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Thread: Dan ventures into Animation

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    Default Dan ventures into Animation

    So I recently applied for SCAD for Computer Animation. I haven't sent in my portfolio, and I'm not sure if I'm going this year or next when I get in. But I'll only be going for 1 year, then transferring into Ringling.

    As for drawing, I do figure studies on a regular basis, but those are boring to look at unless you're on a figure drawing board. So I'm doing cartoon drawings on a regular basis from the Character Well Description Blog. It posts daily descriptions of characters, then I just draw them.

    A few of these are older than I'd like to post, but I only just started the character well again. Inspired by Steven to learn to color, I'm trying to balance out a style that uses references, but doesn't stray to far away from my own techniques.
    Older Cartoons

    Newer ones I just started earlier this week.

    The Helga picture was for fun, but the rest were from the descriptions.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Two more before I head to sleep.

    First is a British Poet, terrible coloring all around, was a quick one.

    Next is fanart of Taboo's Leeman character from Blood and Brandy

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Preliminary designs for two characters for a comic I've been developing for the past bajillion years without ever making any progress.

    Thomas the bodyguard, and William the butler. Both serve the extremely wealthy main character.

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Application was finished, but still waiting on SCAD to wave my fee. I applied a while back in 2010, so there's a good chance I might be able to use that for this year. It worked with other schools, so no reason it shouldn't work here since I never finished the application at the time.

    Going to attend the Savannah campus and get my grades up and then transfer into Ringling. The good thing is I'll be in art school for 5 years. The bad thing is...I'll be in art school for 5 years. Going to be at least $160k. But I might only have to pay $20k for SCAD since they have lots of scholarships and grants. It's just Ringling that's expensive haha

    If I do get things done, I might be able to go as soon as in March. If not it'll probably be for the Fall. There's a $500 fee to actually let them know you're attending the school. It's not included in your tuition at all, and you're basically handing over money to tell them, "hi I MIGHT be going to the school". So even if something bad happens or for personal reasons you can't go, they won't save the fee, and they won't give you it back lol.
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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    leeman looks awesome!!! :3c

    good luck on your app!

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    The cast of Royal Rats.

    The left is Thomas, Roy’s friend who was also homeless at the time. Roy and Thomas basically lived together in a brother type relationship. They looked after each other. So it’s not surprising when Roy invites Thomas to live with him after he’s rich. He acts as Roy’s bodyguard.
    The middle is Roy, the main character. Despite his age he’s quite mature due to being homeless most of his life. He strikes gold after getting success with one of his inventions.
    The right is William, also previously homeless but did not share the same bond with Roy that Thomas did. He hates Roy, and always seems to show it, but Roy never seems to notice, or doesn’t really care. Despite hating Roy, William won’t allow anyone to touch his “retirement”, so he graciously accepts Roy’s invitation to live with them. Wearing the same suit he's owned for the past 40 years, William acts as the butler.

    The idea and setting is pretty much done, all that's left to do is write it. I don't plan on actually drawing anything for a long time though.

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Can't seem to get used to drawing the same characters over and over without making them look completely different.
    Another picture of Roy. Though the anatomy of the figure I used for reference makes it look like his right leg is shorter, but I assure you it's off in the distance, I just didn't do a good job capturing it with the perspective and coloring xD

    SCAD waived my fee, all that's left is to have my transcript sent in, I should know if I got in or not within 2-3 weeks.

    edit- I know I don't really have anything interesting, but what's with people just visiting the page and not even commenting XD
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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    A friend decided to show me a picture of her, but it wasn't what I expected. She hid her face with a doll inside her hoody where her head would be. It's those types of hoodies, when zipped up, are really tall. So tall they could be used as a body bag.

    I don't know, I thought it was funny how weird it looked.

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    So I'm installing Maya to start practicing again. I'd like to be able to learn basic modeling before I enter SCAD whenever that may be. I took a class 2 years ago but I ended up dropping it cause it was at 11pm at night, but I still have one of the characters I did. For now, I'd like to redesign him and make it more animation friendly.

    Sadly that was the most I got of the turn table. lol

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Getting back into redoing old stuff like I did before, sparked again from Hiroy.

    This one isn't that old, but still pretty fun to redraw and redesign.

    And this is the redesign in progress. Doing the fire first so I can get a mood set so I can render everything else according to the light.

    The new jumpsuit will more than likely be similar to a Motorbike jumper or a skydiving suit.
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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Looks alot like one of those characters for an potential AA game titles. You know? The ones with a main average guy with some kind of cool power? Good luck finishing it up. It may seem hard and frustrating to try finishing something, but you gotta try to get as close to finished as you possibly could. You'd learn and see a whole lot. Maybe not now, but most likely down the road.

    You see, when learning art... you just... notice things rather than straight up get something right away. Like say you are learning painting or anatomy from a tutorial, art book, or directly from another artist. You would find yourself scratching your head over numerous things, and also not pulling off a technique you may see as simple through the explanation. This is perfectly fine. After numerous practices on your own, you'd just see yourself picking up on things you once saw as confusing. Heck, you'd probably pass down what you have learned to others since you are so much more aware of how a technique works.

    This brings me back to another thing. I think even professionals or great artist have I hard time explaining how they draw as well. Mainly because they are teaching stuff to those that isn't aware of much or anything. That, and over the course of practicing, different artists would find themselves explaining things differently. It gets a point where it seems as there is no "one-exact" way to go about learning something new or challenging. Keep this in mind. The resources you learn from should only act as a stepping stone towards your development.

    Just a tip. Maybe you'd end up using this hint of this far better than I ever could.

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    While eating supper I did a quick little variation of the other one. Not really going anywhere with it, was just messing about.

    People, please critique, even conceptart is ignoring me lol
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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Since I"m having a ton of trouble painting clothes ontop of a figure, I did a study of a t shirt to get the idea going. The one on the right is the short study, while the one on the left and below is from memory.

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    I ended up going with the 2nd variation. I liked the idea of the jumpsuit being more like armor than an actual jumpsuit.

    I've got the next two drawings I'll be remaking/redesigning.

    I have no idea where this drawing came from, it might of been fanart from a magazine or something, I'm not quite sure, but it was done in 2006/2007

    This was supposed to be the maincharacter of a comic, but obviously I don't finish things so it didn't get to far.

    Still highly under progress, slowly rendering the clothing.
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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Didn't like the pose so I changed it, also started on the elf character, figured he'd be around 10 years old. Will have to eventually use a reference as he doesn't really look 10 right now...more along the lines of his head shape and nose I think.

    Taking a break and going to go have supper, but before that.

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Realistic Homer is shockingly accurate. Atlease when he typically spaces out.

    Quote Originally Posted by DanialG View Post

    Still highly under progress, slowly rendering the clothing.
    This one.
    This one looks slick.

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Love the progression and all your stuff man. Nice job.
    The flames look excellent. I like the new slicker faces to.

    Keep it up!


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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Yay postsss

    Anyways, today will be the last day I work on the progression shots for a while. I'm participating in the Draw Everyday for February which I haven't done since about 2006. I gotta finish 1 piece every day, and in my mind I've already got a pretty good idea what I'll be doing everyday starting with tomorrow's 'In Brightest Day....'.

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Ah man! Go for it. It's easy enough imho. Just continue with a 2nd piece line up each day.

    Now if people would do a topic that would be: Do a manga chapter each month, then we're talking. But I dont think to many are up for that.

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Aye I'll try to get more than 1 piece a day in, depends on how long I work on that days challenge piece though.

    Quick 6 minute study, no measuring, just trying to see how much rendering I could get done within 5 minutes(1minute line, 5minutes rendering). Didn't get much done lol.
    Going to go on and do a longer pose with measuring.

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    Looks good enough for what it is!

    A nice weekend-beard-face :D

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    Default Re: Dan ventures into Animation

    February 1st

    Model Sheet to the main character for my Stencyl Game. Tried modeling it in Maya, but I need to read a bit more before I attempt it again.
    I used Gyojins setup as a guideline, learned a ton from just following it.

    February 2nd

    Based off of

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