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Thread: Episode 197, "The Dance of Beam and Ewoks"

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    Default Episode 197, "The Dance of Beam and Ewoks"

    In this episode we are joined throughout by Jammer, Steve, Dominic, Dennis, and Jason. We go through a quick round of news followed by a lengthy Manga Recap for chapter 649, a brisk run through anime episode 527, a fresh AniManga Express and a decent-sized Piece Together.

    DOWNLOAD AT: http://onepiecepodcast.com/blog/2011...eam-and-ewoks/

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    Kaizoku Musou Scans: http://apforums.net/showthread.php?t...=1#post2463205

    00:00:00 Opening
    00:03:23 News with the Sack
    00:07:40 Manga Recap: Chapter 649
    00:53:25 Anime Recap: Episode 527
    01:07:33 Sponsor
    01:09:18 The AniManga Express
    01:15:17 Piece Together
    01:34:21 To Be Continued...

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    Default Re: Episode 197, "The Dance of Beam and Ewoks"

    Hody doesn't have a distinctive voice!!?
    Its unmemorable and stereotypical!?

    Boy, that is the dulcet tones of of Jōji Nakata.
    Its the voice of Alucard for God's sake.

    Its like saying, 'oh that Norio Wakamoto, he has such a boring monotone'.

    Complete madness.

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    Default Re: Episode 197, "The Dance of Beam and Ewoks"

    very nice post i like this forum very very much .............

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