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Thread: Hi guys!

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    Smile Hi guys!

    First of all, hi there.
    I'm one of the many One Piece fan around the world.
    My name is Ludovico, and I'm twenty. I'm nicknamed X Drake 'cos he's the second of my favourite characters. I live in Italy and I study marketing.
    I use to lurk around here and I've decided to become an active member.

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    So....have a good time i guess.
    UnresolvedWeevil´s plan/Explaining DFs/Deal with Kuma-Bonney´s past/Joy-Boy/Zunisha´s story/Rocks flashback/Void Century/Rioponeglyph/Uranus/the D.clan

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    What he said! Welcome to APF! Enjoy your stay!
    Those who love One Piece, say "Straw Hat Pirates!"

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