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Thread: Custom Xbox-360 controller/s

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    Default Custom Xbox-360 controller/s

    So i was sitting around bored the other day, and i thought i'd give a go at customizing my xbox controllers. I'm going for One Piece themed controllers, i already have a Trafalgar Law controller planned out: yellow with black trim(top bottom and buttons) and the Heart Pirates jolly-roger on the left hand. But, i'm having a difficult time coming up with a Strawhat themed controller, does anyone have any ideas? I know i want to incorporate the Straw-hat Jolly Roger, but i have no idea what the color scheme should be.

    Also, if you wanna customize your controller, i recommend watching this guys videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/MyCustomXbox. I know there are some creative people on this forum, and i'd love to see what you come up with.

    Edit: This is the plans i've drawn up for the Heart Pirate controller.

    (also, like an idiot i originally put this in the "Help" section. Can anyone tell me how to delete it, i can't figure it out.. i'm new'ish here)
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    Default Re: Custom Xbox-360 controller/s

    Alright, sorry i haven't done anything in this thread in a while. Here's the first controller i have finished:

    It's supposed to be Luffy themed, but it came to my attention that it looked Mcdonalds themed so i changed the top plate and RB/LB buttons

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can improve this? I have to repaint it anyway, because the clear coat i used was no good. I'm going to start on the Tragalguy controller next, but i'm going to wait til this heat wave ends(btw, could that of had anything to do with my initial Clear Coat not sticking?). In the mean time does anyone have any other controller suggestions?
    You're a lion! I nearly hit you! YOU ARE TEARING ME APART LISA!

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