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Thread: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

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    Default Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    Hey, guys. Well, I've been working on this for over a year and a half now, so I thought I'd share it. Best viewed with headphones.

    Some notes about things I couldn't control:
    ? The music skipping at the end of Bink's Sake, where Brook solo's.
    ? Japanese Yorki is playing under Gonax's Yorki
    ? You can hear the crowd while Laboon chirps (this one's on me though, I just took it from the instrumental to have a consistent sound rather than finding a different SFX)
    ? Sony Vegas messing up the lip sync near the end of the clip. This program's the spawn of the devil. It was in sync before I swear.

    Vilapupu edited the instrumental for me, and this is all I could work with. And all things considered, I think he did all he can to make it presentable. If this effects your enjoyment of the clip at all, I'm sorry but this is the best I can do with what I have.

    Ok, I'm done with the excuses now. Enjoy the clip! Or at least I hope you do. If not, ah, well. Throw down some feedback.


    Project Lead/Mixer/Casting :: Ryusuke
    Bink's Sake Lyrics :: Bowen13
    Karaoke :: Vilapupu

    Brook :: Armago24
    Monkey D. Luffy :: Ryusuke
    Roronoa Zoro :: BladeBlur
    Usopp :: Shift
    Sanji :: Cettoto
    Tony Tony Chopper :: Magic Kaito
    Franky :: Break_The_Age
    Yorki :: Gonax
    Lola :: Tomoyo Ichijouji
    Pirate 1 :: David Garvin
    Pirate 2 :: BenMcCauley
    Pirate 3 :: Cettoto
    Pirate 4 :: OmegaOptimusSupreme
    Pirate 5 :: Murdog09
    Pirate 6 :: Haruhost
    Additional Voices :: Shift, Magic Kaito, Genshie, Bradley13, Tomoyo Ichijoji

    Stream (Pass: kingofthepirates)
    Full Song Download (no SFX)

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    OMG, this is amazing! Truly! The video was done greatly.

    I love it. I think this is the best dubbing of Bink's Sake that I've ever seen. Great Job!

    Awesome Koala by Heart~

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    Armago24 as Brook is absolutely stunning. Thanks for blowing me away.

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    Quote Originally Posted by rubia_ryu View Post
    Armago24 as Brook is absolutely stunning. Thanks for blowing me away.
    He is. :'D

    Thanks, guys. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There might be more clips in the future once I get the cast back together.

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    I embraced myself expecting to hear yet another butchered one piece fandub...

    but then I was surprised to find an EXCELENT rendition of BInk's Sanke, and I must said that the guy that did Brook was amazing!!

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    You know, it's things like this that make me want to get back into voice acting.

    Wonderfully done. Good work to all the cast. I may post individual critiques later, but that may not be appropriate here, I'm not sure.

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    great job on the hard work

    Thanks e1n for this awesome gift <3

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    Wow, really amazing! Good job!
    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey King View Post
    A magical strange Twilight Zone episode where no other education is offered, and the only option is Bill Nye the Science Guy videos

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    seen this cause it was the top thread on the main page. wow! freaking awesome. do you have a youtube page so I can follow your works?

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    Thanks all, glad you enjoyed it!

    Quote Originally Posted by captain usopp View Post
    seen this cause it was the top thread on the main page. wow! freaking awesome. do you have a youtube page so I can follow your works?

    Here ya go.

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

    I must say, I enjoyed it!
    Good job man!

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    Default Re: Bink's Sake [Fandub]

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