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Thread: Closing Ceremonies Thread

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    Default Re: Closing Ceremonies Thread

    On a note relevant to this and my life at the moment, I HAD been hoping to make animated campaigns in the future but alas... no Animation Project. Gutted. Might have to teach myself how to do it in my own spare time if I can XD

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    Default Re: Closing Ceremonies Thread

    Oh, wow, I forgot about that Buggy campaign I made.
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    Default Re: Closing Ceremonies Thread

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Closing Ceremonies Thread

    Yay!!! Good job croco!!!
    "An artist on stage is a soldier in combat; no matter how hard it is, you cannot retreat."
    - Dmitri Shostakovich

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    Default Re: Closing Ceremonies Thread

    Shouldn't we put this thread to rest?

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    Default Re: Closing Ceremonies Thread

    Lets see who wins next year, it could be anyone
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    Default Re: Closing Ceremonies Thread

    So long, everyone, and thanks for all the fish.

    If the Mayans were wrong (somehow), let's meet again next year on this very platform.

    In the 2013 Character Tournament.

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