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Thread: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    Both are good

    Art style is intentionally shitty given that the art is worse than what ONE can draw in Mob Psycho but ONE is also a goddamn master of fight choreo and paneling such that it's incredibly easy to follow action in fights.
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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    The art style of the original highlights the more comedic side of this series in comparison to the Murata version which highlights the action side.

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)


    Dear One,
    King's bluff is too strong. Pleas don't ever nerf it.
    Sincerely,the reader.

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    King vs that monster was like a Detective Pikachu reference.

    Also RIP Orochi

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    Nope. You just say it, and move on like a boss.
    I'm like Hisotensoku: Not here to preserve peace, nor to destroy it. I certainly can't move mountains. Mostly, I'm just full of hot air.
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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    So King has Conqueror's Haki? Ahahah i'm dying! Epic chapter!

    Oh btw... yeah, ok, Orochi is really dead...... unless he can REGENERATE! A power that not even Gyoro Gyoro knows so she thinks he's dead!

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    Well as long as there's a body part still remaining, who can know for sure.

    I lost it at Ditto's "The fake bones I created are piercing through my vitals!"

    You don't think about these risks when you start your career as a shapeshifter. Shouldn't morph into someone whose build greatly differs from yours!
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    It makes no sense and you'll be dead before you're finished.

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord of Chaos View Post
    Sorry but I find Gary Stu to be boring.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    How about you get the hell out of there.
    What are you up to ?
    I mean not even giving the one supposed to be strongest among MA a serious punch as the killing punch is too much.
    Even elder centipede get the honour of serious series.

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    Pretty sure he didn’t understand your original post and thought you were making fun of him for taking a “not even serious series” seriously. The not serious series being One Punch Man.

    Just let it go.

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    Quote Originally Posted by kirei_lanford View Post
    Even elder centipede get the honour of serious series.
    That, too, was also filler. As it turns out, when you start inserting a lot of new characters and events into an already established narrative you tend to subvert its message, undermine character development/relevance and break the flow of it in general.

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    > Filler
    > Content purposefully written by the original author and even basically storyboarded other than how fights are done with the intent of expanding the content of the series


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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    I'm pretty sure the original version isn't that holy to the point every change made by the author it's a blasphemy.

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    Quote Originally Posted by KageKageKing View Post
    I'm pretty sure the original version isn't that holy to the point every change made by the author it's a blasphemy.
    It isn't filler, but the webcomic had far better flow with the Garou arc. I haven't enjoyed many of the changes, due to how much they've detracted from the streamlined nature of the Garou arc and Garous character growth throughout. It just feels like a lot of the bombastic extra plotpoints are muddling the main story just for the sake of showcasing well drawn anime/manga battles. They have very little weight compared to the webcomic. It's not bad... but the webcomic did it better.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nilitch
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    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    idk sometimes I like the new material and sometimes I could care less, don't get me wrong, the art works is always great, but I liked how flashy flash and child emperor stomped there demon level opponents, the extended fights look great but just felt ahhhhhh, I mean I thought the whole point was to showcase the difference between Demon and Dragon Level in the first place

    Saitama wanting to learn and see martial arts seemed out of character for me to

    But damn I love everything with Orochi..... like seriously damn!

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    Its unlikely the webcomic flow would work as well for this version anyway.
    Pheonix man fight was super dragged out though

    Edit:I loved the zombieman fight chapter in this version for example

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    The S class heroes could use one or two chapters fights, child emperor got like 5, or at least it felt like 5. Zombieman got one and was awesome.
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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    Who would win, OP King or OPM King?


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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    OPM King, obviously.

    OP King lacks the King Engine

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    Default Re: Onepunch-Man (redrawn version)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaido King of the Beasts View Post
    Who would win, OP King or OPM King?
    How dare you insult the strongest man in the world by even asking such a question

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