Live from the Fishman District in Fishman Island, The One Piece Podcast Presents: “The Hody Jones Christmas Special!” So sit by your olde-radio-den-den-mushi and enjoy some music from your favorite hosts. Enjoy with the lyrics below, or don’t, I don’t care:

Chopper, The Blue Nosed Reindeer (00:01:40)
Written by The Dude
Sung by The Dude
Arranged by The Dude

You know Luffy and Zoro and Usopp and Nami
Robin and Franky and Brook and Sanji
But the star of this tune
Looks like a talking raccoon

Chopper the blue-nosed reindeer
Also could walk upright
And if he ever saw you
He would hide in plain sight

Shunned by the other reindeer
He tried to run away from home
Humans didn’t like him either
Cause he looked like a Chewbacca clone

Then one snowy winter’s day
A guy showed up in the nude
“Come with me and do your part
Together we’ll heal this country’s heart”

Then a bunch of sad stuff happened
So we’ll just skip over that
Chopper’s now a world class doctor
On the pirate crew of the Straw Hats

An Ode to Strawberry (00:04:33)
Written by The Dude
Sung by Steve Yurko
Arranged by The Dude, Zach Logan, and Steve Yurko

I saw Strawberry in One Piece
Underneath the third panel from the right
His design is pretty neat
My heart near skipped a beat
When I saw that huge hat on his head
It made my life complete

Oh if I only could be a Marine
And serve under this Vice-Admiral’s seat
I would jump and shout “hurrah”
While we both uphold the law
If I were part of Strawberry’s fleet

I saw Strawberry in a flashback
So glad he’s back in the story again
On the record this is not (have it stricken!)
But I think he’s kind of hot (no homo!)
I should put my feelings on restrain

I saw Strawberry in the SBS
Oh my god that’s his entire head!?
What I’d do with it, you know
Make it into a love pillow
And sleep next to it in my bed

I will cuddle it with pride
One day it will be my bride
It’s Strawberry in my bed

J-Sack’s Tweets: 2011 (00:07:20)
Based on Tweets by Jason
Sung by The Dude
Arranged by The Dude

How Eneru Stole Christmas (00:11:09)
Written by The Dude
Performed by J. Michael Tatum
Arranged by Zach Logan

The 12 Days of Podcasting (00:12:47)
Written by The Dude
Sung by The Dude
Arranged by The Dude

Three Marines (00:14:16)
Written by The Dude
Sung by The Dude, Ed, and Steve Yurko
Arranged by The Dude and Zach Logan

[Chorus]Three Marines of Navy HQ
What’s our rank? That’s Admiral, to you.
Devil Fruit powers, Count the hours
Til we all run you through

O Justice is what we live to serve
And we don’t grade on a curve
Break the law, we’ll break your jaw
And you will get what you deserve

[Ao Kiji]
You just woke me up from my sleep
Having Ice Powers doesn’t come cheap
Justice declaring, Once was flaring
Now I’d just rather count sheep

Ao Kiji is my name
Lazy-ass Justice is my game
Until I…
My, my, my, my, my, my… How boring
I’ma take a nap…


Gray Area Justice suits me just right
Certainty just makes one uptight
But if I get mad, you’ll wish you never had
Crossed me and my deadly light

At high speed I will go by
It’s incidental if you die
My laser beams are too extreme
I will probably say “Oh My!”

Absolute Justice is my charm
My aim is to only cause you harm
Ace resisted, then he got fisted
With my big magma arm

Tonight I dine on Justice Flakes
With Justice Fries and a Justice Shake
Don’t get curt, or you’ll get hurt
It might be your legs that I break

Admirals of Navy HQ
Watch what you’re doing or we’ll come for you
In giant boats with big long white coats
And colors Red, Yellow, and Blue

O Justice is what we live to serve
And we don’t grade on a curve
Break the law, we’ll break your jaw
And you will get what you deserve

[Ao Kiji] Can I go back to sleep now?
[Kizaru] Ohhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyy!
[Akainu] What the HELL did that have to do with Christmas!?

Firecrouch Sings Dreidel (00:18:47)
Sung by Firecrouch
Arranged by Zach Logan

Arabian Nights (00:19:17)
Written by Howard Ashman from “Aladdin”
Sung by Steve Yurko and Firecrouch
Arranged by Steve Yurko and Zach Logan

Hody Jones’s Christmas Special
Written by Zach Logan
Performed by Ed
Arranged by Zach Logan
Organized by The Dude, Steve Yurko, and viewers like you…

We’ll see you on Sunday (or Monday) with our season finale, including some huge podcast-related announcements. See ya then!