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Thread: Episode 199, "Celebration"

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    Default Episode 199, "Celebration"

    DOWNLOAD AT: http://onepiecepodcast.com/blog/2011...9-celebration/

    On this episode of the One Piece Podcast we have so much to go into that it cannot fit in one hour, two hours, three hours, or even four hours. On this episode we have some very special announcements, then go into our Jump Festa...festivities with Greg and Ed. We then go into some News with Firecrouch and some Piece Together with Firecrouch and Greg. Then the podcast begins again with an Anime Recap with Funkatron, and a Manga Recap with Ichnob. Then Ichnob and Steve join us for a Top 5 of 2011 and a round-off. It's just that simple.

    This is our last episode of the year, and so we'll wish all of you guys out there a happy holidays and a happy new year! In January we will be celebrating "Fight Scanlation Month" by not having a Manga Recap in January. With the release of Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha on January 30th we'll return in full glory with new segments, and a Manga Recap based off of Stephen's translations in Alpha. We urge you all to take the month off of One Piece with us. We know it's difficult, but it would help show solidarity leading up to the first issue of Alpha. (Hashtag #FightScanlationMonth).

    Here's a line-up of what we have for you on the podcast today:
    Episode 199.1 with Zach, Steve, and Ichnob
    0:00:00 Introduction
    0:03:38 Announcements

    Episode 199.2 with Zach, Ed, and Greg
    0:14:40 Jump Festa 2012: Introduction
    0:18:33 Jump Festa 2012: Atmosphere
    0:25:14 Jump Festa 2012: Kaizoku Musou
    0:34:39 Jump Festa 2012: Artwork & Toei Booth
    0:47:05 Jump Festa 2012: Figures
    0:52:21 Jump Festa 2012: Super Stage
    1:35:59 Jump Festa 2012: Piece Together
    1:47:07 Syndicate Promo

    Episode 199.3 with Zach, Firecrouch and Greg
    1:47:42 News with Firecrouch
    2:02:34 Piece Together

    Episode 199.4 with Zach, Funkatron, Ichnob, and Steve
    2:40:24 Anime Recap (with Funkatron)
    2:55:26 Manga Recap (with Ichnob)
    3:26:24 Top 5: 2011
    3:52:00 Season 4 Sogeking Contest
    3:53:41 Bon Voyage!
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    Default Re: Episode 199, "Celebration"

    Awesome podcast :D
    You mentioned in the piece together segment that there is a flashback part with shots of whitebeard declaring FI as his own with what could be blackbeard in the background, just wondering what chapter that was in?

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