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Thread: The AP Awards are once again upon us.

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    Default The AP Awards are once again upon us.

    The Carl Sandburg's Fog to the Character Tournament's Mahabharata, it's time for the AP Awards.

    As is customary, let us review the Rules.

    01. As always, I lead off with: No circlejerkery or asshattery. You don't have to nominate the exact same people every single time for every single category. If somebody else agrees with you and thinks that person should be nominated, they'll do it. If not, maybe somebody else should get that spot.
    02. Only nominations for open categories will be accepted. One per customer per open category. There is no rule against self nominations (though it is tacky to say the least) as of right now.
    03. Don't try to buy votes. You can't possibly understand how much it annoys me to have to say that.
    04. Nominees can refuse said nomination or within at any time between now and when voting begins (if only to avoid people potentially throwing their vote away). To do so, they merely have to inform an Event Staff of their decision.
    05. Nominations are subject to be refused by the Event Staff as the situation warrants.
    06. A bolded Open Category section means that nominations are only being accepted for that open category. Nominations for categories that are not yet open will be ignored and the person making the nomination will likely be mocked.
    07. Consistent or repeated ignoring of these rules may lead to banning from this forum and disqualification of any nominations that member may have made. I'll remember that during the Character Tournament and bear a grudge.
    08. As was the case last year, people who are currently banned are ineligible for nomination while those who have been banned in the past and been on good behavior since then are now eligible.
    09. Don't disrupt threads if there's something you disagree with. If you have an issue with something, take it up with one of the Event Staff.
    10. As an addendum to the last rule, personal feelings need to be kept personal. I don't want people complaining in threads about another member being nominated for something. If you think that they are ineligible, then contact an Event Staff. If they're actually ineligible, then we'll decide that.
    11. This isn't an Awards General Discussion thread. If you have a question about the rules as well as the categories, ask here. If not, use the Discussion thread that will be provided whenever one of us gets around to it. If the same sort of nonsense happens here that plagued the Stats thread during the Tournament, it will go badly for people involved.
    12. Rules are subject to change as needed
    12. The most important rule is the same for Forum Events: Be positive and have fun!
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: The AP Awards are once again upon us.

    I for one have had a great time at AP this year. I'm sure most of us have. So I'd just like to thank all the members for making this such a great forum. Also the mods/admins deserve tons of thanks for organizing fun events like this, the character tournament, April fools, etc.
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