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Thread: Nominations Thread

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    Default Nominations Thread

    Have fun and please follow the rules.

    Nominations are now open for the bolded categories.


    Categories will remain open until the necessary number of candidates (currently ten) is reached or, in the event that a category receives little to no nominations, whenever an Event Mod decides to open a new one. Paired categories will be opened at the same time to speed along the process.

    Eligible candidates are posts that were made on this board or members who were active within the previous year. When nominating for this category, please provide a direct link if at all possible or as specific a description as possible. Nominees that take too long to find will likely be ignored and nominees that no longer exist are sadly disqualified. Well, unless you have a screenshot.


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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best and Worst Thread Categories are now open for nominations.

    Remember, if it's Post/Thread related to try and post links to the relevant material along with the nomination.
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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Finally getting its name back and reaching 10000 posts has to be worth something right?

    I nominate: Hunter X Hunter for Best Thread

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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best thread

    Rock the Casbah

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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best Thread: Fairy Taint Discussion II

    Worst Thread: Fairy Taint Discussion II

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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best:Naruto and Bleach are Awful I the name changes alone my god.
    Worse:Gossip Girl just because man just because.
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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best: Forced Listening Thread.
    When AP used to be good:


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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best Thread: Naruto/Bleach

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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best Thread: Funimation dvd discussion II
    Worst Thread: Funimation dvd discusssion II (NO SEASON 4 IS NOT LICENSED YET!)
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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best, well, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. You can always find something fun to look at there.
    And I second Gossip Girl as the worst thread. That was disappointing.
    You should really vote for Kai.

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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best thread: One Piece Collectibles v.8

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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Worst thread: Most Disappointing Thing in One Piece

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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    As a veteran of the bloody Jinbe War, I'm duty-bound to nominate the Last Two Nakamates Vol. 5 for Best Thread in light of our imminent victory. But for the sacrifices lost, perhaps it should be the Worst...

    Worst Thread: Colours Prediction Thread

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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    I'm absolutely appalled nobody has nominated this yet..

    Best thread: Confession Session
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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best Thread: I'm a sucker for romantic comedies.

    Mainly due to it just being a complete troll in name (and Muppets are awesome too.) and even when we got the official name and release it's still named this.

    Worst: 'The Room' (I think it was called this.) The April Fools one
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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    I suppose.

    Best and Worst Thread: Weekly Shonen Jump ToC

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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best Thread: OP tournament match Buggy vs Otohime

    nd second Cyber-Robin's nomination for the Room as worse thread.
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    Default Re: Nominations Thread

    Best Thread has passed it's threshold. Worst Thread remains open for now. Best Chew-Out is now open.

    And, for future reference, stop nominating something to be simultaneously both Best and Worst. It's not funny and it soaks up nominations that could be used elsewhere.
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