On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we have a lot to do: first we are proud to announce that our very own Stephen Paul has become the official translator for One Piece for the Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha releases that begin in January. We have Stephen and Greg on to talk about it. Then we head into some News with the always-boisterous Firecrouch. After that we have an unwieldy, but enjoyable, Anime Recap marathon going over Episodes 521-523. Then Greg returns for some Greg no Gougai including the final part of his “Inspirations” segment. After that we have Podcast West’s introduction along with our plans for Jump Festa with Greg. We round off with some Piece Together, as per usual. With that, hope you enjoy the show!

0:00:00 Introduction and Announcements
0:08:16 Stephen’s Shonen Jump Alpha
0:20:45 News with Firecrouch
0:38:48 Anime Recap Marathon: Episodes 521-523
1:47:23 Promo
1:48:17 Greg no Gougai (plus Inspirations, Pt III)
2:15:30 Podcast West and Jump Festa
2:26:14 Piece Together
2:35:04 To Be Continued

With that…enjoy the show! We’ll see you at Anime USA on Saturday at 8:30PM ET in Panels 3: