does it Take to Get Senior Status? I know it's locked and all, but that thread got legendary.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst thread: If a Strawhat were to die in the New World, who would it be?

    Words can not describe how atrocious it is. -_-

    Best thread: General 'Haki' Discussion

    One of best threads that I've ever followed thanks to the intense debates that goes on in there concerning Haki.
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    Go here for the project and here for the thread! (UPDATE 10/18/20)
    Go here or here (UPDATE 05/10/14)

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst thread: Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)

    Guess it comes down to a love-hate relationship here. While I like that the community analyzes every newly introduced character (almost like some sort of filtering system), I can not deny that it is really tiresome to read at times.
    It's like living next to a clarification plant. It stinks like hell but deep down you know it's good to have it around. Else the shit would be allover the place.

    Best thread: Naruto and Bleach III: Adding peaches to the oatmeal of friendship

    What can I say, this must be one of the most entertaining topics here on Arlong Park.
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by joesephes View Post
    [B]Best thread: General 'Haki' Discussion

    One of best threads that I've ever followed thanks to the intense debates that goes on in there concerning Haki.
    80% of that thread occured before 2012 so it's kind of hard to count that.
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Best thread: Criticism of One piece.

    Worst thread: Fairy Tail thread.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Best Thread:
    "Oda's tributes to another mangas, mangakas, celebrities..."

    -Worst Thread:
    "If One Piece was Cancelled"
    Why would anyone want to contemplate this?

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    80% of that thread occured before 2012 so it's kind of hard to count that.
    *sigh* Well then I guess my pick will be Aokiji new appearance *spoilers* then.
    Go here for the project and here for the thread! (UPDATE 10/18/20)
    Go here or here (UPDATE 05/10/14)

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Best thread: Naruto And Bleach III; I mean I feel obligated to vote for it, since I made the 3rd one. lol Not to mention 80% of my posts go there.

    Worst thread:Monkey D Ish

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    When nominating, please pay attention to what has already been nominated, thanks!
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst Thread:
    Criticism of One Piece

    Went from good, peaceful criticism to personal, trivial complaints. Ended up getting closed down due to the constant insults.

    Best Thread:
    Naruto and Bleach III: Adding peaches to the oatmeal of friendship

    Best entertainment in the Other Manga/Anime section.
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shuhan View Post
    When nominating, please pay attention to what has already been nominated, thanks!
    It's okay Shu, they'll listen to you one day. You'll make them listen...

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsune Inferno View Post
    You are a treasure.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst thread: Naruto and Bleach III: Adding peaches to the oatmeal of friendship
    When I first joined I thought it was fun with the constant Naruto and Bleach bashing, now it's just sad...

    Best Thread
    : Magi
    We got ourselves a winner folks!
    Who exactly is Mumbo?
    It's OFFICIAL, UsoppXNami 4ever.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Hmmmm...... well;

    Worst: Sexism in One piece

    Best: Jojo's bizzare adventure
    The cunning ones kneel before six masters, but serve only one.

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